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by snarkador / picopicolina

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London Life Guide by snarkador / picopicolina

Updated: 02/21/2014


London Life is a mini game that comes with Professor Layton and the Last Specter. You choose a male or female character, and then control that character in their daily life in "Little London."

At the beginning of the game, you move into a room in Little London with very sparse furnishings. The main goal of the game is to help complete various requests for townspeople, all of whom are characters from the "main" Professor Layton game. Each day, there are a certain number of requests laid out in the daily newspaper, and as you complete them you obtain "Happiness" and "Wealth", and gradually gain access to better stuff.

The game is kind of like a cross between Animal Crossing and The Sims. There is no puzzle solving at all, but it's still quite fun!

Character Creation

The first thing you do in the game is create your character.


First, you'll be asked to select your character's gender: Female or Male. There are certain outfits that are only wearable by one gender, and each has their own hair styles to choose from, but otherwise there doesn't seem to be a difference between the two.

TODO: Is that true?


Next, you'll specify your character's appearance by giving them an Expression, Hairstyle, Hair Color, Skin Tone, and Style. You can press the Y button to spin them around and get an idea of their side and back view as well. The "Style" attribute dictates your starting outfit.


  • Neutral
  • McGrumpington
  • Determined
  • Elated
  • Sleepy
  • Smiley
  • Surprised
  • Shy
  • Mellow
  • Scaredy-Cat
  • Worrywart
  • Sternfaced

Hairstyles (Female)

  • Long Locks
  • Pixie Cut
  • Pigtails
  • Inverted Bob
  • Shoulder Length
  • Long & Silky
  • Bowl Cut

Hairstyles (Male)

  • Floppy Hair
  • Mohawk
  • Flattop
  • Pompadour
  • Mullet
  • Sideburns
  • Traditional
  • Bowl Cut
  • Trendy Cut

Hair Color

  • Caramel Brown
  • Whip White
  • Ash Gray
  • Jet Black
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Cocoa Brown
  • Honey Blonde
  • Tomato Red
  • Ocean Blue
  • Tangerine
  • Grass Green

Skin Tone

A scale of very pale (1) to very dark (11).

Style (Female)

  • Sweet: White T-shirt, White Skirt, Red Heels (C: 13, I: 18, F: 21)
  • Sporty: White T-shirt, Green Shorts, Red Sandals (C: 19, I: 14, F: 8)
  • Punk: Black T-shirt, Black Skirt, Black Boots (C: 12, I: 19, F: 16)
  • Trendy: Red T-shirt, White Pants, Black Heels (C: 18, I: 16, F: 21)

Style (Male)

  • Preppy: Green T-shirt, White Pants, Loafers (C: 14, I: 12, F: 16)
  • Funky: White T-shirt, Red Shorts, Sneakers (C: 22, I: 17, F: 5)
  • Rebel: Black T-shirt, Black Shorts, Sneakers (C: 22, I: 17, F: 5)
  • Trendy: White T-shirt, Black Pants, Loafers (C: 15, I: 13, F: 18)


Next, you specify your defining trait. This basically gives your character a "special power" throughout the life of the game.

  • Great Cook: Your great cooking skills mean you're quick to learn recipes and never botch a dish.
  • Winning Smile: Your smile puts people at ease, so you're very approachable for quests and advice. [Adds +10% Happiness to completed requests?]
  • Stiff Upper Lip: Your unflappable spirit makes it hard for life's troubles to get you down.
  • Fashionissimo: Your unparalleled fashion sense gives you an extra boost of Happiness and Coolness.
  • Free Spirit: Your easygoing nature makes for a quick recovery when you're hurt, sad, or down.
  • Sweet Tooth: Your love of dessert means that eating sweets will help you regain Happiness. You're good at making desserts too.
  • Smooth Talker: Your natural charm makes you irresistible to the opposite sex. They'll have requests for you and will be generous as well.
  • Child at Heart: Your lovable but bumbling nature means you're always making mistakes, but you are the happiest person around.

TODO: Figure out exactly what these work out to mathematically in terms of affecting the game.


