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FAQ/Walkthrough by Ragu_Ragla

Updated: 06/01/09

Dokapon Journey

*Insert fancy ascii title here*

If you have any comments/suggestions or can help fill in the blanks you can
contact me at ragu.ragula@gmail.com

Version 0.1
Main walkthrough roughly done.
item/magic/shop/leveling/monster lists at least semi started
Other modes slightly described.

version 0.2
Added green chests section
updates some lists
corrected some typoes and chapter titles in story mode

**        Table of contents    **

1. New game
	a. Story Mode
		i.    Chapter 1
		ii.   Chapter 2
                iii.  Chapter 3
                iv.   Chapter 4
                v.    Chapter 5
                vi.   Chapter 6
                vii.  Chapter 7
                viii. Chapter 8 
	b. Greed Mode
	C. Battle Mode
		i.   Collect-a-thon
		ii.  Liberation Race
		iii. Death Match
2. Continue
3. Multiplayer
4. Options
5. Lists
	a. Classes
	b. Weapon Shops
	c. Item Shops
	d. Items
	e. Magic Shops
	f. Magic
	g. Monster List
	h. Leveling

***                        New game                        ***

If you already have saved data it will ask if you meant to continue, 
after you can choose to play with 3 or 4 people.

There are three modes: story mode, greed mode, battle mode

**        Story mode:          **

Before we begin here is a list of some random events that may happen during 
your game:

Great harvest event
The King: What a grand harvest! The towns've prospered! 
-Get a lot of money from towns in taxes if you have towns-

Special event Drought
The king: Oh no! the fields need more rain! This is not good for a small 
town's economy. 
-You lose some money for every town you have-

The towns people go on strike
-You can't enter any towns for a while-

The King: Ah, the grand heroes! Please introduce yourselves.

-Select the players and distribute the bonus points-

The King: Monsters have appeared in our kingdom! They're stealing money from 
our towns! It's bad for business... Oh, my poor kingdom...! We must reclaim our
riches! Whoever among you collects the most... treasure, I will give them the 
second... greatest treasure in the kingdom: my daughter, Princess Penny! You 
will marry her and become the... heir to the throne of Dokapon!!!

Penny: Please, do something about the monsters!

The King: This offer's a steal! Limited time only! And by accepting this task,
you release... me and my treasurey of all liability... should any harm befall 
you, of course. But don't mind the fine print...!!! Alright, adventurers, let's
get started!

-Kill 3 Big monsters to move on-

        *      Chapter 1      *
        *   Reservoir Clogs   *

The King: This is terrible! The town of (whatever)...is under attack from a 
Big Monster! Someone, exterminate this beast! PLease! Oooh!? A message from 
(whatever town)? What's this!? That the...? Their well dried up! What a bad 
fortune. Adventurers! Go to the Levito Cave and... find the Wellwish Water! 
Deliver it to (whatever town) and save their well! It's the only thing that can
save them!

- Objective -
Bring the Wellwish Water from the Levito Cave to (wherever)!

The cave is located North and a little West of the castle, alongside the water
leading to the ocean. Once you can land on it to enter, move all the way to the
back of the cave to a green spot where you get the water and given the option 
of teleporting out of the cave, the more money you spend most likely the 
further from the castle you will end up. 

Once on the green spot...

(whoever) found the Wellwish Water! There is a sign here: Levito Spring. Toss 
money into the spring to go places. Which church will you warp to? Choose a 

Now make your way to the town with the Big Monster and defeat the monster. 

The King: A sterling effort, (player who liberated the town)!!! We are 
all in your debt! (whoever) got 100,000G!!!

After that you will need to kill 4 Big Bosses to move on to the next chapter.

        *       Chapter 2      *
        * The Runaway Princess *
The King: Gracious me! My Penny has run away! She left this letter behind:

Penny: I don't understand you, Papa.I'm leaving! Don't come after me!

The King: Teenage girls can be so taxing... Heroes, I beg you! Find Princess

Find Penny and escort her back to Dokapon Castle!

So check the map and see where she is (the pink blob).

Once you land on her space:

Penny: D-Did you come to check on me!? *sigh* Father only thinks about money.
Do you have any idea how lonely it is...? But... is he really worried about me?
*shrug* I guess I'll go home then.

The King: Oh!? It's a message from (whoever found her)! Penny has been found!
I'll pour riches on whoever brings her... home!

Once back at Dokapon Castle:

The King: Huh!?!? My Penny...? You brought her home! I'm sorry I didn't give
you a raise in... your allowance. Don't run away again, okay? You can go
shopping whenever you want!

Penny: Huh? Oh, that's okay. I went shopping, anyhow! I just used your credit
cards, Papa.

The King: Huh..!? Oh well, at least you're safe. Hero, I'd give you a larger
reward... But I may be broke very soon, myself...! (whoever) got 100000G!!!

Ok so now to go kill 4 Big Bosses to move on to the next chapter.

        *      Chapter 3      *
        * Gown with the wind  *
Penny: Heroes!!! I have a favor to ask. The castle ball's coming up soon... And
I need a new dress to wear!

The King: What's wrong with your mother's dresses? She was such a looker in her
day...! Plus, those dresses are FREE!

Penny:Oh hush, Papa! I might as well wear a paper bag. *sob* Those dresses are 
so old-fashioned now... They belong in a... in a... a museum! Doesn't anybody 
care about MY feelings...!? Everyone'll laugh at me. I need a dress that's fit
for a princess!

Get Princess Penny the nicest dress in the kingdom!

I really am not sure what determines which dress she likes, it has been 
different each time I have played. To get dresses stop at each town and pay 
1000G, you can carry 2 dresses at a time to the castle for approval from the 

If you give a bad dress...
Penny: THIS dress...!? Really? You need to have your eyes examined!

