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FAQ by A7thSteve

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 08/12/09

Blood of Bahamut
Table of Contents
2.Controls & How to Play
4.Characters and Abilities
5.Story Missions
6.Free Missions

Blood of Bahamut is a fantastic action/adventure game by Square Enix.
The game features a number of missions that pit you and up to three
friends against a giant beast. Using teamwork, you'll destroy parts of
the giant beast and fend off its minions. Between missions you can
use materials gathered from your missions to manufacture new equipment,
as well as enhance the abilities of your characters.

I wrote this guide simply to help people who can't read Japanese enjoy
it in the event that the game is never localized. This is not a
substitute for learning a little Japanese yourself, as it's not a
literal translation guide. If and when they release an America version,
this guide comes down, as it should be.

One rant before I begin, before this game came out it generated
a lot of hype and excitemenet. In part because it had Bahamut in the
title, which evoked a Square classic, Bahamut Lagoon (and by
coincidence the first Japanese-language game I ever played), and
because all of the screenshots looked like the cult hit, Shadow of
the Colossus (I played that game some time between when this game
was announced and now, as I'd never heard of it before). Another
more obvious reason is that Square Enix has the means to create
very clean finished products, so people expect a certain kind of
quality to them.

Upon release, a lot of people gave it negative feedback for these
-Looks like a budget game (uninspired environments)
-Feels like a budget game (there's no immersion)
-Story is lame (by comparison to standard RPGs)
-It doesn't live up to the trailers (there was voice acting in
the trailers, but none in the game)
-This isn't fun (because I have no friends to play with)

All I can say is this game has tight controls, decent (at least
non-obstructive) graphics, and provides tons of fun and strategy
for one person, and much more for two or three or four.

Version History?
This guide is practically finished, the only things I would like to add
are some missing weapons that you can get from the battles unlocked by
the seal stones (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, great,
then maybe I don't need to do that after all hahahahaha..). In addition
it'd be nice to have explanations of where all the different materials
come from, as well as some of the boss weaknesses I missed.

Minor, minor changes. Answers to the seal stone puzzles can be found
here: http://bahamut.gkwiki2.com/51.html
If for some reason you can read a little Japanese and decided to look
at this guide first, go check out that webpage. In the past three weeks
players have finally entered some real information into those online
Japanese guides, so it's definitely the place to be if you're looking for
strategy or the locations of specific materials.

This is going to be the last change for a while since I've been busy
lately, but in the future I'll try to add more information on finding

2.Controls & How to Play
The controls in Blood of Bahamut are very simple:

Stylus Movement:
Touch and hold the stylus to a point on the ground and slide it to
have your character move.

Button Movement:
Press the directions buttons (or the ABXY buttons if you hold the
stylus with you left hand) to move your character.

Touch an enemy or any point on one of the giant beasts. A cursor will
appear and your character will automatically attack the target. You
can tap multiple points in succession, and your character will attack
each point in turn.

Each character has a different weapon, and their rates of attack will
vary accordingly.

If an enemy beast is out of range of your character, the character will
fire a slow moving projectile at the target, at a slower rate than if
they could attack at close range. The exception to this is Ryuma, who
uses a gun and always attacks with bullets.

Each character can equip up to 3 abilities at once. The abilities
appear at the bottom right of the screen and are activated one of two
-Normal attack abilities are activated by tapping the ability icon,
and then tapping what you want to attack.

-Support abilities, and irregular attack abilties (such as the time
bomb) are activated by tapping the ability twice (once to select it,
once more to activate it).

How to Play:
I was thinking about this guide a little bit after I submitted it,
and I realized some people might not even know what's going on in
the battles. Or, you might just be looking at this guide looking
for insight into how it works, seeing as those trailers were so
misleading (that's sarcasm, but sadly it's true for some people).

Each of the maps in the game is made up of several platforms which
are designated with different letters. 'Platform A' is often the
starting point for your character. Platform A always has a number
of barriers you must clear before proceeding to the other platforms.
You can clear the barriers by defeating the last two groups of
enemies before the barrier. Defeat the group that is directly
in front of the barrier, and then the group that was one panel back.
When you have cleared these barriers and made it to the portal
(looks like a crystal) you'll proceed to whatever platform that
crystal connects with.

Giants and Range
Your objective almost always has something to do with the
'giant beast' that roams each stage. While you can interact with
the beasts on Platform A, it's usually at such a long range that
you won't be able to inflict serious damage.

When you are on a platform that allows you to come in close range
of the beasts, you'll notice your attacks change from long range
to short range (unless you're using a long-range only weapon).
Yes, even though you aren't physically next to the beast, you can
still do short range sword slashes once you are relatively close

Close range is beneficial to long range for two reasons: 
1)You can do combo-hits, inflicting more damage in a shorter time.
2)Range affects damage

It's very important to remember that range effects damage. Say you
are attacking a weak point on the enemy. You might be doing 100
damage with your close range attacks standing on the platform, but
if you can actually get up on the beast, you'll do more and more
damage the closer you get (up to three or four times more).

Giants and Attacks

So how do you even get up on the giants (or target places that
are hard to reach)? There are two ways, first is you have to wait
for the giant to execute a certain attack, such as slamming their
fist down on the platform. Then you'll be able to hop up on them
and give them a good attack before being knocked off (and no,
being knocked off will never cause you any harm).

The second way is to find a weak spot on the giant that causes
them to collapse or be stunned. Weak spots include eyes and knees,
you'll usually know when you've hit one. Once the giant is in one
of these 'stunned' poses, you'll usually see a certain spot open
that you couldn't get at before.

Even knowning this, actually hitting the boss in the right spot
can be a pain because of the platforms you are on. First, you
should know that you can always attack THROUGH platforms. So if
a platform is blocking your view, but you know that the enemy's
knee or whatever is behind it, tap the platform and you should
be able to hit their knee (you'll see the damage come up through
the platform..) Second, know that depending on what platform
you stand on, the beast's attacks will change. If they aren't
doing the attack you want, change platforms and see if they
react differently.

Now, if for some reason you still don't know where to attack,
listen to the noise it makes when you attack. The noise of
hitting a weak spot is distinct from the normal attack noises.
In addition, the way the hit looks will be different. When you
are attacking a part with a special elemental weakness (such
as the first giant's left arm part), if you are hitting that
part with the correct element you'll see yet another hit
animation (it should be red sparks, you can't miss it), and
you'll do even more damage.

Giants and Cores

So now you can hit a beast effectively, so what? In order to do
real damage to the beast (which is necessary for the missions
where you need to defeat them), you have to hit certain weak

Giant beasts have armor (as well as shells and tough skin)
that you have to break first. You'll know that you're hitting
one of these points because you'll do a lot more damage to those
points then others. I mean like, 100x more damage.

After breaking the armor, you should be able to see a 'core'.
Cores are usually pretty obvious, they are brightly colored,
sometimes large, spots on the giants. You'll do a lot of
damage to these points as well, until they are destroyed. If
your mission is to defeat the giant beast, you'll probably
have to search out and break several cores in order to
completely deplete its life.

Between missions there are a few menus you will need to navigate in
order to change characters, select missions, etc.

The base menu (noted as such in English, in the top-left corner) is
as follows:

		Mission Select		Mission Join
	Save		Equip		Ability		Miscellaneous

Mission Select
The top screen of the DS will show the title of the
mission, the difficulty of the mission (in # of stars), the objective
of the mission, and the time limit. Pressing R will display a little
story for the mission, or something relating to the beast you are
fighting. (these are actually more interesting than the main story)

The bottom screen will allow you to select different missions. The
first option is to play your next available mission in a sequence. The
options under 'Free Missions' allows you to select from either story
missions you've completed (the first option) or missions specific to
each of the different giant beasts. Selecting one will open up a menu
with more missions to select (each is explained below in the 'free
missions' section).

After selecting a mission you will have three options. The first is to
play the mission solo. The second is to open a lobby for multiple
players (you can begin after they join). The third is to go back and
select another mission.

Mission Join
If someone is hosting a mission, you can enter their lobby by selecting
this option.

There are a number of things you can do in the shop. The first three
options are:

Combine (combine gathered items to create new equipment)

Lottery (pay and win some material at random)

Sell	(sell any items or equipment you want, use this to accumulate
more cash. Selling materials is the easiest, and it is the last option
in the menu)

When you select combine, you'll have a number of options like this:

Great Sword		Katana
Staff			Hammer
Gun			Spear
Light Armor		Heavy Armor
Elemental Defense Armor	Accessories
Consumable Medicine	Ability Pieces

When you tap one of the options, any characters who can use this item
will have a little animation at the top of the screen.

After selecting a category, you'll be brought to a screen that looks
like a normal store. The top screen can display three types of
information by pressing L or R. Each screen will also display the name
of the item and the level your character must be in order to equip the

The first is the attributes of the item. This includes attack or
defense strength, magical strength, elemental affinity, the type of
attack (if it's a weapon), and any extra effects such as HP, MP, or
action speed increases.

The second screen shows the materials required to create the item. In
the case of weapons, the first material is usually a weaker weapon. In
any case, the other materials will be goods you have to collect from
the enemy beasts or their minions. Each material has a different color
so you know which beast it must come from:
Brown- Gigant
Grey-  Fenrir
Blue-  Shiva
Black- Bahamut

Gold-  Gration
Light Purple- Vanargand
Green- Beelzebub
Red- Durga
White- Shin Bahamut

Other colored materials (a diamond with a dot in the middle) must be
gathered by defeating little minions with the corresponding element.

Save your game.

Equip weapons and armor to the character you are currently using.

In this screen you can equip up to three abilities to your current
character, or learn and upgrade other abilities with ability pieces
(the colored stones at the bottom of the screen).

Select one of the three boxes at the top to select from learned
abilities. Select the box at the bottom to see a list of your current
character's abilities, and the ability piece cost for upgrading it to
the next level. Each ability can be upgraded 9 times after you've
learned it.

Here there are five more options:

		Inventory		Titles + Honors
			Change Characters
		Seal Stones		Battle Information

Here you can see your full inventory, it is identical to what you see
in the shop when you sell your items.

Titles + Honors:
These are numerous achievements you acquire during the game.

Change Characters:
Change your current character to someone else. This is the only way to
equip and enhance other character's abilities.

Seal Stones:
This is a number of puzzles where you have to touch points on the stone
in a certain order to break the seal. If you get the order correct, you
will open up a new mission where you can get new items. The solutions
to the stones appear in various places (magazines, promotional goods,

The answers to the seal stones appear at a Japanese user-generated
guide here:

Battle Information:
This includes many tips on playing the game, as well as information
about the story and enemies. I've tried to include what I found useful
into this guide.

4.Characters and Abilities
There are six playable characters in the game, and they are all
available from the very beginning. If you are going to be playing
multiplayer a lot, it's alright to focus on your favorite character.
If you are trying to play alone though, be sure to give everyone a try
as some character's attributes will help better than others depending
on the situation.

A note about abilities: You can already learn a bit of information just
by looking at the little icon for each ability. 

First is the icon color, if it is the color of one of the four elements 
(red-fire, blue-ice, purple-lightning, black-darkness), that ability 
will always have that elemental attribute. If the icon's background is
brown, the ability will take the element of whatever your current
weapon's elemental affinity is (so if you have a fire sword, the
ability will act as a fire ability). If the background of the icon is
white, the ability will have no elemental affinity whatsoever.