Pretty self-explanatory. :)


Also pretty self-explanatory. :)

TODO: What happens on your birthday? :)


The next thing you'll want to do is look for people with a "!" above their head. These folks will give you requests, and upon completing them you'll receive Happiness and/or Wealth, and also advance the story.

Requests come in three varieties:

  • Red: Major plot points, which only happen once.
  • Yellow: Key events that only happen once.
  • Green: Minor events that can happen multiple times.

Each has a "Requestor," a Location, and a Description. If the Requestor is someone you can't quite remember, the "Locals Met" menu item has a list of everyone's name and where to find them.

You can track your active and completed requests under the "Happenings" menu. Requests you've taken on and are in progress show up under the "Ongoing" tab. Those you've heard about but not yet started are under the "Grapevine" tab. "Complete" and "All" should be self-explanatory. :)

After you achieve certain milestones of requests complete, certain events will happen in the game:

  • 20: Emmy comes to town.
  • 50:
  • 100: Tony comes to town.
  • 200: Tony's sister Arianna comes to town.

Happiness and Wealth

Happiness is something like your "HP" in the game. When your happiness gauge is full, you'll earn more money when you perform jobs, you'll have better luck, and so on. Each time you complete a task for someone in town, this value will go up, and you can also increase it by spending Wealth (see below). You lose Happiness when something scares you (like you touch a bat, or someone yells at you) or when you have bad luck (your bait gets away from you while fishing, a bee stings you when you pick a flower). You gradually regenerate Happiness while sitting around at home, and can recover it in larger chunks either by eating food or by sleeping.

Wealth is money, and with Wealth you can buy items that townspeople ask for during requests, outfits for your character, furnishings for your room, or food to help you replenish Happiness. You can also literally buy Happiness, just like in real life. ;) Your maximum Happiness will increase at a rate of 50% (rounded down) of whatever you spend in terms of Wealth. So if you buy an item for 2,000 Wealth, your Happiness will go up by 1,000 points. While you will receive Wealth from townspeople when you complete requests for them, Wealth is primarily accrued by performing jobs; the more you do a job, the better your pay, and you also gain access to more well-paying jobs. You can also sell items you no longer need to gain wealth for 50% (rounded down) of what you paid for them.

Certain game events, such as moving into a better apartment, require a minimum level of Happiness and/or Wealth to achieve.

Your Room

Your room is your "home base" and it's where you go to recover Happiness, as well as where you go to sleep in a bed (which recovers Happiness), cook on a table (to create a random food item you've eaten often enough to learn), and store and retrieve items from a dresser (where can archive up to 200 items instead of the paltry 16 your normal "working" inventory allows). Each time you sleep you'll flip day and night. Certain characters and businesses are only available during the evening, and jobs can only be performed during the day. Each new day you'll receive a Newspaper, which outlines various Happenings around town. These translate to requests for you to complete for townspeople.

You can acquire and purchase various furnishings for your room, which will increase its "Decor" and "Atmosphere." There are 6 "categories" of room furnishings, denoted by colour:

  • Red: Basic
  • Green: Natural
  • Blue: New Wave Decor
  • Yellow: Childish
  • Pink: Cute
  • White: Elegant

The more furniture you pick within the same category, the higher your Decor and Atmosphere will increase.

TODO: Not sure what this does, precisely. Maybe a faster recuperation of Happiness?

From time to time you'll be told you have a roommate. This will take that character out of play, so watch it if someone like Mark becomes your roommate, because you'll no longer have the Casino as a Wealth-making option while he lives with you.

Decor determines who will try to be your roommate. As an example: Stachenscarfen will try to become your roommate if you have a decor of about 50 in a Basic room. While you're living in Humble Homes, your place is so small that you can't really fit enough decorations and still be able to walk around. So you might not be able to meet the requirements of some of the locals until you leave Humble Homes.

If a local likes your room, they'll stay for longer than one day, usually something you can tell by their dialogue. However, some locals will complain and stay for longer than one or two days though. Even though they could just go home or something.

Certain people will tell you what kind of rooms they like in their dialogue. For example, if you want to live with Emmy, you should have a basic room. She says that "a basic room will suffice" when you talk to her outside of Scotland Yard.

