Adivce on making a team?

  1. I need to make a team. I was thinking of either riolu pikachu vulpix or charmander. Some ideas I thought of were: riolu/pikachu; riolu/vulpix; riolu/charmander; charmander/pikachu.

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  1. If you want a power bursting team, go with Riolu/Charmander. From personal experiences charmander is an extremely powerful pokemon. Vulpix is also a good choice and has faint attack at the begining of the game, and learns Imprison which is extremely effective against bosses, and can learn useful TMs like Dark Pulse for Monster Houses. If you want an Electric type, I would reccomend Shinx because he learns moves like crunch and Thunder Fang and is easier to evolve. Plus he learns a crapload of great IQ skills. And he can cover both of Riolus weaknesses of Psychic and Flying Types with the moves mentioned above. I hoped this helped! =D

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  1. If you want Riolu on your team, I recommend having him as your partner. For your starter pokemon, I recommend Shinx because it has a great moveset that includes discharge.

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  2. I used Riolu and Treecko. I've finished the story, so you MIGHT need to stock up on Reviver seeds like I did

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  3. this is, absolutely the perfect hardcore-damage team i can think of. have pokemon that can do combo moves such as pin missle, double slap, triple kick, etc etc. Then, equip an item that increases accuracy. this can assure the combo does not miss a hit. the result damage could possibly be up to 4,995 in one turn.

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  4. If ur looking for a team to beat dialga easily i had a mudkip(main) and vulpix (partner). mudkip had mud-slap and protect and vulpix had imprison, flamethrower, and ember(these were the only moves i used on dialga). Both of them were lv. 37 and i beat dialga on my first try(using few x-eye and stun seeds and no reviver seeds). hope that helps u make ur decision

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  5. I have a pikacho and a riolu is that good?

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  6. As I posted on a previous thread (its lengthy, but still good :P)

    In my opinion, I would get riolu as main and muchlax as partner. Why? Well, riolu can learn endure (VERY helpful in certain situations), and reversal (game description: "Inflicts damage on the target. The lower the user's HP, the greater the damage it inflicts. Range: enemy in front. Type: fighting/physical. Hit ratio: 3 stars. Power: special.) So if riolu uses endure gets to really low hp, spams reversal, then wen the endure wears off, eat an oran berry! Now, munchlax. He would be a good partner because he learns the iq bodyguard. (bodyguard iq info: "Takes damage in place of friends who are low on HP.") Also, muchlax has very good HP and def. So it would take a reasonabl amount of hits to kill him. So that is why both are good in my opinion. I hope this helps!

    Also, credit to for iq info
    Credit to my actual game for reversal info :P

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  7. I passed through the game with a Charmander (which will learn heat wave) and a Turtwig as partner... get a Chinchou (learns discharge and ice beam/blizzard), a Shellder or a Horsea. Then you have many choices for the last one. Ralts, Bagon, Gible, Trapinch, Dratini, Starly, Beldum sucks (only knows take down, evolve at 20) but Metang/Metagross are great, Magnemite, Porygon. Pick some of them and make your team... ^^

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  8. Oh for the bosses I have discovered a trick... throw them a hunger seed ;D

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  9. I played a bulbasaur in blue rescue team with a totodile partner. i was chimchar in explorers of darkness with a mudkip partner and now im a shinx with a vulpix partner. theyre all good.

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  10. I've played the game with a lot of different combinations, and I've found that the strongest and most fun team to use is Vulpix as your main and Riolu as your partner. Vulpix learns Imprison fairly early on, and Ember and Faint Attack are great moves for the entire game. Riolu learns Force Palm, which is a very powerful move that is great for bosses. He also learns Bite, which is a very good PP move. The move sets I settled on for the two were Flamethrower, Imprison, Faint Attack, and Ember for Vulpix and Quick Attack, Force Palm, Bite, and Copycat for Riolu(Copycat can be replaced with something else). They are both strong against Dialga and there aren't any bosses where both are weak to them. I rarely needed Reviver Seeds or Max Elixirs.

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