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    Endings Guide by Fukuyasu

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/09/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    1.    Version History..................[VER]
    2.    Introduction.....................[INT]
    3.    In-Game Knowledge................[INK]
    3.1   Alchemist Rank...................[ALR]
    3.2   Friendship Level.................[FRL]
    3.3   Trait Almanacs...................[TRA]
    3.4   Resorts..........................[RES]
    4.    Events...........................[EVE]
    4.1   Character Events.................[CHE]
    4.1.1 Hans.............................[CEH]
    4.1.2 Gillian..........................[CEG]
    4.1.3 Fitz.............................[CEF]
    4.1.4 Kilbert..........................[CEK]
    4.1.5 Kyle.............................[CEY]
    4.1.6 Beaux............................[CEB]
    4.1.7 Liese............................[CEL]
    4.1.8 Claus............................[CEC]
    4.2   Miscellaneous Events.............[MSE]
    4.2.1 Important Events.................[IME]
    4.2.2 Character Request Events.........[CRE]
    4.2.3 Accomplishment Events............[ACE]
    5.    Endings List.....................[EDL]
    6.    walkthrough......................[WLK}
    7. Contact.............................[CTC]
    8. Copyright...........................[CPR]
                             1. Version History [VER]
    Version 1.00
    Finished basic in-game knowledge required to get all endings, all endings 
    walkthrough, character events and miscellaneous events.
                             2. Introduction [INT]
    Atelier Annie ~ Alchemists of Sera Island ~ is a time-management turn based 
    strategy rpg game. This game features several endings which shows your
    accomplishments during your play. 
    This mini guide will help you to create a perfect playthrough that are able 
    to see all endings in just ONE playthrough. But because of the nature of the 
    requirements for the endings it is deemed impossible to create this perfect 
    playthrough during the first playthrough.
                            3. In-Game Knowledge [INK]
    This section pretty much covers all in-game aspects that will determine the
    type of ending that you will get. 
                           3.1. Alchemist Rank [ALR]
    ALchemist Rank only applies to Annie. You can see your current rank when you 
    access the party menu. Alchemist rank can be raised by synthesising items. 
    Each time you synthesise an item, your alchemy experience will rise. When you
    have enough experience your alchemy level will rise. Alchemy level is not the 
    same as alchemy rank. Alchemy rank is determined by your alchemy level. You 
    have to rise several level in alchemy before your alchemy rank changes. 
    The best way to rise your alchemy rank is by synthetising low-level items such 
    as candles, dark clods. Just synthesise one item each time. The experience 
    gotten from synthetising 10 items or 1 item at a time is pretty much the same. 
                           3.2. Friendship Level [FRL]
    For Annie's friends they have friendship level stat instead of alchemist rank.
    This can be viewed in the same position as Annie's alchemist rank. The game 
    listed this stat as amity. The game will not inform you if friendship level 
    changes so you have to check them personally. The highest level for friendship
    level is Best. As far as i know, friendship level will never decrease so it is 
    very easy to maintain.
    Friendship level is easy to raise. Just take the friends that you want to level
    to the gathering points and level up them. Each time they level up, most likely 
    their friendship level will also raise. Just keep leveling them up until they 
    reach Best. 
                           3.3. Trait Almanacs [TRA]
    As specified in the game,  you will be able to assign special traits to the 
    items you synthesised. Just as the in-game help says you can assign traits by 
    adding supplements during synthesising. However this method is not 100% 
    foolproof. Very often the items synthesised will not get the desired trait.
    Trait Almanacs are special books that can be used in special synthetising 
    method. Using this method the items synthetised is guaranteed to have the 
    desired trait. This is why trait almanac are very useful and very important. 
    Trait Almanacs can also be carried over to your next playthrough. That way you
    won't have to collect them all over again.
    Each trait has a trait almanac associated with them. SInce there are 17 traits 
    in-game there are also 17 trait almanacs that you can collect. Some of them 
    are easy to find while others take some efforts to get them. I will list all 
    the trait almanacs and how to get them here.