Next is the shape. If the shape of the icon has four sides, that
ability requires a target. Press the ability icon, and then a target
to activate it. If the shape of the icon is an oval, the ability
requires no target and you can simply tap the icon, and then tap it
again to activate it.

Abilities listed below are in the order they appear in the 'learning'

An ability that says 'pierces the enemy' (literally 'pass through')
has a special property that allows it to pass through the bodies of 
enemies, INCLUDING those of the giant beasts! So, if you have trouble 
hitting a certain spot (such as the back of the giant's body, or back 
of their hand), try using one of these piercing abilities.

Weapon: Great Sword
All great swords have a 3-hit combo attack. The third hit is great for
clearing out a crowd of enemies.
Main Element: None

1. A spinning sword attack similar to his combo's third hit.

2. A single downward strike. Usually just good for hitting one enemy.

3. A signal flare used to attract the giant beast's attention, it
damages as well.

5. Raises all of your allies' resistance to darkness, and restores
some of your HP.

4. An aura surrounds your character, any enemies attacking within that
aura will be counterattacked.

6. A charging dash forward, hitting all enemies in the way.

7. Fires a very quick 'magic bullet'. Useful for long range.

8. Raises your allies' attack strength.

9. 'Unleash the dragon', this is a massive non-elemental damage attack
that hits many enemies. A cutscene will play when activated. It takes
several minutes to charge, so you won't be able to use it that often.

10. An upward sword strike that heals part of your life depending on
the damage it deals.

Weapon: Katana
All Katana have a 3-hit combo.
Main Element: Darkness

1. A dashing charge forward, and up at an angle. This will send Ren
flying, and hit all enemies in his path.

2. A three hit combo with darkness affinity. 

3. Sends out a power wave from your sword. Pierces the enemy.

4. Increases the HP recovery rate for all allies, and recovers a bit of
your own HP.

5. Draws allies close (for use in multiplayer only)

6. A giant downward slash with darkness affinity. This attack has high
magic power.

7. Surrounds your character with a darkness aura for a moment,
counterattacks any enemies within the aura.

8. Increases the movement speed of all allies.

9. Attacks with an explosion of darkness affinity. This attack has
high magic power.

10. Sets a time bomb at your feet, for use against the giant beasts.
note:You can set the bomb off yourself and damage nearby enemies, doing
no harm to yourself. (Thanks to ivanuchiha88 for this tip)

Weapon: Staff
The staff has no close range attack, but can regularly attack with
ranged magic bullets.
Main Element: Multiple (but no darkness)
Yui has several elemental attacks, but the only way to have her use
darkness affinity is to give her a staff with darkness. One of her
darkness staffs changes her normal attack into a giant darkness attack.

1. Restores HP for all allies.

2. Attack with a fireball that comes from above. Pierces the enemy.

3. Attack enemies in the target area with an ice attack.

4. Shocks enemies in range with lightning element. Enemies who are
close together will all be shocked. Pierces the enemy.

5. Increases the magic power of all allies' attacks.

6. Surrounds an area with a fire tornado. This attack has high magic

7. Freezes an enemy and attacks them five times.

8. Shocks all enemeis in range with a big spark. This attack has high
magic power. (slows their movement as well)

9.  Causes a large non-elemental explosion.

10. Increases the elemental defense of all allies for all elements,
and restores a bit of HP.

Weapon: Hammer
Main Element: Fire

1. A giant swing downward with fire element. The magic power of this
attack is very high.

2. Makes a giant flame that damages enemies.

3. Raises your defense and will reflect a giant beast's close range
attack. (sounds good in theory, but I've never been able to time
it right)

4. Surrounds your character with a fire aura and counterattacks all
enemies who come in range.

5. Raises your allies' resistance to fire element attacks, and restores
a bit of your HP.

6. Attacks with a giant swing.

7. Attack with three giant swings using fire element.

8. Raises your allies' maximum HP.

9. Causes a small fire explosion that damages you as well.

10. Causes a giant fire explosion. The magic power of this attack is
very high.

Weapon: Guns
Depending on the weapon, Ryuma's guns will either have a 5-shot combo,
one giant blast, or a beam attack. The 5-bullet guns are most common.
Main Element: Ice

1. Causes an explosion of ice, good for clearing out a crowd.

2. Sprays a number of shots at the target, can hit nearby enemies.

3. A single homing shot that will follow the target.

4. Creates a decoy of yourself that distracts the giant beast. There
are many uses for this!

5. Raises the ice element defense for all of your allies, and restores 
a bit of your HP.

6. Hold your stylus down on your target for a charged gun shot.

7. A single frozen bullet, this attack's magic power is very high.

8. Raises the defense of all allies.

9. You enter a sniper-scope mode, similar to the gun turrets found at
certain parts of the map. Useful when a giant beast stands still.

10. Surrounds you with an ice aura and counters enemies who come within

Weapon: Spear
All spears have a close-range 5-hit combo.
Main Element: Lightning (electricity)

1. A single giant electric spear attack.

2. Pierces enemies with a 2-hit combo.

3. Attacks with a three-hit combo of lightning.

4. Surrounds your character with a lightning aura, counters enemies who
come within range.

5. Raises your allies' lightning elemental defense, and restores a bit
of your HP.

6. A dashing charge attack forward, travels a long distance.

7. A lightning ball attack. The magic power of this attack is
high. Pierces the enemy.

8. Raises the action speed of your allies.

9. Attacks with a 5-hit combo of lightning. The magic power of this
attack is high.

10. Causes a giant lightning bolt to rain down at your feet. Useful
when standing on the giant beast, as it will electrify them and deal

5.Story Missions
In the story missions, you will see story scenes before and after each
mission. These missions tend to be a lot easier than the free missions.

1-1: Destroy the right hand's core.
Attack destroy the core in the giant beast's hand.

1-2: Continue to the portal.
Defeat enemies until you reach the portal (which looks like a crystal)

1-3: Expose the core on Gigant's face.
Destroy the armor around Gigant's mouth to expose the core beneath.

1-4: Attack Gigant's knee.
Attack the exposed cores on Gigant's knees to cause him to come

1-5: Defeat Gigant
Deal damage to Gigant until his health has run out.

2-1: Survive Fenrir's attacks for 5 minutes.
Simply survive until the timer runs out.

2-2: Continue to the portal.

2-3: Break one of Fenrir's hind leg armors.
Break the armor covering Fenrir's hind legs. This is easiest when
Fenrir turns around to attack you with its tail.

2-4: Destroy one of Fenrir's hind leg cores.
Destroy one of the cores you exposed in the previous mission.

2-5: Defeat Fenrir

3-1: Continue to the portal.

3-2: Survive Ifrit's attacks for 5 minutes.

3-3: Destroy Ifrit's chest armor.
Attack Ifrit's chest armor until it breaks.

3-4: Cause Ifrit's weapon to fall.
Drop the large fire cannon on Ifrit's back by attacking the clasps on
either side of his back. In order to get a good angle, attack Ifrit in
the eye, casuing him to turn and expose the clasp to you.

3-5: Defeat Ifrit.

4-1: Destroy Gilgamesh's chest core.

4-2: Survive Gilgamesh's attacks for 5 minutes.

4-3: Approach Gilgamesh's float core OR Destroy Gilgamesh's back core.
(thanks to supersaiaman for the alternative method)
Wait for Gilgamesh to ram your platform, then hop on and walk up to
the core. Alternatively you can destroy the core on his back, hidden
behind the face.

4-4: Destroy Gilgamesh's float core.
Destroy the core on Gilgamesh's float (not to be confused with the
cannons on his float)

4-5: Defeat Gilgamesh

5-1: Destroy all of Shiva's stomach armor.
Shiva has a bunch of armor on her stomach which can be shattered.

5-2: Destroy Shiva's fan.
Break the fan Shiva holds by hitting the core above her hand.

5-3: Reveal Shiva's skirt core.
Break the side of Shiva's skirt to reveal a core.

5-4: Defeat Shiva

5-5: Defeat Aslan's Dragon

Requiem to the Beasts
6-1: Defeat Gigant

6-2: Defeat Ifrit

6-3: Defeat Shiva

6-4: Defeat Gigant

7-1: Break Bahamut's horn
Destroy the horn on Bahamut's nose.

7-2: Reveal Bahamut's core
Destroy Bahamut's chest plating to reveal its core.

7-3: Defeat Bahamut

7-4: Defeat Shin Bahamut

7-5: Defeat Shin Bahamut again

6.Free Missions
Free missions are much more difficult than the initial story missions,
because the giant beasts and their minions are stronger. The upside is
that you can harvest pretty much whatever parts you need from these
missions, while in the story mode, certain parts of the enemy would
not break no matter what.
Most of the missions require you to destroy specific parts of the giant 

When you first look at the list of free missions, you won't have all of
them unlocked. You will unlock more as you finish them. The list below
shows all of the free missions in the order they appear when they are
all unlocked.

1.Destroy Gigant's Right Hand core.

2.Destroy both of Gigant's knees.

3.Destroy Gigant's mouth. Gigant's mouth core is beneath his face, right
in the center of his body.

4.Destroy both of Gigant's eyes.

5.Destroy Gigant's back core. You have to reveal it first by attacking
the point on its back below the upper mountain area.
-You can use Ryuma's decoy to distract it while you teleport to 
another area and take a good shot at the core.
(thanks to MasterPoker for the tip)

6.Destroy Gigant's chest cores. These cores are on either side of
Gigant's body, you have to break some armor away to reveal them.

7.Destroy Gigant

8.Cut off Gigant's Right Arm!
Gigant's right arm core is at his shoulder. You need to use a lightning
ability or a lightning affinity weapon in order to deal significant
damage to it. When you have dealt enough damage to it, a red barrier
will appear and stop your attacks. At this point you have to physically
run up his arm, past the barrier, and attack it once more. A cut scene
will show his arm coming off.

1.Destroy Fenrir's Left and Right Hind Legs.

2.Destroy Fenrir's Forehead Core.

3.Destroy Fenrir's Eyes.

4.Destroy Fenrir's Front Legs.
By hitting Fenrir's eyes, he will turn sideways allowing you a clear shot
at either his front of back legs.

5.Destroy Fenrir's Tongue.
Fenrir's Tongue is visible when he does his 'thunder cannon' attack, but
you can hit it any time his head is down because it hands out of his

6.Defeat Fenrir

7.Cut off Fenrir's Tail.
When you walk up Fenrir's tail (after he slams it down twice), you'll
reach a point where you can't walk anymore. Attack the structure in front
of you with a fire attack to break the armor around his tail core. Like
Gigant's arm, you have to be right next to the core when you deal the
final hit to cut it off.

8.Cut off Fenrir's Horns.
After hitting Fenrir's eye and making him turn sideways, hit his front leg.
Assuming you're on the proper height platform, he'll fall over towards you
allowing you to walk down his horn to reach the horn's core.

1.Destroy both of Ifrit's Eyes.

2.Destroy Ifrit's Knee Cores.
Ifrit usually has his knees covered by his hands. You can still hit them
if you get a good angle (or by piercing his hand) but even easier is
hitting him in the eyes and having him turn sideways, giving you a clear
shot of the knee (though it's a bit far away).