If you give a good dress...
Penny: It's elegant, tasteful, and... bold. I... I... I LOVE this 
(type "stylish/polkadot for me") Dress! It's fantabulicious! *heart* Thanks, 
(whoever gives it to her)!

The King:You actually made her happy!? Here! Take this for all your hard work!
(whoever) got 300000G!!!

Penny: Thank you so much, everyone! Papa, can I keep ALL the dresses...? 

The King: But of course, my shiny li'l Penny. I'll pay everyone 1000G per 

So if you were lucky enough to drop off all your dresses you lost no money.
Now go and kill 4 more Big Bosses to move to the next chapter.

        *      Chapter 4      *
        * The Dopplegangsters *

The King: Terrible news! Simply TERRIBLE news...! There's a buncha no-gooders 
posing as you! They're stealing the towns' tax money! They're probably near 
the towns you own... Head toward your towns and investigate! Get rid of the 
posers and recliam the money!

Banish all the Poser-heroes from the kingdom!

Well not much too it. Move around and if you are near a town you might see a 
! over your head and fight a hero.

Once all posers are dead

The King: All the imposters are defeated! The Poser (whoever) was defeated 
by... (whoever)! Well done! Here's your reward! (whoever) got 100000G!!! Here's
what was stolen: (whatever)G! The Poser (whoever) was defeated by... (whoever)!
Well done! Here's your reward! (whoever) got 100000G!!! Here's what was stolen:
(whatever)G! The Poser (whoever) was defeated by... (whoever)! Well done! 
Here's your reward! (whoever) got 100000G!!! Here's what was stolen: 
(whatever)G! (same thing again if with 4 players)

Again go kill 4 Big Bosses to move on.

        *        Chapter 5         *
        * The Sexy Burglar Strikes *

Penny: Thief! Thief! Thief!

The King:...

Penny: Poor Papa can't even speak. He's in shock!

The King:M-My... My dear... money...

Penny: The thief left this note behind: The Sexy Burglar, Liza, was here. 
How DARE she!? I'M the sexiest girl in the kingdom! Go find my jewels and my 
dresses! Teach that hussy a lesson!

Find and capture the Sexy Burglar, Liza PLenty!

Well try to catch up with her, check the map! She moves fast (3-spin) and can 
be a pain to run into.

Once encountered
Liza: What're YOU supposed to be? A hero!? *greenheart*

And the fight begins
level 30, 240HP, 187AT, 51df, 1mg, 34sp
Reward: 3000exp and 77777G

Liza: You're a frisky one, huh?

Back at the Castle

The King:Y-You returned all my stuff!?

Penny: Oh, wow! I LOVE you, (whoever)!

The King: Phew! My I.O.U book! If this fell into the... wrong hands, I'd be in
BIG trouble...! Let's just, uh, put this in a safe place... *ahem* (whoever)! 
This is for you! (whoever) got 500000G!!! (possible gifts from other players)

Again kill 4 Big Bosses to move onto the next chapter.

        *        Chapter 6         *
        *      Plunder the Sea     *
The King: Heroes, I have a new request! Consider it a royal necessity! I need 
you to get me the SeaTiara! Don't ask why, just please go find it...!

Bring the SeaTiara to Dokapon Castle!

Off to the sunken shrine located far southeast. I just headed southeast through
the lost forest since I was near it. Once in the sunken shrine you will loose 
HP like you were poisoned unless you have a Sky Ring. Monsters in the sunken 
shrine are about level 28-35 so if you think you are not up to it then level up
a bit, or more importantly go buy the best items you can. I was level 22 when
I entered with an attack ring, level up bonus for attack up to 45 and Falchion.
Could kill everything with one hit using normal attack. Once inside head a 
little south east toward the stairs to the second floor, from there the chest 
should be in the white chest south west of there.

Now tht you got all the way to the Sea Tiara you need to make your way all the 
way back to the castle. Once there:

The King: I-I-I-I-Is that the Sea Tiara!?!?!? It's so gorgeous!!! I must have 
it! *blue heart* I've been so excited, I haven't slept in days! Thanks, 
(whoever)! Here, take this! (whoever) got 600000G!!!

Penny:... Papa, you know that's for GIRLS, right? What's wrong with the crown 
you're wearing!? *sigh* (He's so strange some days...!)(He better not wear 
that in public...)

Now go kill 4 Big Bosses to move on.

        *        Chapter 7          *
        * One Ring to Rule the Mall *
The King: Alright, I've decided on your next task! I wanna assemble the 
Dokapon Ring! It's a symbol of Dokapon royalty!

Penny: Papa, can I wear it to the mall...? Everyone at the food court'll be 

The King: Of course you can, buttercup. But first we must assemble it! Heroes,
only the finest materials...shall suffice: Jade, Sapphire, Diamond, and Gold!
I'm sure you'll find them lying around in...treasure boxes, somewhere...!

Find the four stones needed to create the Dokapon Ring!

Now search the map for the white treasure boxes and go get the materials. 
(not sure if same every run but for mine they were:near far north west item 
shop, northeast of ismar, west of dove, and east of desmo).

Once you return an item...

The king: Oh! (whoever)! Good work! Gimme, gimme! (whichever items you give)! 
Let's see now... What's left...? (lists whats left)! Break time is over. 
Get back out there!

Once you have handed in all the materials...

The King: Do we have all the materials? Excellent! Ah-ha! The Jade. (whoever)!
Your reward! (whoever) got 200000G!!! Is that Sapphire...? (whoever) Your 
reward! (whoever) got 200000G!!! Ooooooh, Diamond...! (whoever)! Your reward! 
(whoever) got 200000G!!! Excellent! Gold Ore!!! (whoever)! Your reward! 
(whoever) got 200000G!!!