TODO: I haven't actually figured out what the point is of roommates, or what effect your Decor/Atmosphere have on them sticking around.


Outfits affect your character's Coolness, Impact, and Formality traits. Each piece of clothing affects these values.

Some buildings require a minimum level of Formality in order to enter.


Here are the jobs available in the game, as well as their job titles and earnings. Once you earn a minimum threshold in a job, your job title is increased. Each job has 5 titles, and each earns progressively more money.

Trash Picker

This is a job literally anyone can do. Talk to Rodney in Town Hall to begin.

Your job is to run around the map and find trashballs, pick them up until you're told you've found them all, and then return to Town Hall for payment.

Job TitleMinimum EarningsWealth earned per job
Neat Freak0800
Litter Lifter16001600
Refuse Ranger?2400
Waste Warrior?3200

Taxi Driver

Once you've achieved "Litter Lifter" or better as a Trash Picker, you can become a Taxi Driver. Talk to Rodney in Town Hall to begin.

Your job is to drive to the taxi stand, wait for a passenger, take them to wherever they ask to go, then repeat until you get tired of it.


  • Subject 3: "Take me to the department store, quick-like! If we don't hurry, they're gonna sell out of that thing I want!" [100 Wealth]
  • Prosciutto: "Chomp chomp...Balsam Grill, please. I saw some fancy food in a magazine and realized I was--om nom nom--starving! [150 Wealth]
  • Hazel: "Hey, uh, c-could you drive me to City Hall? And drive safely, please..." [150 Wealth]
  • Conrad: "Hey, I heard a rumour that there's a house around here with a bunch of puzzles in it. Do you think you could take me there? Please?" (Granny Riddletone's) [150 Wealth]
  • Andrea: "Take me to Granny Riddleton's, please. Walking is soooooo dumb!" [200 wealth]
  • Ilyana: "Please take me to Queens Bar. I'm late for work, so could you step on it?" [300 wealth]
  • Beluga: "I need to get to the casino. Now. And make it snappy." [1000 wealth]
Job TitleMinimum EarningsWealth earned per job
Licensed Hack02x your fares
Competent Cab16004x your fares
Farest One?6x your fares
Road Ruler?8x your fares

Bus Driver

Once you've achieved "Competent Cab" or better as a Taxi Driver, you can become a Bus Driver. Talk to Rodney in Town Hall to begin.

Your job is to drive a bus around the map to various bus stops, and pick up and drop off passengers. Repeat until you get tired of it.

Job TitleMinimum EarningsWealth earned per job
Sunday Driver0400 per passenger drop-off.
Capable Coach1200800 per passenger drop-off.
Friendly Face?1200 per passenger drop-off.
Route Rover?1600 per passenger drop-off


If you have an outfit with 40 Formality or higher, you can enter the Crumpet Hotel and talk to Matthew to perform this job.

Job TitleMinimum EarningsWealth earned per job
Basic Bellhop01200
Baggage Bearer12002400
Load Lugger?3600


This is a job literally anyone can do. Talk to Lili in Sasha Park to begin.

Your job is to juggle by throwing and catching balls Lili throws at you by pressing and holding the L and R buttons as the balls are about to hit the ground. After juggling successfully with one ball, Lili will throw you another, and so on until you start dropping them, then repeat. In addition to regular balls, Lili will also toss fruit, which is both harder to catch and cannot go as high. You score 20 points per successful catch, but if you do a twirl by pressing the right + Y buttons at once while balls are in the air, you score an additional 100 points per ball.

As you gain certain thresholds, additional characters will come to watch you juggle, and will increase the wealth you receive.

1000 points: Subject 3

Job TitleMinimum EarningsWealth earned per job
Fresh Finger0?
Juggler Joe??

TODO: Figure out formula. For level 1, anyway, it's:

1000 = 100 wealth 680 = 20 wealth

Ticket Agent

Once you've achieved "Capable Coach" or better as a Bus Driver, you can become a Ticket Agent. Talk to Beluga in Central Station to begin.

