How to beat Dialga?

  1. How do I beat Dialga? I only got 1 hit on him and it is my third time facing him. Do I just need to train more?

    Riolu Level 41
    117 HP
    57 Attack 64 Defense
    65 Sp. Atk. 62 Sp. Def
    Force Palm
    Brick Break

    Tododile Level 42
    139 HP
    73 Attack 61 Defense
    62 Sp. Atk. 62 Sp. Def.
    4.5* IQ
    Water Gun
    Aerial Ace

    Big Apple
    Big Apple
    Purple Gummi
    Pure Seed
    Blowback Orb
    Slumber Orb
    Warp Orb
    Riolu Tail
    Riolu Card
    Valiant Rock
    Emit Ring

    User Info: Pokeman24

    Pokeman24 - 4 months ago

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  1. Set Totodile's IQ to Exclusive Move User then set his moves so he can only use Water Gun and Screech. Screech should tear through Dialga's Defense in a snap.

    For yourself, Riolu, I suggest you keep using Force Palm. Who knows you might Paralyze Dialga. If Dialga hits Riolu and puts him in critcal condition, when the frames will blink red, use Reversal since it deals more damage the lower your HP is.

    For both Riolu and Totodile if you have the IQ ability that raises your evasiveness switch it on. Beware!!! It will lower your attack accuracy a bit! If you have Practice Swinger this could be good since it raises your Atk and Sp. Atk for the next turn.

    In actual battle the first turn is the most dangerous since Roar of Time is a Room Area move that can end you before you even engage. It's complete luck if he'll use it on you or not. All I can say is hope he doesn't use it first turn and if he does hope that it misses. His Dragon Claw is extremely dangerous as well so watch for that too. Since the Valiant Rock raises Riolu's Defense you should withstand at least two attacks. If Totodile uses Screech I suggest you turn it off as well so he'll just use Water Gun.

    If you find any Seeds with negative effects (Sleep, Vile, X-Eye etc.)keep them and toss 'em at Dialga. If you find a Violent Seed save it til you fight Dialga. These drastically raise your Atk and Sp. Atk. Have Riolu eat it and spam Force Palm. Now if you luck out and find a Focus Pucnh have Riolu forget Brick Break and I can almost guarantee you Dialga will be put down. (Note: Focus Punch takes a turn to charge so on your very first turn just use it and Dialga will more than likely walk in position for the blow.)

    Whew! I hope this helped!

    User Info: Viridian-Slider

    Viridian-Slider - 4 months ago 1 0

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