How do I get the Cosmo Bubble?

  1. Even I played the area again and again, I still dont get one Cosmo Bubble. Pls help.

    User Info: cmcashew

    cmcashew - 10 years ago


  1. 1 location has 3 stages. Each stage has 5 rounds. 1 of the rounds has the Cosmo Bubble in it. Clear 5 rounds to clear stage. For the round with the Cosmo Bubble, match the colour bubbles or explode the bubbles surrounding the cosmo bubble to remove them & release the cosmo bubble. Do not match the off the cosmo bubble with the colour bubbles or explode it. As long as you can make the cosmo bubble drop without popping it, you can clear the round in any way you want. This can often be very tricky but you get the satisfaction when you finally get the cosmo bubble. Have fun.

    User Info: JKSM

    JKSM - 10 years ago 1   1
  2. Make them fall don't pop them

    User Info: wkad

    wkad - 8 years ago 0   0
  3. Here's an answer. Read the instruction book, or the in-game tutorial. It tells you how to get them. Simple, make them fall, don't destroy them with the same colored bubble or the bubble that destroys everything on the horizontal line you shoot it to. If you manage drop it, complete the stages and area.

    User Info: evilish

    evilish - 9 years ago 1   2

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