    Normal Almanac     : Default Almanac that you will get when starting the game.
    Red Almanac        : Sold at the Library since the beginning
    Blue Almanac       : Sold at the Library since the beginning
    Yellow Almanac     : Sold at the Library since y1 m10 
    Green Almanac      : Sold at the Library since y1 m10 
    Purple Almanac     : Sold at the Library since y1 m10 
    Orange Almanac     : Completing one of the Bakery resort quests.
    Gold Almanac       : COmpleting one of the HOtel resort quests.
    Black Almanac      ; Completing one of the Theater resort quests.
    White Almanac      : Completing one of the Hotel OR Market resort quests.
    Big Almanac        : Completing one of the Aquarium resort quests.
    Small Almanac      : Completing one of the Park resort quests.
    Cool Almanac       : Completing one of the Hotel OR Market resort quests.
    Cute Almanac       : Completing one of the Theme Park resort quests.
    Aroma Almanac      : Completing one of the Spa resort quests.
    Powerful Almanac   : Completing one of the Museum resort quests.
    Quality Almanac    : Received by seeing one of Liese's character events.
    Since some of the resorts are mutually exclusive to each other, some of the 
    almanacs are also mutually exclusive. For example Gold Almanac and Big Almanac
    are mutually exclusive because you can only build a hotel or an aquarium during
    one playthrough. To get all Almanacs you have to do at least two playthroughs.
                           3.4. Resorts [RES]
    Resorts are commercial buildings that can be built using resort development 
    funds. This commercial buildings will develop income that adds to the resort
    development funds. The first time you receive development funds is when you 
    turn in your first assignments. AFter that you can talk to Pepe at the shop 
    to start building resorts.
    Just as shop, resorts generate income depends on the fame of the resort. The 
    higher the fame of a resort, it will attract more clients and that means more
    income. To raise a resort's fame, complete the quests provided by the resort 
    manager. Each resort level only provides several quests at a time. To unlock
    additional quests, you have to upgrade the resort by talking to Pepe and ask
    him to renew the resort.
    Each resort also have a special creatures that acts a mascot for the resort.
    Mascots are not only used as a decoration. When Annie talks to them, they can
    also helps Annie collecting materials at spesific gathering points. Mascot 
    must be recruited by taking a special quest from the manager.
    There are 10 resorts available in the game. However only 5 can be build during
    each playthrough because there are only 5 development areas where you can 
    build resorts. Some resorts also have some exclusive items such as Trait 
    Here I will list the development areas where resorts can be build, their 
    manager, what resorts can be build on them, their initial development costs, 
    mascots for each area and how to recruit them.
    AREA I 
    Manager        : Clara
    Mascot 	       : Hoox 
    How to Recruit : Go to Quarry and pay 1000 cole to recruit him. 
    Resorts        : Park (10 Million Cole), Spa (23 Million Cole)
    Notable Items  : Park (Small Almanac), Spa (Aroma Almanac)
    AREA II 
    Manager        : Albrecht
    Mascot 	       : Inata
    How to Recruit : Go to Fruitful Woods, return and defeat some monsters.
    Resorts        : Theater (20 Million Cole), Museum (29 Million Cole)
    Notable Items  : Theater (Black Almanac), Museum (Powerful Almanac)
    Manager        : Kenner
    Mascot 	       : Frosh
    How to Recruit : Go to Basin, wait one month, return and give him a Fiery Puff.
    Resorts        : Theme Park (15 Million Cole), Beach (17 Million Cole)
    Notable Items  : Theme Park (Cute Almanac)
    Manager        : Jasmine
    Mascot 	       : Lapin
    How to Recruit : Go to Ice Forest, visit him 2 more times to recruit him.
    Resorts        : Bakery (10 Million Cole), Market (13 Million Cole)
    Notable Items  : Bakery (Orange Almanac), Market (Cool and White Almanac)
    AREA V
    Manager        : Mueller
    Mascot 	       : Katze
    How to Recruit : Go to Lone Island, return and give him a Magical Pom Pom.
