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Walkthrough by Calvin079

Version: 6.0 | Updated: 12/09/09

                                  Lego Battles

                                A FAQ/WALKTHROUGH

                        For the Nintendo DS/DSi Console

                             Copyright 2009 Charles

This  may  be not  be  reproduced under  any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It  may not be placed  on  any  web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

                                  Table of Contents

  2.Contact\Copyright info......[Intro2]
  3.Controls                    [Intro3]
  4.Version History             [Intro4]
  5.Walkthrough                 [Walkthrough]
       5.1. King Campaign.......[Campaign1]
       5.2. Wizard Campaign.....[Campaign2]
       5.3. Pirate Campaign.....[Campaign3]
       5.4. Imperial Campaign...[Campaign4]
       5.5. Earth Campaign......[Campaign5]
       5.6. Alien Campaign......[Campaign6]
 6.Special Thanks/Credits.......[CREDITS]


Introduction                                                          [Intro1]

 Hello, I am Calvin079 on the Gamefaq boards. This is my first walkthrough
ever. If you can read the following gibberish below in one line, the text
will fit your screen. Please note that you can do the Campaigns in any order
you wish; you do not have to do them in order that I have them in. Also,
do what you like in each mission. Please do not feel you have to do it my way.
Think of other ways; other strategies! Also note that after I passed this a few
times, I opened a new file and am writing this down as I go through
each mission.

 Once you finish a mission, you have the option of exploring. There are
minikits, 1 in each mission,  1 red brick for every act, and 20 blue studs to
find per mission. Minikit and Red Brick locations will not be given directly
but in the general area where they may be found. The reason for this is so
you can find the exact location for yourself. Hints MAY be given.
Also, every mission that has a * beside the name has a Red Brick in it.
The 20 Blue Studs that can be found per mission will also not be listed.
Also, the cutscenes between each Act will not be described, unless
if I get a lot of email asking me to do that. If you can read in one
line the jibberish below:


This text will fit on your screen.
With that, let us proceed into the world of RTS Lego on the DS system!

2. Copyright\Contact info                                             [Intro2]

This guide was made by me, Calvin079. You are free to print it for personal use
or for friends, but you may not claim it as yours, nor try
to use it for personal gain. This FAQ may not be published in part or in whole
without naming the author.

 If you want this FAQ posted on your website, please email me at:

                 --> Calvin079@hotmail.com <--

If you notice any other strategies that you like to use, or I missed something,
or any error or omission, do not hesitate to email me. Include Lego Battles
in your topic line. If there is any swearing, or spam messages, your
email will be ignored. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the FAQ.


3. Controls:                                                           [Intro3]

Stylus is the main thing you'll use in this game.
There are button shortcuts, however.

 * X is used to switch the top screen with the bottom screen.
Useful for tapping on the minimap.

* Y is used to select the Hero or the Main Building.

* You can cycle through all your units with A or B.

* Hold in L and use the stylus to look around the map.

* Tap L to cancel a unit or building selection.

* Select up to 9 units. Hold R for a couple of seconds. Once you hear a "dong"
sound, those units are now a group. Press R to automatically select them,
no matter where they are.

The directional pad is used to look around the map.

4.Version History                                                      [Intro4]

                      Version 6.0 December 9, 2009

                     Added the completed Alien Campaign
                   added other odds and ends to complete
                   this walkthrough.

 This is my last update, unless if people have ideas or
criticism (constructive only)of how to make this guide better.


                       Version 5.0 November 23, 2009

                       Finished the Earth Campaign
                       Added other minor things


                       Version 4.23 November 18, 2009

                     Finished Act 2 of the Earth Campaign


                      Version 4.13 November 12, 2009

                     Finished Act 1 of the Earth Campign
                     Added a minor thing.


                      Version 4.0 November 9, 2009

                      Imperial Campagin Completed


                    Version 3.23 November 2, 2009

                       Completed Imperial Act 2


                     Version 3.13 October 30, 2009

                      Completed Imperial Act 1.
                    found and corrected some errors.


                      Version 3.0 October 27, 2009

                      Completed the Pirate Campaign.


                       Version 2.23 October 22, 2009

                 Finished Act 2 of the Pirate Campaign.
         Attempted to align everything; found and fixed some errors.

                     Version 2.13 October 16, 2009

                Finished Act 1 of the Pirate Campaign.
               Did a major overhaul to the FAQ/Walkthrough.


                     Version 2.0 October 15, 2009

        Finished the Wizard Campaign! Corrected some errors.


                       Version 1.23 October 9, 2009

   Added Act 2 of the Wizard Campaign; added other small things


                     Version 1.13 October 7, 2009
Added Act 1 of the Wizard Campaign; added and corrected other things.


                     Version 1.0 October 1, 2009
   Did the King Campaign in its entirety and wrote it up.


 5. WALKTHROUGH                                                    [Walkthrough]

5.1. King Campaign                                                  [Campaign1]

                               ACT 1

                       Mission 1: Dark Shadows

 Mission Briefing: Scouts report that the Wizard is gathering resources,
pieceing together an army.  You must act quickly to protect your kingdom!

Repair the Castle and fortify this outpost in case of attack!

                     You can watch a video cutscene.

                 After that, time for the mission to start!

  You will find your castle under attack by a lone skeleton; get rid of it.
A tutorial will teach you how to train, move, and attack with units as well as
building and repairing various buildings; just do as it says. When you can
train another 3 guards: any building that can train units can train a max of 3
at a time. So to save yourself some time, tap 3 guardsmen to train the three.
At this point I suggest training another builder. If you feel like it, you can
build another farm and train more soldiers; but there is no reason too. You
will see some buildings north of you. Take out the two soldiers and then the
buildings. Always do this. There may be times when you have to do both at the
same time, but as a rule of thumb, take out soldiers, then buildings.
Congratulations! You have completed your first mission!!!

 This Minikit may be found North of a small bridge...

                 Mission 2: Costly Distractions

Mission Briefing: With our forces distracted on the borders, Skeleton raiders
have pushed into our farmlands to destroy our precious food supply!

Stop the attacking Skeletons before there is no food left.

 You will find three skeletons attacking your farms. Defeat them before they
cause too much damage. You will be told to build a lumber mill. Build it close
to the trees like it tells you. In the meantime, take the other builder and
have him start repairing the damaged farms. At the same time, train the king.
It will tell you to build a mine, barracks and tower. There are two "paths"
leading to your base; one running Northeast and the other Northwest (Place the
tower either near the Northwest path or the Northeast path; doesn't matter.)

 Then you have to defend the farms for 4 minutes. I suggest you build one
other tower and place it near the opposite path. Put both builders to work
chopping trees. Train 4 more guards for a total of 8 men and place 4 of them
at either tower. Should any guards get injured, take the king (or any hero)
and place him near your soldiers to heal them. Also, the King, (or any hero)
can repair buildings. You can also heal the hero by putting him near the main
building. While waiting, train 8 more guards for later use.  Don't place them
anywhere near the action just yet. Once the 4 minutes is up, split the 8 men
into two groups and place them near the towers. Follow the paths and you will
see two seperate bases. 1 group per base will do it.
In the Northeastern base, there are two crossbowmen, they are dangerous.
As per usual, take out all enemy units, then the buildings.
Victory is yours!

 This Minikit may be found in the Northwestern corner. Hack through trees by
selecting attack on your soldiers blue brick menu....

                  Mission 3: The Great Library

 Mission Briefing: The Great Library, the repository of all our knowledge,
must be protected. If the information fell into the Wizard's hands, all would
be lost.

 Get to the Library as quickly as possible!

  When you get into this mission, you will see a green square. That is the
Library and it is surrounded by cliffs on the two sides; open at the top and
bottom. You have to protect the library for 10 minutes. You are given 5 units:
two builders, two guards and the king. As you approach the library, one
soldier will be patrolling the area. Skeletons will also attack as you get in
the area with the Library.  Quickly set up a Castle, Barracks, two Farms and a
Lumber Mill in that area inside the cliffs. You will be attacked a few times
from both ends. You have a new unit at the barracks: Knights! Train five
knights and 3 more guards to help you fend off attacks. Build two towers and a
mine as funds allow (there is cracked ground outside the bottom opening; build
the mine there.)  After the 10 minutes are up, take all the knights, go
northeast and northwest to destroy the bases there. These will be just
buildings; nothing to worry about. Victory!

 This Minikit may be found in the Northwestern Corner...

                     Mission 4: 1000 Tree Woods*

  Mission Briefing: Many ages ago, a Magical Scroll was hidden deep in the
1000 Tree Woods. Now, our Elders believe it has the power to reveal the
Wizard's plan.

 Find your way through the forest maze to the Scroll.

      When you start, you will find that you are not able to build the Castle.
You will also be told that you can hack through trees by telling whoever
to "attack" the trees. So, build two Farms, Barracks and Lumber Mill. You have
a new unit at the Barracks: Archers! Train two of them and two knights as
well. Stick your army near the place where your builders are harvesting. Build
two more farms and build a couple of towers as funds allow. Keep your King
deep in the base on this one; as there is no way to heal him, because you have
no Main Building. You may want 5 of each unit type on this one: two of each to
stay behind to defend the base, and three of each to explore. Exploration time:

  Take your 9 men and make sure your king follows you at a safe distance back.
Don't let him fight. Go Southwest of your base, until the trees form a
backwards L shape and slope down. You will encounter a couple of crossbowmen
and a tower. Take out the Tower, then the soldiers. Before you turn Southeast,
you will see another tower with two skeleton guards. Take out the tower, then
the enemy. If you see 3 crossbowmen blocked in by trees, you did it correctly.
Now head Southwest to fight the three crossbowmen. Once they are defeated,
attack the trees to hack straight through them. Fight the two soldiers, and
head North. You will see a tower. At its foot is the scroll. Attack the tower,
take the scroll with the King. In the far Southwest Corner of the map is the
Wood's exit. Go in that direction, hacking through trees and killing any enemy
that gets in your way. Once the king reaches the valley, you win.

 This Minikit may be found along the Rock Bottom. Search carefully...

 Red Brick may be found along the far Western side of the map.

                     Mission 5: Bridge the Gap

Mission Briefing: Retreating enemy forces from the river battle have cut off
our supply route!

Build a larger base to defend against the approaching horde- then build a
bridge to destroy the enemy's outposts.

  Move everybody to the spot marked with a golden triangle. Build the Castle
there. Also build a Barracks, Lumber Mill, and a Mine. You are given two
guards, the King and two archers already. Train two knights. As you build,
some enemies will come to fight you in a suicide attack. From the West will
come periodic attacks. Once you have four farms and 4-6 of each unit, take 3
of each and head West and destroy the base that is there. When you feel ready,
head South until you see two metallic bridge posts. build a bridge between
those two posts. A very small army will cross, so have your army ready and
waiting for the enemy arrival. Once they are defeated, your entire army should
then cross and to the immediate southwest and southeast there are two bases.
Raze them and victory is yours.

 This Minikit may be found along your Eastern bank...

       You have just completed Act 1 of the King Campaign!
Once you do this, you will unlock the Wizard, Pirate and Earth stories.

                                  ACT 2

                            Mission 1: Old Allies

                     You can watch another cutscene if you like.

 Mission Briefing: Despite our best efforts our enemy has continued to gain
ground, and we now hear that the Wizard is working with the evil Trolls. We
need our own allies to help drive them from our lands!

 Journey to the Dwarven Hall for an audience with the Dwarf King.