3.Destroy Ifrit's Back Neck Core.
Ifrit has a core on the back of his neck. If you are on a platform where
Ifrit does his ramming head attack, you'll be able to climb up his head
and reach the back neck just fine.

4.Destroy Ifrit's Back Core.
Ifrit's back core is behind his 'Volcano' (the large weapon on his back).
Drop the Volcano just as in the story mission (3-4), and attack his back
either through a piercing attack or turning him sideways (by hitting him
in the eye).

5.Destroy Ifrit's Neck Core.
This spot is easy to hit, although sometimes his chin gets in the way as
his head is always hanging down.

6.Destroy Ifrit's Stomach Core.
This is below his chest, and sometimes hard to hit consecutively because 
he's always hunched over.

7.Break off Ifrit's Left and Right Horns.
These are on top of his head and fairly easy to reach normally, and even
easier to reach when he does his ramming head attack.

8.Drop Ifrit's Bombs
Ifrit's Bombs are those hand grenades on either side of him. To get rid of
them you have to break the belt that they are attached to. The clasp for
the belt is on the lower part of his back, and you can easily hit it when
he turns sideways. The clasp looks similar to his Volcano's clasp.

9.Defeat Ifrit

10.Cut off Ifrit's Left and Right Arms.
In order to get at Ifrit's arm cores, you need to break off all the armor
and cores around both his forearm and upper arm parts. The upper arm parts
must be attacked with a Dark element attack. As usual, deal the final blow
to the upper arm cores at point-blank range.
-One way to get Ifrit to do his right arm attack (so that you can run up
it and cut it off), is to move to Platform B. (Thanks to MrGodai for
testing and confirming this.)

1.Destroy Gilgamesh's Horns.
Gilgamesh's horns are on top of his head, and can be easily hit by running
up his arms.

2.Destroy Gilgamesh's Chest Core.

3.Destroy Gilgamesh's Float Core.
This core is on Gilgamesh's floating base, behind the front-most cannon.

4.Destroy all of Gilgamesh's Eyes.
Gilgamesh has four eyes, two on his head, which can be reached by walking
up his arms, and two 'compound eyes' on the beast face on his back.

5.Destroy Gilgamesh's Back Core.
Gilgamesh's back core is behind the lower part of the beast face on his
back. After breaking off this lower part, the core will be exposed.

6.Destroy Gilgamesh's Left and Right Hand Cores
Gilgamesh's upper arms have armor and cores on the back of their hands.
It's not too difficult to find a good angle on these, walking up his
swords when he extends them to you is the easiest way, but piercing
attacks work as well.

7.Defeat Gilgamesh

8.Cut off all of Gilgamesh's Arms
Gilgamesh's arm cores are the joints near his elbows. As always you have
to deal the final blow to these cores by walking up the arm and hitting
them at close range. The two upper arms must be attacked with an Ice
element attack. His upper arms will regenerate after cut off, but you
don't need to cut them off again (just once will count towards this
mission's goal).

Gration (alternate Gigant)
1.Destroy Gration's Right Hand Core.

2.Destroy Gration's Left and Right Knee Cores.

3.Destroy Gration's Mouth Core.

4.Break Gration's Horn.
This beast now has a big ornamental horn on top of his head. It's probably
the easiest part to break off.

5.Destroy Gration's Eyes.

6.Destroy Gration's Back Core.
If you know where it is, this is easily destroyed by a piercing attack.

7.Destroy Gration's Left and Right Chest Cores.

8.Destroy Gration's Left Hand Core.
The core is in its palm.

9.Defeat Gration

10.Cut off both of Gration's Arms.
Once again you need to use lightning to damage the shoulder parts. If you
can't seem to get Gration to slam down his right arm so you can walk up
it, move to a different platform.

Technically all of Shiva's free missions have the same objective, to
expose and destroy a certain core, but I'll specify which core it is here.

1.Destroy Shiva's Stomach Core.
Shiva has a bunch of stomach armor, the core is behind all of it.

2.Destroy Shiva's Knee Core.
This is more or less on her ankle, she has some armor over the core that
looks like a bigger core, make sure to break both of them to finish the

3.Destroy Shiva's Thigh Core.
To expose this core you have to break the side of Shiva's skirt. It's
the part that you can walk up to when she rams the platform with the side
of her iceberg float.

4.Destroy Shiva's Forehead Core.
This core is behind her crown/tiara. You can reach it pretty easily when
she does her upside-down attack.

5.Destroy Shiva's Armlet Core.
Shiva has an armlet on her left arm. After destroying it, there's another
core behind it that you have to destroy.

6.Destroy Shiva's Iceberg Core.
This core is actually underneath the icerberg. When she does her
upside-down attack, you can run right up to it and attack.

7.Destroy Shiva's Back Core.
Attack Shiva's back with a lightning attack. Her back armor is huge and
easy to see, but the core is smaller.
You can reach her back easier by hitting her in the front skirt and making
her collapse with her arm out (what the heck, SquareEnix!?). This will
work until the skirt armor breaks. Run down her arm to her neck and attack.
You have to hit the middle of the core part, not just the big blue area
on her back in order to damage it.
She is guaranteed to fall towards your platform if you are on Platform B
(thanks to tienhoanho for that tip)

8.Destroy Shiva's Chest Core.
You have to shatter Shiva's top armor to get at this one. The clasp for
the top armor is on the back of her neck, and you need to use a Dark
attack to damage it. The tip from above applies.

9.Defeat Shiva.
Now that you know where all her cores are, this is a bit easier.

Vanargand (alternate Fenrir)
1.Destroy Vanargand's Hind Leg Cores.

2.Destroy Vanargand's Forehead Core.

3.Destroy Vanargand's Eyes.

4.Destroy Vanargand's Front Leg Cores.

5.Destroy Vanargand's Tongue Core.

6.Defeat Vanargand.

7.Cut off Vanargand's Tail.

8.Cut off Vanargand's Left and Right Horns.

Beelzebub (alternate Ifrit)
1.Destroy Beelzebub's Eyes.

2.Destroy Beelzebub's Left and Right Knee Cores.

3.Destroy Beelzebub's Back Neck Core.

4.Destroy Beelzebub's Back Core.

5.Destroy Beelzebub's Neck Core.

6.Destroy Beelzebub's Stomach Core.

7.Destroy Beelzebub's Horns.

8.Drop Beelzebub's Bombs.

9.Defeat Beelzebub.

10.Cut off Beelzebub's Left and Right Arms.

Durga (alternate Gilgamesh)
1.Break Durga's Horns.

2.Destroy Durga's Chest Core.

3.Destroy Durga's Float Core.

4.Destroy all of Durga's Cannons.
Durga has three cannons on its floating base. One in front and two on the

5.Destroy all 4 of Durga's Eyes.

6.Destroy Durga's Back Core.

7.Destroy Durga's Hand Cores.
Same as before, these are the cores on the back of Durga's hands on the
very top arms.

8.Defeat Durga.

9.Cut off all of Durga's Arms.

1.Break Bahamut's Horns.
These are on top of Bahamut's head.

2.Destroy Bahamut's Left and Right Wing Cores.
These are a pain to hit, as they at the HIGHEST point of either wing, and
Bahamut is always flapping its wings. You will be able to see the cores
after breaking off the armor at the tips of the wings.
Using Ryuma's Homing Shot ability, you can easily attack the cores by
tapping the wing tips whenever you see them.
(thanks to mikagami81 for explaining where the cores were and for the tip
about using the homing shot)

3.Destroy Bahamut's Chest Core.

4.Destroy Bahamut's Eyes.

5.Destroy Bahamut's Back Core.
Besides piercing through him if you can, you'll be able to reach the back
core with long range attacks when Bahamut spins around to whip you with
his tail (allowing you to run up his tail). Stay on the platform and
you should be able to see the armor point on his back where the core is.

6.Destroy Bahamut's Left and Right Knee Cores.

7.Destroy Bahamut's Strongholds.
These are the large structures held up by Bahamut's wings. You have to
hit them from behind to damage them.

8.Defeat Bahamut

9.Cut off Bahamut's Tail.
You can get to Bahamut's tail core by hopping on his tail when he
spins around to attack you with it. You need to use fire element
to damage it.

10.Cut off Bahamut's Left and Right Arms.
You need the ice element to damage Bahamut's arms. They can
regenerate, but you only need to cut each one off once.

Shin Bahamut
1.Break Shin Bahamut's Horns.

2.Destroy Shin Bahamut's Wing Cores.

3.Destroy Shin Bahamut's Chest Cores.

4.Destroy Shin Bahamut's Eyes.

5.Destroy Shin Bahamut's Back Core.

6.Destroy Shin Bahamut's Left and Right Knees Cores.

7.Destroy Shin Bahamut's Strongholds.

8.Defeat Shin Bahamut

9.Cut off Shin Bahamut's Tail.

10.Cut off Shin Bahamut's Left and Right Arms.

*The missions that appear after this are all tougher versions of
previous battles. They all require you to defeat the giant beasts.
These include the missions unlocked by the seal stones.
The first set of missions are 'Ultimate' versions of the giant
beasts, and the materials you get from them will be labeled as
such (see equipment list below).

**Chaos Bahamut does not appear until you have completed
every other mission in the game. Chaos Bahamut will appear
at the very end of the list.


Equipment is listed in the order you see them in the shop.
I've included the price and the materials you need to create
the items. In the explanation of the shop menu above, I have
some general guidelines of where you can get any given
material. Some of the materials aren't so obvious, so I've
listed a few with explanations below:

Gigant's Lungs- Destroy Gigant's Chest Cores.

Vanargand's Swordhorn- This is directly on top of its head.

Ifrit's Volcano- This is the giant weapon on its back.

Gilgamesh's Greatsword- Cut off Gilgamesh's Upper Left Arm
Gilgamesh's No-Katana- Cut off Gilgamesh's Upper Right Arm
Gilgamesh's Dark Sword- Cut off Gilgamesh's Back Left Arm
Gilgamesh's Thunder Sword- Cut off Gilgamesh's Back Right Arm
Gilgamesh's Flame Sword- Cut off Gilgamesh's Lower Right Arm
Gilgamesh's Ice Sword- Cut off Gilgamesh's Lower Left Arm

Shiva's Iceberg- There is a part on the back of Shiva's float
that you can destroy.
Shiva's Float- It's directly underneath her floating ice throne.

Bahamut/Shin Bahamut:

Outer Skin/Shell/Armor- You get these pieces by breaking off
the various coverings that shield the cores.

Spirit- You get this after defeating the corresponding giant

XX Essence- You can get these by defeating enemies and picking
up the yellow orbs they drop.

These are listed in order as you see them in the shop, with materials
needed and prices.