Your job is to pick pictures that correspond to words within in the destinations that passengers want to get to within the allotted time. For example, if the passenger specifies "Oxcomb Cross," you would first select the picture of a cow, then the picture of a comb, then finally the picture of the + sign. Repeat 5 times, each time with a progressive longer and more complicated name.

Job TitleMinimum EarningsMax. wealth earned per job
Sign Reader600012000
Able Engineer1800018000
Track Star?24000
Train Rex100000030000

Inventory Items

This section details the inventory items you can either buy or acquire through completing requests. Certain outfits are only wearable by one gender or another. Items can be sold at Rare Collectibles for 50% of what they cost (rounded down).

Headwear (Unisex)

NamePriceCoolnessImpressionFormalityDescriptionWhere to Get
School Hat24022This hat is part of a school uniform.Oxshire Gifts
Lovely Mesh Hat24160A trucker hat adorned with a heart.Chess
Camo Bandana10520Bandana with a camouflage pattern.Chess
Polka Bandana8250Bandana covered in polka dots.Chess
Beret900810Can make anyone look like an artist.Chess
Straw Hat800162A rustic hat woven from straw.Chess
Black Cap12250A black baseball cap.Chess
White Cap12250A white baseball cap.Chess
Red Cap12250A red baseball cap.Chess
Green Cap12250A green baseball cap.Chess
Yellow Cap12250A yellow baseball cap.Chess
Blue Cap12250A blue baseball cap.Chess
Zebra Hat60590A bowler hat made of faux zebra fur.Cruise Cafe
Snazzy Top Hat300001816Crafted from the finest golden silk.Clements
Golden Crown1000000???This royal crown is extremely valuable.Clements

Face/Neck (Unisex)

NamePriceCoolnessImpressionFormalityDescriptionWhere to Get
Rimmed Glasses60551These bring out your intellectual side.Oxshire Gifts
Short Scarf320050This scarf is as cute as it is short.Chess
Striped Scarf560080A casual but fashionable scarf.Cruise Cafe
Tartan Scarf370060A stylish scarf with a plaid pattern.Chess

Face/Neck (Female)

NamePriceCoolnessImpressionFormalityDescriptionWhere to Get
Flower160108A simple yet beautiful hair accessory.Rare Collectibles

Face/Neck (Male)

NamePriceCoolnessImpressionFormalityDescriptionWhere to Get
Classy Necktie12000148Gives its wearer a professional look.Clements

Tops (Unisex)

NamePriceCoolnessImpressionFormalityDescriptionWhere to Get
Angler Vest80052A thick vest made for fishing.Rare Collectibles
Black Coat22005127A simple black coat.Cruise Cafe
Black Jacket80001020A simple black jacket.Chess
Black Parka1301041A simple black parka.Chess
Black T-shirt40513A simple black T-shirt.Chess
Black Vest2000853Because sleeves are overrated.Chess
Blue Coat22005127A simple blue coat.Cruise Cafe
Blue Jacket720588A simple blue jacket.Chess
Blue Parka1301041A simple blue parka.Chess
Blue T-shirt40513A simple blue T-shirt.Chess
British Cardigan2200986A cardigan that shows British pride.Cruise Cafe
British Parka140016101A parka that shows British pride.Cruise Cafe
British T-shirt67020104A T-shirt that shows British pride.Cruise Cafe
Cleric Shirt88001010Colorful shirt with a blue collar.Chess, Clements
Dress Shirt60001110A white button-up shirt.Cruise Cafe
Duffle Coat80001015Made from thick material called duffle.Oxshire Gifts, Clements
Green Coat22005127A simple green coat.Cruise Cafe
Green Jacket720588A simple green jacket.Chess
Green Parka1301041A simple green parka.Chess
Green T-shirt40513A simple green T-shirt.Chess
Knit Cardigan10000105This cardigan is unbelievably soft.Chess
Navy-Blue Jacket7205815A simple navy-blue jacket.Chess
Plaid Shirt13005102A soft cotton shirt.Chess
Red Coat22005127A simple red coat.Cruise Cafe
Red Jacket720588A simple red jacket.Chess
Red Parka1301041A simple red parka.Chess
Red T-shirt40513A simple red T-shirt.Chess
Scholarly Vest6004410Geek-chic vest for the studious types.Chess
Sports Jersey10001152Jerseys aren't just for athletes.Chess
Star T-shirt9004102A favorite of astronomers.Cruise Cafe
Striped T-shirt900552Stripes are the new solid.Chess
Trench Coat120015515A long coat to keep you warm.Chess, Clements
Turtle Shell50000101A portable hiding place!Oxshire Gifts
White Coat22005127A simple white coat.Cruise Cafe
White Jacket7205812A simple white jacket.Chess
White Parka1301041A simple white parka.Chess
White T-shirt40513A simple white T-shirt.Chess
Yellow Coat22005127A simple yellow coat.Cruise Cafe
Yellow Jacket720588A simple yellow jacket.Chess
Yellow Parka1301041A simple yellow parka.Chess
Yellow T-shirt40513A simple yellow T-shirt.Chess