    Resorts        : Hotel (13 Million Cole), Aquarium (26 Million Cole)
    Notable Items  : Hotel (Cool, Gold and White Almanac)
                     Aquarium (Big Almanac)
                           4. Events [EVE]
    Events is what drives this game's plot. Events also effects access to some 
    parts of the game. They can also give you items or make you lose items instead.
    Most events are non-missable especially character events. Other events will 
    not trigger if you don't have spesific requirement. NOte that you can do some 
    events in the same day without restriction unless mentioned otherwise.
    Most events will be listed in the following format :
    Time : This can be a duration, start date, or date restriction.
    Place : Where to trigger the event
    Triggers : what triggers the event
    Description : Short description what transpires in the event
    Note : Additional note about the event
    Events will ALWAYS trigger if all requirements are fullfilled. In the case 
    event do not trigger, try waiting a few days before triggering it again. 
                       4.1 character Events [CHE]
    Character Events are events that associated with a character. This events will
    be listed in a chronological order. Events will not trigger if the previous 
    events has not been seen. As far as i know, these events are non-missable. In 
    my 2nd playthrough, I almost miss all Liese's events, then at y3m10, I trigger 
    the required event and then i was able finish all her events in one day time. 
             	          4.1.1 Hans [CEH]
    Time : From y1m1
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Hans is mistaken as a girl.
    Time : From y1m2
    Place : Committee HQ
    Description : Daniel admiring Hans as a respectable senior.
    Time : From y1m3
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Hans is talking about himself
    Time : From y2m5
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Hans learned that Annie is scared of her grandfather.
    Time : From y2m5
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Hans' nervousness.
    Time : From y2m8
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Hans the Unexpected.
    Time : From y2m11
    Place : Restaurant
    Description : Hans teaches Annie about table manner.
    Time : From y2m2
    Place : Fruitful Woods
    Description : Hans helps Annie who falls down.
    Time : From y2m2
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Hans is fluent in foreign language.
    Time : From y3m4
    Place : Committe HQ
    Description : Hans received a letter that request for his return.
    Time : From y3m5
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Hans received a letter from his father.
    Time : After the last event, date unknown
    Place : Committee HQ
    Description : Hans' decision.
             	          4.1.2 Gillian [CEG]
    Time : From y1m10
    Place : Library
    Description : Discussion abut medical herbs.
    Time : From y1m11
    Place : Committee HQ
    Description : Saving Gillian from punishment
    Time : From y1m2
    Place : Library
    Description : Discussion with Melody.
    Time : From y2m4
    Place : Committee HQ
    Description : Gillian's Background
    Time : From y2m6
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Medical Stew Madness
    Time : From y2m10
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Gillian's skipping... again.
    Time : From y2m12
    Place : Basin
    Description : Herb Diving
    Time : From y3m5
    Place : Basin
    Description : Reason to become a knight
    Time : From y3m7
    Place : Library
    Description : Gillian's Background
    Time : From y3m7
    Place : Committee HQ
    Description : Report to Commander Brookhart
    Time : From y3m8
    Place : Library
    Description : Conclusion
             	          4.1.3 Fitz [CEF]
    Time : From y2m7
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Fitz's Gift to Annie
    Note : The reward of this event is Sweets Legend recipe book.
    Time : From y2m7
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Double Chibi ^_^
    Time : From y2m7
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Sweet Fitz saves a kitten.
    Time : From y2m7
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Fitz the sleeping princess.
    Time : From y2m7
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Fitz's new dish.
    Time : From y2m11
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Double Tsundere Attack ^_^
    Time : From y2m2
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Fitz is responsible for the house and restaurant.
             	          4.1.4 Kilbert [CEK]
    Time : From y1m2
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Training session.