Ibuki's Greatswords:
1.Bronze Longsword Rising Dragon			200
Giant Beast's Kintamashi

2.Bushi Longsword					350
Bronze Longsword Rising Dragon, Gigant's Mouth

3.Unsigned Water Longsword				800
B.Longsword Rising Dragon, Gigant's Eye, Ice Essence

4.Unsigned Thunder Longsword				800
Bushi Longsword, Fenrir's Outer Skin, Gigant's Outer Skin

5.Gold Sword						1400
B.Longsword Rising Dragon, Gigant's Outer Skin, Fenrir's Eye

6.Unsigned Flame Longsword				1400
B.Longsword Rising Dragon, Ifrit's Armor, Gigant's Armor

7.Bastard Sword						1400
Gigant's Back, Gigant's Shell, Fenrir's Right Front Leg		

8.Spark Blade						1400
U.Thunder Longsword, Fenrir's Forehead, Fenrir's Tongue

9.Icebrand						2400
U.Water Longsword, Gigant's Mouth, Gilgamesh's Outer Skin, Ice Essence

10.Asura						2400
Bastard Sword, Gigant's Spirit, Gigant's Right Arm, Fenrir's Left Front Leg	

11.Flametan						3800
U.Flame Sword, Ifrit's Spirit, Ifrit's Back, Ifrit's Outer Skin

12.Sword of Wisdom					3800
Asura, Gilgamesh's Chest, Ifrit's Neck, Fenrir's Left Horn

13.Schiksal						3800
Gration's Stomach, Gration's Horn, Gilgamesh's Float, Gilgamesh's Horn

14.Thunder Cutter					3800
Bastard Sword, Fenrir's Tail, Fenrir's Spirit, Gilgamesh's Compound Eye

15.Waverider						3800
Bastard Sword, Gration's Left Hand, Shiva's Fan, Gilgamesh's Back

16.Raijoudou						3800
Schiksal, Gration's Outer Skin, Gration's Shell, Vanargand's Armor

17.Sacred Sword Unomaru					3800
Schiksal, Shiva's Crown, Shiva's Fan, Vanargand's Forehead

18.Rune Blade						5600
Sword of Wisdom, Gilgamesh's Hand, Gilgamesh's Back, Vanargand's Tongue

19.Kouen Sword						5600
Bastard Sword, Ifrit's Right Arm, Ifrit's Bomb, Gilgamesh's Cannon

20.Highlander						8200
Rune Blade, Gration's Right Arm, Vanargand's Right Front Leg, Vanargand's Tongue

21.Vajra						8200
Thunder Cutter, Vanargand's Right Front Leg, Vanargand's Left Front Leg, 
Gration's Left Arm

22.Monohoshizao						8200
Schiksal, Gration's Right Arm, Gration's Left Arm, Vanargand's Hind Leg

23.Tristan						8200
Waverider, Durga's Cannon, Shiva's Float, Shiva's Chest

24.Gladius						8200
Raijoudou, Beelzabub's Neck, Beelzebub's Armor, Beelzebub's Volcano

25.Spider Slayer					11000
Schiksal, Bahamut's Horn, Durga's Horn, Vanargand's Swordhorn

26.Hacchonenbutsu 					11000
Raijoudou, Vanargand's Tail, Vanargand's Shell, Durga's Armor

27.Ogre Slayer						11000
Schiksal, Beelzebub's Outer Skin, Beelzebub's Shell, Vanargand's Right Horn

28.Totsukanotsurugi					11000
Sacred Sword Unomaru, Shiva's Chest, Shiva's Iceberg, Durga's Hand

29.Genshin Sword					17000
Monohoshizao, Beelzebub's Bomb, Beelzebub's Stomach, Ultimate Gigant's Mouth

30.7-Star Sword						17000
Rune Blade, Durga's Greatsword, Bahamut's Right Arm, Bahamut's Left Arm

31.Taia Sword						17000
Vajra, Vanargand's Left Horn, Vanargand's Spirit, Shin Bahamut's Left Arm

32.Blue Dragon Ice Sword				17000
Tristan, Shin Bahamut's Left Arm, Durga's Ice Sword, Shiva's Spirit

33.Blue Dragon Flame Sword				17000
Gladius, Durga's Flame Sword, Beelzebub's Spirit, Shin Bahamut's Stronghold

34.Kusanagi						28000
Monohoshizao, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Cannon, Ultimate Gigant's Eye, 
Ultimate Gigant's Right Arm

35.Scharnhorst						32000
Hacchonenbutsu, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Back, Ultimate Fenrir's Right Front Leg, 
Ultimate Fenrir's Left Front Leg

36.Kutune Shirka					37000
Totsukanotsurugi, Ultimate Shiva's Forehead, Ultimate Shiva's Fan, 
Shin Bahamut's Horn

37.Zweihander						42000
Monohoshizao, Bahamut's Spirit, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Greatsword, 
Ultimate Gigant's Left Arm

38.Joyeuse						42000
Genshin Sword, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Flame Sword, Ultimate Ifrit's Horn, 
Ultimate Ifrit's Volcano

39.????							47000
Highlander, Shin Bahamut's Right Arm, Ultimate Bahamut's Right Arm, 
Ultimate Gigant's Right Hand

40.Claiomh Solais					47000
Spider Slayer, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Dark Sword, Ultimate Bahamut's Right Arm, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Left Arm

41.Durendal						59000
Zweihander, Ultimate Gigant's Spirit, Ultimate Gration's Right Arm, 
Ultimate Gration's Left Arm

42.Valhalla						66000
Scharnhorst, Ultimate Vanargand's Right Front Leg, 
Ultimate Vanargand's Left Front Leg, Ultimate Vanargand's Tail

43.Balmung						66000
Kutune Shirka, Ultimate Durga's Ice Sword, Ultimate Durga's Horn, 
Ultimate Shiva's Arm

44.????							66000
Claimh Solais, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Spirit, Ultimate Durga's No-Longsword, 
Ultimate Durga's Spirit

45.Flame Sword Homura					66000
Ogre Slayer, Ultimate Beelzebub's Spirit, Ultimate Beelzebub's Armor, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Stronghold

46.Ultima Weapon					66000
Kusanagi, Ultimate Shin Bahamut's Back, Ultimate Durga's Dark Sword, 
Ultimate Durga's Hand

47.Farenheit						66000
Joyeuse, Ultimate Shin Bahamut's Horn, Ultimate Beelzebub's Horn, 
Ultimate Beelzebub's Spirit

48.Unsigned Torashima					66000
Valhalla, Ultimate Shin Bahamut's Tail, Ultimate Vanargand's Swordhorn, 
Ultimate Vanargand's Spirit

49.Dreadnought						66000
Balmung, Ultimate Shin Bahamut's Right Arm, Ultimate Shiva's Spirit, 
Ultimate Shiva's Back

50.Excalibur						66000
Ultimate Shin Bahamut's Spirit, Ultimate Shin Bahamut's Blade, 
Ultimate Gration's Spirit

Ren's Katana

1.Treasured Sword White Tiger				200			
Giant Beast's Kintamashi

2.Bright Sun						350
Gigant's Mouth, Gigant's Right Hand

3.Hyousetsu-maru					800
Treasured Sword White Tiger, Gigant's Left Lung, Ice Essence

4.Fine Blade Daybreak					1400
Treasured Sword White Tiger, Gigant's Right Hand, Fenrir's Tongue

5.Raikou-maru						1400
Treasured Sword White Tiger, Fenrir's Hind Leg, Fenrir's Right Front Leg

6.Flickering Heat					1400
Bright Sun, Fenrir's Eye, Gigant's Mouth

7.Roaring Thunder					1400
Bright Sun, Fenrir's Right Front Foot, Fenrir's Outer Skin

8.Enten-maru						1400
Prized Sword White Tiger, Fenrir's Hind Leg, Ifrit's Armor

9.Charging Lion						2400
Bright Sun, Gigant's Right Arm, Fenrir's Forehead, Ifrit's Eye

10.Freezing Point					2400
Bright Sun, Gigant's Knee, Gilgamesh's Outer Skin, Ice Essence

11.Uchigatana Burai					2400
Gilgamesh's Horn, Gration's Armor, Gration's Outer Skin, Gration's Shell

12.Fine Blade Distant Thunder				2400
Raikou-maru, Gilgamesh's Horn, Fenrir's Right Front Leg, Fenrir's Left Front Leg

13.Fine Blade Heat Haze					2400
Enten-maru, Ifrit's Back-Neck, Ifrit's Knee, Gilgamesh's Shell

14.Yarai-maru						3800
Prized Sword White Tiger, Gilgamesh's Eye, Gilgamesh's Compound Eye, 
Ifrit's Forearm

15.Thanks [for nothing]					3800
Bright Sun, Gilgamesh's Armor, Gilgamesh's Shell, Gilgamesh's Hand

16.Lightning Speed					3800
Roaring Thunder, Fenrir's Spirit, Fenrir's Right Horn, Fenrir's Left Horn

17.Fuurinkazan						3800
Flickering Heat, Gration's Right Lung, Gration's Left Lung, Ifrit's Spirit

18.Fine Blade Timely Rain				3800
Hyousetsu-maru, Shiva's Outer Skin, Shiva's Thigh, Gration's Eye

19.Acalanatha						3800
Uchigatana Burai, Gration's Left Hand, Gilgamesh's Hand, Vanargand's Outer Skin

20.Uchigatana Setsugekka				5600
Uchigatana Burai, Vanargand's Eye, Shiva's Outer Skin, Shiva's Shell

21.Uchigatana Raiko					5600
Uchigatana Burai, Vanargand's Forehead, Vanargand's Tongue, Gration's Knee

22.Evil Spirit						8200
Thanks [for nothing], Gilgamesh's Spirit, Shiva's Arm, Vanargand's Swordhorn

23.Nature's Beauty					8200
Freezing Point, Shiva's Iceberg, Shiva's Knee, Shiva's Float

24.Uchigatana Sumihomura				8200
Acalanatha, Beelzebub's Eye, Beelzebub's Stomach, Beelzebub's Armor

25.Absolute Victory					8200
Acalanatha, Gilgamesh's Outer Skin, Gilgamesh's Shell, Durga's Float

26.Youtou Daimajin					11000
Fine Blade Daybreak, Gration's Spirit, Beelzebub's Forearm, Durga's Hand

27.Youtou Thunder Wolf					11000
Fine Blade Distant Thunder, Vanargand's Right Horn, Gilgamesh's Thunder Sword, 
Beelzebub's Bomb

28.Form is Emptyness					11000
Yarai-maru, Durga's Eye, Durga's Compound Eye, Gration's Back

29.Youtou Frigid Fox					11000
Fine Blade Timely Rain, Shiva's Back, Shiva's Forehead, Durga's Back

30.Youtou Burning Demon					14000
Fine Blade Heat Haze, Beelzebub's Back Neck, Beelzebub's Knee, 
Beelzebub's Right Arm

31.Kikuichimonji					14000
Acalanatha, Bahamut's Outer Skin, Bahamut's Shell, Shin Bahamut's Back

32.Hoderi						14000
Uchigatana Sumihomura, Beelzebub's Right Arm, Beelzebub's Left Arm, 
Shin Bahamut's Blade

33.Takemikazuchi					17000
Uchigatana Raiko, Vanargand's Spirit, Ultimate Gigant's Knee, 
Shin Bahamut's Tail

34.Badass						20000
Form is Emptyness, Bahamut's Eye, Shin Bahamut's Eye, 
Ultimate Gration's Back

35.I LOVE YOU						28000
Absolute Victory, Durga's Outer Skin, Durga's Shell, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Horn

36.Sarasvati						32000
Uchigatana Setsugekka, Ultimate Shiva's Thigh, Ultimate Shiva's Knee, 
Ultimate Fenrir's Knee

37.Fuuma Katana						32000
Youtou Thunder Wolf, Ultimate Fenrir's Right Horn, 
Ultimate Fenrir's Left Horn, Durga's No-Longsword

