Is there an end to the Karakuri Ninja Haguruman Koume game?

  1. This game is a remix of one of the games in the original Game Center CX / Retro Game Challenge, and is the second game you get to play at the shop. In the original version I believe there were 8 stages, a fake ending (something along the lines of "you saved the princess... but she was kidnapped again!") then 8 more similar stages and the real ending.
    In this remix the game is mostly the same, except you ALWAYS get the fake ending. What I mean is you play the same series of 8 stages over and over again which get progressively harder and harder. So far I have played up to stage 112 (after stage 99 the stage names get weird, with a weird sign followed by 1, 2, 3, etc. and a new weird sign from level 110). I'm starting to think this game goes in loops and has no real ending. Has anyone gotten any further? To the unreachable ending???

    User Info: fanodesoso

    fanodesoso - 4 years ago

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