    Time : From y2m4
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Outdoor Break
    Time : From y2m4
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Poor Pepe's Hammock
    Time : From y2m7
    Place : Weapon Shop
    Description : Kilbert's Past
             	          4.1.5 Kyle [CEY]
    Time : From y1m9
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Failed Experiment
    Time : From y1m11
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Store Robot
    Time : From y1m12
    Place : Weapon Shop
    Description : Missing Kyle
    Time : From y1m3
    Place : Library
    Description : Nice Kyle
    Time : From y2m6
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Cauldron Explosion
    Time : From y2m8
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Letter from Homeland
    Time : From y2m9
    Place : WOrkshop
    Description : A problem for Kyle
    Time : About 1 week after the previous event
    Place : Workshop
    Description : A problem for Kyle : Solution
    Time : From y2m11
    Place : Weapon Shop
    Description : Suspicion for Kyle
    Time : About 1 week after the previous event
    Place : Weapon Shop
    Description : Suspicion cleared.
    Time : After the previous event
    Place : Committee HQ
    Description : Report to Hans about cleared suspicion
             	          4.1.6 Beaux [CEB]
    Time : From y1m10
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Returning the favor
    Time : From y1m1
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Let me deliver it for you.
    Time : About 1 week after the previous event
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Byue lost in town found by Hans
    Time : From y2m4
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Reason for working alone.
    Time : From y2m6
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Stalker Beaux.
    Time : From y2m12
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Beaux the Hero.
    Time : From 3ym7
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Precious Compass
    Time : About 1 day after the previous event
    Place : Workshop -> Weapon Shop
    Description : Compass Fixed. Bye bye Beaux.
    Note : Required for True/Normal Ending
    Time : About 1 month after the previous event
    Place : Workshop 
    Description : Beaux .... again.
    Note : Required for True/Normal Ending
             	          4.1.7 Liese [CEL]
    Time : Only at m10 starting from y2
    Place : Quarry
    Description : Liese the Merchant
    Note : This event only triggered at m10 if you trigger at y3 it will be too
           late to get True/Normal Ending
    Time : Only at m11 starting from y2
    Place : Fruitful WOods
    Description : Eat or to be eaten
    Note : This event only triggered at m11 if you trigger at y3 it will be too
           late to get True/Normal Ending
    Time : From y2m11d22
    Place : General Shop
    Description : Lesson to bargain.
    Time : From y2m12d9
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Life Lesson
    Time : From y2m1d27
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Liese's Advice
    Time : From y2m2d20
    Place : Committee HQ
    Description : Flirting with Hans
    Time : From y2m3d2
    Place : Library
    Description : Research in the Library
    NOte : Reward from this event is Quality Almanac
    Time : From y3m5d12
    Place : Adventurer's Guild
    Description : Famous Liese
    Time : From y3m6d25
    Place : General Shop
    Description : Secret Meeting with Bentner
    Time : From y3m7d29
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Randell Soldiers' Search
    Time : At Least 5 days after the previous event
    Place : General Shop -> Committee HQ -> Adventurer's Guild
    Description : Bye bye Liese
    NOte : Needed for True/Normal Ending
    Time : At Least 1 month after the previous event
    Place : General Shop -> Main Plaza
    Description : Liese... You're Back! 
    NOte : Needed for True/Normal Ending
             	          4.1.8 Claus [CEC]
    Claus' events are somewhat random and rather hard to trigger. Keep coming back
    to the event place periodically to check.
    Time : From y1m4
    Place : Basin
    Description : First Meeting
    Time : From y1m10
    Place : Quarry
    Description : Second Meeting
    Time : From y2m4
    Place : Fruitful Woods
    Description : Third Meeting
    Time : From y2m10
    Place : Committee HQ
    Description : Ask Hans about Claus
    Time : After the previous Event
    Place : Crater
    Description : Claus Identity Revealed
    Time : About 1 month after the previous Event
    Place : Main Plaza
    Description : Claus' Departure
                       4.2 Miscellaneous Events [MSE]
                       4.2.1 Important Events [IME]
    These events are important in a way that they will affect the game such as 
    access to new gathering points. Some will also affects what ending in the end.
