i also need help with a password of the game~ T_T?

  1. Hello, i'm also on the chapter 7, on the novel of -Asura Crying~ I was able to go to the basement but the door inside the basement requires different password... Where do you get this?
    Oh and i heard there is a another door... :( Does that require different password too? Where do I get that?

    User Info: darfip

    darfip - 11 years ago


  1. Well the passwords to the doors are Asura.Makiina and Berial.Doll (using the elevated dot, not period like i put here).
    If you don't know Japanese you can either...
    1) enter an incorrect password, you'll fight a battle and get a key item that shows you the password. Just refer to it in the item menu.
    2) Refer to kana charts.

    User Info: Layren

    Layren - 11 years ago 0   0

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