 When you start, you will see the Dwarven Hall in the Southeast corner. ahed
of you to the right is some dwarves fighting some trolls. Help them out, then
move everyone to the Hall. Put your builders to work by building a Castle,
four Farms, Barracks, Mine and Lumber Mill. I suggest maxing out your army
again, (I will suggest this most of the time in subsequent stories) consisting
of six of each unit. You will have 5 dwarves so train one Guard, 6 Knights and
4 Archers. You will also have a new military building: Special Factory. You
can build Ballisatas and Catapults, so build 4 Ballistas. When you feel ready
to attack, Go north a bit, then go west all the way to a small river. Head
North again, then East until you reach the base. Raze it, destroy the building
where the Dwarf is being held and collect him to win this mission.

 This Minikit may be found along the Upper Eastern Rock Wall by 3 trees.
The path you make to find this Minikit can be used to attack the base...

                          Mission 2: War Machines

 Mission Briefing: We're already seeing benefits from our new alliance.
Dwarven engineers have helped us revive an old Special Factory.

 Make your way to the Factory and use its powerful machines against the
Troll stronghold to the north.

 You will see another green building under attack by a Skeleton Rider.
That is the Special Factory. Kill the rider, and repair it. Then set up a
Castle, Barracks and a Farm. Then harvest trees, and as funds allow, build two
Mines and a Lumber Mill and three more Farms. Also, max out your army and make
4 ballistas as you are able. When ready, go straight North with a good
sized portion, if not all your army. You will encounter
a couple of missile shooting siege towers and a bunch of skeletons.
Your job is to dstroy the wall first off.

Use the king's spell Earthquake; it will work wonders for you here.
There are more troops behind the wall and a base off to the Northeast
that contains some Cauldrons; you have to destroy those as well.
Once this is all done, if you need more men, go back to your base,
train some more troops. If you lost machines, build more.
Head North again to where the barrier used to be and this time,
head East and you'll see a tower. Head North to find the last Cauldron.
Destroy it to win this mission.

 This Minikit may be found along the Western Rock Wall...

                          Mission 3: Stand Fast

 Mission Briefing: We have ventured too far from our home and our lines
have grown thin. We need to rest and prepare our warriors for the
journey ahead. We have chose a defensive location for our camp but we
are open to attack from two roads to the south.

 Build up and protect the outpost from attack.

 You need to defend the Castle for 10 minutes. You are given a Farm,
Barracks and Lumber Mill. Build another 3 Farms and a Special Factory.
Train 2 Knights, 4 Archers and 4 Guardsmen. Stick two of each on either
path. Build two towers on both paths and upgrade them to level III. Also,
build 2 ballistas and put one with each group of towers and soldiers.
When you have the funds, go East of your base with a builder to find
3 slates of cracked ground. Build 3 mines here. Also, max out your army,
6 of each military unit and 4 specials. There are two bases below yours.
Follow the paths to reach each base and raze them. Again, to prevent
any attacks on your base, split up your army into two groups and send them
one to each base. The two bases are joined at the bottom, so your army groups
will meet up with each other. Victory!

 This Minikit may be found along the Southeastern rock wall...

                   Mission 4: Knowledge of the Ancients

 Mission Briefing: The Elders have kept a detailed map of the Barren
Wasteland from the ancient times of the Unified Realm. This map will
be invaluable in our campaign against the Wizard.

 Search the Ancient Ruins to retrieve the knowledge stored within one.

 When you start, you will see four green squares on the map. Those are
the ruins and you have to move the King near them to "explore" them.
Only one will have the map you are seeking; the others
will have enemy soldiers in them. No need to hurry, build your base,
be sure to include a Barracks, Lumber Mill, 2 Farms and a Mine.
Include at least 1 Level III tower, but you don't have to.
Train a couple of soldiers to defend the king if you hit the wrong one.
Just train 2 Guardsmen, 1 Archer and 1 Knight. Then explore the Ruins
with: King, Guard, 2 Archers and 2 Knights. Between the first and second
Ruin, there is a tower with two riders; you know what to do.
Once you find the map in a Ruin, victory is yours. If you don't
find the map, email me, I'll disclose the location of it.

This Minikit is located to the far South of your base in some woods...

                         Mission 5: Forgotten Passage

 Mission Briefing: The Wizard's Fortifications are proving too strong;
we need to find an alternative approach into the Barren Wasteland. Luckily,
the Dwarf King recalls a mining path that could act as a back door into the
Wizard's lands.

 Search the forest to find the retired mining path.

 Build Mine, 2 Farms, Lumber Mill and Barracks. Train an Archer and 2 Knights.
 Near the Mine, enemy Riders will come up from the south to attack the Mine.
Stick your soldiers near the Mine to defend it. Build another Farm or two and
a Special Factory. Train a few more soldiers; you may want to max out the army
to prepare for what is coming. Anyway, go east as far as you can, then go
You should encounter a wall with a tower. Destroy the tower, then move in
and destroy the base behind it. Off to the East, you should see three golden
triangles hanging over the trees. Hack through the trees to fully reveal the

You will then be shown the exit close to the Southeastern corner.
That is the goal obviously.
Once you do move through the path, take the rest of the army and move it to
the recently revealed path. You will meet up with several attacks;
keep advancing until you see a small base just North
of your position. Attack it of course.
Then turn South and head for the exit. You will see a few buildings along the
road; destroy them as you march. Once you reach the exit, victory is yours.

 This Minikit is located just above the first base you destroy.

                     Mission 6: The Barren Wasteland*

 Mission Briefing: The Dwarven passage has granted us access to the Barren
Wasteland, but a large enemy encampment is positioned at the end of this
large valley. We have come too far to turn back now.

 Push forward and destroy the enemy outpost.

At the start, the Keep you have to destroy will be marked by a golden
triange. You will alo be attacked right off the hop. So, while the
battle rages, build two Farms, Mine, Barracks and Lumber Mill.
Train two Guards and a Knight. By the time the Mine is finished, the
battle will be over. Build a Special Factory and 2 more Farms. Max out
the army as funds allow. Build defenses as you desire. There is also
a Northeastern Path leading to a Skeleton Barracks and troops. 6 Knights
can easily take care of this one building outpost.
The southern path is a direct path to the Southeastern corner where the
enemy base lies. Raze the entire base, and you win.

 The Minikit can be found just before you reach the Wizrd's Base...

 Red Brick can be found in some woods after the one building

                            ACT 3

                  Another cutscene to watch

                    Mission 1: The Maze

 Mission Briefing: The maps the Ancients kept of this area
of the Barren Wasteland are not as accurate as we had hoped.
The road ahead is a confusing maze of mountain and forest.
It will take considerable time and effort but we must find
our way to the other side of this obstacle.

 Make your way through the winding maze.

 The exit is in the Northeastern corner. There is no rush,
so build your base up. The only way for the enemy to attack
you is your Eastern entance; but that is blockaded by trees.
I suggest training six knights for this.
Hack  open the Eatern entrance to access the maze.
Head North, then hack open a winding passage East and North.
Follow it, hacking it open as needed.
You will encounter enemies that are lost and want a fight.
Oblige them, if you want. Some you have no choice except
to fight; others are optional battles.
Eventually, you will reach a rock wall. You ought to see a
tree barracade containig a lone crossbowman. You can defeat
the crossbowman if you want. The Eastern way is the way you want.
It will go South for a long way then turn North.
Right by the exit are 2 Level III Towers. You will want them destroyed.
Once you reach the exit, you win.

 The Minikit may be found west of the exit behind some trees...

                       Mission 2: Grave Mission

 Mission briefing: Great news! We have discovered the source of the skeletal
army. The Wizard has been piecing together soldiers in Mausoleums. This must be

 Destroy these structures to deal a crippling blow to the Wizard.

 A Mausoleum, according to Dictionary.com, is:
 1: a magnificent tomb
 2: a gloomy, usually large room or building.

 In game, they look like two houses stuck together.

 Now you know what it is (kinda disturbing actually), you can start
your mission!

 So build: Castle, 2 Farms, Mine, Barracks, Lumber Mill
and a Special factory. Train 2 Archers and 2 Guards for starters.
You have a new unit to build in your Special Factory: Dragons! Send
one out to explore the map if you wish, but you don't have to.
Build for Ballistas and max out the army as usual.
Your location is on a land mass speprated by a river. However,
the two masses are connected by a land bridge east of your base.
When those 4 ballistas are built and you don't have a large army,
you can wreck havoc already. East and North of the Land bridge there
is a tiny Green skeleton base there. The entrance to the base is guarded
by two towers. Destroy the towers and flee back to your base. Once
you have 9 men, go back to that base with one or two ballistas and raze it
so it won't trouble you. Take the four ballistas, and go to the land bridge.
You will see 2 Level II towers (how's that for a tounge twister?) joined
by a wall. Take out what you see and head back to base to heal. Once your
ballistas are healed, go back to the bridge and take out the troll that is
hucking rocks at your siege engines.Take out the troll and grab the army
and move it beyond the bridge, King included.

To the South is an enemy mine. To the West are 2 Red Skeleton II Towers joined
by a wall. Take out the Towers with the ballistas only.
Just inside the base is a Level III Tower. You will want to use ballistas here
as well, beacuse if you move men in now, you have to deal
with Skeletons as well as that tower which will clean quite a few troops up.
Of course, the enemy will come after you so run away to the awaiting army; they
 can handle the enemy troops. Once they are defeated, walk into the base and let
your army loose to do away with everything.
Be careful however, as the Western side has Level II towers.
The base also extends to the South; and the Southwestern side also has
a Level III tower. but destroy all the Mausoleums and you win.

 This Minikit may be found in the woods beyond the Green base...

                  Mission 3: Perilous Journey

 At last we approach the Wizard's Skeleton Tower- fortified beyond anything
we have yet faded. The final leg of our journey wll be a true test of our

 Fight north to find the entrance to the Wizard's tower fortress.

 As you start, the place you have to get to is shown in the far North. A
golden triangle points between 2 Level III towers.
Now, there is a super easy way, and a
VERY hard way to do this mission.
I shall describe both. But first, build your Castle and 3 Farms and
the other buildings (Special Factory, Barracks, etc)
Both ways start out the same; but split into the Easy way and the Hard way.

 So, follow the southern path until you come to an area where there is
cracked ground just West of the two cliffs on either side of you.
The cliffs will open up into wide open plains and trees North.
You may want to set up an outpost here. Here the mission seperates.

The Easy Route:

 Take a Builder South and West of the Mine you should've built.
You will walk into a clearing where there are two ruins:
A castle ruin, and a tower ruin. The clearing will also have
some water off at the western end. Build a shipyard here and have a transport
built. Back at your base, build Farms until you have 3 Farms,
also train some extra men to defend your psoition should some enemy decide to
go wandering where he is not invited.
Build a Special Factory and build two Ballistas. Once they are built,
load up the transport with the Ballistas and 3 men plus the King.
Now, follow the river West Once you reach a fork in the river,
take the Northeast Branch and follow it until you get to a
narrow grassy area surrounded by cliffs- drop off the troops here.
It will widen out into a clearing with some trees.
To the East is wide opening to a stoney wide open place. DO NOT TAKE THIS
PATH. Instead, go North until you see some cracked ground.
Here, take the ballistas and open fire on one of the Level III Towers.
Once destroyed, go back, heal and repeat with the other tower.
Then move everyone to where the golden triange is and you win.

The Hard Route:

 Go North like it says, but make sure you max out the army for
what is coming. If you don't you're in for a long mission.
Once you have all men gathered at the cliff opening, take 6 knights and
4 ballistas and go north. You will see some enemies patrolling the area.
DO NOT FIGHT YET!!!! There is a very small cliff opening off to the
East, go in there and destroy anything that moves.
Also destroy the buildings in there too.
After this is done, go North and prepare yourself to be defeated a few times.
There are 4-5 Level III Towers, all connected by several layers of wall.
Behind that is a large base.
Remake the army as needed and keep trying until you destroy all those stinking
towers and the base. In the base is another Lvl III Tower.
Once you reach the Golden Triange, you win.