    Name : Fruitful Woods opened
    Time : After y1m8d20
    Triggers : Annie's Level >= 5
    Place : Workshop
    Name : Ice Forest opened
    Time : After y1m11d9
    Triggers : Annie's Level >= 10
    Place : Workshop
    Name : Crater opened
    Time : After y1m2
    Triggers : Annie's Level >= 15
    Place : Committee HQ -> General Shop
    Name : Lone Island opened
    Time : About 1 month after resort in area V is built (Aquarium or Hotel)
    Triggers : Annie's Level >= 15
    Place : Adventurer's Guild
    Name : Cave opened
    Time : After y2m10d11
    Triggers : Annie's Level >= 20
    Place : Library -> Weapon Shop
    Name : Rock Puni Discovered!
    Triggers : Annie's Level >= 30
    Place : Adventurer's Guild
    Name : Fenrir Awakens!
    Triggers : Annie's Level >= 35 AND See All Claus' Events
    Place : Ice Forest
    Name : Ifrit Born!
    Triggers : Annie's Level >= 40
    Place : Main Plaza -> General Shop
    Name : Demon Lord Appears~
    Triggers : Annie's Level >= 45
    Place : Committee HQ 
    Name : Pepe's Review 1
    Time : y3m4d5-y3m4d15
    Triggers : Best/True Ending Requirements
    Place : Workshop
    Note : Needed for Best/True Ending Requirements 
    Name : Pepe's Review 2
    Time : After y3m4d16
    Place : Workshop Note : Requirements for other endings
    Name : Writer's Dream
    Time : After y3m12
    Triggers : Might need to complete (and see?) almanac completion event.
    Place : Library
    Note : Reward is Author's Recipe needed for Famous Writer's Ending.
                       4.2.2 Character Request Events [CRE]
    These are events where characters asks Annie to bring them some item(s). They 
    are mostly useless events and can be skipped. But some also rewards exclusive 
    items such as Royal World 1 Recipe Book and Medical Journal Recipe Book. 
    These events will not occur if you don't have the necessary recipe. There are
    no spesific time when these events occur. All Request Events will occur at 
    the workshop. 
    Request : 1 Fluffy Shoes (Lizard Tail is rare drop from Lizardmen) 
    Request : 1 Skill Drop
    Request : 1 Mercurius Eye
    Request : 1 Sun Cuff
    Request : 1 Shooting Star
    Reward  : Royal World 1 Recipe Book
    Request : 1 Supplement 1
    Request : 1 Hot Chocolate
    Request : 1 Eisen Bar
    Request : 1 Veggie Plate
    Request : 1 Goat Milk
    Request : 1 Living Rag
    Request : 1 Magical Flag
    Request : 1 Buffer
    Request : 1 Pure Ore & 1 Black Clay
    Request : 1 Mega Bomb
    Request : 1 Ryubi Ring
    Request : 1 Silk
    Request : 1 Dark Clod
    Request : 1 Primal Egg
    Request : 1 Living Mop
    Request : 1 Emerode
    Request : 1 Caphite
    Request : 1 Veggie Stew
    Request : 1 Glass Sphere
    Request : 1 Punish Blitz
    Request : 1 Globe
    Request : 1 Kokoron
    Request : 1 Black Clay
    Request : 1 Red Ore
    Request : 1 Living Broom
    Request : 1 Silk
    Request : 1 Azuro
    Reward : Medical Journal Recipe Book
                       4.2.3 Accomplishment Events [ACE]
    These events marks the accomplishments that Annie reached in the game. They 
    sometimes gives nice rewards.
    Triggers : Complete Friend Almanac
    Place : Committee HQ
    Description : Help Daniel complete residents List
    Triggers : Complete Enemy Almanac
    Place : Committee HQ
    Description : Help Commander Brookhart with his training regime.
    Triggers : Complete Item Almanac
    Place : General Shop
    Description : Help Old Jacob remember items' names.
    Triggers : See Item, Friend, Enemy Almanacs Completion Event
    Place : Workshop
    Description : Pepe reluctantly give Annie a reward for completing the almanacs.