38.There Can Only Be One				37000
Badass, Ultimate Fenrir's Spirit, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Eye, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Horn

39.Kouga Katana						42000
Youtou Frigid Fox, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Ice Sword, Bahamut's Stronghold, 
Shin Bahamut's Chest

40.Bizen Osafune					42000
Hoderi, Ultimate Ifrit's Neck, Ultimate Ifrit's Armor, 
Ultimate Gilgamesh's Flame Sword

41.Genji Katana						42000
Youtou Daimajin, Ultimate Gration's Horn, Ultimate Gration's Knee, 
Ultimate Gration's Right Hand

42.Igano Katana						53000
Youtou Burning Demon, Ultimate Ifrit's Back Neck, Ultimate Ifrit's Knee, 
Ultimate Beelzebub's Back Neck

43.?????						66000
I LOVE YOU, Ultimate Durga's Chest, Ultimate Durga's Dark Sword, 
Ultimate Gilgamesh's Hand

44.Sacred Sword Murasame				66000
Sarasvati, Ultimate Shiva's Float, Ultimate Shiva's Spirit, 
Ultimate Vanargand's Tail

45.Phantom Blade Amatsukami				66000
Takemikazuchi, Ultimate Vanargand's Spirit, Ultimate Vanargand's Forehead, 
Ultimate Fenrir's Tail
46.Youtou Muramasa					66000
Fuuma Katana, Ultimate Vanargand's Right Horn, 
Ultimate Vanargand's Left Horn, Ultimate Shin Bahamut's Stronghold

47.Evil Blade Masamune					66000
Igano Katana, Ultimate Shin Bahamut's Knee, Ultimate Beelzebub's Spirit, 
Ultimate Beelzebub's Knee

48.True Pariah						66000
There Can Only Be One, Ultimate Shin Bahamut's Eye, Ultimate Durga's Eye, 
Ultimate Durga's Spirit

49.Ancient Blade Kanesada				66000
Kouga Katana, Ultimate Shin Bahamut's Chest, Ultimate Shiva's Spirit, 
Ultimate Gilgamesh's No-Longsword

50.Ama no Murakumo					66000
Genji Katana, Ultimate Shin Bahamut's Wing, Ultimate Beelzebub's Right Arm, 
Ultimate Durga's Greatsword

Yui's Staffs

1.Coral Staff						200
Giant Beast's Kintamashi

2.Wizard Rod						350
Coral Staff, Gigant's Mouth

3.Green Coral Staff					800
Coral Staff, Gigant's Left Arm, Ice Essence

4.Red Coral Staff					1400
Coral Staff, Ifrit's Outer Skin, Gigant's Outer Skin

5.Silver Staff						1400
Green Coral Staff, Fenrir's Eye, Ice Essence

6.Violet Coral Staff					1400
Coral Staff, Fenrir's Right Front Leg, Fenrir's Forehead

7.Seraphim Staff					1400
Wizard Rod, Gigant's Mouth, Fenrir's Tongue

8.Aurora Rod						1400
Violet Coral Staff, Ifrit's Armor, Fenrir's Hind Leg

9.Pow-wow						2400
Gigant's Right Arm, Fenrir's Forehead, Ifrit's Forearm, Ifrit's Horn

10.Fairytale						2400
Wizard Rod, Ifrit's Neck, Ifrit's Stomach, Fenrir's Tongue

11.Raks Al-Sharqi					2400
Red Coral Staff, Ifrit's Horn, Ifrit's Armor, Ifrit's Stomach

12.Mazurka						2400
Green Coral Staff, Gilgamesh's Horn, Gilgamesh's Shell, Ice Essence

13.Diretor						2400
Fenrir's Eye, Fenrir's Shell, Ifrit's Neck

14.Princess Guard					3800
Fairytale, Gilgamesh's Cannon, Gration's Mouth, Gration's Back

15.Summer Snow						3800
Mazurka, Shiva's Fan, Shiva's Shell, Gration's Armor

16.Son of Grace						5600
Raks Al-Sharqi, Ifrit's Eye, Ifrit's Left Arm, Gration's Left Hand

17.Shuchou Staff					5600
Raks Al-Sharqi, Ifrit's Bomb, Ifrit's Right Arm, Gration's Armlet

18.Flame Hokage						5600
Ifrit's Right Arm, Ifrit's Neck, Vanargand's Hind Leg, Gration's Left Hand

19.Spiritual Staff					5600
Shiva's Forehead, Shiva's Iceberg, Shiva's Shin, Shiva's Outer Skin

20.Prizm Staff						5600
Diretor, Fenrir's Tail, Vanargand's Shell, Ifrit's Left Arm

21.Dark Shaman Staff					5600
Pow-wow, Gilgamesh's Horn, Vanargand's Forehead, Vanargand's Left Front Leg

22.Sage Staff						5600
Vanargand's Eye, Shiva's Stomach, Gration's Right Arm, Gration's Left Arm

23.Tsukuyomi Staff					5600
Diretor, Vanargand's Eye, Vanargand's Forehead, Shiva's Armor

24.Dead Staff						8200
Pow-wow, Gilgamesh's Greatsword, Gilgamesh's Cannon, Gration's Right Arm

25.Prometheus Staff					8200
Flame Hokage, Beelzebub's Outer Skin, Beelzebub's Shell, Durga's Chest

26.Blue Moon						11000
Spiritual Staff, Shiva's Chest, Beelzebub's Bomb, Bahamut's Wing

27.Stardust Rod						11000
Sage Staff, Gration's Back, Gration's Spirit, Durga's Eye

28.Chronos Staff					11000
Spiritual Staff, Shiva's Back, Shiva's Spirit, Durga's Float

29.Purple Rain						17000
Tsukuyomi Staff, Beelzebub's Bomb, Durga's Thunder Sword, Durga's Cannon

30.Black Baccara					17000
Dark Shaman Staff, Durga's Dark Sword, Durga's Horn, Beelzebub's Back

31.Holly Staff						17000
Sage Staff, Durga's No-Longsword, Shin Bahamut's Armor, Shin Bahamut's Shell

32.La Vie en Rose					17000
Flame Hokage, Ultimate Gration's Knee, Beelzebub's Bomb, Beelzebub's Neck

33.Exorcist						17000
Black Baccara, Shin Bahamut's Right Arm, Bahamut's Chest, Bahamut's Back

34.Ramuh Staff						24000
Purple Rain, Ultimate Fenrir's Tongue, Ultimate Fenrir's Forehead, 
Ultimate Fenrir's Hind Leg

35.Mace of Zeus						32000
Sage Staff, Ultimate Ifrit's Stomach, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Chest, 
Ultimate Gilgamesh's Back

36.Mahoroba Staff					37000
Stardust Rod, Ultimate Bahamut's Eye, Shin Bahamut's Wing, 
Shin Bahamut's Outer Skin

37.Flame Staff Kagucchi					37000
Prometheus Staff, Ultimate Ifrit's Eye, Ultimate Ifrit's Right Arm, 
Ultimate Ifrit's Left Arm

38.Ice Staff Mizuchi					42000
Chrono Staff, Durga's Ice Blade, Ultimate Shiva's Armor, 
Ultimate Gilgamesh's Ice Sword

39.Thunder Staff Yakusa					47000
Ramuh Staff, Ultimate Fenrir's Eye, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Compound Eye, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Left Arm

40.Dark Staff Enma					47000
Exorcist, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Eye, Ultimate Bahamut's Chest, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Tail

41.Paw Saber						59000
Holly Staff, Shin Bahamut's Spirit, Ultimate Durga's Float, 
Ultimate Gilgamesh's Spirit

42.Kitty Paw						59000
La Vie en Rose, Ultimate Ifrit's Spirit, Ultimate Beelzebub's Bomb, 
Ultimate Beelzebub's Volcano

43.Pantheress						66000
Blue Moon, Ultimate Gration's Mouth, Ultimate Durga's Ice Sword, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Back

44.Hand of Fenrir's Grandchild				66000
Ramuh Staff, Ultimate Vanargand's Eye, Ultimate Durga's Thunder Sword, 
Ultimate Gilgamesh's Cannon

45.Black Cat Stick					66000
Exorcist, Ultimate Durga's Flame Sword, Ultimate Durga's Cannon, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Spirit

46.Sharakuda						66000
Prometheus Staff, Chaos Bahamut's Eye, Ultimate Beelzebub's Left Arm, 
Ultimate Beelzebub's Forearm

47.Laevateinn						66000
Chronos Staff, Ultimate Shiva's Spirit, Ultimate Shiva's Float, 
Chaos Bahamut's Left Arm

48.Yggdrasill						66000
Ramuh Staff, Ultimate Vanargand's Spirit, Ultimate Vanargand's Tongue, 
Chaos Bahamut's Chest

49.Nirvana						66000
Exorcist, Durga's Greatsword, Durga's Dark Sword, Chaos Bahamut's Stronghold

50.Izanami Staff					66000
Mace of Zeus, Chao's Bahamut's Spirit, Ultimate Gration's Right Arm, 
Ultimate Gration's Left Arm

Kamo's Hammers

1.Battle Axe						200
Giant Beast's Kingtamashi

2.Giant's Axe						350
Gigant's Outer Skin, Gigant's Right Hand

3.Ice Corps Battleaxe					800
Battle Axe, Gigant's Right Lung, Ice Essence

4.Gold Hammer						800
Gigant's Right Hand, Gigant's Eye, Fenrir's Hind Leg

5.Neptune						1400
Ice Corps Battleaxe, Fenrir's Left Front Leg, Ice Essence

6.Thunder Corps Battleaxe				1400
Battle Axe, Fenrir's Right Front Leg, Fenrir's Hind Leg

7.Mjolnir						1400
Giant's Axe, Fenrir's Outer Skin, Fenrir's Eye

8.Tomahawk						1400
Giant's Axe, Gigant's Mouth, Fenrir's Tongue

9.Prominence						1400
Giant's Axe, Ifrit's Outer Skin, Ifrit's Shell, Fenrir's Forehead

10.Flame Corps Battleaxe				2400
Gold Hammer, Ifrit's Outer Skin, Ifrit's Shell, Ifrit's Neck

11.Morning Star						2400
Tomahawk, Gigant's Spirit, Gigant's Right Arm, Ifrit's Horn

12.Platoon						2400
Gilgamesh's Armor, Gration's Horn, Gration's Armlet

13.Ogre Hammer						3800
Thunder Corps Battleaxe, Fenrir's Right Horn, Fenrir's Left Horn, Ifrit's Knee

14.Black Oni's Cudgel					3800
Morning Star, Gilgamesh's Outer Skin, Gilgamesh's Hand, Gration's Horn

15.Red Oni's Cudgel					3800
Prominence, Ifrit's Bomb, Ifrit's Spirit, Gilgamesh's Float

16.Storm Tomahawk					5600
Mjolnir, Fenrir's Tail, Fenrir's Tongue, Ifrit's Right Arm

17.Wolve's Tooth Cudgel					5600
Mjolnir, Fenrir's Eye, Fenrir's Armor, Ifrit's Right Arm

18.Gargantas						5600
Platoon, Vanargand's Right Front Leg, Vanargand's Outer Skin, Vanargand's Armor

