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New! You can now try out Spellbound in your web browser on the desktop for free: www.ac6v.com/Spellbound/tryit

Spellbound is a dice based spelling game that is both challenging and addictive, yet easy to play for any age group. If you like Scrabble or Boggle, Spellbound might be for you! Spellbound games are not timed, yet can be played quickly anywhere when you have a few spare minutes.

The object is to fill five rows with correctly spelled words. While easy to get started and play casual games, completing all five rows can be quite challenging.

Scoring is as follows:
• Red letters are worth 100 points
• Black Letters 40
• Green Letters 10
• Successfully completing a word in the "bonus" row multiplies that row's score by 2.

• You start the game by rolling 10 dice.

• Try to assemble the highest scoring word you can.

• You can rearrange letters by touching one of the dice and either moving to a space on any open row, or you can switch letters in the tray by touching another of the dice.

• The order that you fill the rows is up to you, you can start easy with three letters and work up to the biggest, or you can hop around.

• Click "Accept" when you're happy with your word selection and it "locks in" the row, and you're now on a new row with a fresh set of 10 dice!

• You have one "Extra Roll" of the dice per game (not per row!) - so use it wisely!

• If you make a mistake (for example, you wanted to make a 3-letter word but accidentally put the dice in the 4-letter row) you can click "undo" and the dice in the current row will move back to the bottom tray for you to start over. Undo does not affect "locked-in" rows! Once locked, you cannot return to that row.

• Can't fill in all five rows? No problem - hit the "End Game" button, and you're game is scored and entered into the high scores list (if it's a new high score record, that is).

• Shorter words (CAT, TOY, BAT) are easier to make than longer words, so try and fill in those longer words first. You'll find it plenty easy to fill in the short letter words later in the game.

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