    Reward  : 1 Purple Mabinogion
    Triggers : Annie's Lvl 50
    Place : Weapon Shop
    Description : Annie's recognized as adventurer
    Reward : 1 Normal Torten Mace
    Triggers : Annie's Alchemy Rank Master 
               (might need to keep raising alchemist level after Master Rank)
    Place : Committee HQ
    Description : Daniel presents an award for accomplished alchemist to Annie.
                                 5. Endings List [EDL]
    This list will consist of the requirements of getting the endings. Note that 
    these endings don't have an official names. These names are thought up by me 
    to make it easier to understand.
    1. True Ending
    Finish all 6 assignments with Gold Rank.
    Reach Best Friendship level with everyone
    See Beaux' Departure and Return Events (His last 2 events)
    See Liese's Departure and Return Events (Her last 2 events)
    Reach at least lvl 20 in alchemy and adventure.
    Has more than 100 Million Resort Development Fund.
    Build all 5 resorts with all of them at least at lvl 2.
    See Pepe's Review 1 Event (y3m10d5-y3m10d15) 
    Successfully synthesis Cosmic Conis
    2. Normal Ending
    Same requirements as True Ending but don't synthesis cosmic Conis
    3. Adventurer Annie
    Defeat Rock Puni, Fenrir, Ifrit and Demon Lord
    (See Annie's Lvl 50 Acccomplishment Events?)
    4. Royal Alchemist's Apprentice
    Don't satisfy the requirement for Adventurer Annie Ending
    Reach Alchemy Rank Master
    5. Business Woman Annie
    Don't satisfy the requirements for Adventurer Annie, Royal Apprentice Endings
    Has more than 100 Million Resort Development Fund.
    Has at least 500 Thousand personal cash.
    (See All Lesie's Events?)
    6. Famous Writer Annie
    Don't satisfy the requirements for Adventure, Royal Apprentice, Business Woman
    Complete Item, Friend and Enemy Almanac.
    Synthesis and keep Magical Pen item.
    (See all Almanacs Completion Events?)
    7. Bad Ending
    Don't satisfy the other endings criteria.
                             6. Walkthrough [WLK]
    Before starting a new playthrough that can get all endings there are some 
    preparations that need to be done before (and in the previous playthrough). 
    Some of them are crucial while others will help a lot if you prepare them. 
    Crucial things that needed to be prepared :
    -    Best Equipments for your main Party.
         I usually use Gillian and Lesie for my Main party. But it's up to you on 
         who will be in your main party. Buy them the best armors and weapons and
         synthesis accessories.
    -    Cash
         Prepare at least 450 thousand cash before hand. This is necessary for the
         business woman ending. You can prepare less cash than this if you are 
         sure that you can have at least 500 thousand before the game ends.
    -    Materials 
         Gather materials in your previous playthrough, especially materials that
         are unavailable at the store. Prepare some supplements and supplement 
         materials as well. Pure Spring and Pure Water are usually needed a lot 
         in the first stages of the game. Prepare sufficient amount of them.
    -    Almanacs
         Try to complete the Item, Friend, and Enemy Almanacs. Note that these 
         Almanacs are shared in all your 3 saves. SO if you get a new item, and 
         save in a slot, then load another slot then the item will still be in the
         almanac. Exceptions for this are the 10 items needed for true/normal 
         ending and 4 boss monsters in the Enemy Almanac. Items created from Royal
         World 1, Medical Journal and Sweets Legend can also be omitted because 
         you can get them in this playthrough.
    -    Trait Almanacs
         Since Trait Almanacs can be carried over from previous playthroughs, 
         it is a good idea to collect them before.
    Additional things that can be prepared before :
    -    Equipments for non main party
         Because you need to reach Best Friendship with all Character, it is 
         a good idea to prepare equipments for them.
    -    Items for Quests
         These items are needed to complete quests. It will helps a lot if you
         prepare them before.
