How do I get past level 11?

  1. Well I know there's a question already about this chapter but I don't understand what I have to do -.-''.
    I know that at the begining, the game, gave us an image that it's a map.
    But there's a point (on the top left) that I can't go, simply, when I arrive, the game puts an scene where a kid talks but no more and I can't acces.
    And what you say about talking with the guys more than once time, I did it already and nothing.
    Please if someone can give some detailed information it could be great
    Tankx ^^

    User Info: erimika

    erimika - 10 years ago


  1. just go talk to npcs and one of em will ask you to get something n they want 3 of em.
    1. talk to a man on left bottom map then go to most left map(if i remember) then go back to the man on bottom left
    2. go to most left map(i think) then after you talk to a guy he will give you an item and dokuro will call you pervert, and lolicon, then go to top right and talk to a guy on the rear part of the small garden
    3. I forgot the last one so go talk to random npc
    after you get all the 3 item back to the client and he will give you some item and index will start drawing runes again and ask tou to go to 6 location in the map shown later

    User Info: ARX7Z

    ARX7Z - 10 years ago 0   0

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