Does anyone know where to get the Sun Ribbon?

  1. If anyone knows what dungeon and floor number please let me know.

    User Info: Creature9111

    Creature9111 - 11 years ago

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  1. Client: Magnemite
    Objective: Arrest Hypno.
    Place: Midnight Forest B13F
    Restrictions: None
    Difficulty: *5 (800)
    Reward: Sun Ribbon + ?
    Wonder Mail S:
    WQ9SX &2J0CY6 SC24@
    #PJ&P 4S9NPKS 7C81H

    Credit to: lucaspontes

    User Info: AngelJC923

    AngelJC923 - 11 years ago 19   1


  1. Well, actually the special episode gives you a Sun Scarf, not a Sun Ribbon.

    User Info: pokeplayer100

    pokeplayer100 - 11 years ago 13   7
  2. I found mine inside a Deluxe box from a golden chamber, keep your eyes peeled for missions involving golden chambers.

    User Info: Jonkenden

    Jonkenden - 11 years ago 4   2
  3. *elaborating on sonictrainer's answer*
    The dungeons I've found them being sold in by Kecleon have been Mystifying Forest and Shimmer Hill. There's probably more, but I haven't seen them.

    User Info: uuliani

    uuliani - 11 years ago 3   2
  4. U can find them in golden chambers in mt. horn 9th floor i think.

    User Info: underwater44

    underwater44 - 11 years ago 3   2
  5. There are several ways to get the item:
    -Complete Special Episode 3 "Today's Oh My Gosh"
    -Find it inside of a chest found inside of a Golden Chamber (missions obtained after Diamond Rank)
    -buy/steal it from Kecleon Shops in certain dungeons
    -trade for the item
    -get it as a reward for a job

    User Info: sonictrainer

    sonictrainer - 11 years ago 4   7
  6. you can get one by doing the speacial episode ``Todays Oh My Gosh'' u will get the speacial episode after u find mesprit.

    User Info: Darkkoopaman

    Darkkoopaman - 11 years ago 4   13

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