Penny: I can't wait, Papa! Thank you so much!

The King: Please don't lose it like the last one... These rings are kinda 
expensive to make...

Again go kill 4 Big Bosses to move on.

        *          Chapter 8          *
        * Mighty Orb 'n Tower Dangers *
The King: Holy meat and potatoes! I forgot about the great Doka Orb! It's kept 
the peace for generations! I bet something's happened to it... That's why all 
these monsters appeared!!! 

Penny: Good thinking, Papa!

he King: Heroes! Track down the Doka Orb post-haste! It's kept high atop the 
Tower of Rabble. That's in the middle of the kingdom. 

Penny:Oh! I should get ready for the wedding...!

The King: Away, heroes! Away! Return peace and profit to Dokapon!

Ascend the Tower of Rabble and locate the Doka Orb.

Before you head there you may want to get some lockpicks since there are plenty
of chests to open in the tower. Also make sure you can take on enemies
around level 50 (basically make sure you can do 800+ damage as normal attack)

So if you haven't already you need to head to the center of Dokapon. There are
2 ways to get there. Either to buy a ton of telewarps and hope to end up there,
or you need to head to the underground passage. In the underground passage you 
can buy the best weapons and armor that you can buy. Once in the tower make 
your way to the 4th floor to take on...

level 53 
HP 1999
AT  199
DF  199
MG   70
SP   70


Wallace: Kwahahaha! If i boil this orb in a broth... Kwa-HA! A broth of 
concentrated evilness...! Ooooh, image how flavorful it'll be! Huh? Who're you?
The STUPID brigade? I won't let you interrupt my dinner! You greedy 'heroes'
...! You're about to face a new kind of terror!... The kind that's starving for
power! I'll eat YOU as an appetizer! Kwahaha!

And the fight begins... can't really give a strategy since he died in one hit 
(I was level 72 fighter with AT Ring and Bastard sword)

Once the fight is over...

Wallace: You're no fun! Here's the Doka Orb! You can't destroy me! I'll be 
back! Kwa!

The King: The sky's clearing! Peace has returned! My stocks are gonna 
skyrocket! (whoever killed wallace)! You deserve a reward! (whoever) got 
1000000G!!! And now, it's time to honor our heroes! The one who beat the most 
Big Monsters... (whoever)! You shall be known as Dokapon's Slayer! Here's your
reward: 1000000G!!! The one who owns the most towns... (whoever)! You shall be
known as Dokapon's Opportunist! Here's your reward: 1000000G!!! *ahem*
And the rankings!

Penny: Oh, I'm so nervous! *heart*

The King: First up, our big loser! (whoever)! It's not your fault. They all 
'teamed up on you' right...? The hero who tried so hard but still failed! 
(whoever)! You just weren't cut out to be a winner. And now, by process of 
elimination... Dokapon's new king! Now, a word from your future wife, Penny!

Penny: YAY! (whoever)! We'll be together... forever!

The King: I can't wait to see the grandchildren! Let's celebrate your victory!
Heck, the losers can celebrate with us!

The End

Credits quickly go by and then the results page is shown.

**        Greed mode:          **

Starts out asking how many weeks you want to play: every 3 weeks is estimated 
to be about an hour of play. Once you start you can choose the players, after
players are chosen the order is picked.

The king: The people of Dokapon love money. ...Almost as much as I do, in 
fact...! Whoever collects the most money wins! You have (how many weeks you 
chose) weeks! The winner will be rewarded handsomely! They will marry my 
daughter, Penny... and become the new King of Dokapon!!!

Penny:*blush* (heart)

The King:As you can see Penny is very anxious! Gain money by defeatin monsters 
who control... towns and governin the towns yourself! The moneters are very 
strong, though...! Gain EXP in battle and level up! It doesnt hurt to have 
strong weapons... armor, and spells, or course. There's a reward for beating 
Big Monsters. Be sure you level up and challenge them! Adventuring's never 
easy. Here's something to help you out. 1,000 G, an item, and some equipment 
I... found lying around the castle. Save up and visit the arms dealer to 
the... west though!

Penny: Spinners and Gems can help you get around! If you get tired you can rest
here for free! Good luck Heroes!

The King: Alright, adventurers, let's get started!

-Start with potion and 6-gem,Go get some cash!-

Basically do whatever you can to get the most cash.

-When time runs out-

The King:And now it's time to honor our heroes. *ahem* And the rankings!

Penny: Oh, I'm so nervous! (heart)

The King: In last place, and the poorest hero...(whoever)! You should've at 
least cheated or something! The only Kingdom YOU'LL ever run... will be called 
BROKE-apon! Ohohoho! It shouldn't be a surpise who won... I mean there is only 
one hero left... Now a word from your future wife, Penny!

Penny: Yay! (player who won)! We'll be together... forever!

The King: I can't wait to see the grandchildren! Let's celebrate your victory!
Heck, the losers can celebrate with us!

Then the Results page shows the final stats and Angela asks if you had fun.

**      Battle Mode     **

      *   Collect-a-thon  *
Angela: Choose a level to start at: 1,20,40, or 60
-Then set number of weeks-

The King: Ah, the grand heroes! Please introduce yourselves.

-Set the players and randomize the turn order.-

Penny: My husband will be King of all Dokapon... But first, he needs to prove 
himself! I need a man who can provide for me! (heart) As you liberate towns 
you'll find orbs. Whoever brings all of their orbs here wins!

The king: Now, there's no need to take each others... it's so tragic seeing 
heroes squabble. Although it is quite entertaining! *chuckle* If another hero 
has your orbs, you... should stand up to them!

Penny: My new husband needs to be brave! I'm not marrying some pushover!

The King: If you get tired you can rest here for free! And I'll even keep your
orbs safe here.

