How do I beat Kecleon?

  1. I don't really care about recruiting r/n, I want to beat it. The reason I want to do this is that i've heard players talking about buying / stealing from shops, and...I just wanna learn how. My attacks only do like 1 dmg to it for some reason. Help!

    User Info: Chika11223

    Chika11223 - 10 years ago
  2. So, basically, stealing from them is running away?

    User Info: Chika11223

    Chika11223 - 10 years ago
  3. if you wanna beat it you have to level up or use a ton of sleep seeds and blast seeds but you can also use a 1 shot orb that instantly kills it

    User Info: chris43

    chris43 - 4 months ago

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  1. You can use a pure seed, than use a rollcall orb to get the rest of your team with you.

    User Info: aipom57

    aipom57 - 8 years ago 2   0


  1. I survived battling..... one. They invade the whole floor. Not a smart thing to do

    User Info: britney830

    britney830 - 10 years ago 4   4
  2. Mew would be my choice to beat it as you teach it a water TM, a grass TM and a fire TM.
    Go Water>Grass( Super effective)>Fire(super effective)>water(super effective) etc.

    User Info: Bearmen

    Bearmen - 9 years ago 3   4
  3. Use this wondermail code to get golden mask cause i just used it and got one easy
    client:budew objective:rescue floor:9 place:mt.bristle dificulty: C reward:golden mask
    6Y798 5JJ+NXW %KSTF
    N%H2M 4304Q&Y 5CS@M

    User Info: paulman2

    paulman2 - 9 years ago 2   3
  4. paulman don think that only ur wondermail works other also works

    User Info: WeiLiang443

    WeiLiang443 - 8 years ago 0   1
  5. guys for some reason kecleon was following me because somehow an enemy through me a stick missed and i happen to be right next to him lol XD and he started following us but he wasnt doin anything, so i smacked him and he raped us down :( i was in north island on 62th floor and i got so mad >:(

    User Info: gameboyps3

    gameboyps3 - 8 years ago 2   3
  6. Arguably, two of the most favorable items for raiding a Kecleon stand are Pure Seed and Trawl Orb. Steal, then warp to the stairs, or you can head for the stairs and then steal. Either way, these are two favorable tactics for putting as much distance between yourself and the Kecleon as possible.

    You can also use Vanish Seeds or a Mobile Scarf to help buy some time for you to steal more or make it somewhat impossible to be followed.

    To face one directly, you will need a leader with a maxed out EXP level, and you will definitely want to exploit Kecleon's Color Change ability. Of course, If you're going to fight, you might was well fight to recruit and not just get away. (To recruit, you need "IQ Fast Friends" and a Golden Mask.)

    User Info: classicgamer83

    classicgamer83 (Expert) - 10 years ago 3   5
  7. If you want to beat a Kecleon, you should be at least lv.100 and at the highest level. Also have one page of violent seeds and reviver seeds and pure seeds.

    User Info: tenshouripper12

    tenshouripper12 - 9 years ago 1   3
  8. Get at least 1 level 100 with STAB high power moves and very high stats if you want to stand a chance against them. If you're trying to recruit, i suggest eating a violent seed and equipping yourself with golden mask/amber tear. Bring lots of reviver seeds. LOTS. send your teammates home, they get killed easily. if you're trying to steal, a good way to do so is to eat a pure seed, then use a rolllcall orb to summon your teammates, then FLEE to the next floor.

    User Info: gamesmaster1990

    gamesmaster1990 - 9 years ago 1   3
  9. If your running away, eat at least 2 quick seeds as Kecleon is double speed

    User Info: Bearmen

    Bearmen - 9 years ago 2   4
  10. You need really really high stats like in the 200s for attack to even do more than 1 dmg to him. then you need high def to make sure he doesnt kill you. take note that kecleon is at 2x speed

    User Info: bballdaniel3

    bballdaniel3 - 9 years ago 1   3
  11. I am a level 62 meganim with giga drain solar beam energy ball and aromatherapy and I beat lots of keclons with my pokemon by its self to do it use a mobile orb or mobile band (you chose) golden mask and alot of max elixirs. use mobile orb pick up a keclon item and go to the nearest wall go in the wall and once there use your moves to beat them because they cannot hit you while you are in a wall

    User Info: paulman2

    paulman2 - 9 years ago 1   3
  12. U can't. I have a full party and i can't beat them.
    How sad....... :(

    User Info: mutigerfan1

    mutigerfan1 - 9 years ago 1   3
  13. To beat Kecleon, you hae to finish him quickly before more of them come. To do this you will want to use around five evasion orbs, eat a violent seed. Oh and make sure your pokemon is high level. Steal an item from Kecleon, and prepare for the fun.

    When Kecleon speeds up, you might want to use your strongest skill on him straight away. He should have around 300 hp, im not sure. Once you hit him he will attack you. Most likely he'll miss, but if he scores, well your kind of doomed. When he misses launch a second attack. Your attack MUST be doing about 200 with the violent seed. Repeat until his dead.

    If you plan on getting out but there's too many, you could either use a Foe-Hold Orb if you brought one along or found it, or anything that allows you to move past walls.

    By the way you usually don't need a reviver seed since Kecleon shouldn't hit you, but bring two in case. You should kill it before it even does damage to you. IF your strongest attack misses a lot, use the next reliable one. Good luck on getting back at him.

    User Info: neopets_30

    neopets_30 - 9 years ago 1   3
  14. If you want to recruit keclon chikortia is good as it learns fast friend later on

    User Info: paulman2

    paulman2 - 9 years ago 0   2
  15. Once i picked up all the items on kecleon shop then used escape orb and i checked my bag and none of the items i stole were there!! :(

    User Info: dragon72cem

    dragon72cem - 8 years ago 0   2
  16. Or, I guess you could throw a Hunger Seed, hope he doesn't catch it and then attack him until he faints. But try to use an order that doesn't resist itself, like Normal->Fighting->Normal->Fighting and so on.

    User Info: UsuarioTHf

    UsuarioTHf - 10 years ago 0   3
  17. Oh and Lv. 100 can be necessary, but around 80 - 90 should fit for this trick. Especially if you go over the roof with buffs and use agillity.

    User Info: neopets_30

    neopets_30 - 9 years ago 0   3
  18. Trust me this is one of the only ones that workes :3

    User Info: paulman2

    paulman2 - 9 years ago 0   3
  19. Ya they hit you with 144 damege.

    User Info: max1449

    max1449 - 9 years ago 0   4
  20. Be Sure you already know where the floor is It will be More Easy if the floor is Just Near Then steal an item you want Then Run to the Floor Before The Kecleon Catches you well thats how

    User Info: MegaGerard

    MegaGerard - 9 years ago 0   4
  21. ok. I was lvl 100 and I did this easily. no violent seed, no reviver seeds. Killed them with my lvl100 venusaur' s regular attack.

    User Info: Bearmen

    Bearmen - 9 years ago 0   4
  22. ok. I was lvl 100 and I did this easily. no violent seed, no reviver seeds. Killed them with my lvl100 venusaur' s regular attack. if you want to stop them spawning,(Hopefully) recruit one.

    User Info: Bearmen

    Bearmen - 9 years ago 0   4
  23. No chance you will defeat him unless you have your pokemon maxed out.
    I suggest that when you dont try to steal from him untill you get the necacery equiptment to recrute him.

    User Info: puppylovingirl

    puppylovingirl - 9 years ago 0   4
  24. To stop the onslaught of Kecleon, you have to flee to the next floor. It's the only way to survive once you commit theft.

    User Info: classicgamer83

    classicgamer83 (Expert) - 10 years ago 0   6

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