Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (North America)

  1. From Cipher9x9 (09/24/2009; 512KB) All Cards And game Passed
  2. From GiantStitch712 (10/13/2009; 64KB) Game Complete - 3x All Cards, All Costumes, Duel Disks, Duel Runner Parts

Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (Japan)

  1. From egghead58 (04/22/2009; 256KB) All Duelists Unlocked and Beaten x255, Most Packs Unlocked (only 200 duels until last pack unlock), Max DP, All Cards, All Tag Opponents, All Costumes and Duel Disks, All Runner Parts.
  2. From ryanrichardson1 (04/16/2009; 512KB) Everything Unlocked and completed story mode march 2009 limited list Name is Ryan
  3. From squaw_2313 (03/28/2009; 256KB) Everything Unlocked and All Cards x9

Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (Europe)

  1. From Kaze01 (06/08/2020; 256KB) Player Name: Kaze Crysius; Language: ITA; All cards unlocked; All Duel Disks unlocked; All Free Duel Opponents Unlocked (even unused ones and story mode-only); Good deck recipes.

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