This Minikit may be found just East of the exit near the North rock wall in
some woods...

                            Mission 4: Confrontation*

 Mission Briefing: Finally, we are face to face with our enemy! The Wizard has
rallied his remaining
forces, and this is our last chance for victory!

 Attack the enemy army and defeat the Wizard!

 Build a Castle, Barracks and 2 Farms. As funds allow, build 2 Level III
towers, Lumber Mill and a Special Factory.
 Max out your army for defense and attack purposes as you will find out
When you have about 5 of each troop, and 2 Ballistas, take 3 of each troop,
the Ballistas and the King.
There is a Troll base to The East of your base.
Follow a long path surrounded by trees to find this base.
Once you find it, destroy it and that will take care of the Eastern attacks.
North, is the Wizard's Base. The island that he is on is a Skull shaped;
it is connected to where you are by a land bridge.
It doesn't matter which side you go up against either Northeastern or
Northwestern; You still have to deal with two Level III Towers
connected by a wall. Destroy one set, although you can do both.
Once that is done, There is a mine behind both sides.
Then there is a massive base. The Wizard's Tower is marked by the triangle.
It too, is surrounded by a wall, as well as 3 Level III Towers.
Once you destroy the keep, you win.

Congratulations on completing the King Campaign!!!!!

           Final Cutscene to watch

 The Red Brick may be found in just South of the Northwest Corner.

 This Minikit may be found off to the West, behind some trees.



5.2. Wizard Campaign                                    [Campaign2]

			    Act 1

                        (cutscene to watch)

                     Mission 1: Piecing Together

 Mission Briefing: We will be together again soon, my dear! I know there is a
magic crystal with the power to bring you home- but it lies in pieces in the
King's Realm. All I need now is an army...

 Find 5 piles of bones to build your army.

You are given the Hero and the Main Building to start.
So, train 2 Builders and have them build a Farm and a Barracks.
Train 6 Skeletons and go find the 10 King's men that you have to defeat.
They can be found all over the map, so you have to explore.
Towards the Nothwest Corner of the map there is a bone pile.
Another bone pile can be found just south of your base- along with a soldier.
In the Southwest corner is another bone pile along with 2 soldiers.
From where you found the previous one, head East. You'll spot another one.
Just West of your base, you'll find another.You win once you defeat all the

 This Minikit may be found West of your base. Hack North through trees...

                   Mission 2: The Foundation*

 Mission Briefing: The King's soldiers guard my borders; the approaching
struggle will not be easy. I need more raw materials to bring my Cauldron
factories to life.

 Protect the Cauldrons from the invaders.

 When you start, there will be a Cauldron under attack. Take your two Skeletons
and Hero and go rescue the Cauldron, then repair it. Do the same with the other
two Cauldrons. You will then be shown two outposts that have to be destroyed.
In the meantime, build a Lumber Mill and a Mine. Once you have some funds
build a Farm and train 5 Skeletons and 7 Crossbowmen. Split up the 7 Skeletons
and Crossbowmen into two groups. One group having 4 of each; the other having 3
of each. The group with 4, send to the Northern outpost- it has a tower. The
group of 3 has nothing to worry about in its Southern outpost.
You win when you destroy both outposts.

 This Minikit may be found West of your base. Build 3 bridges...

 This Red Brick may be found in the Northeast corner...

               Mission 3: The Uninvited

 Mission Briefing: It seems the King has caught wind of my plans, and his
soldiers have taken control of my Graveyards.
I can't increase my army without them!

 Seek out and destroy the enemy soldiers that have occupied the Graveyards.

In this mission, you cannot build Graveyards (which are Farms).
You have to find 4 of them. Build a Lumber Mill.
At your Mausoleum (Barracks) you can build
crossbowmen and Riders. Train one of the three; it doesn't matter. Then
take your soldiers with the Wizard and head south. You should find the
Graveyard along with the soldier. Once you are finished that,
train whatever men you want until you have 6 of them.
Build a bridge where the triangle is.
Go across; you'll find another Graveyard.
There is an Archer and 2 soldiers here. From there, go North.
You'll encounter a Tower, a Knight and 2 soldiers.
From that Graveyard, head South. You'll encounter 2 towers and a few men. This
Graveyard is behind a wall. Once you find it, you have victory.

 This Minikit may be found North beyond the Tower with the Knight and 2

                          Mission 4: Momentum

 Mission Briefing: Bah! Production of my army has not gone as planned.
But I have read of a powerful magic scroll
which could help me complete my army in days rather than months...

 Visit the four Tower Ruins and attempt to discover the location of the scroll.

Build a Mine and a Lumber Mill to start.
Once you have cash, train 3 Crossbowmen, 2 Riders and 2 Skeletons.
There is one ruin just South and East from your base.
Go as far South as you can, there is another one. head East and
North, the third one is there. After that battle,
you may want to head back to your base and heal
as well, train soldiers if you have to.
From the first ruin, head East to find the Fourth Ruin.
The Scroll is being held in the Southeastern corner.
Head there to find the scroll.

This Minikit may be found South of the third ruin. Build a bridge...

                     Mission 5: Underfoot

 Mission Briefing: The King has finally gone too far! He has erected
towers in the Barren Wasteland. MY Barren Wasteland!
Why does he torment me like this?

 Obliterate both of the King's Towers.

Build a Graveyard, Lumber Mill and a Mausoleum.
When you have funds, build a second Graveyard.
Train 3 Riders, Skeletons and Crossbowmen, but you may make more if you want.
But take the 9 soldiers and send them South to destroy a Farm.
When you feel ready, build a bridge and cross it.
You'll see two bridging points: One East and
the other West. It really doesn't matter which way you take,
as there is a tower on either side. Destroy them to win.

 This minikit may be found after the first bridging point South...

                    Mission 6: Swarm

 So the King thinks he can come into my lands and do as he pleases? I don't
think so. I have set up a base in his territory, to see how HE likes it...

 Reinforce the encampment in preparation for the coming battle with the King's

 There will be 5 directions where the enemy will come from:
North, East, Southeast, Southwest and West.
I suggest placing 1 or 2 towers in each direction. But, first
you have to stay alive for 15 minutes. So, build a Lumber Mill and a
Mausoleum and start making soldiers first. As you are able, build 3 Graveyards
and have 6 of each soldier and place 1 of each in the 5 directions, leaving
the last 3 to defend the Skeleton Tower. Once the 15 minutes are up, take the
6 Riders and go around the map, destroying all the mini outposts.
Heal if needed. Once you destroy everything, you win.

 This Minikit may be found just North of the Southwest corner.

                                Act 2

                          (Cutscene to watch)

                   Mission 1: Convenient Alliance

 Mission Briefing: All these diversions, fighting aginst
the King, have depleted my army. But the Trolls have long
sought an alliance with me. Why not let them believe they have my favor?

 Approach the Trolls and offer an alliance.

 You will find the Troll Hall under attack by a lone dwarf; take it out.
You then must defend the Troll's Main Building for 11 minutes.
Build up your army, and send it North to the Troll's camp.
At your base, build a Mausoleum, Graveyard and Lumber Mill.
Build a Mine as you have funds and build a 3rd Graveyard and a Cauldron.
Build 3 Seige Towers. and 2 Level II towers.
At this time, you should have at least 9 men if not more.
If you don't feel like having more than 9 men, don't have them.
Once the 11 minutes are up, you have to destroy two Dwarf Halls.
One in the Northwest corner, the other in the Southwest corner.
Take the whole army with you to attack each base.
Once you destroy one, heal/replace the army and do it again.
Once both Dwarf Halls are destroyed you win.

 This Minikit may be found just East of the Southern base. Look in trees...

                Mission 2: Strength in Numbers

 Misison Briefing: The Troll King was easier to convince than I
thought possible! Now he has offered to lend me the best soldiers
from each of his camps...

Visit each of the Troll camps to add the Trolls to your party.

This an exploration mission. Nothing to build here. Hack through trees North to
find the first camp. From your base, use the Sothern Road to find another base
in trees.
Your last base is at the far East end of the map. As you are doing this,
you will run into the King's men who will want to scrap.
Once you finish finding the three trolls,
you have to hunt down 13 of the King's soldiers.
Wander around to find them. Hack through trees to make shortcuts.
Once you defeat them all, you win! Easiest mission so far, right?

 This Minikit may be found close by a large oval cliff, map middle...

                 Mission 3: A Devious Machine

 Mission Briefing: Now I know the location of one of the pieces of the Magic
but the King has locked it away. His devious dwarves have constructed a
machine controlled by two Tower Ruins, on islands only accessible by sea.
Arghh! If only I could fly!

Construct Shipyards and take to the seas in search of the Tower Ruins.

You have no fear of being attacked, so build 4 Graveyards, Mausoleum, Lumber
Mill and a Shipyard.
Make 20 men and build 4 Transports, 4 guys per transport.
If you ahve 4 transports and 6 of each unit (2 builders):
you can put 4 Horsemen, 4 ranged units and 4 meelee troops in their own
For the 4th transport, put the Hero and one of each unit in it. Then head South
for the first Tower Ruin- there is a base there with a tower. In the middle
of the map is the second base. You will be shown the crystal piece. Go
to the island and take out the tower and small garrison that is there, but
the Wizard has to pick up the crystal piece. You win!!!

 This Minikit may be found in the Southeast Corner. Transports please...

                 Mission 4: Shrouded Garrison*

 Mission Briefing: Every time I destroy my enemy's forces, more seem
to be just around the corner! But my spies have finally discovered the
secret: the Dwarves have a giant base hidden within a mountain. If I
can weigh down the four pressure plates outside, I believe the gate will
open for me...

 Find the four pressure plates and construct Towers to reveal the entrance
to the base.

 You are on a small island when you start. You can squeeze in a Graveyard
and a Mausoleum if you really try. If you wan to expand later take out
the trees on one side: either by harvest or attacking them. As for your
misison, you have two options to get to the island with the plates.
Option 1 is by land, you go North and follow the path until you reach
the places. Option 2 is by sea. Build transports and take the base if
you choose this method. By land, you can get away with 9 men, 2 Specials
and the Hero. You will have to replace some men, however.
Regardless of what you do, once you've taken out the base, you build 4
level II Towers, one on each plate. Once you've done that, there is a base
to the North. Destroy everything and you win.

 This Minikit may be found in the Northwest part of the hidden base...

 The Red Brick May be found on a small shelf East of the Island plates...

                  Mission 5: Battle Royal

 Mission Briefing: Despite my distaste for the foul-smelling Trolls,
they have proven themelsves useful. I should lend a hand to these
poor creatures. You never know when I might need them again...

 Prepare a base to defend the Troll Hall from the imminent
Dwarven invasion.

 North of your base is the Troll base. It is currently under attack.
Go, and garrison that base with troops, repairing whatever you can and
rebuilding Towers when needed. Back in your base, build 4 Graveyards,
Mausoleum and a Cauldron (Special Factory). Garrison the Troll base
with 6 of each unit and 4 Specials. When you are ready, attack the
enemy base with every single unit. Raze the entire base and you win.

This Minikit may be found in the West side cliffs buried in the trees...

                          Act 3

                  Mission 1: High and Dry

 Mission briefing: The Trolls have constructed a kind of flying
machine, so I can float high and dry above the water when I attack
my enemies. But they let it be captured by the King! Fools!

 Attack the king's outpost in search of the Troll blimp.

