i need an Eevee! how do i get one?

  1. I need to start with an eevee pls help thanks:)

    User Info: max1449

    max1449 - 9 years ago


  1. You can only get Eevee by getting a naive personality and choosing female. Here are some questions that will help the naive choices. If you receive any of these questions, choose the one that is most naive. In the end, choose "girl".

    Q: Have you ever looked at your reflection in a mirror and thought, "What a
    cool person"?
    Certainly! (Jolly +1, Naive +1, Sassy +2)
    Well, not really... (Hardy +1)

    Q: Have you ever thought that if you dug in your backyard you could find
    buried treasure?
    Yes. (Naive +2)
    No. (Quiet +1)

    Q: Have you ever told a joke that just completely fell flat?
    Yes. (Impish +1, Naive +2)
    No. (Calm +2)

    Q: You're hiking up a mountain when you reach diverging paths. Which kind do
    you take?
    Narrow. (Impish +2, Naive +1)
    Wide. (Quirky +2, Timid +1)

    Q: Your friend takes a spectacular fall! What do you do?
    Help my friend up! (Brave +2, Lonely +1)
    Laugh! It's too funny! (Impish +2, Naive +2, Rash +1)

    (Received from the in-depth Personality Quiz by SonicTrainer on GameFAQs)

    User Info: MissBatty

    MissBatty - 9 years ago 1   0
  2. Naive nature gives you a Skitty. As I play as a Skitty a lot, I know that won't get you Eevee. While you do have to select female to play as an Eevee, you need a Jolly nature. To get an Eevee, answer the following questions, if they show up, with the following answers.

    Q: Do you prefer to play outside rather than inside?
    Yes. (Bold +1, Jolly +2, Relaxed +1)

    Q: Do you like lively parties?
    Yes. (Jolly +2, Lonely +1)

    Q: Do you like karaoke?
    Yes. (Jolly +2, Sassy +2)

    Q: There's a rumor around about a ghost haunting the school bathrooms! What do
    you do?
    Go in there anyway. (Bold +1, Jolly +2, Relaxed +1)

    Q: You've just stuffed yourself with a good meal when a great dessert arrives.
    What do you do?
    Yum! I love dessert the most! (Bold +2, Jolly +2, Relaxed +1)

    Q: Your friend offers to treat you to dinner. What do you do?
    Allow me. (Jolly +2)

    Q: You're about to buy a popular game when someone else gets the last copy!
    How do you feel?
    Annoyed. I was here first! (Jolly +2, Relaxed +2)

    Q: You've been invited to a wonderful party. It's time for the party to start,
    but there's nobody there! You think...?
    Maybe I have the day wrong? (Jolly +2, Relaxed +2)

    Q: You take off your shoes to realize your socks are two different colors!
    What do you do?
    I meant to do that! (Jolly +2)

    Q: You're in a completely silent assembly when you suddenly hear someone pass
    gas! How do you react?
    Roll on the floor laughing! (Jolly +2, Naive +2)

    Q: Do you think that, no matter what, life goes on?
    All the time! (Jolly +1, Relaxed +2)

    Q: You've won big on a raffle ticket! You say...
    Woo-hoo! (Jolly +1, Naive +2)

    Q: You want to reveal that you like someone a whole bunch! What do you do?
    Show it a little by playing together. (Jolly +2, Quiet +1)

    Q: The people at the next table are singing for someone's birthday. What do
    you do?
    Sing along! (Jolly +2, Naive +2)

    Q: You're daydreaming...when your friend sprays you with water! What do you do?
    Woo-hoo! Water fight! (Impish +2, Jolly +2, Naive +2)

    (Also recieved from the Personality Quiz FAQ by SonicTrainer)

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  3. You can get an Eevee egg as a reward for doing jobs sometimes. (I hope this is what you wanted)
    On my 1st play through I got 1 like that, so just try! ;) NOTE: I think it was post-game that I did the job

    User Info: MovesLikeJabba

    MovesLikeJabba - 6 years ago 1   0
  4. EEVEE IS A JOLLY NATURE NOT NAIVE. Skittys the naive nature. You can get Eevee by getting a jolly nature and choosing that your female.
    You can also go to mystifying forest and recruit a Eevee there too.

    User Info: ACflower

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  5. I can give u a code if you want me to just send me a message if you want to recruit eevee

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