Tops (Female)

NamePriceCoolnessImpressionFormalityDescriptionWhere to Get
Black Dress12001012A black dress.Chess
Black Tube Top90482A black tube top.Cruise Cafe
Blue Dress12001010A blue dress.Chess
Blue Tube Top90482A blue tube top.Cruise Cafe
Green Dress12001010A green dress.Chess
Green Tube Top90482A green tube top.Cruise Cafe
Princess Bodice3700002040An elegant bodice worthy of a princess.Clements
Red Dress12001010A red dress.Chess
Red Tube Top90482A red tube top.Cruise Cafe
Wedding Dress50000002628A magical dress for your special day.Clements
White Dress12001012A white dress.Chess
White Tube Top90482A white tube top.Cruise Cafe
Yellow Dress12001010A yellow dress.Chess
Yellow Tube Top90482A yellow tube top.Cruise Cafe

Tops (Male)

NamePriceCoolnessImpressionFormalityDescriptionWhere to Get
Prince Jacket4400002040A suit fit for a (future) king.Clements
Snazzy Jacket1200003524Crafted from the finest golden silk.Clements
Tailcoat700041530A formal coat with long tails.Clements
White Tuxedo690051526Formal wear with a clean look.Clements

Bottoms (Unisex)

NamePriceCoolnessImpressionFormalityDescriptionWhere to Get
Acid-Wash Jeans1202921Denim jeans that have been bleached.Cruise Cafe
Angler Shorts80452Cargo shorts made for fishing.Rare Collectibles
Baggy Jeans10001062Comfortable, loose-fitting jeans.Cruise Cafe
Black Culottes120582Black, oversized shorts.Chess
Black Pants1205812Simple black pants.Chess
Black Shorts40982Simple black shorts.Cruise Cafe
Blue Culottes120582Blue, oversized shorts.Chess
Blue Pants100685Simple blue pants.Chess
Blue Shorts40982Simple blue shorts.Cruise Cafe
British Pants150014125Pants that show British pride.Cruise Cafe
Camo Pants15001552Pants with a camouflage pattern.Cruise Cafe
Denim Jeans601053Classic denim jeans.Cruise Cafe
Denim Shorts2001432Shorts made of denim.Cruise Cafe
Distressed Jeans1202731Jeans with premade holes in them.Cruise Cafe
Green Culottes120582Green, oversized shorts.Chess
Green Pants100685Simple green pants.Chess
Green Shorts40982Simple green shorts.Cruise Cafe
Knickerbockers16001081Baggy-kneed pants.Cruise Cafe
Long Shorts10001082Not quite pants, but close.Cruise Cafe
Overalls30000151Durable. Easy. What's not to love?Cruise Cafe
Polka PJ Pants3002112Sleepwear covered in little dots.Chess
Punk-Rock Jeans1202912Black jeans with a rockin' wallet chain.Cruise Cafe
Red Culottes120582Red, oversized shorts.Chess
Red Pants100685Simple red pants.Chess
Red Shorts40982Simple red shorts.Cruise Cafe
Sports Shorts220014102A pair of shorts with excellent airflow.Cruise Cafe
Striped Pants12001883Stripes are the new solid.Chess
Striped Shorts6005101A pair of shorts with vertical stripes.Cruise Cafe
Striped PJ Pants3002102The preferred sleepwear of mimes.Chess
Tartan Pants98015103Soft, plaid pants.Chess
Turtle Shorts3300821Green shorts made of tough fabric.Oxshire Gifts
Vintage Pants500020102A pair of one-of-a-kind vintage pants.Cruise Cafe
White Culottes120582White, oversized shorts.Chess
White Pants1004810Simple white pants.Chess
White Shorts40982Simple white shorts.Cruise Cafe
Yellow Culottes120582Yellow, oversized shorts.Chess
Yellow Pants100685Simple yellow pants.Chess
Yellow Shorts40982Simple yellow shorts.Cruise Cafe