 Build 2 Graveyards, Lumber Mill and Cauldron. build 3
Seige Towers and 14 troops. When ready, make a bridge
North and go north to find a small base. Wreck it, and the blimp
is in the Northwest Corner. Head back to your base, heal and
build two bridges to the East. Go north to find the large
outpost that has to be razed. There are 2 Level II Towers, use
the Seige Towers to take them out. Victory!

 This Minikit may be found East of outpost with the Blimp.
You'll have to build a brige...

                  Mission 2: Bring It Down

 Mission Briefing: I finally have a bearing on the last
piece of the Magic Crystal. I must plunge deep into the
King's Realm and attack his Castle. Luckily my Cauldrons
are active now; I can summon powerful units and even the
mighty dragons.

 Lead an offensive in the the King's outer defenses. Destroy
everything. Burn it to the ground!

 When you start, you will need to build a Mine and a graveyard.
Train troops as fast as you can, since the enemy's base starts
right at your doorstep. It is also very LARGE. Once you finish
destroying what is next to you, train more men if necessary
and build seige Towers. Take every man and wreck the base.

 This Minikit may be found West of the Castle...

               Mission 3: Shoot the Messenger

 Mission Briefing: When I said destroy everything in
the King's outer defenses, I meant EVERYTHING!
How could my minions let one of the King's soldiers
escape the battle? No doubt he is on his way to
the King with word of my advancing army.

 Follow the fleeing soldier and stop him before
he is able to deliver his message to the King.

 This one is tricky. If you've ever played Red Alert:
Command and Conquer, there is a mission exactly like this
in the Soviet Campaign. Only, he is a spy and you get attack
dogs and a few soldiers to follow him with. This is different.
Here, you can build an army to follow him with. You'll
need it, as you have to destroy everything that stands in your
path as you follow this messenger.

So, onto the mission! First off, there are 3 stages to this.
So build a Lumber Mill and a Mausoleum. Train 9 soldiers and send
them South, as there is an outpost to get rid of. Once that is
done, the second stage begins. Instantly you will fall under
attack by a blue Dragon. Kill it and move back North. Build
a Cauldron and head back to the place where you destroyed the
dragon. Go North with every unit and destroy the Towers and
buildings there. Leaving you army there, Heal/replce whatever
needs it, then Head North for the third phase. You will
fall under attack by two seige engines; destroy them. Then
proceed to attack the few units that are there; one of them
is the messenger and once he dies, you win.

 This Minikit may be found East of the second base. Trees
mask the entrance to a small cove...

              Mission 4: Homecoming*

 Mission Briefing: My love, at last the day is here when
we can be reunited! I am mere steps away from the final
piece of the Crystal...

 Destroy the Dwarven encampment, then defeat the King
and his men to recover the final piece of the Magic Crystal

The final mission of the Wizard Campaign! First off,
build 2 Graveyards and a Cauldron. When you have the funds,
build a Mine. Max out the army, build Towers for defense.
When ready, send 2 Specials and 12 troops North to the
Dwarf base. Completely destroy it. Head back and
prepare the entire army for the final battle with
the King. Go Northeast, then North. This base
is quite spread out, but if you take everyone with you,
you shouldn't have too much of a problem. Once the
Castle and the King are destroyed, you win.

Congratulations on beating the Wizard Campaign!

          Final Cutscene to watch

 The Red Brick is located in the Far North in the
Dwarves base..

 This Minikit may be found near a large cliff in the middle of the
map. Heavy amounts of trees surround this one...

5.3 Pirate Campaign                                   [Campaign3]

                          Act 1
                     Cutscene to watch

                    Mission 1: Put to Sea

 Mission Briefing: Ahoy Captain! I be gatherin'
supplies to begin the search for the other pieces of yer
treasure map. We'll be ready shortly to put to sea.

 Prepare our camp for the voyage!

 This mission is easy. Simply build a shipyard and build 2
Barracudas. If you want, build 1 or 2 more Farms and build 1 or 2
more Barracudas. Whatever you do, your mission is to find the 3
enemy ships and destroy them! Head out of your cove and you'll
encounter one. There is another one in the Northwest corner.
On the Eastern side is the last ship. You win! To collect most
of the blue studs, you're gonna need a transport ship.

 This Minikit may be found on an island in the Southeastern corner...

                      Mission 2: Outpost Offensive

 Mission Briefing: Sorry to bother ye Captain but our men
'ave spotted Imperial outposts nearby. If Governor Broadside
thinks he can squeeze us, he surely has another thing coming!

 Ready some ships to attack the Imperial outposts.

 Build 2 Farms and a Mine. Build 4 Barracudas and take them to a
large X shaped island. There are 4-5 Towers you have to destroy; take
them out to win.

 This Minikit may be found to the South of your base. However, you'll have
to take a transport...

               Mission 3: Hostile Waters

 Mission Briefing: Four ferocious sharks be attackin' every
pirate that goes near the water! Be brave and deal with these
pests or they'll be dealin' with you!

 Search for and stop the four sharks.

 You will be shown 4 sharks and the general location where they
were last seen. One of the sharks will take out two bridges
that join the West island to the mainland.

 Once you get control, build a Pirate's Hold, a Plantation, a
Shanty Shack (Barracks) and a Lumber Shack. Train a couple of
Gunmen to shoot any sharks that approach. You may also build a
Shipyard to take out the sharks, but you'll neeed at least 2
Barracudas per shark. All the sharks are in the Northern part of
the map; however, they will eventually spread out so you will
have to search for them. Beware, they are fairly strong. Once all
4 sharks are dead, you win.

 This Minikit may be found to the West of the Northern island.
Transport is required...

                     Mission 4: Rebuildin'*

 Mission Briefing: The Imperial dogs haven't been kind to our island mates.
Seems they be plunderin' temples all o'er these here parts.

 Repair the Temples and attack the Imperial Fort.

 You will see three temples: One to the West, one in the North
and the last will be in the East. Build Pirate's Hold, 3 Plantations,
a Shanty Shack and a Lumber Shack. Train 4 Gunmen and 4 Horsemen.
When ready, build a bridge and repair all 3 temples. Once complete,
you will then be given 3 Tiki Golems and you have to take out the
Imperial base. Destroy the Imperial main building to win.

 This Minikit may be found in the Northeast. Hack through lots of trees...

 This Red Brick may be found opposite the Western temple. Trees everywhere...

                     Mission 5: Shipwrecked

 Mission Briefing: Captain, a matter o' most urgent importance has come to me
attention! One of the crew has run agound on a wee isle to the north.

 We must send out a party to rescue the stranded crewmate.

 Build a Shipyard, Plantation and a Mine. Train 1-3 troops.
Build a Transport and a Barracuda to protect the transport.
Now, there are 3 possible locations where the crewmate could be:
One straight North of your base, one Northeast and the last one East
of your base. To hamper your search are some enemy Clippers.
Once you find him and return him to your base, you win.
You have unlocked the Imperial Campaign!

 This Minikit may be found behind the Northern Shipwreck...

                         Act 2

                    Cutscene to watch

                Mission 1: Hidden Treasure

 Mission Briefing: The good news be that we discovered the whereabouts
o' another piece of yer map! But the bad news be that it's hidden
in the hold of one of the Imperial Transports ships.

 Attack the Imperial Transport ships in the strait until you find
the next piece of the map.

 Build a Shanty Shack, Lumber Mill, 4 Plantations and a Shipyard.
You have two new ships to build: Battleship and Brickbeard's Bounty.
A Battleship is fast, powerful and has decent range. Brickbeard's Bounty
is slow, powerful, and has better range than a Battleship. Build 4
Battleships for speed (you'll need them in this next mission). The
Transports are green; sink them to find the map. WARNING! You will
find a few Flagships and Battleships to get in your way. The
Flagship is Brickbeard Bounty's equal; easily can sink a Battleship.
When you sink the correct Transport, you'll see the victory sign,
indicating that you have found the map piece.

 This Minikit may be found on the Northeast island...

                       Mission 2: Safeguard

 Mission Briefing: Yarrr! Broadside reckons the Islanders have
been helpin' us findthe missing pieces o' yer map, and he's
ordered his troops to attack them.

 Protect the Islander Village from Imperial attack.

 You have to protect King Kahuka for 10 minutes. To start,
send everyone down to the village and build 2 Plantations,
a Lumber Mill, Shanty Shack and a Quarry (Mine). Build 2
more Plantations as funds allow. Train 18 soldiers and place
9 of them near the two paths that the enemy takes. One leads South,
the other leads West. Also place Towers here, preferably lvl
III ones. Once the 10 minutes are up, take each group along its
respective path where they were stationed. The group that was
placed to defend the South, make it head South. The group that
was placed to defend the Western part, make it head West.
You'll encounter two outposts; destroy them both to win.

 This Minikit may be found in the Western outpost.
Hack Northwest through trees...

                    Mission 3: Heads Up

 Mission Briefing: Captain! King Kahuka be captured by the Imperials.
That bloodthirsty Broadside will pay for this treachery!

 Free King Kahuka from the Imperials.

 In the Southeast corner you'll see a peice of a Barracks. That
is where King Kahuka is being held. Build 4 Plantations, Shanty Shack,
Lumber Shack and a Shipyard. Build 4 Battleships and send the to the
Southeast as the island begins very close to your base. The shoreline
of this island has a few towers all around. So, sail all around the
island, pounding the shore until the coastal defenses are destroyed.
Also sink any ships that will try to interfere. In the meantime
Train 18 men. Once the ships have completed their mission, retire
them and build 4 Transports. Load up 12 soldiers into 3 Transports and
put Brickbeard and 3 men into the last Transport. Land on the island
and head toward the Southeast corner. A large base is on this island;
but you only need to destroy the Barracks and take Kahuka back to
your base to win this mission.

 This Minikit may be found in the middle of the island just North of
a small lake. Hack through trees...

                     Mission 4: Pillage an' Plunder

 Mission Briefing: The Imperials been distractin' us for too long. Its
time to do what swashbucklers do best: Pillage an' Plunder!

 Comb the local islands in search of valuable cargo.

 Build 2 Plantations, Shipyard and Lumber Shack. Build 3 Transports.
In the meantime, train 9 extra men and put 4 men on each transport.
There are 3 islands and on each island you have to destroy the main
building and collect the crate that appears. From your base, one
island is North. The second island can be found to the East of the
first island. Southwest of the first is the third island. When
you collect all 3 crates you win.

 This Minikit may be found on the Northwest island...

                  Mission 5: Booty Haul*

 Mission Briefing: Beggin' me pardon Captain, but an old matey
o' yours has tipped us off to the location of a huge booty on a
nearby isle, yarrr.

 Head to the island to recover the treasure.

 When you start, you will see a grey treasure box. DON'T DO
ANYTHING WITH IT just yet. Instead, get everyone up to the area
where the box is. Build a Pirate's Hold, 4 Plantations,
Shanty Shack and a Lumber Shack. As you have funds, train
18 soldiers. Just North of your position is a small hut-like
building. Destroy it and defeat the green Ninjas and their leader
that pop out. Once that is done, have Brickbeard step on the box.
Its a trap! four Ninjas will attack you. You now have 5 minutes
to build defenses (of course you already have your defenses built,
hee hee hee!!!) With 2:33 left to go, a large Ninja force will come at
you. Defeat it. Once the 5 minutes are up, Imperials will launch an
attack. Defeat that. Once that is all done, build a Shipyard and build
a Transport. Put Brickbeard on that Transport and send it to the Northeast
corner. When he reaches that place, you win.

 This Red Brick may be found just South of the land that you have to round
to get to the corner...

 This Minikit may be found to the left of your position. Cut upward through
trees to find it...