19.Halberd						5600
Platoon, Vanargand's Eye, Gration's Right Lung, Gration's Left Lung

20.Crimson Hammer					5600
Flame Corps Battleaxe, Ifrit's Stomach, Ifrit's Bomb, Vanargand's Tongue

21.Flame Tomahawk					8200
Black Oni's Cudgel, Ifrit's Back, Ifrit's Stomach, Gilgamesh's Flame Sword

22.Dark Corps Battleaxe					8200
Morning Star, Gilgamesh's Greatsword, Gilgamesh's Dark Sword, 
Gilgamesh's Horn

23.Francisca						8200
Gilgamesh's No-Katana, Gilgamesh's Armor, Vanargand's Hind Leg, 
Vanargand's Knee

24.Siegfried						8200
Morning Star, Shiva's Outer Skin, Shiva's Back, Gration's Armlet

25.Celtis						8200
Gargantas, Durga's Float, Vanargand's Float, Vanargand's Left Front Leg, 
Vanargand's Tongue

26.Volcano						8200
Halberd, Beelzebub's Neck, Beelzebub's Stomach, Beelzebub's Horn

27.PikoPiko Hammer					8200
Durga's Cannon, Durga's Shell, Gration's Right Hand, Gration's Left Hand

28.Vampire						11000
Black Oni's Cudgel, Gilgamesh's Chest, Gilgamesh's Back, 
Vanargand's Swordhorn

29.Dark Tomahawk					11000
Black Oni's Cudgel, Gilgamesh's Hand, Gilgamesh's Cannon, 
Vanargand's Swordhorn

30.Glaciuszoa						11000
Siegfried, Shiva's Chest, Shiva's Arm, Durga's Back

31.Rune Hammer						17000
Storm Tomahawk, Durga's Greatsword, Durga's Dark Sword, Durga's Horn

32.Blue Oni's Cudgel					17000
Siegfried, Shiva's Forehead, Shiva's Armor, Durga's Ice Sword

33.Goropika Hammer					17000
Celtis, Shin Bahamut's Tail, Vanargand's Tail, Durga's Thunder Sword

34.Avalanche						20000
PikoPiko Hammer, Shiva's Spirit, Shiva's Float, Ultimate Gigant's Back

35.Destroyer						28000
PikoPiko Hammer, Bahamut's Right Arm, Bahamut's Left Arm, 
Ultimate Gigant's Spirit

36.Triumph						28000
Volcano, Ultimate Ifrit's Knee, Ultimate Ifrit's Stomach, 
Beelzebub's Spirit

37.Flaming Hammer					37000
Triumph, Ultimate Ifrit's Left Arm, Ultimate Ifrit's Right Arm, 
Ultimate Ifrit's Bomb

38.Balestarius						42000
Destroyer, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Dark Sword, 
Ultimate Gilgamesh's No-Katana, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Greatsword

39.Viking						42000
Avalanche, Ultimate Bahamut's Chest, Ultimate Shiva's Armor, 
Ultimate Shiva's Back

40.Peace on Earth					42000
Francisca, Ultimate Shiva's Stomach, Ultimate Gigant's Right Arm, 
Ultimate Grationi's Knee

41.Uchide's Mallet					47000
Balestarius, Ultimate Bahamut's Right Arm, Ultimate Bahamut's Left Arm, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Tail

42.Gachinko Hammer					47000
Viking, Ultimate Bahamut's Spirit, Ultimate Shiva's Back, 
Ultimate Gilgamesh's Ice Sword

43.Thunder Battleaxe Onimaru				47000
Francisca, Ultimate Vanargand's Knee, Ultimate Vanargand's Swordhorn, 
Ultimate Fenrir's Horn

44.Flame Corps Leader Axe				59000
Francisca, Ultimate Beelzebub's Knee, Ultimate Beelzebub's Stomach, 
Ultimate Gration's Knee

45.Strongman's Hammer					66000
Francisca, Ultimate Durga's Compound Eye, Ultimate Durga's Horn, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Horn

46.Leopard						66000
Koropika Hammer, Chaos Bahamut's Wing, Ultimate Vanargand's Right Horn, 
Ultimate Vanargand's Left Horn

47.Crescent						66000
Flaming Hammer, Chaos Bahamut's Stronghold, Ultimate Beelzebub's Back, 
Ultimate Beelzebub's Spirit

48.Armageddon						66000
Uchide's Mallet, Chaos Bahamut's Blade, Ultimate Durga's No-Katana, 
Ultimate Durga's Horn

49.Valkyria						66000
Gachinko Hammer, Ultimate Durga's Ice Sword, Ultimate Shiva's Spirit, 
Chaos Bahamut's Eye

50.Thor's Hammer					66000
Francisca, Chaos Bahamut's Armor, Ultimate Beelzebub's Armor, 
Ultimate Durga's Spirit

Ryuma's Guns

1.Browning-kai						200
Giant Beast's Kintamashi

2.Black Hawk						350
Browning-kai, Gigant's Mouth

3.Browning-B						800
Gigant's Eye, Gigant's Right Hand, Ice Essence

4.Browning-V						800
Fenrir's Forehead, Fenrir's Knee, Gigant's Outer Skin

5.Sprut-SD						1400
Browning-B, Fenrir's Right Front Leg, Ice Essence

6.Browning-R						1400
Gigant's Right Hand, Fenrir's Right Front Leg, Fire Essence

7.RPG7 Rocket Launcher					1400
Black Hawk, Gigant's Outer Skin, Fenrir's Tongue

8.Mongoose						2400
Ifrit's Stomach, Ifrit's Horn, Fenrir's Armor, Gigant's Mouth

9.King Cobra						2400
Black Hawk, Gigant's Spirit, Ifrit's Knee, Ifrit's Back Neck

10.Rambo M16						2400
Browning-R, Ifrit's Eye, Ifrit's Forearm, Ifrit's Stomach

11.Bismarck						2400
Browning-B, Gilgamesh's Outer Skin, Gilgamesh's Shell, Ice Essence

12.Hyperion						2400
Browning-V, Fenrir's Tongue, Fenrir's Forehead, Ifrit's Neck

13.Basilisk Cannon					3800
Browning-V, Fenrir's Eye, Fenrir's Right Horn, Fenrir's Left Horn

14.Shark Cannon						3800
Bismarck, Gilgamesh's Compound Eye, Gration's Back, Ice Essence

15.Desperado						3800
Mongoose, Gration's Right Hand, Gilgamesh's Eye, Gilgamesh's Chest

16.Save the Queen					3800
Bismarck, Shiva's Outer Skin, Shiva's Shell, Shiva's Shin

17.Hellfire						5600
Rambo M16, Gilgamesh's Eye, Ifrit's Right Arm, Ifrit's Left Arm

18.Dragunov						5600
Rambo M16, Ifrit's Back, Vanargand's Left Front Leg, Gration's Left Hand

19.Wolf Fang						5600
Hyperion, Vanargand's Tongue, Vanargand's Forehead, Fenrir's Spirit

20.Brummbar MG						8200
King Cobra, Gilgamesh's Eye, Gilgamesh's Compound Eye, Gration's Spirit

21.Panzerfaust						8200
Rambo M16, Ifrit's Bomb, Ifrit's Spirit, Gilgamesh's Flame Sword

22.Fuuma's Dark Gun					8200
Mongoose, Gilgamesh's Spirit, Gilgamesh's Float, Shiva's Float

23.Rising Sun						8200
King Cobra, Shiva's Back, Shiva's Thigh, Vanargand's Armor

24.Gerlich Cannon					8200
Rising Sun, Beelzebub's Back, Durga's Float, Durga's Shell

25.Ofenrohr						11000
Hyperion, Vanargand's Tail, Vanargand's Shell, Durga's Cannon

26.Quicksilver						11000
Shark Cannon, Shiva's Forehead, Shiva's Fan, Durga's Compound Eye

27.Warhead						11000
Save the Queen, Shiva's Spirit, Shiva's Knee, Durga's Outer Skin

28.Skybolt						11000
Basilisk Cannon, Vanargand's Right Horn, Vanargand's Left Horn, 
Vanargand's Eye

29.Maverick						11000
Fuuma's Dark Gun, Bahamut's Knee, Bahamut's Armor, Durga's Cannon

30.Grenade Gun						14000
Dragunov, Beelzebub's Right Arm, Beelzebub's Left Arm, 
Beelzebub's Back Neck

31.Revolver type-94					17000
Desperado, Durga's Eye, Durga's Dark Sword, Gration's Mask

32.Raging Bull						17000
Hellfire, Beelzebub's Eye, Beelzebub's Volcano, 
Shin Bahamut's Left Arm

33.Revolver MK23					20000
Brummbar MG, Ultimate Gigant's Eye, Shin Bahamut's Eye, Shin Bahamut's Armor

34.Lionheart						20000
Rising Sun, Ultimate Fenrir's Hind Leg, Shin Bahamut's Knee, 
Shin Bahamut's Armor

35.Anaconda						24000
Panzerfaust, Ultimate Ifrit's Back, Ultimate Ifrit's Forearm, 
Ultimate Ifrit's Volcano

36.Cross Ray						32000
Warhead, Bahamut's Stronghold, Ultimate Shiva's Thigh, 
Ultimate Gigant's Right Hand

37.El Dorado						32000
Ofenrohr, Ultimate Fenrir's Tail, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Back, 
Ultimate Gilgamesh's Cannon

38.Seekbat						37000
Wolf Fang, Ultimate Fenrir's Tongue, Ultimate Fenrir's Forehead, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Armor

39.Type-43 Artillery Cannon				37000
Gerlich Cannon, Ultimate Bahamut's Stronghold, Shin Bahamut's Stronghold, 
Durga's Spirit

40.Tokarev						42000
Maverick, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Spirit, Bahamut's Tail, Bahamut's Spirit

41.Winchester						66000
Revolver MK23, Ultimate Gration's Eye, Ultimate Durga's Compound Eye, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Spirit

42.Outsider						66000
Raging Bull, Ultimate Beelzebub's Eye, Ultimate Beelzebub's Forearm, 
Ultimate Flame Sword

43.Riot Shot						66000
Quicksilver, Ultimate Shiva's Fan, Ultimate Shiva's Spirit, 
Ultimate Durga's Ice Sword

44.Highbrow ST						66000
Skybolt, Ultimate Fenrir's Spirit, Ultimate Vanargand's Eye, 
Ultimate Vanargand's Tail

45.Death Penalty					66000
Revolver type-94, Ultimate Durga's Eye, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Eye, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Eye

46.Lethal Weapon					66000
Grenade Gun, Ultimate Beelzebub's Left Arm, 
Ultimate Beelzebub's Right Arm, Chaos Bahamut's Knee

47.Patriot						66000
Warhead, Ultimate Shiva's Chest, Ultimate Shiva's Spirit, 
Chaos Bahamut's Armor

48.Sidewinder						66000
Seekbat, Ultimate Vanargand's Tongue, Ultimate Vanargand's Spirit, 
Chaos Bahamut's Left Arm

49.Apocalypse						66000
Maverick, Ultimate Durga's Dark Blade, Ultimate Durga's Back, 
Chaos Bahamut's Blade

50.Ragnarok						66000
Chaos Bahamut's Spirit, Ultimate Bahamut's Knee, 
Ultimate Durga's No-Katana