Bottoms (Female)

NamePriceCoolnessImpressionFormalityDescriptionWhere to Get
Black Skirt5001010A simple black skirt.Chess
Blue Skirt5001010A simple blue skirt.Chess
Denim Skirt90???A skirt made of denim.Cruise Cafe
Green Skirt5001010A simple green skirt.Chess
Princess Skirt28800152035An elegant skirt worthy of a princess.Clements
Punk-Rock Skirt1902151A rockin' skirt.Cruise Cafe
Red Skirt5001010A simple red skirt.Chess
White Skirt5001010A simple white skirt.Chess
Yellow Skirt5001010A simple yellow skirt.Chess

Bottoms (Male)

NamePriceCoolnessImpressionFormalityDescriptionWhere to Get
Prince Pants3750051835Pants fit for a (future) king.Clements
Snazzy Trousers9800121828Crafted from the finest golden silk.Clements

Shoes (Unisex)

NamePriceCoolnessImpressionFormalityDescriptionWhere to Get
Angler Boots80330Thick rubber boots for fishing.Rare Collectibles
Ankle Boots100581Short, red boots.Chess
Loafers1200543Comfy leather shoes meant for lounging.Chess
Samurai Sandals15000640The sandals of a fierce warrior.Oxshire Gifts
Sneakers80880Colorful, comfortable footwear.Chess

Shoes (Female)

Black Boots240783Simple black boots.Cruise Cafe
Black Heels70644Black heels that make you taller.Chess
Black Sandals70553Black rubber sandals.Chess
Blue Boots240782Simple blue boots.Cruise Cafe
Blue Heels70644Blue heels that make you taller.Chess
Blue Sandals70553Blue rubber sandals.Chess
Cute Clogs1000583Adorable wooden shoes.Chess
Green Boots240782Simple green boots.Cruise Cafe
Green Heels70644Green heels that make you taller.Chess
Green Sandals70553Green rubber sandals.Chess
Princess Heels13000989Elegant shoes worthy of a princess.Clements
Punk-Rock Boots1000860Rugged boots covered in metal spikes.Cruise Cafe
Red Boots240782Simple red boots.Cruise Cafe
Red Heels70644Red heels that make you taller.Chess
Red Sandals70553Red rubber sandals.Chess
Sky-High Heels1500757Shoes with toweringly high heels.Chess
White Boots240783Simple white boots.Cruise Cafe
White Heels70644White heels that make you taller.Chess
White Sandals70553White rubber sandals.Chess
Yellow Boots240782Simple yellow boots.Cruise Cafe
Yellow Heels70644Yellow heels that make you taller.Chess
Yellow Sandals70553Yellow rubber sandals.Chess

Shoes (Male)

Designer Shoes22000776Handmade shoes for the fashion forward.Clements
Prince Shoes190009910Shoes fit for a (future) king.Clements


Black Gloves40522Simple black gloves.Chess
Blue Gloves40520Simple blue gloves.Chess
Designer Gloves28000885These silk gloves just ooze class.Clements
Golden Gloves99999999???Woven with 24-karat-gold thread.Clements
Green Gloves40520Simple green gloves.Chess
Hot-Pink Gloves1800???These gloves are quite the eyeful.Cruise Cafe
Prince Gloves13500101010Gloves fit for a (future) king.Clements
Red Gloves40520Simple red gloves.Chess
Samurai Gloves-530The gauntlets of a fierce warrior.Quest Reward
White Gloves40522Simple white gloves.Chess
Yellow Gloves40520Simple yellow gloves.Chess


The following are furnishings you can buy for your room. The more of the same colour of furnishing you have in a room, the more your room starts to develop and your Decor and Atmosphere points go up.