         15 Pure Water, 30 Normal Klein Weed, 30 Normal Belladonna, 25 Aroma 
         Belladonna (collect from fruitful woods), 33 Athena Water, 35 Eisen Bar,
         40 Cant Holtz, 45 Dragee, 1 Normal Veggie Plate, 1 Big Veggie Plate, 
         1 Small Veggie Plate, 1 Normal Mushroom Plate, 1 Big Mushroom Plate,
         1 Small Mushroom Plate, 1 Normal Veggie Stew, 1 Normal Pazza, 1 Normal
         Seafood Salad, 1 Blue Short Sword, 4 Red Short Swords, 1 Blue Orde 
         Uniform, 1 Red Orde Uniform, 1 Blue Durable Outfit, 1 Red Slayer Sword,
         1 Yellow Adventure Outfit, 5 Hot Milk, 4 Bomb, 10 Chocolate, 5 Schwer 
         Metal, 5 Hot Chocolate, 10 Kokoron, 2 Azuro, 5 Spirit's Tears.
    When all preparations are complete, we can start the new playthrough that will
    help us to see all endings.
    General things that needed to be remembered when doing this walkthrough.
    - When you're in town, visit all places to trigger all events available.
      Try to get all available character events especially Beaux and Lisie. Some 
      character request events can also be fulfilled if you needed the reward 
       otherwise just ignore them. Do not leave town until you are sure that 
       no more events will occur at the time. 
    - You will need to level all character until they reach Best Friendship Level.
      SO keep switching them around until they reached the desired level then leave
      them be. Stick to your main party after all character have reached Best 
      Friendship level.
    - Remember when the gathering points open event. Try to reach that level before
      the event so there's no delay. Keep leveling up in the gathering points 
      that gives the most experience.
    - Resorts fame needed for each one is at least 100. This can be achieved by
      completing all lvl 1 resort quests. You may not be able to recruit all 
      mascots right away but try to recruit them asap.
      Also keep note about your resort development funds. Try to build the resorts
      asap. The resorts that you need to build for this playthrough are Park, 
      Bakery, Hotel, Theater and Theme Park. 
      AFter you have built all 5 resorts and have 100 fame for all of them, 
      you can leave them alone.
    - Claus' events are needed to summon Fenrir needed for Adventurer ending. 
      Don't forget to trigger them whenever you can.
    First Semester (y1m4 - y1m9)
    First, synthesize the necessary assignment item and turn it in. It will reward 
    you 14M development fund. Talk to Pepe and built a Park. Go to the park and 
    finish all available quests. Go to the Quarry and recruit the mascot for the 
    park. REturn to the park to finish the mascot quest. Return to town and upgrae
    the park to level 2. Keep doing guild quests until your shop fame reaches 100.
    Go to gathering points with 2 Annie's friends to level them. Try to reach 
    level 5 before the date for the Fruitful Woods Opening. Then activate the 
    event to access Fruitful Woods. After reaching level 5, keep spending your time
    in town and level up your alchemy until it reach Expert Rank.
    Near the end of the first semester you should have about 10 Million. Use it to 
    build the Bakery. Visit the Bakeryand complete the quests there. Take the 
    mascot quest but ignore it for now. Keep leveling up until the next semester.
    Second Semester (y1m10 - y1m3)
    Quickly synthesise the necessary assignment item and submit them. Use the new
    reward development fund to build a new resort. Complete all quest in that 
    resort. Then keep leveling up and building your friendship level. Don't forget
    to trigger Claus' event and all other character events.
    Third Semester (y2m4 - y2m9)
    Synthesise the assignment items and submit them. Keep building and upgrading 
    resorts. Trigger all character events. Claus' outdoor event should be completed
    too. Keep leveling up so you can tackle the bosses later. 
    Fourth Semester (y2m10 - y2m3)
    Synthesise the purple warhammer. With your current level, you should have no 
    problem defeating the basin boss without the hammer. SUbmit the purple 
    warhammer and get the gold prize. 
    DOn't forget to activate Lesie's character events at Quarry and Fruitful Woods.