                                   Act 3

                             Cutscene to watch

                             Mission 1: Adrift

 Mission Briefing: I be havin' bad news, Captain. Durin' that last run-in with
theImperials we lost three crewmen at sea- and one of 'em knows the location
of the final piece of yer map!

 Search for your missing crewmates.

 You will see 4 mates you have to rescue: 3 of them are North of your position
and the last one is East of your base. So you want to build 3 Plantations
Shanty Shack, Lumber Shack and Shipyard. Build 2 Battleships and a Transport
and send them East. The Battleships are to protect the Transport obviously,
so when you meet an enemy ship, have the Transport go to land and get the
lost mate as your Battleships destroy the opposition. When ou find one mate,
return him to your base so you can collect the other three without having to
go back and forth evry time. Once you have collected all 4 and returned them
to the Pirate's Hold, you win!

 This Minikit may be found in the Northeast corner of the map...

                         Mission 2: Lining our Pockets

 Mission Briefing: Shiver me timbers Captain, the Imperial lubbers have set
up gold mines on Volcano Isle. We'll put a stop to their meddlin' and get
that loot for ourselves!

 Destroy the four mines on Volcano Isle.

 Build 4 Plantations, Lumber Shack, Shanty Shack and Shipyard. Build 3-4
Battleships. Once the ships are ready, send  them Northwest as there is
a very large island and Imperial base on that island. Have the
Battleships pound the Minesthat you'll find. The Mines are located in
four "corners" of the island. Once you finish destroying the Mines you
have the victory in Mission 2 of Act 3.

 This Minikit may be found above the Southwest corner Mine...

                        Mission 3: Save yer Mates*

 Mission Briefing: Beggin' yer pardon, sir, but yer first mate and two of his
menwere missin' from their bunks this mornin'! I fear the Imperials have
captured 'em.

 Rescue your three captured crewmen from the Imperial Fort.

 Build 4 Plantations, Lumber Shack, Shanty Shack and Shipyard. Build four
Battleshipsand send them to the South; then North. You will see a large
pincer shaped opening. On either side is a Barracks. A mate is being held in
each Barracks. Here is the rub: if you have a unit cap that is full you WILL
NOT be able to rescue them!
You must have 3 spaces in your unit cap for you to rescue the three crewmates.
Also, if any of those special crewmates dies, you lose atuomatically. So there
is a lot riding on this. Incidently, the third crewmate is being held in the
main part of the Imperial fort. Have the Battleships get rid of any ships and
all coastal defences. Once that is done, build 4 Transports and 15 men. Put
the Captain in one of the Transports alone. Land at either Barracks first and
destroyit and collect the mate; then do the same to the other Barracks. Then
head inland and destroy everything there. Once you rescue the third crewmate,
you have victory! Each crewmate you rescue, leave on the shore ofyour base for
safekeeping so you don't loose the mission.

 This Minikit may be found East of Pincer Island...

 The Red Brick may be found South of the Western Pincer. Hack through trees...

                       Mision 4: Blockade

 Mission Briefing: Following yer map, we needs to head north for the treasure.
But it looks like Broadside has the whole Imperial navy blockin' our way!

 Transport Captain Brickbeard through the Imperial-infested straits.

Don't attempt to transport Brickbeard right off; cause you'll just lose the
misison. Build 4 Plantations, Shanty Shack, Lumber Shack and Quarry. Build
four Brickbeard Bountys and send them Northeast. You'll encounter two level
III Towers; destroy them. you will then encounter several Flagships and
Battleships; as you have need, build Battleships or whatever you think is
needed. Once you reach a land mass dividing the river, build a Transport
and put Brickbeard on it and send it on the right side of the land mass all
the way to the Golden Triangle. Once you reach it, you win.

 This Minikit may be found in the middle of the forest North of your base.
Imperial Base annhilation is the key...

                      Mission 5: Under his Nose

 Mission Briefing: Blow me down, Captain! Yer map suggests the treasure be
buried beneath Broadside's fortress. All this time he be chasing us around
and the prize be sittin' right under his nose!

 Raid Governor Broadside's base to get the hidden treasure.

 All right! The final mission! Most everything is already built; so you just
need to build 2 Plantations and a Quarry. Build 4 ships (recommend Battleship
and/or Brickbeard's Bounty) and as you leave your base, you will encounter two
level III Towers; one on each island. Take them out and proceed until you
encounter some enemy ships. Don't fret if all your ships sink; just build new
ones and try again until you succeed in destroying the opposing navy. As you do
this, build up an 18 man army becuase you will be attacked by green Ninjas. The
Ninja base can be found straight North of your base. You can either land men or
destroy the building with ships; your choice. The Manor that you have to
destroy is located in the Northeast corner. Take ships and head in that
direction.Destroy all coastal defenses that protetct the main base. Then, retire
your ships and build four Transports. Load them all up and include the Captain.
Land your men and proceed to destroy the base. Once that is done, Head to the
Northeast and destroy the Manor. Be careful though as there are two level III
Towers here. Once you've collected the treasure from the Manor, you win! You can
watch the final cutscene. Congratulations! You have completed the Pirate

 This Minikit may be found South of the Imperial Base. Look to the Eastern

5.3 Imperial Campaign                                               [Campaign4]

                                   Act 1

                           Cutscene to watch

                     Mission 1: Royal Commission

 Mission Briefing: Attention, Governor Broadside! By royal decree you have been
ordered to hunt down the pirate Brickbeard. Assemble your crew.

 Collect three of your crewmates from nearby islands.

Train two Builders and have them build 2 Quarters (Farm), Barracks and
Build two Transports and send them to the crewmates that you see on the island.
However,there are enemy Transport ship that is out to get you. The downside to
this is that Transport battles take awhile before a ship sinks. But, the enemy
ship is down to half health and its only one so it won't take as long. Anyway.
In order to collect your crewmates, you need someone to "ally" with them. Either
train a Swordsman or put Broadside on board; your choice. Once you collect all
your crewmates and take them back to your base, you win. A nice simple mission
to get started on.

 This Minikit may be found in the Southeast corner island...

                     Mission 2: The Canary

 Mission Briefing: To asisst in your pursuit of Brickbeard we have paid an
Oarsman to turn over information of known pirate locations.

 Get to the Oarsman and retrieve the information.

 Build a Quarters, Barracks, Lumber Mill and a Shipyard. Build two Transports
and make a choice: Put Broadside and 3 Swordsman on board a Transport. Send the
Transports to the island. It is very large; and there are a few very minute
Pirate outposts. Take them out as you head towards the Southwest corner. If you
have your Transprorts sail around the map, you'll encounter a few enemy
ships that will want to fight. You will also want a Builder along. Once you pass
through the second outpost, head Southwest. There you will find that bridge
to be built. So, build the bridge, head to the Oarsman and you have victory!

This Minikit may be found in the Southwest corner. Build a Shipyard and
at the bottom of the large island...

                     Mission 3: Raiding Party

Mission Briefing: Pirates have been raiding up and down small settlements up
down the coast. This area is inder toyal protection.

 Find and destroy the pirate raiding party!

There will be a sttlement off to the East that will be under attack by 3
Send your troops across the bridge, build the second bridge and get rid of the
enemy. Leave your men there. In the meantime, build a Quarters, Quarry and
Mill and a Shipyard. You get two new units: Gunmen and Clippers! Build 2-3
and go around the map, destroying the 4 Pirate ships. Once all 4 are in Davy
Locker, you win this mission.

 This Minikit may be found by going North of your base and slidng Northwest in a
skinny waterway landing on left side...

                    Mission 4: Sabatoge*

 Mision Briefing: Excellent news Governor: we have identified secret passages
used by the pirates to avoid detection. We recommend you use explosives to
neutralize these routes.

 Find the marked locations and deploy the explosives.

 Build 2 Quarters and a Quarry. The cracked ground can be found West and South
of your base. Also build a Barracks. Once you have funds, build a Shipyard and
 a Lumber Mill. Then build a Transport and two Clippers like it says. Put a
Builder on board and look for the marked locations (golden triangle). The first
location is straight North from your base. *note*: In order to deploy a mine,
you have to position the Transport directly over the triangle. The second
can be found further North of the first mine. The third spot is East from the
second explosive you dropped. The fourth can be found at the far Eastern side
and South a bit. The fifth and final location can be found East of the first
explosive. Once all explosives are laid, you win!

 This Minikit can be found on an island. The explosives are around it...

 This Red Brick can be found on the island South of the fourth mine...

                    Mission 5: Precious Cargo

 Mission Briefing: An allied ship has been damaged during combat with
Brickbeard's fleet. To lighten the load, they must jettison their
precious payload.

 Retrieve the cargo before it can be claimed by the pirates.

 You have 5 minutes to build a ship for the incoming cargo ship!
Build 3 Quarters, Barracks and Shipyard. You have two new units you
can trian: Cavalry and Battleships! Build a Battleship or two. At the end of
the 5 minutes, a green Clipper will appear from the West and disappear close to
the Southwest corner. You have to pick up all 5 crates that the ship dropped.
These crates aren't hard to find. From where the ship appeared, follow its path
to where it disappeared and you'll find all 5. Now, take out the pirate outpost.
The outpost can be found close to where the ship disappeared. Head South off the
right side of your base and you'll see a wall with a Tower behind it. With your
Battleships, create a hole in the wall and destroy the Tower. In the meanwhile
make 4 of each unit. Retire your ships and build 3 Transports. Land your men
where the hole was made. Destroy the few buildings and men there and you win.

 This Minikit may be found on the Southwestern island...

                               Act 2

                         Cutscene to watch

                      Mission 1: The Prisoner

 Mission Briefing: Our Ninja allies need help! The Islanders have captured
the Ninja Master and are keeping him prisoner on one of their islands.
Assissting the ninjas will strengthen our alliance.

 Build a strong army to fight the Islanders.

 You have 12 minutes to build and defend the base. Start by building a
2 Quarters, Barracks and Lumber Mill. Start building soldiers and build
another Quarter when funds and space are available. Also build a few
Towers to help defeat attacks that will start coming at 6:30 left.
Once the twelve minutes is up, you will have to go find clues as to the
wheareabouts of the Ninja's leader. In order to find the clue, you will
need to destroy the Islander's huts until that clue is found. Each base
is protected by a Tower and a few Islanders. If you maxed out the army
for the first part, 6 Cavalry are enough to take out each base and find
the clue. To find the first base, go South as far as you can, then go
West. (Heal after each attack.) From there, head East and attack the
huts until you find what you seek. Then, take a Builder and have him
build a Shipyard. Build 2 Transports and load them up with 4 men each
and send them to the Northeast island. Despite its size, this fight
will be easy. There are only 2 huts and one of them has the old Ninja
leader. Touch the Leader to win this mission.

 This Minikit may be found on the Northern edge of the island...

                         Mision 2: Sitting Ducks

 Mission Briefing: Brickbeard has discovered one of our major shipping
lanes! The constant flow of cargo ships and the lack of defenses makes
this an easy target for the pirates.

 Defend the cargo ships from pirate attacks.

 Build a Quarters, Quarry and a Lumber Mill. Send the Clipper to patrol
from coast to coast. Build  4 of each unit to defend against small
attacks that will come from either side. As you have funds, build three
more Quarters and build 3 Battleships an send them to patrol the shipping
lanes from coast to coast. This way, the ships will automatically engage
any enemy ships/troops that it encounters. You will have to defend the
shipping lanes for 12 minutes. Once this is done, you will have 2 final
attacks on your base. If you have the 12 men, this will be cinch. Plus
having Battleships pounding the enemy don't hurt either. You win when
all enemy units are defeated.

 This Minikit may be found close to the opposite island. Head North
from the Western part of your base...