Santiago's Spears

1.Myuska's Spear					200
Giant Beast's Kintamashi

2.Trident						350
Myuska's Spear, Gigant's Mouth

3.Ice Lance						800
Ice Essence, Gigant's Back

4.Thunder Lance						1400
Trident, Fenrir's Hind Leg, Fenrir's Right Front Leg

5.Harpoon						1400
Gigant's Right Hand, Fenrir's Forehead, Fenrir's Tongue

6.Fire Lance						1400
Trident, Ifrit's Volcano, Gigant's Right Lung

7.Tepes Lance						2400
Trident, Ifrit's Neck, Fenrir's Eye, Gigant's Armor

8.Shadow Lance						2400
Gilgamesh's Outer Skin, Ifrit's Stomach, Fenrir's Left Front Leg

9.Framea						2400
Harpoon, Ifrit's Neck, Ifrit's Outer Skin, Ifrit's Shell

10.Ahlspiess						2400
Harpoon, Gilgamesh's Chest, Gigant's Spirit, Ice Essence

11.Tarantula						2400
Fire Lance, Ifrit's Eye, Ifrit's Volcano, Ifrit's Neck

12.Fuscina						3800
Thunder Lance, Ifrit's Knee, Fenrir's Right Front Leg, Fenrir's Tail

13.Executor						3800
Harpoon, Fenrir's Right Horn, Fenrir's Left Horn, Ifrit's Horn

14.Partisan						3800
Tepes Lance, Gilgamesh's Compound Eyes, Gration's Mouth, Gration's Back

15.Cassandra						3800
Shadow Lance, Gilgamesh's Hand, Gilgamesh's Horn, Gration's Outer Skin

16.Trishula						3800
Ice Lance, Shiva's Stomach, Gration's Mask, Ice Essence

17.Stinger						3800
Tarantula, Ifrit's Neck, Ifrit's Stomach, Gration's Left Lung

18.Flame Spear Shiranui					5600
Framea, Ifrit's Right Arm, Ifrit's Left Arm,  Vanargand's Swordhorn

19.Ice Spear Otegine					5600
Ahlspiess, Shiva's Arm, Shiva's Thigh, Shiva's Armor

20.Claymore						5600
Stinger, Gration's Left Hand, Ifrit's Spirit, Ifrit's Left Arm

21.Cocytus						5600
Trishula, Shiva's Crown, Shiva's Arm, Fenrir's Outer Skin

22.Thunder Spear Kamui					5600
Executor, Vanargand's Right Front Leg, Vanargand's Left Front Leg, 
Vanargand's Forehead

23.Kugelblitz						8200
Fuscina, Fenrir's Spirit, Gilgamesh's Thunder Sword, 
Gilgamesh's Greatsword

24.Awl Pike						8200
Harpoon, Gilgamesh's Dark Sword, Gilgamesh's Armor, Gration's Armlet

25.Dillinger						8200
Cassandra, Gilgamesh's No-Katana, Vanargand's Knee, Gration's Back

26.Juumonji-yari Gekkou					8200
Ahlspiess, Gration's Right Arm, Gration's Left Arm, Vanargand's Armor

27.Siren						8200
Trishula, Shiva's Knee, Shiva's Fan, Durga's Float

28.Prinz Eugen						11000
Kugelblitz, Vanargand's Right Horn, Vanargand's Left Horn, 
Gilgamesh's Thunder Sword

29.Obelisk						11000
Beelzebub's Outer Skin, Beelzebub's Shell, Durga's Horn, Durga's Hand

30.Darkbringer						11000
Dillinger, Durga's Chest, Durga's Eye, Beelzebub's Bomb

31.Dark Spear Koumori					11000
Awl Pike, Durga's Compound Eye, Durga's Back, Gilgamesh's Spirit

32.Alsvitr						17000
Flame Spear Shiranui, Durga's Flame Sword, Beelzebub's Knee, 
Beelzebub's Forearm

33.Galatine						17000
Thunder Spear Kamui, Durga's Thunder Sword, Vanargand's Spirit, 
Bahamut's Eye

34.Buluc Chabtan					20000
Executor, Ultimate Gration's Right Lung, Ultimate Gration's Left Lung, 
Shin Bahamut's Blade

35.Snakehead						32000
Obelisk, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Compound Eye, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Horn, 
Ultimate Ifrit's Neck

36.Siltron						37000
Obelisk, Shin Bahamut's Outer Skin, Shiva's Armor, 
Ultimate Fenrir's Right Horn

37.Marduk						42000
Ice Spear Otegine, Ultimate Shiva's Thigh, Ultimate Shiva's Knee, 
Shin Bahamut's Chest

38.Tyrfing						42000
Dark Spear Koumori, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Float, Shin Bahamut's Back, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Wing

39.Javelin						32000
Obelisk, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Thunder Sword, 
Ultimate Fenrir's Right Front Leg, Ultimate Fenrir's Left Front Leg

40.Chariot						32000
Obelisk, Ultimate Ifrit's Back Neck, Ultimate Ifrit's Forearm, 
Ultimate Gilgamesh's Flame Sword

41.Ice Snake Spear Hydra				42000
Siltron, Ultimate Shiva's Float, Ultimate Gilgamesh's Chest, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Knee

42.Dragon Spear Shunpuu					59000
Obelisk, Ultimate Gration's Left Arm, Ultimate Gration's Left Hand, 
Ultimate Gration's Mouth

43.Thunder Snake Spear Ouroboros			66000
Javelin, Ultimate Vanargand's Right Horn, Ultimate Vanargand's Left Horn, 
Ultimate Gration's Horn

44.Flame Snake Spear Naga				66000
Chariot, Ultimate Beelzebub's Bomb, Ultimate Ifrit's Spirit, 
Ultimate Durga's Flame Sword

45.Dark Snake Spear Orochi				66000
Snakehead, Ultimate Durga's Hand, Ultimate Durga's Cannon, 
Ultimate Ifrit's Armor

46.Gungnir						66000
Dragon Spear Shunpuu, Chaos Bahamut's Tail, Ultimate Gration's Spirit, 
Ultimate Gration's Right Hand

47.Long Xu Cha						66000
Thunder Snake Spear Ouroboros, Chaos Bahamut's Horn, 
Ultimate Vanargand's Hind Leg, Ultimate Vanargand's Spirit

48.Orichalcum						66000
Flame Snake Spear Naga, Chaos Bahamut's Right Arm, 
Ultimate Beelzebub's Volcano, Ultimate Beelzebub's Back Neck

49.Longinus						66000
Dark Snake Spear Orochi, Chaos Bahamut's Back, 
Ultimate Durga's Greatsword, Ultimate Durga's No-Katana

50.Invincible						66000
Ice Snake Spear Hydra, Chaos Bahamut's Knee, 
Ultimate Shiva's Arm, Ultimate Shiva's Back

Standard Armor
Anyone can equip standard armor.

1.Purple Leather					400
Gigant's Outer Skin, Gigant's Right Hand, Thunder Essence

2.Leather Mail						900
Fenrir's Outer Skin, Gigant's Outer Skin

3.Red Leather						1800
Fenrir's Tongue, Fenrir's Forehead, Gigant's Mouth, Fire Essence

4.Black Leather						3000
Ifrit's Eye, Ifrit's Forearm, Ifrit's Armor, Gigant's Right Arm

5.Blue Leather						3000
Gilgamesh's Outer Skin, Gilgamesh's Shell, Gilgamesh's Chest, Ice Essence

6.Rubber Suit						4800
Shiva's Outer Skin, Shiva's Crown, Fenrir's Spirit, Gration's Mask

7.Stealth Suit						9600
Shiva's Back, Shiva's Outer Skin, Gilgamesh's Armor, Gilgamesh's Shell

8.Black Garb						22000
Gilgamesh's Spirit, Beelzebub's Stomach, Durga's No-Katana, Durga's Greatsword

9.Ruby Jerkin						22000
Bahamut's Chest, Bahamut's Knee, Bahamut's Tail, Shin Bahamut's Wing

10.Corsair Frock					55000
Ultimate Shiva's Back, Ultimate Shiva's Stomach, 
Ultimate Gigant's Right Hand, Ultimate Gigant's Mouth

11.Vagrant Coat						84000
Ultimate Shiva's Spirit, Ultimate Durga's Ice Sword, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Back, Ultimate Gration's Back

12.Brave Suit						84000
Ultimate Gration's Knee, Ultimate Gration's Horn, 
Ultimate Durga's Hand, Ultimate Durga's Chest

13.Jazeraint						84000
Ultimate Beelzebub's Right Arm, Ultimate Beelzebub's Neck, 
Ultimate Durga's Float, Ultimate Gration's Right Hand

14.Brigandine						84000
Ultimate Vanargand's Right Horn, Ultimate Vanargand's Left Horn, 
Ultimate Durga's Horn, Ultimate Gration's Mouth

15.Yaksha Garb						84000
Chaos Bahamut's Spirit, Chaos Bahamut's Chest, Chaos Bahamut's Wing, 
Chaos Bahamut's Tail

16.Rising Dragon Battle Suit				37000
Ultimate Gration's Spirit

17.Thunder Dragon Battle Suit				42000
Ultimate Fenrir's Spirit

18.Flame Dragon Battle Suit				48000
Ultimate Ifrit's Spirit

19.Ice Dragon Battle Suit				62000
Ultimate Shiva's Spirit

20.Dark Dragon Battle Suit				84000
Ultimate Durga's Spirit

Defense Focused Armor
Ibuki, Kamo, and Ryuma can wear this armor.

1.Plate Armor						900
Gigant's Right Lung, Gigant's Mouth, Strength Essence

2.Chrome Armor						1800
Fenrir's Right Front Leg, Fenrir's Forehead, Fenrir's Outer Skin

3.Fuuma Chainmail					3000
Ifrit's Volcano, Ifrit's Horn, Ifrit's Stomach, Gigant's Eye

4.Vermillion						4800
Fenrir's Right Horn, Fenrir's Left Horn, Ifrit's Outer Skin, Gigant's Spirit

5.Warrior Armor						4800
Gration's Left Hand, Gilgamesh's Float, Gilgamesh's Back, Gilgamesh's Eye

6.Contemporary Armor					9600
Shiva's Armor, Shiva's Thigh, Gilgamesh's Greatsword, Vanargand's Armor

7.Kirigaku Armor					9600
Gration's Spirit, Durga's Shell, Durga's Armor, Beelzebub's Forearm

8.Flame Dou-maru					13000
Durga's Chest, Durga's Back, Beelzebub's Back Neck, Beelzebub's Knee

9.Thunder Armor						48000
Vanargand's Spirit, Shin Bahamut's Wing, Shin Bahamut's Chest, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Chest

10.Steel Armor Tatenashi				48000
Shin Bahamut's Shell, Shin Bahamut's Stronghold, Shin Bahamut's Tail, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Eye

11.Maximillian						55000
Ultimate Bahamut's Armor, Ultimate Shiva's Arm, Ultimate Shiva's Back, 
Ultimate Gration's Mouth

12.Carabinier						76000
Ultimate Gration's Right Arm, Ultimate Gration's Left Arm, 
Ultimate Durga's Cannon, Ultimate Gration's Right Lung

13.Imperator						84000
Ultimate Vanargand's Right Front Leg, Ultimate Vanargand's Left Front Leg, 
Ultimate Durga's Back, Ultimate Gration's Left Lung

14.Crimson Scale					84000
Ultimate Beelzebub's Right Arm, Ultimate Beelzebub's Back, 
Ultimate Durga's Back, Ultimate Gration's Back

15.Genji Armor						84000
Chaos Bahamut's Spirit, Chaos Bahamut's Armor, Chaos Bahamut's Knee, 
Chaos Bahamut's Horn

Elemental Focused Armor
This armor provides more elemental defense than the others. It can
be worn by Ren, Yui, or Santiago.