Penny: Now, get out there and find those orbs!

The King: Time to get moving! I gathered some money and equipment for you. 
Alright, adventurers, let's get started!

Go get orbs

If you get no orbs...
The King: Huh!? Where're all the orbs...!?

Penny: It's alright, Papa. They did their best. I shouldn't've asked for so 

The King: Oh, Penny, you're so forgiving! But... You need a husband who can
provide for you. One who can fulfill your requests. Technically, you all won! 
But really, you guys lost. Try harder next time!

Penny: Maybe next time, you'll all do better! (heart)

The King: This is a sad day for Dokapon... We'll hafta decide on my heir 
another day...

-Final results-

      *  Liberation Race  *
Angela: Choose a level to start at: 1,20,40, or 60
-Then set number of weeks-

The King: Ah, the grand heroes! Please introduce yourselves.

-Set the players and randomize the turn order.-

The King: Dokapon is overrun with monsters! You know what that means for 
economy? It's a finacial nightmare! Get out there and liberate our towns. You 
have (number of weeks) weeks. Whoever liberates the most will become...heir to 
the throne of Dokapon!

Penny: Papa! *heart*

The King: Oh yeah, and you'll marry Princess Penny! But enough of this. There's
towns to be liberated! If you get tired you can rest here for free!

Penny: I'll be waiting for my Prince Charming!

The King: I've gathered some money and equipment for you. Alright, adventurers,
let's get started!

-Go and free the towns from monsters, whoever frees the most wins!-

When two tie for last out of 4...
The King:And now it's time to honor our heroes. Wow, dead-last sure is popular!
(last)! And (second to last)! They're third! (howmany towns) each! You two can 
be fail-buddies...! Now second place! The loser who lost the least... But still
a loser nonetheless... (second place)! (number of towns) town(s)! Way to aim 
for the sky there...! And our winner... Dokapon's new King! (it double hit 
and skipped the next page of text...) Now, a word from your future wife, Penny!

Penny: YAY! (winner)! We'll be together forever! 

The King: I can't wait to see the grandchildren! Let's celebrate your victory! 
Heck, the losers can celebrate with us!

-Then the results are shown-

      *    Death Match    *

Angela: Choose a level to start at: 1,20,40, or 60
-Then set number of weeks-

The King: Ah, the grand heroes! Please introduce yourselves.

-Set the players and randomize the turn order.-

The King: I've decided Dokapon's next King must be strong! Amassing a fortune 
is a cutthroat business... And i need to be sure my heir can handle it! You 
must all battle for my daughter's hand. You have (how many weeks you chose)
week(s) to defeat your rivals. Whoever has the most kills is my heir!

Penny: *blushes* (heart)

The King: Isn't she lovely? Now, have a good fight! If you get tired you can 
rest here for free!

Penny: I can't believe I'm gonna marry a... valiant warrior! It's like a 

The king: I gathered some money and equipment for you. Alright adventurers, 
let's get started!

-Go and kill the other players as often as you can, person with most kills 

When time is up...

The King:And now it's time to honor our heroes. Let's start with the 
failure-magnets! (last place player)! And also... (next to last)! You both 
lost! (number of kills) kill(s) each! You were no match for the others. Did 
they thank you for the easy kills? And in second place... The hero who just 
wasn't god enough... (second place player)! (number of kills) kill(s)! Your 
ability to ruin friendships is suspect! And our winner...! The only one fit 
to rule Dokapon! (I'm sure you know who it is...) Now, a woord from your 
future wife, Penny!

Penny: YAY! (winner)! We'll be together forever! 

The King: I can't wait to see the grandchildren! Let's celebrate your victory!
Heck, the losers can celebrate with us!

-Then the results page will show players and number of kills.-

***                        Continue                        ***

Lets you resume one of your two saved files.

***                     Multiplayer                        ***

***                        Options                         ***

Here you can change the message box, move speed, and whether you skip viewing 
CPU turns.

***                        Classes                         ***

Before mentioning the classes and their bonuses, a brief description of the 

HP- Your life. Increases by 10HP each upgrade. As far as I have found upgrading
    this is better than upgrading defense.
AT- Your Attack power. The higher your attack the more damage you will do. Can
    be increased by equipping weapons or holding onto an AT Ring. At the
    beginning of any game I recommend upgrading only this stat until your
    AT is at least 15 so you can easily kill everything that is under level 5.
DF- Your defense. I found no real need to upgrade this stat itself, just to buy
    whatever armour you come across in the stores and that should be enough.
MG- Your magic power. Only upgrade this if you plan on attacking with magic or
    increasing your resistance to magic attacks. If you plan on going with 
    physical attacks then do not upgrade this.
SP- Your speed. This stat determines whether you will be fast enough to attack
    your apponent or whether you will dodge their attacks. I recommend to try
    and keep this stat close to that of the enemies around you. I kept my SP 
    close to my level and rarely had a problem hitting or dodging attacks.

Since magic can run out and you may have trouble getting to a shop to buy your
attacks, I prefer to go with physical attacks. So it's either Fighter, Amazon,
or Bandit. I like the Fighters ability to randomly attack first so he's my
main choice, getting the two main stat upgrades you'd need and you can then 
spend some level bonuses on speed if need be.

Special: Initiative- randomly allows player to attack first

Special: Might regain some HP randomly

Escape: Run from battle
Special: Might get extra bonus from robbing places

Burlge: Steal money
Special: Might avoid traps and field magic

Special: Might get field magic that others use on them.

Special: Randomly gets meteor spell

Special: Might take little to no damage from field magic

Special: Might randomly be cleaned of all status effects

Once you have chosen your class you can distribute 
5 bonus stats among AT,DF,MG,SP, or HP.

