Sword Training 200 hits?

  1. Every time I hit more than 70 times I get a Pirate/Pearl Neckleace or a Ruto Crown and when I managed to hit more than 150 hits I got a Mystic Jade.

    Does Anyone knows what you get by doing more than 200 hit? Would it be a Alchemy Stone or a Regal Ring? Or maybe the sword scroll n#1? Not that I`m getting 200 that easyly, I think I`m not that good at this mini-game...

    Any advices about how to get high score would be apreciated too, I start by attack the guy spinning the lance, so I don`t get hit in the begin, but about 80 hits+ two guys start attacking at the same time so I just roll away and hit the one that is far from the other two who attacked.

    User Info: TerryLionheart

    TerryLionheart - 10 years ago
  2. After...

    User Info: TerryLionheart

    TerryLionheart - 10 years ago

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  1. After you've gotten 60 hits to obtain the Heart Container, go again and get 250 hits for a Regal Ring. Then beat Alfonso's record of 900 hits, and you'll get an Alchemy Stone and all the guards start calling you "captain". Besides those 3 events the rule is just that you generally get rarer treasures the more hits you get. On the treasure collection screen, the bottom row treasures are the most rare and the top row treasures are the most common.

    User Info: BN_God

    BN_God - 10 years ago 6   1


  1. You do get better treasures with higher hit counts. I got into the 300-400 range before losing and received an Alchemy stone for my reward. There is mention of Alfonso holding a 900 hit record, but I don't know what you get for beating that, since I haven't managed to do so.

    User Info: nahxela

    nahxela - 10 years ago 1   0
  2. Do you mean after you get the heart container or before.

    User Info: djk77777

    djk77777 - 10 years ago 0   0
  3. Like nahxela said you do get better treasure when you get more hits but it's pretty much random what you get. I did 240 hits and all i got was a measly Goron Amber.

    User Info: medieval85

    medieval85 - 10 years ago 0   0
  4. I did get an Alchemy Stone at 204 hits.

    User Info: SelurOpnek

    SelurOpnek - 10 years ago 0   0
  5. There seems to be a few goals in the training game.

    60 hits for a regular treasure worth 150 rupees (first time is a heart container)
    120 hits for a good treasure worth 500 rupees

    I've never gotten a regal ring or alchemy stone from the minigame though, maybe you can if you break 180 or 240 hits?

    User Info: mtpfreak

    mtpfreak - 10 years ago 0   0
  6. I got a 250 score and DID NOT get a Regal Ring. I got the Ancient Gold Piece instead.

    User Info: jreeeeeal

    jreeeeeal - 10 years ago 0   1
  7. You get Alchemy Stone... I wish >_>

    User Info: Kayswiss69

    Kayswiss69 - 10 years ago 1   3

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