C = Colour:

  • Red: Basic
  • Green: Natural
  • Blue: New Wave Decor
  • Yellow: Childish
  • Pink: Cute
  • White: Elegant

D = Decor

A = Atmosphere


You can only ever have one set of walls at a time, and must have walls.

Berry WallpaperP- / 45044Cute wallpaper with a strawberry pattern.Quest
Black WallpaperW50011Stylish, black wallpaper.Chess Dept. Store
Blue WallpaperR- / 25011Fresh, blue wallpaper.Quest
Brick WallsG- / 35022Gives your room an urban feel.Quest
Cathedral WallsW-62Walls with decorative wooden edges.Quest Reward from Photo: A Poem by Misha
Dusk WallpaperY-62Twinkling stars above a fading sunset.Quest
Concrete WallsB- / 265080These modern walls make a statement.Quest
Fancy WallpaperW-21Brown wallpaper with a unique pattern.Quest
Green WallpaperR- / 25011Rich, green wallpaper.Quest
Leaf WallpaperG-35Natural wallpaper with a leaf pattern.Quest
Pinewood WallsG430043Natural pinewood walls.Chess Dept. Store
Rose WallpaperP270053White wallpaper with a rose pattern.Chess Dept. Store
White WallpaperR50011Clean, white wallpaper.Chess Dept. Store
Whitewood WallsG-43Whitewashed wooden wallsQuest
Yellow WallpaperR-11Bright, yellow wallpaperQuest


You can also only ever have one floor at a time, and must have a floor.

Black CarpetW50011Bold flooring that hides stains well.
Hardwood FloorG250033Natural flooring made from teakwood.
Linoleum FloorB220031Synthetic flooring with a modern look.
Pinewood FloorG380043Natural pinewood flooring.
Red CarpetR- / ?11Warning! May attract paparazzi.
Rose CarpetP860053Thorns removed for feet's sake.
Soccer FieldY- / ?61GOOOOOOOOOOAL!
White CarpetR50011I see coffee stains in your future.
Whitewood FloorG- / ?43Has a clean, sanitary look.
Yellow CarpetR-11Bright, yellow carpet.


You can only have one set of curtains at a time, but they are not required.

Frilly DrapesG20014A set of curtains with fluffy frills.
Pleated DrapesR45023A set of elegant pleated curtains.
Soccer DrapesY- / ?31A set of soccer-themed curtains.
Metal BlindsB- / ?31Modern, metallic blinds.
Checkered DrapesG850057Simple, checkered curtains.
Rose DrapesP- / ?38Gorgeous curtains with a rose pattern.
Royal DrapesW1100078Stylish purple curtains fit for royalty.
Princess DrapesP6000087?


You can only have one set of lights at a time, but they are not required.

UFO LightsY- / ?70This light fixture is out of this world!
Royal LightsW2700079A purple chandelier fit for royalty.
Princess LightsP14000088?
Antique LightsW200000104A grandoise antique chandelier.

Furniture: Tables

A table is required for cooking.

White TableBasic30021
Cafe TableNatural150032
Pine TableNatural210047
Modern TableModern620042
Oval TableElegant680053
Royal TableElegant977048
Princess TableCute5000057

Furniture: Beds

A bed is required for sleeping.

Simple BedBasic100019
Country BedNatural320038
Modern BedModern5000077
Royal BedElegant4350068
Princess BedCute23000077
Ornate BedElegant80000098

Furniture: Dressers

Having a dresser allow you to store up to 200 items instead of 16. Unfortunately, having multiple dressers does not get you more than 200.

NameCategoryBuy PriceDA
White DresserBasic18023
Berry DresserCute520046
Royal DresserElegant2000068
Princess DresserCute10500077

Furniture: Chairs

Just silly things to brighten up the room.

White ChairBasic5011
Black ChairBasic5011
Red ChairBasic5011
Blue ChairBasic5011
Yellow ChairBasic5011
Green ChairBasic5011
Modern ChairModern109962
Velvet ChairElegant920067
Royal ChairElegant820068
Princess ChairCute4500088

Furniture: Sofas

Just silly things to brighten up the room.

