• Emblems

    Here are some emblems you can unlock.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Aerial Ace EmblemBroke the 2000.000m record in Rocket Ski Jumping
    Amy EmblemComplete 10 missions with Amy
    Backcountry EmblemFinish Cross Country in 14:00.00 or less.
    Blaze EmblemComplete 10 missions with Blaze
    Blizland EmblemGet gold/silver stars on all Blizland missions.
    Blizza EmblemRescued Blizza the snow spirit
    Bowser EmblemComplete 10 missions with Bowser
    Bowser Jr. EmblemComplete 10 mssions with Bowser Jr.
    Broom Master EmblemGet three points or more in one end in Curling.
    Collaborative EmblemPlayed as all characters
    Cuby EmblemRescued Cuby the snow spirit
    Cubyrinth EmblemGet gold/silver stars on all Cubyrinth missions
    Daisy EmblemComplete 10 missions with Daisy
    DK EmblemComplete 10 missions with DK
    Dr. Eggman EmblemComplete 10 missions with Dr. Eggman
    Dream Dancer EmblemGot more than 3000pts in Ultimate Firgure Skating
    Drift Boarder EmblemFinish Snowboard Cross in 55.00 seconds or less.
    Drift Monster EmblemFinish Extreme Snowboarding in under 3:00.00.
    Explorer EmblemComplete Adventure Tours
    Express EmblemFinish Bobsleigh in 57.00 seconds or less.
    Friendship EmblemPlayed in Single Card play or Multi Card play mode.
    Frost EmblemRescued Frosty the snow spirit
    Frostown EmblemGet gold/silver stars on all Frostown missions.
    Full Play EmblemPlayed all events
    Gate Master EmblemFinish Alpine Skiing Gs in 50.00 seconds or less.
    Ghost Fighter EmblemDefeat all Level 2 Ghosts.
    Goal Hunter EmblemScored more than 100pts in Fever Hockey
    Good Evening EmblemStarted the game between 6:00PM and 6:30PM
    Good Morning EmblemStarted the game between 6:00AM and 6:30AM
    Ground Search EmblemFound a Whitestone in the ground
    High Speed EmblemFinished Luge in 00:57.000 or less
    High Speed EmblemFinish Luge in 50.00 seconds or less.
    Ice Rink Dancer EmblemGot more than 100.000 pts in Figure Skating
    Ice Warrior EmblemWon in Ice Hockey by a 10-point margin
    Icepeak EmblemGet gold/silver stars on all Icepeak missions.
    Icy EmblemRescued Icy the snow spirit
    Item Collector EmblemCollected all Items
    King of Skiers EmblemFinish Nordic Combined in 14:30.00 or less.
    Knuckles EmblemComplete 10 missions with Knuckles
    Long Jump EmblemJumped Beyond 133.000m in Ski Jumping LH
    Luigi EmblemComplete 10 missions with Luigi
    Mario EmblemComplete 10 missions with mario
    Metal Sonic EmblemComplete 10 missions with Metal Sonic
    Mini-Master EmblemCompleted all minigames in minigame play
    Network EmblemConnected to Nintendo WFC Rankings
    Non Stop EmblemFinished Skeleton in 00:57.000 or less
    Party EmblemWin in each of the Party Games.
    Peach EmblemComplete 10 missions with Peach
    Point Hound EmblemGet at least 5 badges in Snow Machine Fight.
    Pola EmblemRescued Pola the snow spirit
    Polastraits EmblemGet gold/silver stars on all Polastraits missions.
    Round Champion EmblemWin a Multi-Round match
    Shadow EmblemComplete 10 missions with Shadow
    Sharpshooter EmblemGet more than 15,000 points in Ski Shooting.
    Silver EmblemComplete 10 missions with Silver
    Snow Shooter EmblemFinish Biathlon in 15:00.00 or less.
    Sonic EmblemComplete 10 missions with Sonic
    Souvenir Collector EmblemCollect all the Olympic Memorabilia.
    Sparkleton EmblemGet gold/silver stars on all Sparkleton missions.
    Sparky EmblemRescued Sparky the snow spirit
    Speed Demon EmblemFinish Intense Short Track in under 2:00.00.
    Speedster EmblemFinish Supersonic Downhill in 21.00 seconds or less.
    Spot Search EmblemFound a Whitestone hidden in a barrel or a crate
    Sprinter EmblemFinished Speed Skating 500m in 00:33.000 or less
    Tails EmblemComplete 10 missions with Tails
    Terrain Racer EmblemFinish Ski Cross Racing in 1:30.00 or less.
    Thanks for Playing EmblemStarted the game 50 times
    Track Skater EmblemFinished Short Track 500m in 00:40.000 or less
    Traveler EmblemRode all Gondolas
    Trivia Collector EmblemCollect all the Trivia.
    Vector EmblemComplete 10 missions with Vector
    Waluigi EmblemComplete 10 missions with Waluigi
    Wario EmblemComplete 10 missions with Wario
    Yellow Bib EmblemGot more than 25,000pts in Moguls
    Yoshi EmblemComplete 10 missions with Yoshi

    Contributed By: gyro555, CreamOnBagel, lostyet444, Stewie91, and melsyl.

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  • Unlocking the Villains in Adventure Tours

    In order to get all the emblems, you need the villain characters. How do you unlock them? Simple, really.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bowser and EggmanAfter unlocking the two above, do the final batle with Bowser and Eggman again (in the main game mode, not play mission mode).
    Bowser Jr. And Metal SonicFinish all of the new missions (the green ones) the two put out.

    Contributed By: Franzfan23.

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