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The same game we have been playing for 10 years 07/06/10 red_is_ash
Nostalgia blast cut short 09/15/09 Vercrius
Excellent remake of the original games 09/15/09 andym1989
A great remake of one of the best games! 09/22/09 Bob01023
Too much of the same 03/22/10 Comickid13
Old game, new feel. Does it work? 10/14/09 DarkerSneasel
A Wonderful Remix With A Twist 04/15/10 drew6464
Outstanding - the game is more than the sum of its parts 09/15/09 EvilMewtwo
An old adventure, with new things. 09/16/09 FISSURE1
Pokemon - A Review of HeartGold! 11/20/09 GokuSephyCloud9
Game Freak has mastered the DS's controls to create the perfect combination of nostalgia and innovation. 06/25/10 jacko_vdz
Pokemon....again??? Yes sir or madame. 06/07/10 Masterbob1872
An awesome Remake produced with more heart and soul then any other remake. 09/15/09 Naxuro19
A very faithful remake of a great blast from the past. 09/15/09 ND9k
Can Flat Battle make up for In-Game Disaster? Read Inside 04/12/10 nWoWhammy
More of the same with a few perks gathered over the decade. 06/04/10 Razer_2mb
HeartGold and SoulSilver - Reliving Memories, Making Fantastic New Ones! 09/15/09 Sakurafanboy
Impressive REMAKE of an old game 09/15/09 Shadowater68
The return of Jhoto at last. 03/29/10 Sino06
A review of Pokemon Heartgold. 03/30/10 staples91
Worth remakes of some truly amazing games 09/15/09 Stelman257
Typical Remake. 04/19/10 suicunes_wrath
Heartgold/Soulsliver does it live up to its expectation? 09/17/09 warmilk
I've lost modivation to catch 'em all... 08/11/10 xXWarpStarXx
Excellent Pokemon Game, One Of The Best Pokemon Games Ever Released 03/15/10 zeldamaster2
Another Great Pokemon Game 11/16/09 Zembaphobia

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CGRundertow POKEMON HEARTGOLD VERSION for Nintendo DS Video Game Review
CGRundertow POKEMON HEARTGOLD VERSION for Nintendo DS Video Game Review from CGRundertow

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