• Book of Dragons Unlockables: Hidden Characters, EX Stage, Cheat Mode

    Some of the content in this game is locked behind the Book of Dragons (竜の書, from the X button menu), and 100% completion is otherwise impossible since you'll be one percent short (the game's percentage reflects how many stages were unlocked), one figurine short normally.

    Unlocking it requires drawing on the touch screen one emblem at a time, out of 6 in total. The game expects a dot in a specific place, followed by the rest of the drawing in one stroke. Those emblems can be found on various merchandise or the official game website. Some of these activate cheats that can be turned on/off from the Book of Dragons sub-screen.

    In either case, keep in mind these unlockables, the extra stage aside (needed with its figurine for 100% completion) destroy what little challenge left the game has.

    Cheat: 地球人サポートつかいほうだい (Infinite Earthling Support)Red Dragon Emblem (Dororo) - Dot near lower right screen edge, Skull with two teeth from top, right to left.
    Cheat: 無敵モード (Invincibility Mode)Last Dragon Emblem (Secret) - Dot near middle right screen edge, looks like the outline of a Keronian head with three rounded parts in the bottom part
    Cheat: 超必殺技つかいほうだい (Infinite Sure-Kill Ultimate Move)Brown Dragon Emblem (Kururu) - Dot near upper right screen edge, Kururu helmet from bottom point, left to right.
    Hidden Character: Dorara. Game breaker. Has an infinite jump and moves exclusive to Giroro and Dororo. Can access all character exclusive stages.Blue Dragon Emblem (Dororo) - Dot near bottom left screen edge, cross shuriken from top, right to left.
    Hidden Character: Garuru. Plays like a more powerful Giroro. Can access Giroro exclusive stages.Green Dragon Emblem (Keroro) - Dot near upper left screen edge, Five-pointed Star from top, right to left.
    Hidden Stage: EX 幻のステージ (EX Elusive Stage). Appears in W1. Secret stage that's harder than the rest of the game. Needed for 100%.Black Dragon Emblem (Tamama) - Dot near middle left screen edge, Japanese trainee symbol (like an open book, point facing downwards) from upper left c

    Contributed By: Montas1992.

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  • Keroro Shogun Figurine

    To get the 101th figurine, Keroro Shogun, you first need to find all other 100 figurines first.

    It goes without saying that 100% stage completion is required. Some stages do not unlock unless the path to them is opened after using a specific character from a neutral stage, with said path highlighted when you select the correct character before that. A few more require at least two visits with two different characters. The EX Stage has to be unlocked from the Book of Dragons first by tracing Tamama's emblem.

    Some of the figurines require special moves, such as Keroro's charged attack, or flight either using Dorara, or Kururu's Sure-Kill Ultimate Attack.

    Contributed By: Montas1992.

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