Declare Love incantation help?

  1. I just needed some general help with this? So, iv followed the necessary steps in order to cast the spell. Iv had the classmate I want to follow me. who is Duke. My character is also female. we hang out together, head up to Lover's Point. Stand on the dirt heart, chant the spell and sparkle, around 4 the bell rings and I hold a red rose. It sparkles my character hops and then it cuts to him having a heart about his head saying its been sucssfully cast. The rose is ligitimate, I havent skipped the time in my Ds at all. Im not sure what else is there haha. Iv been doing it for a week+ right now being I think 9 days including today. I thought it was only like 3 days in a row and they ask you to meet them? Im not sure what im missing or doing wrong. Im casing every day when it rings making sure it says it worked. But no real changes has happened. Iv made sure to use the explore spell and he still likes my character, giving other color roses as gifts, and sending telegrams. I missed 2 days sending a telegram but other then that its all been the same. Is there a step im missing?

    User Info: BurntOrange

    BurntOrange - 1 year ago

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