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FAQ by DBM11085

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/19/14


                          Animal Crossing Clock FAQ
                             For the Nintendo DS
                       Version 1.0 (Created 1/11/2012)
                               By Devin Morgan

      This file is Copyright (c)2012 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved.


Table of Contents

1. What's New
2. Introduction
3. Game Modes
4. Copyright Notice


-=  1. What's New -=

Version 1.0 (1/11/12): First and likely only version.


-=  2. Introduction -=

This is simply nothing more than an alarm clock with an Animal Crossing 
theme. Be aware that you actually need to keep your DSi/3DS unit switched on, 
and this application running, in order for its alarm to work! Aside from the 
pretty backgrounds, this is not worth it, especially not for $1.99.


-=  3. Game Modes -=

When you start the application, the time and date will be shown on the top 
screen at all times. It has an Animal Crossing background, but that's about 
it; the app's functionality is detailed below.


On the main clock screen, you can change the clock's display type. Choose 
from a standard analog clockface, or a digital display which you can set to 
display 12 or 24-hour time. If you tap on Town Tune, you will be able to 
arrange the notes to be played at the top of every hour.


You can set up to three alarms by tapping on any of them to reach their 
settings. Turn on/off the individual alarms by tapping the small box directly 
next to each listing. On the alarm setting screen, you can choose the time, 
set the volume and even the sound to be played as the alarm. If you hit the 
Snooze button, the alarm will ring for just one minute instead of the 
standard five minutes.


At the bottom of the main clock screen, you can hit the Settings button. 
There you can adjust the energy saving feature for when the unit is not 
charging (this dims the screens after a certain amount of idle time that you 
set). You can offset the currently displayed time in relation to the system 
time. Finally, you can set the time shown with the DSi/3DS native clock.


-=  4. Copyright Notice -=

This file is Copyright (c)2012 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved. Please view 
the following URL to see the list of sites that are allowed to post my work:


This list is comprised of sites I know and trust well. If your site is not on 
the aforementioned list, you are currently not allowed to post any of my 
files on your site. Please respect my work and do not steal it or post it 
without my permission. I only want my most recent work to be available and I 
do not feel that can be achieved if others take from me without my knowledge 
or permission.

If you are writing a FAQ for this game as well, and would like to use some 
information, credit me for what you use. Please do not rip me off, as that is 
blatant plagiarism and such will not be tolerated.

If you wish to contact me, do so at dbmfaqs(at)gmail(dot)com. Please only 
contact me if there are corrections to be made to information that's 
currently included. Thanks!


=- End of File -=

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