                     Mission 3: Abandoned Outposts*

 Mission Briefing: Brickbeard has pushed north to avoid our fleet.
That area used to be controlled by royal outposts but they have long
been abandoned.

 Repair the outposts to give us an advantage over these scoundrels.

 There are three you have to find and repair. But first, build two
Quarters, a Quarry and a Barracks. Before building a Shipyard, there
is a small Pirate outpost to the far West; you'll have to head South
a bit to find it. Train 9 soldiers and take it out so it can't bother
you. Be warned it does have a Tower; but it won't be too much of a
threat. By this time you should have 4 Quarters built. Now build a
Shipyard. Build 2 Tansports and 2 Battleships. Put four soldiers
on board one, and Broadside and three troops on the other.
From your base, there is an outpost to the West. After the pirate
outpost is destroyed, repair the ruin. From there, head Northeast.
Take your Battleships to the North side of this island, as there is
a level II Tower, and an enemy ship. Repair the ruin here. From
there, head to the Northeast corner. There is a Tower within
reach of the Battleships guns. Once that Tower is destroyed and the
outpost repaird, you win!

 This Minikit may be found on the Northwest island...

 This Red Brick may be found North of your base...

                      Mission 4: Temple Raid

 The Islanders can somehow summon mighty Tiki Golems from their
Temple-and their pirate friends have established bases to defend
them. This rebellion must be stopped!

 Fight your way North to destroy the Islander Temple.

 Build 2 Quarters, Barracks, Lumber Mill. As you have funds, train
soldiers and build 2 more Quarters until you have 18 men. As you do
this, you will be attacked by 1-3 men at a time. Make sure your men
stick close to the base. When you have 18 soldiers and some Towers,
take a few men (7-9 is plenty)and there are two bases, one East of
your position; the other to the West. Both have Towers. Once those
have been dealt with, take the entire army and head North. There
is a small row of trees in front of a wall. Hack through the trees,
make an opening in the wall, and let the army loose. To the North
is the temple; destroy it to win.

 This Minikit may be found at the very top of the island...

       Mission 5: Mutiny on Brickbeard's Bounty

 Mission Briefing: Brickbeard has suffered a major mutiny amongst
his crew! Let us welcome these castaways with open arms- a few gold
coins will buy all their Pirate secrets.

 Find the pirates that have turned on Brickbeard and bring them back
to your fortress.

 Build 2 Quarters, Barracks and Shipyard. When space opens up, build
another Quarter. Build 2 Transports and two Battleships, and train
some men. Load up 1 men on a Transport, leave the other one empty
and put the Freebooters that you find in there. From your base,
head East, pick up the first guy. North of this is a Pirate base.
Your gonna ahve to take it out, because the Freebooter is a
prisoner (of sorts) in that base. Wreck a Battleship and build
a Transport in its place. Load up 12 men (4 per Transport.) Land
on that island and destroy the place. To the south is a Freebooter;
take him back to your base. To the East from your base is another lone
Freebooter; you know what to do. To the far South is the last base;
and the Freebooter is also in the Southern part of the island. Take
him back. once you have rescued all four Freebooters, you win.

 This Minikit may be found just East from where you rescue the
third pirate...

                                    Act 3

                              Cutscene to watch

                           Mission 1: Monkey Business

 Mission Briefing: Monkeys have overrun your base! Capture them before they
destroy everything!

 Chase down the monkeys running amok in your base.

 Train a Cavalry unit to make most captures, but any unit can touch the monkeys
to capture them. Once all 10 are captured, prevent the pirates from sending
any other monkeys. While trying to catch the monkeys, build a Quarry.
Then as you build an army, position your current troops between the Quarry
and the other half of the base, facing South. As you have funds, upgrade all
your Towers to level III. When you have the amount of men that you want and
you are ready, head South and completely level the base to win this mission.

 This Minikit may be found down the left side path. Hack through trees until
you reach the green wall...

                             Mission 2: Royal Territory

 Mision Briefing: Brickbeard has retreated to an area beyond royal waters.
If we claim some of the smaller islands for the King, Brickbeard will have
nowhere he can hide.

 Build some Towers to claim Royal ownership of the islands.

 Build a Quarry and a Shipyard first. When you have funds and the space, build
three more Quarters and a Lumber Mill. Also begin building of an army. Build
three Battleships and sail around the map, getting rid of coastal defenses
such as Towers and Walls. Once you are done, there are two bridging points:
One to the North of your base and the other to the Eastern part of the base.
Build a bridge on either side and take your entire army and eradicate the
base. Each base connects to the other by a bridge that you have to build.
Once each base is razed, build a Tower and make it level III. You may also
build a Quarry on the island if you  desire. Destroy the bases and build a
single level III Tower on each island to win this mission. Two more left.

 This Minikit may be found in the Northeast corner by ship...

                             Mission 3: Sneak Attack*

 Mission Briefing: The Pirate scum have constructed a massive base in our
territory! We can't let them get away with this!

 Attack and destroy the Pirate base.

 My favorite mission.  Build 2 Quarters, and start building 4 Battleships and
an eighteen man army. Trust me, you'll need it. You may want to leave your
men close to the Quarry as Pirates will try to take it out.
Upgrade your Towers as you have funds.  Take the Battleships and head West.
Pass a small island, a slightly bigger island.  You will be attacked by a
Brickbeard's Bounty here. Go West and you will see a  very large island
bristing with walls, Towers and ships. Sink all ships, destroy all coastal
defenses all the way North and all the way South of the island. Once you are
finished that, retire all ships and build 4 Transports. Load three of them
with four of each unit. Put one of each unit in the last one and put Broadside
in there as well. Land on the Wetsern island close to some buildings so your
men will automatically start the battle. Move into the base and level
everything and destroy every moving thing to win this mission.

 This Minikit may be found just North of when you first land on the island...

 This Red Brick may be found in the northeast corner...

                              Mission 4: All Mine

 Mission Briefing: Metal supplies are running desperately low! We need to
build more mines to prepare for our final push into Brickbeard's territory.

 Build four mines to generate more metal.  Build 3 Quarters and a Lumber Mill.
Build up an eighteen man army (get rid of one Builder) and put them close to
thepre-built wall. Upgrade those Towers as you have funds available. You have
to keep your Fortress from being destroyed; however there is no time limit.
Also, you  have to build four mines. You can build one Mine West of your base.
To the Southeast, there is a Pirate outpost with a Mine that has to be
destroyed before you can replace it. Nine men will be sufficent to take
out the base while the other nine defend your base. To the Southwest
are a few Towers in a feeble attempt to defend a Mine. Take out Towers and
replace the Mine for number three. Number four is off in the Northwest corner
with two Towers defending it. You are victorious once all four are built.

 This Minikit may be found in the in the centre of the map. Head South and go
through trees again...

                              Mission 5: End Game

 Mission Briefing: Finally! We've discovered Brickbeard's secrect cove!
There's no time to waste.

 Make a final push into Brickbeard's cove!

 This the final mission at last. Build 2 Quarters, Lumber Mill and move that
Barracks behind the Fortress so the attacking Battleships can't bring their
cannons to bear on it. There is a relatively safe place to build a Quarry.
Build a bridge just off your Western Coast and head North and you'll find
the appropiate place. Gradually build up an army of eighteen men. In the
meantime, you'll be busy fending off small attacks by landing pirates.
For easy defense (besides Towers) place your men close to the Fortress.
When ready build a Shipyard and four Flagships or Battleships. Send them
towards the Southeast corner. As you approach, there will be two "sentry"
Tower III: one on either side. Destroy them and any ship that engages you.
Once you see a shipyard, you've found the cove. Go up and down the coast
hitting all Towers within range of your guns. Once all is destroyed that
was in range, build 4 Transports, load them up and take out the Pirate Hold
and kill Brickbeard to win. There is an small Islander base South of your
position, but that is entirely optional for the mission.

 This Minikit may be found on the Islander base...

5.5 Earth Campaign                                                  [Campaign5]

                                 Act 1

                         Cutscene to watch

                      Mission 1: The Red Planet

 Mission Briefing: This planet is rich in powerful fuel crystals! Looks
like we'll be here for a while. Earth Command has dropped cargo pods
full of supplies.

 Set up a base and recover the cargo pods.

 You have to find a total of four cargo pods. Train two Builders and
build a Biodome(Farm) and a Barracks. Train 3 Troopers and send them
along with the hero, South of the base to find the first pod. Be
warned, as the map has a few Alien Drones you'll encounter through
out your search. From there, head to the Southeast corner, where you
will encounter an  Alien Drone. Just beyond him is the second supply
pod. Head back through your base to the Northwest corner for the
third pod. North of your base you'll find the fourth and final pod.
Congratulations! The first mission has been completed!

 This Minikit may be found in a Horseshoe shaped rock cave Northeast
of your base...

                     Mission 2: Something's Out There

 Miussion Briefing: Those gren guys were not part of our plan! We
need to know more about what we are dealing with.

 Capture an alien and bring it back to the base for study.

 The title sounds like a cliche off an old black and white film.
Anyway, build a Barracks and a Well Cap (Mine). You get a new
unit: Commandos! Train one for now. When you have funds, build a
Harvester (Lumber Mill)and another Biodome. Train a few more men.
Go out with a few men and find yourself an alien. They are blue
and when captured, turn yellow. Take him back to base and head
out with 9 men to destroy an outpost in the Northwest. The other
is in the Northeast. Once all buildings are destroyed, you win!

 This Minikit may be found from the Southwest corner, head up.
Hack through a small barrier of crystals...

                 Mission 3: A Purple Lode

 Mission Briefing: Our scouts have discovered a purple cystal
that generates 10 times the energy of a green one!

 Get out there and secure that crystal for Earth!

 Build two Biodomes, Barracks and a Harvester. When you have
funds, build a Well Cap (there is a patch of cracked gound
just South of your base) and start training men. You can
train a new unit: Gripleys! Build another Biodome; make
sure you have a 12 man army. This mission is two-fold:
Get rid of the Aliens and find the crystal. Aliens first;
it's easier.Take 9 menand destroy the outpost. It is
located on the Eastern side in the middle about. Once you
finish with that, the purple crystal can be found a few
steps away from the outpost. You win once you collect it.

 This Minikit may be found to the far South of the Purple

                    Mission 4: Retaliation*

 Mission Briefing: Our mission has been successful...perhaps
TOO successful. The Aliens are trying to knock out our contat
with Earth Command.

 Protect our Eagle Command Base from the Alien Invaders.

 This mission I do not like at all. You are given the Hero,
Builder, a Trooper and a Commando and a Gripley. The Builder
cannot build ANYTHING. You have to find your main Building,
plus keep the Builder alive. So, here we go. Grab everyone
and send them towards the Southeast corner. You will run into
a crystal field eventually. Hack through it and keep going.
As you keep going, you will run into a Robot that shoots and
a Robot driving an odd veichle. Defeat them both and you will
run into a second Crystal wall; hack through it as well. A
third one will appear, you know what to do. From here, head
South and go toward the Southwest. you will see two green
men attack the Eagle Command. Defeat them and repair the
base to win this crazy mission.

 This Minikit may be found just West of the Command...

 This Red Brick may be found just before the first
Crystal Wall. Hack through Crystals...

                 Mission 5: Purple is the New Green

 Mission Briefing: Earth Command was delighted with that
purple gem. Now they need more! Our equipment can't pin-
point the precise coordinates for the purple crystal, but
we can tell when one is in the general area.

 Find another of the purple crystals.

