What is mystery time??

  1. Is mystery time when the trees turn purple and blue and there is neon coloured bugs and stuff??? Please help, I'm confused..

    User Info: vballmonkey

    vballmonkey - 10 years ago


  1. Yes, that's Mystery Time. During Mystery Time, you can catch all sorts of different insects and fish. Check the quadrangle (the circular brick area south of the bank) to see if Mr. Graves is teaching a lesson there. If so, he'll have an assignment for you. Finish it and report back to him at the quadrangle before 3AM. If you have more than one player in your game, each person should take his class and try to do the assignment. Mystery Time ends at 3AM. A mystery will begin the next day. Look around your town for anything strange going on, and talk to your classmates. You'll have one week to solve the mystery.

    User Info: shimmy6

    shimmy6 (Expert) - 10 years ago 0   1

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