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Join in Peppa and Georges favourite games and activities. Play as either Peppa or George to complete 11 highly enjoyable games and activities including: Muddy Puddes, Happy Mrs. Chicken, Bubble Bath, Kite Flying, Car Trip, Pancake Flipping, Carwash, Parrot, Snowman, Hide and Seek, Colouring In

Playing Peppa Pig The Game, on Wii, allows the player to explore & interact with Peppa Pigs world and is fun and entertaining for all involved.

Game modes
- played against the clock or as free play
- 3 different levels easy, medium & hard to accommodate children of different ages and abilities
- Unlockable extra content including clothes to dress the snowman, more kites to fly and additional pictures to colour in

Peppa Pig The Game encourages the development of childrens powers of concentration, their creative skills and through the timed games and scoring their counting and number skills.

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