Room Accents

Just silly things to brighten up the room.

NameCategoryBuy PriceDA
Rubbish BinBasic2011
Duck Watering CanKids2620
Stack of BooksElegant3030
Toy RobotKids5030
Heart PillowCute7541
Baby BenKids12021
Simple DeskBasic15023
Floor LampBasic17015
Strawberry ArtCute120041
Chess SetBasic220080
One-Armed BanditBasic10000050
Grand PianoBasic30000041
Royal ClockElegant277046
Princess ClockCute1500055
Royal LampElegant420055
Princess LampCute2100046
Royal DeskElegant1900048
Princess DeskCute10000057
Royal SofaElegant1400079
Princess SofaCute8800088


This is a list of all happenings and what they get you.

TypeNameDescriptionHow to SolveReward
RNew Town, New LifeSpeak to Ingrid, the landlady for Humble Homes.Talk to Ingrid at Humble Homes.10 Happiness, Room
RRegister Your AddressRegister your address at City Hall, the brick building near Humble Homes.Talk to Rodney in City Hall; return to Ingrid.10 Happiness; access to Room.
RChess Department StoreGo to Chess Dept. Store, the blue-roofed building along the main street.Step inside Chess Department Store; return to Ingrid.10 Happiness; access to "Outfit" menu item.
RFind Your Calling!Get a job as a Trash Picker and pick up trash around town.
RHousewarmingPick up furniture from Hank over at Central Station.
YThe Angler AllianceShow your Membership Card to the fishing-club president, Constable Barton.
YA Blossoming FriendshipShow your Permit to Little London's number one flower picker, Puzzlette.
RProfessor Layton Returns!Fetch Professor Layton, who's currently at Scotland Yard.
RRegister Your AddressRegister your address at City Hall, the brick building near Humble Homes.
GChristmas BluesPick a Christmas Rose to give to Rory.
RSeeking a Generous Soul


Recipes are learned after consuming food many times. The cheaper the food, the faster you will learn the recipe. Mineral Water cannot be learned. Which recipe you attempt to make on your table at home is chosen by random.

Cheapest prices are listed and locations in parenthesis have the food at a higher price. Basically, Balsam Grill sells things at double the normal price and Queens Bar sells them at 80% of the normal price.

Coffee5Cruise Cafe, Vinegar Grill
Jersey Milk5Cruise Cafe, Vinegar Grill
Cappuccino5Cruise Cafe, (Balsam Grill)
Chamomile Tea7Cruise Cafe, (Balsam Grill)
Mint Tea7Cruise Cafe, (Balsam Grill)
Cream Tea8Cruise Cafe, (Balsam Grill)
Ginger Ale8Queens Bar, (Cruise Cafe)
Green Tea8Queens Bar, (Cruise Cafe, Old Olive/Laurel)
Mint Ice Cream8Queens Bar, (Old Olive/Laurel)
Café au Lait10Cruise Cafe, Vinegar Grill
Cupid Cola12Queens Bar, (Cruise Cafe)
Orange Juice16Balsam Grill
Coffee Pudding16Queens Bar
Root-Beer Float20Cruise Cafe, Vinegar Grill
Fish and Chips24Queens Bar, (Vinegar Grill)
Scotch Egg25Queens Bar, (Vinegar Grill)
Garden Salad38Queens Bar, (Vinegar Grill, Balsam Grill)
Smoked Salmon40Vinegar Grill
Penne Gratin112Balsam Grill
Microwave Pizza220Vinegar Grill
Seafood Pasta230Vinegar Grill
Black Tea Cake320Vinegar Grill
Steak Pie400Balsam Grill
Rhubarb Crisp600Balsam Grill
Lemon Tart800Balsam Grill
Berry Custard1300Vinegar Grill
Plum Pudding1600Queens Bar
Lamp Chop1980Balsam Grill
King Cake2400Balsam Grill
Proper Apple Pie3600Balsam Grill
Haggis5600Queens Bar
Peach Melba8000Balsam Grill