***                   Weapon Shops                         ***

Item                 AT/DF         Price

west of castle:
Dagger                7              60G
Rapier               10             170G
Stiletto             13             360G
WoodSh                4             130G
Robe                  5              63G
Leather               8             260G
LuauKilt              9             360G
Pleather             10             500G

North of castle:
Stiletto             13             360G
Kris                 18           1,100G
Saber                20           1,700G
Knuckles             24           2,000G
LeadSh                6             430G
PoshVest             12             860G
Overcoat             15           1,700G
Doublet              17           2,500G

Northwest of West shop:
Knuckles             24           2,000G
Crossbow             27           2,900G
Mace                 30           4,000G
Gladius              36           6,900G
CopperSh              8           1,000G
FeyCloak             20           4,000G
Breeches             22           5,300G
FurPlate             25           7,800G

west and south of castle:
Scourge             108         187,000G
Stonebow            113         210,000G
Smasher             116         230,000G
Cudgel              120         276,000G
JasperSh             45         156,000G
TowerSh              47         230,000G
DrabToga             59         100,000G
NeoChain             63         120,000G

south and west of castle:
Bearclaw             90         110,000G 
OakCane              93         120,000G
Whip                 95         140,000G
Lance               105         170,000G
ShinySh              39          96,000G
OpalSh               41         120,000G
RedCloak             67         130,000G
Hauberk              71         160,000G

North east of castle:
Gladius              36           6,900G
Scimitar             42          11,000G
Flail                45          13,500G
BronzeSh             10           2,000G
Jerkin               29          12,000G
Chain                34          19,000G
Cuirass              37          25,000G
NailMail             40          32,000G

East of castle:
Repeater             60          32,000G
Tonfa                66          43,000G
HandAxe              72          55,000G
Spear                75          62,500G
Epee                 78          70,000G
StoneSh              20          15,000G
Barrel               42          37,000G
SilkRobe             43          39,000G

East and a bit south:
Flail                45          13,500G
Longbow              50          18,000G
Club                 54          23,000G
Repeater             60          32,000G
ScaleSh              15           6,800G
FeMail               46          49,000G
KarateGi             48          55,000G
HornSuit             50          63,000G

South of castle:
Glaive              129         320,000G
Partisan            132         340,000G
RobinBow            139         400,000G
Warmaul             143         430,000G
StarSh               53         346,000G 
KnightSh             61         490,000G
LionPelt             77         200,000G
HeroVest             84         260,000G

Southeast of castle:
IronBall             81          83,000G
Hammer               83          88,000G
Blowgun              85          90,000G
Machete              86          92,000G
AmberSh              28          43,000G
CombatSh             34          80,000G
HideVest             52          70,000G
Uniform              55          83,000G

Underground PAssage
RubyFist            149          490,000G
Halberd             156          560,000G
Lochbar             162          630,000G
Cutlass             175          714,000G
Bastard             183          850,000G
QuartzSh             76          600,000G
KingMail             93          310,000G
AuraSuit            100          450,000G

***                      Item Shops                        ***

North-West of castle
Evasion    120G
Potion     150G
Mattock    240G
SeedBGon   500G
2-Spin     600G
3-Spin     1,400G
Telequit   1,700G
5-Gem      1,800G

Far Noth-west:
Antidote   30G
Ointment   100G
Evasion    120G
Potion     150G
Trap       260G
Golashes   550G
Telewarp   900G
3-Spin     1,400G

North of Castle:
Mint       50G
Mattock    240G
Trap       260G
Barrier    320G
Elixir     850G
3-Spin     1,400G
5-Gem      1,800G
Puck       1,900G

North-East of castle:
Antidote   30G
Mint       50G
Potion     150G
Hexicide   400G
2-Spin     600G
Vanish     800G
6-Gem      1,000G
3-Spin     1,400G

East of the item shop North-East of Castle:
Mint       50G
Evasion    120G
Hexicide   400G
SeedBGon   500G
Elixir     850G
3-Spin     1,400G
4-Gem      3,000G
4-Spin     3,500G

South-East of castle:
Lamp       1,350G
Bad Seed   1,800G
3-Gem      4,800G
4-Gem      3,000G
5-Gem      1,800G
6-Gem      1,000G
3-Spin     1,400G
4-Spin     3,500G

Further South-East of Castle:
Lockpick   300G
Sky Ring   700G
Vanish     800G
Elixir     850G
Telewarp   900G
Telequit   1,700G
4-Gem      3,000G
4-Spin     3,500G

South-West of Castle:
Antidote   30G
LockPick   300G
SeedBGon   500G
Elixir     850G
Telewarp   900G
Telequit   1,700G
4-Gem      3,000G
4-Spin     3,500G

South of Castle:
Antidote   30G
SeedGBon   500G
Vanish     800G
Elixir     850G
Telequit   1,700G
Puck       1,900G
4-Spin     3,500G
3-Gem      4,800G

South-West from above shop:
Antidote   30G
Elixir     850G
Telewarp   900G
3-Spin     1,400G
Telequit   1,700G
Puck       1,900G
4-Spin     3,500G
2-Gem      7,000G

Underground Passage:
Lockpick   300G
Hexicide   400G
Golashes   550G
Elixir     850G
Telequit   1,700G
1-Gem      10,000G
4-Spin     3,500G
5-Spin     10,000G

Tower of Rabble- 1rst and 3rd Floor:
1-Gem      10,000G
2-Gem      7,000G
3-Gem      4,800G
4-Gem      3,000G
5-Gem      1,800G
6-Gem      1,000G
4-Spin     3,500G
5-Spin     10,000G