1.Lightning Wear					400
Gigant's Knee, Gigant's Mouth, Thunder Essence

2.Fire Wear						1800
Fenrir's Hind Leg, Fenrir's Right Front Leg, Fire Essence

3.Silk Robe						3000
Ifrit's Back, Ifrit's Bomb, Fenrir's Hind Leg, Fenrir's Eye

4.Druid Robe						3000
Gilgamesh's Chest, Gilgamesh's Float, Gration's Knee, Ice Essence

5.Flame Outfit						4800
Ifrit's Spirit, Vanargand's Knee, Gration's Right Lung, Ifrit's Bomb

6.Ice Outfit						7000
Gration's Left Lung, Gration's Left Hand, Shiva's Arm, Shiva's Fan

7.Thunder Outfit					7000
Gration's Right Arm, Gration's Left Hand, Vanargand's Left Front Leg, 
Vanargand's Right Front Leg

8.Assassin Guard					13000
Durga's Compound Eye, Durga's Hand, Beelzebub's Eye, Gration's Right Arm

9.Shaman Robe						32000
Ultimate Fenrir's Eye, Ultimate Fenrir's Tongue, 
Ultimate Fenrir's Forehead, Bahamut's Back

10.Wizard Robe						37000
Ultimate Ifrit's Eye, Ultimate Ifrit's Neck, Ultimate Ifrit's Back, 
Bahamut's Eye

11.Hermit Robe						55000
Ultimate Shiva's Forehead, Ultimate Shiva's Chest, 
Ultimate Shiva's Stomach, Bahamut's Wing

12.Electric Harness					69000
Ultimate Vanargand's Eye, Ultimate Vanargand's Hind Leg, 
Ultimate Vanargand's Knee, Ultimate Bahamut's Stronghold

13.Blaze Harness					76000
Ultimate Beelzebub's Eye, Ultimate Beelzebub's Bomb, 
Ultimate Beelzebub's Volcano, Ultimate Gration's Eye

14.Frost Harness					84000
Ultimate Durga's Eye, Ultimate Durga's Compound Eye, 
Ultimate Shiva's Knee, Ultimate Shiva's Fan

15.Dark Guardian					84000
Chaos Bahamut's Spirit, Chaos Bahamut's Back, Chaos Bahamut's Right Arm, 
Chaos Bahamut's Left Arm

1.HP up a small amount					2000
Gigant's Shell, Gigant's Mouth, Gigant's Spirit

2.HP up							7000
Gration's Spirit, Gration's Knee, Gration's Outer Skin, Gilgamesh's Spirit

3.HP up a large amount					15000
Bahamut's Spirit, Bahamut's Armor, Ultimate Gigant's Spirit, 
Ultimate Gigant's Right Arm

4.Attack up a small amount				3000
Fenrir's Right Horn, Fenrir's Left Horn, Gigant's Spirit

5.Attack up a fair amount				9000
Gration's Horn, Vanargand's Right Horn, Vanargand's Left Horn, 
Shiva's Crown

6.Attack up						22000
Ultimate Vanargand's Right Horn, Ultimate Vanargand's Left Horn, 
Ultimate Gilgamesh's Horn, Ultimate Bahamut's Horn

7.Defense up a small amount				3000
Fenrir's Shell, Fenrir's Outer Skin, Gigant's Spirit

8.Defense up a fair amount				9000
Gration's Left Arm, Gration's Armor, Vanargand's Outer Skin, Shiva's Spirit

9.Defense up						22000
Ultimate Fenrir's Tail, Ultimate Shiva's Fan, Ultimate Bahamut's Tail, 
Ultimate Bahamut's Wing

10.Action Speed up					10000
Ifrit's Right Arm, Ifrit's Left Arm, Fenrir's Spirit, Gigant's Right Arm

11.Movement Speed up					9000
Gilgamesh's Thunder Sword, Fenrir's Right Front Leg, 
Fenrir's Left Front Leg, Fenrir's Tail

12.Fire Defense up					3000
Ifrit's Back, Ifrit's Volcano, Ifrit's Spirit

13.Ice Defense up					3000
Shiva's Thigh, Shiva's Knee, Shiva's Spirit

14.Thunder Defense up					3000
Fenrir's Tongue, Fenrir's Forehead, Fenrir's Spirit

15.Darkness Defense up					5000
Gilgamesh's Chest, Gilgamesh's Back, Gilgamesh's Spirit

16.All Elemental Defense up				18000
Shiva's Spirit, Vanargand's Spirit, Beelzebub's Spirit, Durga's Spirit

17.Giant Beast hate up, but Defense down		4000
Ifrit's Horn, Gilgamesh's No-Katana, Gration's Mask

18.Special Magic Damage up				7000
Gilgamesh's Flame Sword, Gilgamesh's Ice Sword, Gilgamesh's Thunder Sword, 
Gilgamesh's Dark Sword

19.Gun Platform Damage up				8000
Ifrit's Bomb, Gilgamesh's Cannon, Gilgamesh's Flame Sword

20.Rare Material chances up				12000
Gilgamesh's Compound Eye, Vanargand's Eye, Gration's Eye, Vanargand's Tail

*Item #19 probably increases the damage on Ryuma's 'sniper' ability,
the ability that summons a gun platform when used. This is based on
the fact that it works with Item #35 below.

Secret Medicine (consumable items)
1.HP Up Lv.1					20
Strength Essence

2.HP Up Lv.2					60
Strength Essence

3.HP Up Lv.MAX					140
Strength Essence, Iffrit's Outer Skin

4.Attack Strength up Lv.1			20
Strength Essence

5.Attack Strength up Lv.2			60
Strength Essence

6.Attack Strength up Lv.3			120
Strength Essence, Beelzebub's Knee

7.Attack Strength up Lv.4   (Defense DOWN)	200
Strength Essence, Shin Bahamut's Outer Skin

8.Attack Strength up Lv.MAX (Defense DOWN)	320
Strength Essence, Ultimate Gration's Right Hand

9.Defense Up Lv.1				20
Strength Essence

10.Defense Up Lv.2				60
Strength Essence

11.Defense Up Lv.3				120
Strength Essence, Beelzebub's Armor

12.Defense Up Lv.4				200
Strength Essence, Shin Bahamut's Shell

13.Defense Up Lv.MAX				320
Strength Essence, Gration's Knee

14.Action Speed Up Lv.1				80
Strength Essence, Fire Essence

15.Action Speed Up Lv.MAX (Defense DOWN)	160
Fire Essence, Beelzebub's Outer Skin

16.Movement Speed Up Lv.1			60
Strength Essence, Thunder Essence

17.Movement Speed Up Lv.MAX (Defense DOWN)	140
Thunder Essence, Fenrir's Outer Skin

18.Fire Defense Up Lv.1				40
Fire Essence

19.Fire Defense Up Lv.2				80
Fire Essence, Ifrit's Ashes

20.Fire Defense Up Lv.MAX			160
Fire Essence, Ultimate Gigant's Right Hand

21.Ice Defense Up Lv.1				40
Ice Essence

22.Ice Defense Up Lv.2				80
Ice Essence, Gration's Ashes

23.Ice Defense Up Lv.MAX			160
Ice Essence, Ultimate Gigant's Mouth

24.Lightning Defense Up Lv.1			40
Thunder Essence

25.Lightning Defense Up Lv.2			80
Thunder Essence, Fenrir's Ashes

26.Lightning Defense Up Lv.MAX			160
Thunder Essence, Ultimate Gigant's Knee

27.Darkness Defense Up Lv.1			40
Dark Essence

28.Darkness Defense Up Lv.2			80
Dark Essence, Gilgamesh's Ashes

29.Darkness Defense Up Lv.MAX			160
Dark Essence, Bahamut's Ashes

30.All Elemental Defense Up Lv.1		120
Fenrir's Ashes, Ifrit's Ashes

31.All Elemental Defense Up Lv.MAX		320
Vanargand's Ashes, Beelzebub's Ashes, Shiva's Ashes

32.Beast's Hate% Up (Defense DOWN)		60
Strength Essence, Thunder Essence

33.Special Magic Damage Up Lv.1			60
Ifrit's Ashes

34.Special Magic Damage Up Lv.MAX (Defense down)200
Ifrit's Ashes, Beelzebub's Ashes

35.Gun Platform Damage Up (Defense DOWN)	100
Strength Essence, Thunder Essence, Fenrir's Ashes

36.Resist Slip					60
Strength Essence, Fire Essence

37.Resist Stop					60
Strength Essence, Ice Essence

38.Resist Slow					60
Strength Essence, Thunder Essence

39.Resist All					200
Strength Essence, Dark Essence, Shin Bahamut's Ashes

40.Extra Rewards when mission cleared		180
Gilgamesh's Ashes

41.Rare Material chances up Lv.1		60
Fire Essence, Ice Essence, Gigant's Ashes

42.Rare Material chances up Lv.MAX (DefenseDOWN)260
Fire Essence, Ice Essence, Durga's Ashes

*Item #35 will not only increase damage for all characters
using gun platforms, but it will also increase the damage
done by Ryuma's 'sniper' ability (ability #9).
-Thanks to akwan_tarot for finally confirming this.


Q1: Can I play this game alone?

A: Of course, but it's a lot tougher.

Q2: Does this game have wifi capability?

A: No, just local wireless for up to 4 people.

Q3: I can't break off part XX of this beast!

A: During the story missions you won't be able to break certain
parts off at certain times. You will be able to do so in the
free missions.

Q4A: A red forcefield appeared and I can't do damage to part XX!

A: If a barrier appears, you have to physically walk to the
part you are trying to destroy to land the final blow.

Q4B: OK, but I can't walk to that core!

A: All of the enemies use different attacks depending on what
part of the stage you're on. Try to move around to different
platforms of varying heights in order to have them bring out
an attack that will allow you to climb up onto them.
Keep in mind where you are standing as well, some of them
will only do certain attacks if you are in the middle of
a ledge as opposed to the sides.

Q5: I can't do any damage to part XX!

A: Sometimes a part might be large, but only a small portion
of it can be damaged, and you aren't hitting that part
directly. It's also possible that the part you are attacking
has a special elemental weakness. When you learn what the
weakness is you will be able to damage it normally.

Q6: How do I get more money?

A: Sell some of the materials you get from completing missions.

Q7: Why didn't you do a translation FAQ, like in Shift-JIS or
something like that?

A: I don't know how to use any of the programs that will let
me save in the formats that GameFAQs will accept. Let's just
say I'm terrible with computers. I mean, I did this on notepad.

Q8: Why is the formatting on that equipment list so strange?

A: I didn't intend to put all that list in this guide, so I didn't
format it to GameFAQs standards. It looks that way now in my
desperate attempt to meet the character-per-line restriction.

9.The End
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