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FAQ/Walkthrough by Moonblues

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/05/2008

So,This is my Guide to Tinkerbell! This guide will be updated
frequently as I gather new information from playing the game and people
who can give me things I am missing. If you have anything you can tell
me to add to help more players, please feel free to message me!

ALL USERS! :)(Midnightmoonblues@yahoo.com)*******

Disney Faeries: Tinkerbell


1.) Chipper - Tinker fairy. Usually found near Tinkerbell's home and
workshop (Tinker's Nook). Quests given are deliveries, and fetch quests

Description: A tinker fairy who doesn't mind getting a little dirt on
her wings, Chipper is no stranger to hard work. She enjoys crafting
something out of nothing and usually has good advice on how to fix
things. She also has the responsibility of bestowing new ranks on
tinkers as they grow.

2.) Rosetta - Garden fairy. Found in Spring Valley, usually by her
flower below the pink tree (Rose Blossom Chalet). Quests given are
deliveries, repairs, fetch quests, and looking for her missing
ladybugs. You can paint her ladybugs to collect flowers and seeds.

Description: Rosetta is a refined and gracious garden fairy with a
quick wit and a ton of charm. Ro shares a sassy streak with Tink. She
always tries to look her best and loves giving beauty tips and
makeovers to her friends and flowers. Fairies never tell their age, of
course, but Rosetta arrived inn Pixie Hollow before most of her friends
- so she's a little wiser than the others. She often wears a well
tailored outfit made from rose petals.

3.) Silvermist - Water fairy. Usually found in Lilypad pond, by her
flower in the back (Water Lily House). Quests include deliveries,
repairs, and fetch quests. You can catch dewdrops with her to collect
dewdrops of all colors. Color amounts increase with difficulty. 

Description: Water fairy Silvermist has a delightfully offbeat way of
looking at everything. Very much a free spirit, she often listens to
her heart more than her head. She's an easygoing soul who is eager to
please and be everyone's friend. Her sense of loyalty is unmatched.
Sil's guilty pleasure is listening to rumors and gossip from the
babbling brook. Her flowing dress is made from a rare blue calla lily. 	

4.) Iridessa - Light fairy. Usually found in Sunflower Meadow, often at
her sunflower (Sunflower House). Quests include deliveries, repairs,
fetch quests, and searching for her missing fireflies. You can jewel
hunt with her once a day.

Description: Iridessa, one of the most talented light fairies, is a
detail-oriented perfectionist. She's passionate about her work, but can
also be a worry wart - she tries to see the bright side of things, but
often smells disaster. It can take some convincing to get her to go
along with a risky or dangerous plan. Sometimes it's just Dess being
Dess, but other times her cautious stance turns out to be well-founded.
In the end, though, she will always do anything to help a friend. Her
sun-dress is made from sunflower petals, with a sunflower seed clasp.

5.) Fawn - Animal fairy. Found most often in Pine Tree Grove to the
right of the Harvest Promenade. Often there or in the log, (Toadstool
Hatches) or further down (Animal Fairy Hideout). Quests include
deliveries, repairs, fetch quests, and searching for butterfly pals.
You can spin thread with Fawn, amount increases with difficulty level.

Description: Animal fairy Fawn is a rascally tomboy full of mirth and
mischief. Always ready to play, and the more rough-and-tumble the game,
the better. Fawn is a born prankster - she loves to tweak Iridessa -
and most everyone loves her mischievous nature. She speaks many
different animal languages (the burplike toad-speak is her favorite).
Crafted from orange moss, Fawn's clothing can hold up to hours of
roughhousing. It's both tough and soft, just like her!

6.) Vidia - Fast-flying fairy. Found most often at Sour Plum Tree where
she lives, off of Winter woods, but she travels a lot. Quests include
deliveries, repairs, and fetch quests. You can race Vidia to win gems
and feathers.

Description: Vidia is a fast-flying-fairy who creates wings and
breezes. She prides herself on being the fastest fairy there is, and
scoffs at the notion that anyone else is anywhere near her level. Vidia
is not the easiest fairy to make friends with, but there may be more to
her than just her prickly exterior. She lives in a solitary sour plum
tree, and wears a sleek, dark purple outfit crafted to be aerodynamic,
with feathers for stabilization.

7.) Terence - Dust fairy. Found most often amongst the pixie dust at
Pixie Dust Well in the Pixie Dust Tree. Sometimes hangs around Tink's
house. Quests include deliveries, repairs, and fetch quests. The
balloon wagon comes to him, and he will occasionally read you poetry he
writes that you can share with other fairies.

Description: Terence is a dust-keeper sparrowman. Though he loves to
have fun as much as anyone, he also is kind and thoughtful, and has
great wisdom of the heart. Terence has a definite soft spot in his
heart for Tinkerbell. He wears a sturdy bark-vest and nutshell hat, and
is often covered with a thin layer if extra dust.