***                        Items                           ***

Name             Type       Description                             Sell Price

Charm           Special    Gain control over an opponent's town.        10000G
Barrier         Prank      Create an impassable roadblock                 160G
AT Ring         Special    Increases your AT                           23,000G
Ointment        Heal       Cures footsores                                 50G
Hexicide        Heal       Cures curses                                   200G
Antidote        Heal       Cures poison                                    15G
Potion          Heal       Restores 100HP                                  75G
Evasion         Prank      Avoid all traps except Red Loot Box             60G
Mattock         Prank      Can crush a barrier                            120G
SeedBGon        Prank      Purge all towns of bad seeds                   250G
2-Spin          Move       Allows you to use two spinners
3-Spin          Move       Allows you to use three spinners               700G
4-Spin          Move       Allows you to use four spinners              1,750G
1-Gem           Move       Allows you to move 1 space                   5,000G
2-Gem           Move       Allows you to move 2 spaces                  3,500G
3-Gem           Move       Allows you to move 3 spaces                  2,400G
4-Gem           Move       Allows you to move 4 spaces                  1,500G
5-Gem           Move       Allows you to move 5 spaces                    900G
6-Gem           Move       Allows you to move 6 spaces                    500G
Telequit        Warp       Warp out of a cave                             850G
Telewarp        Warp       Warp to another location                       450G
Teleport        Warp       Warp to the castle or a town you own         8,000G
Contract        Special    Does special things when you feel dark           2G
Puck            Prank      Steal an item or get betrayed                  950G
Golashes        Special    Prevents damage from poisonous swamps          275G
Vanish          Prank      Avoid battles for a few turns                  400G
Elixir          Heal       Restore all HP                                 425G
Lockpick        special    allows you to open locked boxes                150G
sky ring        special    allows you to breathe underwater               350G
mirror          prank      reflects magic spells                        3,250G
salts           prank      prevents you from falling into a coma          100G
revival         heal       restores half hp when you die                6,000G
lamp            prank      All visible players will be warped away        675G
Disguise        special    Frame another player if you fail a robbery   9,000G
Sangreal        special    sell for half your cash or gain powers (half cash)G

***                     Magic Shops                        ***

Just Northwest of castle:
Hasten         300G
Bruise         500G
Weaken         500G
Enrage         700G
Fortify        700G
Startle        850G
Bolt         1,200G
Meteor       2,000G

Swap           400G
Pilfer         500G
Burst          500G
Sleepy       3,000G

M Guard        100G
M Cast         500G
M Seal       3,000G
Renew        3,200G

West of Castle:
Slow           100G
Toxify         200G
Fortify        700G
Footsore     1,300G
Meteor       2,000G
Fling        2,200G
Meteor+      4,600G
Sap          6,000G

Burst          500G
Curse        2,000G
Echo        11,000G
Heckfire    12,000G

M Guard        100G
M Cast         500G
Renew+       7,500G
Reflect     20,000G

South of Castle:
Weaken         500G
Startle        850G
Stupefy      1,500G
Coma         1,800G
Fling        2,200G
Bolt+        3,000G
Meteor+      4,600G
Mystery     20,000G

Burst          500G
Thunder     15,000G
Banish      20,000G
Aurora      29,000G

M Guard        100G
M Cast++     3,500G
M Renew      8,000G
M Seal+     10,000G

Northeast of castle:
Toxify         200G
Hasten         300G
Weaken         500G
Bolt         1,200G
Fling        2,200G
Bolt+        3,000G
Voodoo       3,300G
Sap          6,000G

Pilfer         500G
Curse        2,000G
Echo        11,000G
Heckfire    12,000G

M Guard        100G
Bind           400G
M Cast+        900G
Shock       14,000G

***                        Magic                           ***

Name             Type       Description                             Sell Price

Bolt            Field       Zap everyone on a map space                   600G
Bolt+           Feild       Massively zap everyone on a space           1,500G
Fling           Special     send a foe flying with a tornado            1,100G
Gather          Special     Call everyone to your map space             4,500G
Sap             Enchant     Decrease a foe's AT,DF and SP               3,000G
Slow            Enchant     Decrease a foe's SP                            50G
Meteor          Field       Drop a molten rock on a map space           1,000G
meteor+         Field       Drop a giant molten rock on a space         2,300G
fortify         Enchant     increase your df                              350G
hasten          Enchant     increase your sp                              150G
toxify          status      poison a foe with snake venom                 100G
mystery         Special     cause random things to happen...           10,000G
coma            status      put a foe to sleep for a few turns            900G
Bruise          Enchant     Decrease a foe's DF                           250G
seal            special     disable a foe's feild magic ability           200G
stupfy          status      paralyze a foe for a few turns                750G
startle         status      make a foe scared for a few turns             425G
voodoo          status      curse a foe with an ancient hex             1,650G
Footsore        status      limit a foe's movement                        650G
summon          special     summon a monster to a player's town         6,000G
Ice             field       Freeze everyone on a map space             15,000G

***                     Monster List                       ***

The exp for some seemed to change depending upon whether you were
higher or lower than the monster so these numbers might be wrong depending
on whether you are higher or lower level.