 Build, two Biodomes, Barracks and Harvester. When you have
more Bricks, build a Well Cap. Train 12 men and build a
bridge to the West. As you cross, a robot will say something
about a Spire. He means there is a Tower right close by. Yes
it is right. Destroy the Tower; you can build a Well Cap if
you desire. There are two Bridges you have to build that lead
to the Alien base; one to the South, the other to the West.
The one to the South is the one you want. The Crystal's
located behind a wall in the upper part of the Southern
access point. The base is connected; it won't matter what
part you decide to go after. Just collect the purple
crystal to win the fourth mission.

 This Minikit may be found West of your base...

                 Mission 6: Orders from Above

 Mission Briefing: Earth Command has discovered a way to
detect the valuable crystal lodes more precisely. The
only problem is, they have discovered one at the heart
of an Alien base...

 Find the Alien base and get the crystal- at any cost!

 Build the usual two Biodomes, Harvester and Barracks.
Build a Well Cap and a third Biodome has you have cash.
Train twelve soldiers, sending nine of them to fight
for you. There is a small outpost to the East of your
base. From there, head North and destroy another base
and head back to your base. From your position, head
North and attack that outpost. East of that base, is
the last outpost. Behind it is the crystal. Grab it
and you win this mission. Act One is completed! The
Alien Campaign is unlocked!

 This Minikit may be found just before the second base...

                                Act 2

                            Cutscene to watch

                         Mission 1: A Hard Place

  Mission Briefing: A scouting group is pinned to the north of our position.
The Aliens were able to take out their transport ships and are picking off
the group one by one!

 Construct a Vehicle Factory and get some of your troops on a Transport
Ship ASAP! (As Soon As Possible)

 Build two Biodomes, Barracks and Vehicle Factory. Train two more men and build
a Transport and put the three soldiers and hero on board and send them to the
where the Blue men are located. Drop them off and slowly build up your force up
there until you have 18 men and 3 Claw Tanks. You must have at least one Blue
soldier alive. Once you have a sizeable army, there are two Alien Bases you
must get rid of. They are locatd to the West and Southwest.
Take them both out to win.

 This Minikit may be found at the back of the Blue location...

                           Mission 2: Purple Haze*

 Mission Briefing: Another purple crystal lode has been detected, but this time
it is in the middle of a green crystal forest! It could take years to dig
all these crystals!

 Blast your way through the crystals in search of the purple power source.

 Can anybody say 1000 Tree Woods? If you've been following my Walkthrough so
far,this is another maze mission with a few changes. Anyway. I will list
the easy way out and the hard way if you want a challenge. On with the
mission. First of all, you will notice that you have no Builders and no
Main Building. You have a Well Cap, Biodome and Barracks. Train a few
extra men, because there are Aliens  that you will encounter, and the
Hero and two Troopers ain't gonna cut it. The Claw Tank you have to
carve out a large path for it before it can go anywhwere.
Here the mission divides.

 The Hard Way:

 There are little Robots that you encounter telling you if you are hot
or cold in relation to the Crystal's Location. Good Luck.

 If you are having trouble....

 The Easy Way: Go West of your position with your men and engage the Aliens
there. From there, go to the far side of the pond/lake and hack through
crystals in a Western direction. The Purple Crystal is in that clearing
that you come to.

 This Minikit may be found in the Southeastern corner...

 This Red Brick may be found far North of the pond/lake...

                      Mission 3: Search For Scum

 Mission Briefing: Attention Officers: By order of the Galactic Patrol we have
been commissioned to hunt down and return several fugitives who have fled to
Be careful of Alien hostiles interfering with your mission.

 Track down the Space Criminals and return them to your base.

 You are allowed control of the Space Police. You'll get the Captain and two
officers.  You have to keep the Main Building alive and capture the five
Criminals running around. Make sure that your men touch them in order to
put them in prison. You may train more Space Police if you want to. Be
warned; you have a limited amount of money. Head South and put in prison,
the two that you see running around. From there, head to the West
until you see a Spire. Destroy the Spire and the Aliens that will come around.
A Criminal will come around as well; capture him for number three. Head to the
Southeast corner for number four. Number five is in the Southwest corner
with his base. You win!

 This Minikit may be found with the first Spire...

                      Mission 4: Stranded

 Mission Briefing: A surveillience robot used to moniter Alien activity has
crash-landed nearby. We have to retrieve the robot to gain the information
stored within.

 Comb the nearby area in search of the stranded robot.

 You must build fast if you hope to survive. Build a Biodome, Barracks and
Vehicle Factory. Train 3 extra men and build a Claw Tank. Don't build a
Harvester until youhave extra funds available. The first attack will
consist of 2 small Alien aircraft and 5-6 soldiers. The second attack
will feature one Alien aircraft and 5-6 soldiers.
In between the first second attacks, train more soldiers and another Claw
Tank. I wish they would've kept up the attacks, but they don't after the
second one. A 9 man army and 2 Claw Tanks will take care of the base that
is in the Northeast corner easily. Just beware of the Tower II that is
there; take out the Towers first. Build another Biodome and build a
Transport. Load it up with 1-3 men and from the Alien base, head South
until you can see the opposite shore. You should fly over the robot.
Drop off your men near the robot and put everyone on board, robot
included and head back  to base. Unload everyone near Eagle
Command to win this mission.

 This Minikit may be found West of the Robot location...

                  Mission 5: The Motherlode

 Mission Briefing: Earth command has identified a valuable cluster of THREE
crystals! However, Space Criminals have built defenses to protect each crystal
while they search for a way to transport them.

 Build up an attack force and retrieve those crystals!

 Build two Biodomes, Barracks and Harvester to start. Also, slowly make
Biodomesand soldiers as funds become available. You may build a Well Cap if
you wish. I do also recommend building a few II Towers. Take 2 Gripleys and
destroy 2 bridges: One to the East, the other is North and then West. Build
a Vehicle Factory and make four Transports. If you don't have an eighteen
man army by now, do so. Then load 4 of each troop onto three transports.
Save the last one for the Hero and 3 others. There are three bases. Each
Purple Crystal is hidden in the Criminals Building in each base. In no
particular order, the bases are: West, East and North. Go where the bridges
were before and head in that particular direction. You win when you find
all three crystals.

 This Minikit may be found in the Western base, close to a Well Cap...

                              Act 3

                       Cutscene to watch

                  Mission 1: Ancient Treasure

 Mission Briefing: It seems that ancient civilizations also sought out these
wondrous gems. Earth Command has found a purple crystal hidden in an
elaborate machine controlled by two sets of Ruins.

 Repair the ancient Ruins in hopes of reactivating the machine.

 Build a Well Cap, Biodome. Train as many troops as you can before the Aliens
arrive. There are two colours and will attack shortly. If you don't have the
men, you will lose. So build as fast as you can. You should have six or 7 men
by the time they arrive with two or three more coming. After that, build
another two Biodomes, Vehicle Factory and a Harvester. Make sure to build a
few leve lII Towers as well. Max out army and take nine to twelve men
and a Claw Tank towards the Northwest corner. You'll encounter an
Alien base there as well as the Ruins that have to be repaired. Once you've
repaired the ruins, take the entire army and attack the Northeastern corner
base; where the blue guys are. Level the base, reapair the ruins. You will
then be shown where the Purple Crystal lies: smack in the center of an
outpost. Attack it, take the Crystal and you win this mission.

 This Minikit may be found close to the Green corner base...

                   Mission 2: Drop Zone

 Mission Briefing: This planet cna be cruel at the best of times, and we are
desperately low on supplies. Earth Command has dropped cargo pods on in this
area- but dust storms have dispersed the cargo!

 Search the area for the cargo pods.

 Build two Biodomes and a Harvester to start. Start building troops and up the
level of the four Towers in your base as funds become available. Also build a
Well Cap as soon as you can. Alos build a Vehicle Factory for the making of 3
Starfighter 1s for the searching for the Pods. The first Pod is South of your
base. The second is located on a large landmass to the Southwest. The third is
located in the Northwest corner. There is a small opening that only a soldier
can use. Once you find all three Cargo Pods, you win this mission. Two more..

 This Minikit may be found just North of the second Cargo Pod...

                    Mission 3: Head Start*

 Mission Briefing: Earth Command is relentless in their demand for purple
crystals! They have detected a crystal near our coordinates. We know the
Aliens can get to our position quickly-but should have enough time to set
up a strong base and attack force.

Carefully construct your base and attack force while you have the advantage.

 You have 10 minutes to build a base. Go down a bit until the crystals start
widening. Build a base here: Eagle Command, Barracks, two Biodomes and a
Harvester. When you are able, build a Vehicle Factory and two more Biodomes.
You should have started making men after you sent your Builders to work
harvesting crystals. Make Specials (don't matter what you build.) Build
Towers and upgrade them to III as soon as possible. Build one last Biodome
and have 18 troops and four specials ready for combat. Don't think you'll
need them all; but better safe than sorry. As soon as the ten minutes are
up you will be attacked by a small force 5-8 men maybe 10. Once that attack
is taken care of, head to the West of your base. There is a small Alien base
that is guarding the purple crystal. Take it and victory is yours.

 This Minikit may be found near an Eastern Alien outpost...

 This Red Brick will have to be found by the player...

                Mission 4: Mothership Connection

 Mission Briefing: We are about to make a push into the main Alien base.
To bring down their gate we will need the security codes- and we can
get the codes by capturing their robots!

 Capture two Alien robots.

 The final mission! Afetr this missin is over, just 15 more to go until
all campaigns are completed! Anyway, build a Well Cap and a Biodome.
Build three more Biodomes and a Vehicle Factory as funds allow. Make an
overused 18 man army along with 3 Transports. Load up 4 men per Transport
and send them to the Southeast corner; there is a robot there in a small
base. To the Northwest, is the other robot. Once both are in your main
buiding, a blue wall with several level III Towers will disappear.
REtire the Transports and build four Starfighters to render the Aliens
defenseless. Once that is done, retire those Starfighters and build 4
Transports. Load them up, and attack the base and destory the Mothership
to win. You can watch the final cutscene. Congratulations! The Earth
Campagin is complete. On to the Alien Campaign! The last one.

 This Minikit may be found in the Southwest corner...

5.6 Alien Campaign                                                 [Campaign6]

                               Act 1

                        Cutscene to watch

                       Mission 1: Impact!

 Mission Briefing: Ziff! Do I have to do everything myself? I get distracted
for a few minutes and we crash on some ziffing rock!

 Set up a temperary base before investigating the planet.

 Seems that the commander has a problem with his language...
anyway, defeat the two Troopers that are attcking the Crater Base. After
that train two Builders and have one build a Hatchery (Farm) and a Breeding
Pit (Barracks also build a Harvester. You don't need many men; train 4 more
and that will be plenty. Follow the red path all the way down and destroy
the Harvester there. You win! A nice easy mission to start with.

 This Minikit may be found in the Northeast corner...

                        Mission 2: Taken

  First the Earth creatures abduct our Builders, now they have taken our
Drones! What on Mars could they want with my Drones?

 Find and free the captured Drones.

 Build two Hatcheries, Breeding Pit and Harvester. You'll see some
small scattered clumps of crystals. You'll have to clear away one of
the clumps for there to be room to build the Harvester. You get two new
units at the Breeding Pit: Laser Troopers and Grav Runners. Make about
nine to twelve soldiers and build a bridge. There are bridge points close
to the Northeast and Southeast corners. Build a bridge at either location.
Cross, bust the Drones out of the Barracks and take them back to the
safety of your Crater Base to win the second mission.

 This Minikit may be found just East if the Earth base...

                        Mission 3: Shock and Awe

 Mission Briefing: I know what these Earth cretures need... a good
old-fashioned scare! I shall gather my forces and show them what we're
made of!

 Prepare an attack group and engage the Earth base.