8.) Olwen - Garden fairy. Often found in Spring Valley, sometimes in
Midsummer Hills/Summer Glade. Quests include deliveries, repairs, fetch
quests, and searching for lost bugs. Olwen can be given seeds of all
colors, and in exchange she will grow different flowers out of the
seeds for you.

Description: Olwen is a precocious young garden fairy who has only
recently arrived in Pixie Hollow. She looks up to both Tinkerbell and
Rosetta, and is quickly becoming a skilled cultivator of all the plants
and flowers. She can be a little shy sometimes, but if you ask nicely,
she can grow your seeds into beautiful foliage for you.

9.) Idalia - Flower fairy. Found most often in the Flower Garden.
Quests include deliveries, repairs, fetch quests. She can exchange
items for flower petals you give her. 
		a.) Yellow petals - random colored LIGHT BEADS 
		b.) Pink petals - CHERRY BOLOSSOMS.

Description: Idalia is a recently-arrived flower fairy who rarely
strays far from the scent of her blossoms. She often tries different
flowers to see which perfume smells the best on her. Idalia loves
collecting flower petals of all sorts, and will happily trade things to
get more petals.

10.) Cera - Water fairy. Most often found in Lilypad Pond, sometimes in
Sunflower Meadow or Summer Glade. Quests include deliveries, repairs,
fetch quests, and missing bug quests. Cera will tell you gossip from
the brook.

Description: Water fairy Cera is an expert at making ripples in lakes
and ponds. Her patterns of waves are pure art, and watching her create
them is like watching ballet. Like many water fairies, she frequently
listens to the babbling brook, and is always aware of the most current
trends in Pixie Hollow.

11.) Augustus - Shop fairy. Always found in his store (Item Shop) at
the Pixie Dust tree. Quests include deliveries, repairs, and fetch
quests. Augustus' inventory changes very frequently, and is worth
checking after every season change at least.

Description: Kind and gentle Augustus runs a shop in Pixie Hollow. He
always keeps it stocked with the finest items, and has a knack for
knowing what his customers like best. He always offers a fair deal.

12.) Dewberry - Fruit fairy. Found most often in Midsummer Hills/Summer
Glade, sometimes in other places. Quests include deliveries, repairs,
and fetch quests. Dewberry can turn seeds you give her into fruit which
can in turn be used to dye thread.
		a.) Blue seed - blueberries
		b.) Red seed - raspberries
		c.) Yellow seed - lemons
		d.) Green seed - limes
		e.) Purple seed - sour plums
		f.) Black seed - blackberries
		g.) White seed - random

Description: Dewberry, a fruit fairy, is an expert at growing seeds
into fruits. She is outgoing and sweet, and can get very absorbed in
her work. She is always arguing with Olwen about whether a tomato is a
fruit or a vegetable.

13.) Luminaria - Light fairy. Usually found in Sunflower Meadow,
sometimes in Lilypad Pond, or Summer Glade. Quests include deliveries,
repairs, fetch quests, and searching for her missing fireflies.

Description: Light fairy Luminaria can usually be found frolicking with
fireflies. She has a soft spot for the cute little creatures, and loves
handing out handfuls of light and playing tag. Just look for the
brightest glow, and that's often where she is!

14.) Nollie - Animal fairy. Usually found in Harvest Promenade, other
times near Pine Tree Grove. Quests include deliveries, repairs fetch
quests, and searching for her missing butterfly pals.

Description: Happy-go-lucky Nollie is an animal fairy who doesn't take
life too seriously. She's an easygoing, lead-back sort who loves to
play games with the fastest and wiliest animals.

15.) Blair - Painting fairy. Always found in her workshop (Atelier)
which can be found in the Fall Forest. Quests include deliveries,
repairs, and fetch quests. Blair can make you clothes to print designs
on, which she will also let you do in her shop by talking to her - with
these clothes you can start trends.

Description: Painting fairy Blair is one of the most creative fairies
in Pixie Hollow. Using all kinds of berry-paint, she is the fairy to
see for portraits or murals. She is friendly and easygoing, and is
always working on a new art project of some sort. She usually has paint
splotches all over her clothes.

16.) Magnolia - Leaf fairy. Usually found in Fall Forest. Quests
include deliveries, repairs, and fetch quests. Magnolia can exchange
leaves you collect for different items.
		a.) Green leaves - random colored SEEDS
		b.) Red leaves - random colored FEATHERS
		c.) Yellow leaves - random colored SHELLS

Description: Leaf fairy Magnolia likes Autumn most of all, when her
talents for painting leaves are put to the best use. She is always
mixing different berry-paint to find the perfect shades of red and
organge for the season. She likes all colors of leaves, however, and
will happily exchange things for them.

17.) Baden - Scout fairy. Usually found at Pine Tree Grove off of
Harvest Promenade, but does move around. Quests include deliveries,
repairs, and fetch quests. Baden is not reachable when there is a hawk
blocking part of Pixie Hollow, because it is his job to drive the hawk

Description: Baden is a scout sparrowman - tasked with the safety and
protection of all fairies. He is always on the lookout for hawks,
wasps, snakes, and any other creature that is beyond the Animal
Fairies' control. He is all business and a stickler for the rules -
though he can be persuaded to laugh on occasion.