Monster    Level    EXP      G    Stats                           Drop Item

Kobold     lvl 1      5      10   AT-  2, DF-  1, MG-  2, SP-  2
Skeleton   lvl 1      6      20   AT-  3, DF-  1, MG-  1, SP-  2
Lurker     lvl 2     15      80   AT-  4, DF-  2, MG-  3, SP- 10
Gobbler    lvl 2     20      60   AT-  5, DF-  4, MG-  2, SP-  2
Stinger    lvl 3     44     500   AT- 12, DF- 22, MG-  1, SP- 11
Bat        lvl 3     10      40   AT-  4, DF-  3, MG-  3, SP-  8
Goo        lvl 4     22     100   AT-  9, DF- 13, MG-  7, SP-  2   Antidote
Conjurer   lvl 4     25     200   AT- 10, DF- 13, MG- 15, SP-  6   Bolt
Scorpion   lvl 5     33      50   AT- 10, DF- 20, MG-  1, SP-  5
Zombie     lvl 5     33      50   AT- 13, DF-  6, MG-  1, SP-  4   Antidote
Orc        lvl 6     45     385   AT- 12, DF- 17, MG- 10, SP-  2   Potion
Mo'bold    lvl 6     28     160   AT- 12, DF- 13, MG-  7, SP- 10   Potion
squeaker   lvl 7    100      18   AT- 18, DF- 10, MG-  6, SP- 18
Hob-Gob    lvl 7     82     350   AT- 20, DF- 19, MG- 10, SP-  9   Potion
Rustler    lvl 8     62     800   AT- 16, DF- 18, MG-  5, SP- 24   Puck
Wraith     lvl 8     54     220   AT- 14, DF- 12, MG- 14, SP-  6   Hexicide
Werewolf   lvl 9     60     180   AT- 16, DF- 13, MG-  9, SP- 15
Goooooon   lvl 9     56     320   AT- 15, DF- 31, MG- 13, SP-  6   Golashes
Troll      lvl 10    67     260   AT- 18, DF-  7, MG-  5, SP-  5
Screamer   lvl 10    68     500   AT- 18, DF- 18, MG- 10, SP- 18   Sap
Dark elf   lvl 11    77     320   AT- 16, DF- 22, MG- 17, SP- 12   Bolt
Creepie    lvl 11    106    240   AT- 22, DF- 10, MG- 15, SP-  5
Porc       lvl 12    148    355   AT- 21, DF- 30, MG- 15, SP-  7     
Prowler    lvl 12    164    500   AT- 27, DF- 22, MG-  9, SP- 35   Hasten
Ghoulie    lvl 13    152    360   AT- 30, DF- 18, MG- 15, SP-  9   Toxify
Mermaid    lvl 13    208    730   AT- 31, DF- 20, MG- 20, SP- 15
Dire Gob   lvl 14    178    400   AT- 31, DF- 24, MG- 16, SP- 10   Weaken
Spectre    lvl 14    201    660   AT- 30, DF- 22, MG- 19, SP-  4
Gargoyle   lvl 15    235    480   AT- 32, DF- 58, MG- 15, SP-  5   Telewarp
Stalker    lvl 15    203    380   AT- 32, DF- 58, MG- 15, SP-  5
Sorcerer   lvl 16    265    680   AT- 33, DF- 52, MG- 10, SP- 10   Toxify
Sahagin    lvl 16    311    460   AT- 34, DF- 30, MG- 10, SP- 15   Fortify
Lamia      lvl 17    347    960   AT- 35, DF- 26, MG- 36, SP- 11
Geyron     lvl 17    455    750   AT- 43, DF- 27, MG- 14, SP- 14
Medusa     lvl 18                 AT- 41, DF- 34, MG- 27, SP- 15
Icetail    lvl 18    283    730   AT- 34, DF- 25, MG-  5, SP- 22
Siren      lvl 19    313    970   AT- 32, DF- 38, MG- 26, SP- 18   Mirror
Dodo       lvl 19    415   1450   AT- 38, DF- 38, MG- 13, SP- 60
Skuldier   lvl 20    445    520   AT- 45, DF-  6, MG-  1, SP-  6   Revival
Unicorn    lvl 20                 AT- 45, DF- 27, MG- 16, SP- 55
Gourmet    lvl 21    660  10000   AT- 22, DF-165, MG- 50, SP-  3   Potion
Gryvance   lvl 21    563    800   AT- 49, DF- 28, MG- 11, SP- 20
King-Gob   lvl 22    580    500   AT- 47, DF- 38, MG-  8, SP- 13
Incubus    lvl 22    620   1120   AT- 51, DF- 32, MG- 13, SP- 28
Revenant   lvl 23   2923     35   AT- 87, DF- 48, MG- 16, SP-  2   Voodoo
Serpent    lvl 23    982   1360   AT- 64, DF- 53, MG- 12, SP- 30
Gorgon     lvl 24    741    900   AT- 59, DF- 36, MG- 40, SP- 16
Basilisk   lvl 24    826    870   AT- 55, DF- 49, MG- 12, SP- 21   Toxify
Red Fang   lvl 25    927   1800   AT- 58, DF- 46, MG- 19, SP-120   Startle
Firetail   lvl 26   3140     10   AT- 71, DF- 91, MG- 33, SP- 15 
Sandskin   lvl 26   1005    565   AT- 57, DF- 84, MG- 12, SP- 32
Gryffon    lvl 27   1287    820   AT- 63, DF- 45, MG- 19, SP- 60   Teleport
Naiad      lvl 27   3387   1660   AT- 63, DF- 52, MG- 60, SP- 19
Python     lvl 28   3544   1900   AT- 81, DF- 88, MG- 20, SP- 21
Seadrake   lvl 28   4600   2800   AT-135, DF-110, MG- 48, SP- 20
Coxatrix   lvl 29   1312    880   AT- 66, DF- 58, MG- 12, SP- 29
Nitemare   lvl 29   1131    720   AT- 59, DF- 38, MG- 27, SP- 30   Coma
Arcanist   lvl 30   1511   1200   AT- 67, DF- 55, MG- 47, SP- 28   Summon
Guardian   lvl 30                 AT- 78, DF- 85, MG- 26, SP- 18
Shadow     lvl 31   2360      1   AT- 63, DF- 59, MG- 40, SP- 19   Sap
Wildguy    lvl 31   1728    790   AT- 72, DF- 28, MG- 21, SP- 27
Chimera    lvl 32   2483   1220   AT- 71, DF- 59, MG- 23, SP- 26   2-Spin
Balrog     lvl 32   2563   1360   AT- 77, DF- 46, MG- 21, SP- 52
Ninja      lvl 33                 AT- 75, DF- 33, MG- 12, SP- 88
Sphynx     lvl 33                 AT- 73, DF- 80, MG- 90, SP- 20
Gourmand   lvl 34     50   5000   AT-  8, DF-128, MG-  8, SP- 16
H Goo O    lvl 34   2763   1180   AT- 51, DF-102, MG- 23, SP- 23   Ice
slayer     lvl 35   3015    860   AT- 75, DF- 93, MG- 20, SP- 13   Mystery
Fenrir     lvl 35   3250   1740   AT- 88, DF- 51, MG- 37, SP- 72   Startle
Warlock    lvl 36   3973   1500   AT- 82, DF- 63, MG- 80, SP- 20   Seal
Lich       lvl 36   3506   2460   AT- 85, DF-125, MG-120, SP- 12
Assassin   lvl 37                 AT- 88, DF- 48, MG- 40, SP-180
cyclops    lvl 37   3659   1278   AT-113, DF- 47, MG- 31, SP- 28
Undragon   lvl 38   3882   1200   AT-108, DF- 30, MG- 23, SP- 22   Revival
Minotaur   lvl 38   3920   1060   AT-135, DF- 48, MG- 38, SP- 31
Crazyguy   lvl 39   4005   1000   AT-143, DF- 40, MG- 48, SP- 34   Startle
Hydra      lvl 39   4289   1520   AT- 96, DF-100, MG- 37, SP- 48   Meteor+
Undine     lvl 40   1080   2606   AT- 73, DF-136, MG-114, SP- 37   Ice
Tricorn    lvl 40   4373   2370   AT-136, DF-103, MG- 93, SP- 42   Mirror
Templar    lvl 41   4491   1670   AT-142, DF-159, MG- 42, SP- 26   Reveal
Golem      lvl 41   4200      2   AT-138, DF-198, MG-  1, SP- 20
Buffalox   lvl 42   4356   1160   AT-176, DF- 92, MG- 41, SP- 41   Elixir
Titan      lvl 42   5000   1400   AT-180, DF-130, MG- 39, SP- 41   5-spin
Vulcan     lvl 43   5120   2400   AT-188, DF-169, MG- 40, SP-  5   Barrier
Djinn      lvl 43   4530   3500   AT-110, DF-112, MG- 39, SP-150   Fling
Crusher    lvl 44   4672   1800   AT-165, DF-105, MG- 37, SP- 45
Exknight   lvl 44   4444   2540   AT-192, DF-  9, MG-  2, SP- 35
Nemean     lvl 45   5070   3400   AT-173, DF-145, MG- 64, SP- 33
Demon      lvl 45   5360   2040   AT-172, DF-147, MG- 89, SP- 30
Efreet     lvl 46   5489     44   AT-176, DF-103, MG- 42, SP-200
Ancient    lvl 46   5621   5000   AT-186, DF-150, MG- 68, SP- 40
Hazy Goo   lvl 47                 AT-174, DF-218, MG- 32, SP-128
Sentinel   lvl 47   5921   1080   AT-186, DF-283, MG-  1, SP- 10   Barrier
Reaper     lvl 48   6235   3800   AT-188, DF- 96, MG-180, SP- 26
Champion   lvl 48   6480   2500   AT-192, DF-180, MG- 56, SP- 28
Fiend      lvl 49   6577   3200   AT-203, DF-194, MG- 40, SP- 28
Gaia       lvl 49   6890   2400   AT-210, DF-195, MG- 40, SP- 10
Gooliath   lvl 50      2 200000   AT-666, DF-999, MG-999, SP-333
Liza       lvl 30   3000  77777   AT-187, DF- 51, MG-  1, SP- 34
Wallace    lvl 53   9999 999999   AT-199, DF-199, MG- 70, SP- 70