    If you miss them then you will have to wait a year before you can activate 
    them. And by then it will be too late to get the True/Normal Endings.
    At this semester you will probably reach Lvl 30, prepare yourselves and 
    active the Rock Puny event. Defeat it.
    Keep leveling up. 
    Fifth Semester (y3m4 - y3m9)
    Synthesise the two monuments and give them quality trait. Submit them and you 
    will get a gold prize. You can get quality Almanac from Lesie's character 
    This is probably the most crucial part. Finish and check all the endings 
    requirement. All characters should have Best in friendship level. All Beaux
    and Lesie's character events should be completed too. You should have 100M
    in resort development funds at the end of the semester if you've done 
    everything correctly.
    You should probably summon and beat Fenrir at this point. You could probably
    try to defeat Ifrit too. But whatever you do, leave at least one boss alive 
    so you don't accidentally stuck at the adventurer's ending. 
    Try to get your cash to 500 thousand too. Sell all unused things. 
    At the end of the semester, at y3m9d30. Save at Slot 1.
    Sixth Semester (y3m10 - y3m3)
    Let's do the True/Normal Endings First. Go to the Workshop at y3m10d5 -
    y3m10d15. If everything goes well, there will be an event where Pepe 
    tells Annie that Hans is waiting for her at the committee HQ. Go to 
    Committee HQ, Hans will explain the situation. Go to General Shop and ask
    Lesie's advice. Go to the Library for Melody's help. Go back to General Shop.
    You will now need to visit all 5 resorts to gather materials. Visit Bakery and 
    Theme Park first because you will need to get 5 days to get the material. At 
    the Theme Park, the manager will ask for 5 Spirit's Tears for the material. 
    Give him the items and get the material.
    Once you got all materials, you can start synthetising the two items needed for 
    Cosmic Cosnis item. After you synthethise the two items, pass the time until 
    it's y3m3d14. 
    Now you can access the True/Normal Endngs by loading from Slot 2. 
    Synthesise the Cosmic Cosnis and pass the time and you will get the 
    True ending. 
    DOn't Synthesise the Cosmic Cosnis and pass the time and you will get the 
    Normal Ending.
    If your Item Almanac is not complete, load from Slot 2 and synthesise Cosmic
    Cosnis then save at Slot 3. After that load the game from slot 2. Your Item 
    Almanac should be completed. 
    Now let's do the other endings. Load the game from Slot 1. 
    View the Pepe's Review 2 event after y3m10d16. If your Enemy Almanac is 
    not complete, complete it now by defeating bosses. After that save at slot 3. 
    When the almanac is complete, load the game from slot 1. Save and load your 
    game while leveling up your alchemy untilit is just a step away from master 
    rank. Pass the time until its y3m12. 
    Get the author's recipe from Melody at the Library. Then pass the time 
    until it's y3m3d14. 
    If you want the adventurer ending, kill the last boss then pass the time.
    If you want the Royal Alchemist Apprentice ending, synthesise items until
    you reach Master Rank then pass the time.
    If you want the Business Woman Ending, make sure that your money is at
    least 500 thousand then pass the time.
    If you want the Star Writer Ending, synthesise a magical pen, then make 
    sure your money is below 500 thousand. You can spend it in buying weapons
    or armors. Then just pass the time and you will get the ending if all your
    almanacs is complete.
    IF you want the Bad ending, just make sure your money is below 500 thousand
    and just pass the time.
    There you go. You now have access to all endings in just one playthrough. 
    Good job ^_^.
                            7. Contact [CTC]
    Any Questions, Comments, Concerns, Corrections, or other general feedback can 
    be sent to kou.fukuyasu@gmail.com
    Please mention the FAQ in the subject line of any emails so I don't
    mistake it as spam
                            8. Copyright [CPR]
    Design of this FAQ is entirely by me. Informations provided comes from 
    in-game data. Additional informations provided and compiled from Japanese Wiki 
    at http://game-pit.jp/wiki/annie
    Use of this FAQ for any reason must be with my permission and credited to me 
    upon use. 

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