 Build two Hatcheries, Breeding Pit, Harvester. Train 9 men and send
them, with the Commander, to the Southwest corner and level the base.

 This Minikit may be found from the Northwest corner, head South to
reach it...

                       Mission 4: Captured*

 This is getting ziffing ridiculous- now they've captured one of my
Laser Teams! If those Earth creatures really want to study us, they
can study our elite attack troops!

 Find and free the captured Laser Team.

 Last of these missions. Build two Hatcheries, Breeding Pit and
Harvester. Build your army and two more Hatcheries til you have yes-
the 18 man thing again. You can send 12 men to wreck the small base
along the Western side of the map. You'll come to it. Once its
wrecked, get all of your army to that area because of the two bridges.
Once you have 18 men, you can cross in force-or, you can build a
Creation Pit (Special Factory) and Transport some soldiers across-
do what you want. Once you cross in your  fashion,
destroy the Barracks that holds the Laser Team in order to win.

 This Minikit may be found close to the Northwest corner. The entrance
can be found just before the path slopes South to the base. A Transport
will be an asset as the crystals are deep...

 This Red Brick may be found nestled in the Southeast corner...

                               Mission 5: Exodus

 Mission Briefing: These Earth creatures are driving me carzy. They've
blocked the only path for us to get closer to the Mothership! We have
to get a Transport through the Earth defenses.

 Move your transports past the Earth blockade.

 Hmmm, we haven't done a mission like this in a while. No, the mission
title does NOT have anything to do with the book Exodus in the Bible.
The Transports have to survive. There is a Builder with two Laser Aliens.
Ship them across to the Commander. Have them start constructing a
base. Build: Crater Base, a Hatchery and a Harvester. Once you have funds,
build a Creation Pit and a Breeding Pit as well as three more
Hatcheries. Build two Transports, eighteen men. Load up the Transports
and drop men as needed as you go along, to fight soldiers, Towers and
Specials. If you lose men, replace them. Be sure to put the Commander in
one of the "special" Transports so you don't lose it. At least one has to
make it to the end of the river in order to win.

 This Minikit may be found on the river bend that curves upward...

                               Act 2

                         Cutscene to watch

                     Mission 1: Criminal Minds

 Mission Briefing: We aren't the only ones who dislike the Earth
creatures! A group of Space Criminals is also stranded on this
planet. Let's see if they can help us...

 Free the captured Space Criminal Leader.

 No, this mission has nothing to do with the TV show Criminal Minds.
Build two Hatcheries, Breeding Pit and a Creation Pit as well as a
Harvester. Build an Alien Assult Ship and a Transport. Take out the
Officers one by one. When you get to the entrance, destroy the Police
vehicle. You should barely have enough health to get back to base.
Do so to heal, then head back and work over the building. Have the
Criminal defeat the Captain, then put him
in the Transport that should be over at this time. Take the Space
Leader back to Crater Base to win.

 This Minikit may be found close to the Southwest corner...

                     Mission 2: CryoLab Down*

 Mission Briefing: Ziff! This isn't good at all! Not only did we crash land
on this miserable rock but the Mothership sperated on entry into the

 Search for and secure the missing CryoLab.

 Build two Hatcheries, a Well Cap and a Breeding Pit. Once more funds
come in, build one more Hatchery and a Creation Pit. Train 12 soldiers
and three Transports. Go in a Northeasterly direction until the cliff
ends. You will see some crystals. Go South from there to encounter two
Towers. Destroy the Towers and take back the troops to base. Go back
and enter the base with the Transports. Drop off the troops right beside
the II Towers that guard a cavern where the CryoLab is. If you think you
need more men before trying go right ahead. At any rate, pick up the
CryoLab for victory here.

 This Red Brick may be found along the Eastern Wall...

 This Minikit may be found on the opposite side of the cliffs...

                      Mission 3: Hotwired

 Mission Briefing: Plisken, the leader of the space criminals, has an
intresting device that allows him to 'borrow' the Earthling's equipment!
This could really healp us out.

 Use the Space Criminals to steal an Earth Claw Tank.

 You get 8 Criminals, Leader and two Hotrods to begin the mission. The
base is in the Northeast corner. When you get at the base, tap on the
Leader's Gold Brick. Tap on the first icon that looks like an ankh.
Tap on the Claw Tank and it will turn green. Take it back to base for
victory in this simple mission. The base has two Towers defending.
Be careful though. If that Tank is defeated, you lose.

 This Minikit may be found in the Eastern wall of crystals up from
your base...

                      Mission 4: Supply Lines

 Mission Briefing: My direct attack approach doesn't seem to be
doing the trick. What if I cut off their food source? They'll
have to give up if they can't eat!

 Find and destroy the Earth Biodomes.

 There is a total of five that you have to seek and destroy.
You can build in the are where you start out in if you want, but
the better area to build a base is straight South. There is a
nice open area, with three patches of ground to boot. Whatever
you decide to do, build the Crater Base, three Hatcheries, a
Breeding Pit and a Harvester. When you have funds, build the
three Well Caps, a Creation Pit. Now, build three Alien
Assult ships. The 5 Biodomes are shaped in a directional pad,
with four level III Towers in each of the "corners". Wreck
the Towers first, then the Bidomes for victory. There is
also an optional base to destroy in the Northwest corner.

 This Minikit may be found in the Southwest corner...

                     Mission 5: Missing in Action

 Mission Briefing: Just when things were starting to shape up,
I find out the ziffing NavCore also is missing! We've detected
a faint signal, but all these crystals seem to be preventing us
from identifying the exact location.

 Search for the missing NavCore.

 Last mission of Act 2. At last. When you first start out, you
will have no place to build. Leaving your two Builders behind,
go West then South to encounter a small base you have to shall
we say, replace. Where the enely Harverster was, build yours
in its location, as well as the Crater Base, Hatcheries and
the other stuff. You'll have to build the Creation Pit back
on the road; it won't fit if you have four Hatcheries. Max
out army with four Transports. Follow the Red Road as it leads
you to various ambushes. Be sure to drop men at these small
ambushes. (Leave three men behind at the base.) Replace men
as needed. There is a small outpost where dropping all 16
at the same time will easily eradicate the base. There is
a second outpost that you might want to eradicate. Before
you leave, the NavCore is located in a small pocket of
crystals. Collect it with the Commander, and make your
way to end of the path where a last ambush awaits you.

 This Minikit may be found where the Harvester is...

                      Act 3

               Cutscene to watch

              Mission 1: Running on Empty

 Mission Briefing: After everything else that has gone wrong,
of course there was also a leak in our fuel tanks! We almost
have the whole Mothership ready to go and we are running on

 Seek out a purple crystal to power the Mothership.

Build a Hatchery, Creation Pit, Well Cap and you have everything
you'll need. Train 9 soldiers for defense and build two Alien
Assault Ships for speed; and you'll need it. Send the two Ships
to the East; you'll see two III Towers. Speed by them, go
straight to the crystal. The location is on the map. Collect
it to win. Very, very easy. There is an optional base you can
destroy; it is locatd South of your base. You're neighbors.

 This Minikit may be found after the Blue Towers, at the end
of the cliffs...

               Mission 2: Guiadance

 Mission Briefing: I give up! The wiring in the NavCore melted!
Now we'll need to build towers to telemetry. Those Earth creatures
have already found the perfect tower loactions...

 Destroy the three Earthling towers and construct our own.

Build a Crater Base, three Hatcheries, Breeding Pit. Build a Creation
Pit, Harvester and Well Cap as money becomes available. Build two
Alien Assult Ships and attack the three Towers. Destroy them and build
your own level III Spires in their place for victory. There are three
optional bases for you to destroy; their locations are in the corners.

 This Minikit may be found in the Southeast corner...

           Mission 3: Feed the Fire

 Mission Briefing: Where did all the fuel go? I know we don't have
any more ziffing leaks, but we still don't have enough fuel to
launch the Mothership! We need more of those powerful purple crystals.

 Seek out another purple crystal to power the Mothership.

 This mission can be VERY annoying. You must build a decent size army
if you hope to survive several waves of enemies. Take your starting
men and place them close to where the crystal field ends. Build as
quick as you can, three Hatcheries, Well Cap, Harvester, Breeding Pit,
Creation Pit. Put troops and Assult Ships as funds come in. Take an
Assult Ship and go towards the middle of the map. The purple crystal
is there. Collect it to win. The Earthlings have a base you can raze.

 This Minikit may be found in the Southeast corner...

            Mission 4: Freedom

 Mission Briefing: The Space Criminals have kept to their word and
helped us out in the fight against the Earthlings. Now we will
return the favor and help them get out of here.

 Protect the Space Criminals while they prepare to leave the planet.

 The Space Criminals Base falls under immediate attack as you start
this mission. The Criminals Leader must survive for ten minutes.
Get to the base, and have the Builders build a base; I am sure you
know what to build now. It must be done as quickly as you can, and
you must have 18 troops and four Specials to live as waves of enemies
come at you. You can train Criminals instead of the laser Troopers if
you want. Anyway, make all units form a diagonal line. Build Towers
as you desire; but if you have a big army it will do most of the job.
When you first arrive, make sure that you touch all blue units to make
them Green and thus fall under your control. The first attack comes at
8:30 and consists of 4-6 soldiers; stuff you can handle. Get those
units rolling out! The next attack occurs at 7:00 and consists of
a mixture of soldiers-mostly Troopers; about 4-7 in number. At
5:15, the third wave arrives for battle. 8 enemy men and two Claw
Tanks. You should have at least 1 Special by now; the Alien Assult
Ships are your best bet in this defence mission. You can try
hotwiring the enemy specials if you don't want to build your own.
At 3:30, the next assault makes its attempt. Two Starfighters, two
Claw Tanks and about 10 men. In between attacks, replace anyone
and anything that has fallen in the fighting. Keep that Leader
towards the back with the gunners. With 2:00 left, the final
attacks takes place- four Starship 1s, with 10-15 men fighting
you. This is the attack that you'll need the full army for;
prepare to loose men. Once this attack is over, let the timer
run out and you've won this mission! One more left to go.
Oh yes, at the end of the road, the Earthling's base is there.

 This Minikit may be found within the West side hills...

              Mission 5: The Final Countdown*

 Mission Briefing: At long last, we're nearly ready to leave
this miserable planet! A few more system checks then we can
power up and head for home.

 Defend the Mothership in the final stages before lift off.

 At last, the absolute final mission! The first part you need
to defend the Mothership from all comers for 10 minutes. At
9:30, a small attack will occur; sic your standing army on
the mad you'll win. You should've started building the base
by now with the usual buildings. Defend the base with every
thing you've got, and got coming. Once the ten minutes are
up, you have to destroy the Earth Base. Follow the road
until you come to a red patch on the right side. Beware;
there are two Level III Towers here; use the Specials
that you built to destroy them before moving in your men.
Destroy the Main Building and defeat the Earth Leader
for a long awaited victory. Congratulations! You have
passed the game! You can watch the final cutscene.

 This Minikit may be found just South of the enemy base...

 This Red Brick may be found along the river's arm in
the North...

             Roll Credits.

 6. Special Thanks/Credits                             [CREDITS]

 Special Thanks:

-Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, Hellbent Games and
Tavellers Tales for making an awesome game.

-Gamefaqs.com for hosting this walkthrough.

-You, the reader.

-Vinheim for giving me pointers with my Walkthrough

-Zoophoia for giving me an ASCII artwork for the game; I
have not used it; I may change my mind if I am forced to
update again.
Pease feel free to email me if you have any questions about the
game; I will be happy to answer them. Ig you spot a mistake,
again email me about it and you will get special mention as well.


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