***                     LEveling                           ***

1. None
2. 10
3. 30
4. 60
5. 110
6. 170
7. 300
8. 510
9. 800
10. 1140
11. 1540
12. 2020
13. 2600
14. 3300
15. 4060
16. 4960
17. 5980
18. 7140
19. 8430
20. 9880
21. 11480
22. 13240
23. 15180
24. 17290
25. 19600
26. 22100
27. 24800
28. 27720
29. 30850
30. 34220
31. 37820
32. 41660
33. 45760
34. 50110
35. 54740
36. 59640
37. 64820
38. 70300
39  76070
40. 82160
41. 88560
42. 95270
43. 102340
44. 109730
45. 117480
46. 125580
47. 134040
48. 142880
49. 152090
50. 161700
51. 172700
52. 182100
53. 192920
54. 204150
55. 215820
56. 227920
57. 240460
58. 252460
59. 266910
60. 280840
61. 295240
62. 310120
63. 325500
64. 341370
65. 357760
66. 374660
67. 392080
68. 410040
69. 428530
70. 447580
71. 467180
72. 487340
73. 508080
74. 529390
75. 551300 
76. 573800
77. 596900
78. 620620
79. 644950
80. 669920
81. 695520
82. 721760
83. 748660
84. 776210

***                     Green Chests                       ***

Levito Cave:
North-East corner- Contract
Center- Revival

Sunken Shrine:
	1rst Floor:
		Only one- Ice
		Center- Teleport
                South-east -Big Lure

Underground Passage:
Two spaces to right of item shop- Teleport
One space right and one space up from last- Summon
One down, one right, one down and one right of the last- Charm
two up from the last- Revival

Tower of Rabble:
		South-East corner- Ice
		South-west corner- Teleport
                North-west corner- Reveal
		North-east area-   Mirror

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