18.) Mariana - Shop fairy. Always found in her shared shop (Item Shop)
with Augustus. Quests include deliveries, repairs, and fetch quests.
Mariana can dye and fortify thread for you, as well as make clothes and
wrap gifts that you can then give to other fairies.

Description: An energetic, upbeat fairy, Mariana has recently opened a
shop in Pixie Hollow. She offers custom-made clothing, services for
strengthening and coloring threads, and even gift-wrapping!

19.) Elwood - Fast-flying fairy. Usually found at Pine Tree Grove off
of Harvest Promenade, sometimes in Winter Woods. Quests include
deliveries, repairs, and fetch quests.

Description: Elwood is a fast-flying sparrowman. Though he isn't the
fastest flyer, he is the fastest talker. Sometimes he can't even finish
a thought before the next one comes out. The ever-present smudges of
honey on his chin might explain his hyper-activity.

20.) Qana - Snowflake fairy. Usually found in Snowfall Grotto,
sometimes wanders to other places like Winter Woods. Quests given are
deliveries, repairs, and fetch quests. Qana can turn snow grains into
snowflakes if you give her enough.

Description: Qana is a quiet, reserved snowflake fairy who lives in the
mysterious Winter Woods. It can take some time for her to open up to
others, but those who get to know her will discover a kind and gentle
soul. She is an expert at crafting snowflakes, and if you bring her
enough snow grains, she will make one for you.

21.) Rune - Story-teller fairy. Always found in his niche (Sunray
Plaza) in the middle of Midsummer Hills. Quests include deliveries.
Rune will tell you a story every day, and special stories for the
holidays - including your birthday.

Description: Jolly, talkative story-teller Rune will tell tales to just
about everyone who wants to listen. Sometimes he'll even tell them to
himself if no one else is around. He travels near and far throughout
Never Land, and is always looking for more stories to spin.

22.) The Minister of Spring. Always found in Springtime Square Gazebo.
Quests include deliveries, repairs, and fetch quests.

Description: The Minister of Spring is in charge of the season of
rebirth, when nature awakens from its slumber. He is a fastidious
sparrowman, clad in a neatly-cut suit of spring blooms.

23.) Minister of Summer. Always found on Beach Cove. Quests include
deliveries, repairs, and fetch quests.

Description: The warmest season of the year is overseen by the Minister
of Summer, a free-spirited, jovial lady dressed in summer blossoms.

24.) Minister of Autumn - Always found in Autumn Promenade Dias. Quests
include deliveries, repairs, and fetch quests.

Description: The wise and logical Minister of Autumn looks after the
season of harvests and changing colors. He wears a suit of orange,
brown, and red leaves.

25.) Minister of Winter - Always found in Snowfall Grotto Center.
Quests include deliveries, repairs, and fetch quests.

Description: The Minister of Winter watches over the coldest season,
when much of nature is at rest. She is a blunt, uncompromising sort
with a gown woven from fine threads of frost.

26.) Queen Clarion - Always found in her area at Pixie Dust Tree, the
Council Chamber.

Description: Queen Clarion is the oldest known living fairy, and the
monarch of Pixie Hollow. An ethereal being, she is practically Mother
Nature - and is like a Mother to all the fairies. Her knowledge of the
fairies' magic is so advanced that she can even travel as a stream of
pure pixie dust. Despite her wisdom and power, she doesn't take her
station too seriously, and is warm, approachable, kind and loving. But
she can also be serious and firm when she has to be. She dwells in a
magnificent chamber nestled high in the branches of the Pixie Dust
Tree, and her flowing golden gown trails off into pure pixie dust at
the bottom.

27.) Fairy Mary - Appears at the start of every day, and gives darts
for deeds done.

Description: The no-nonsense head of the tinker fairies, Fairy Mary is
big, bold, brash and bossy. She loves what she does, and is proud of
the place tinkers hold in Pixie Hollow. Mary recognizes what a rare
talent Tink is... but you don't want to get on her bad side. Her outfit
of choice is a simple, utilitarian leaf-dress.

28.) Bobble - Appears at start of day when there are special events to

Description: Bobble is a tinker fairy with dewdrop goggles for detail
work. He loves to talk shop, and is often working on some half-finished
contraption that was probably a silly idea in the first place. Like
many fairies, he loves any excuse for a celebration.



Achievements can be met three times. They start as a bronze ribbon,
then silver, and finally gold.

The Idol - Met by filling up your friend meters.

The Detective - Met by finding lost items for fairies.

The Deliverer - Met by delivering items to fairies.

The Present Giver - Met by giving presents to fairies.

The Poetry Buff - Met by listening to Terence's poems.

The Story Aficionado - Met by listening to stories from Rune.

The Bug Catcher - Met by helping find bugs for fairies.

The Ladybug Painter - Met by painting ladybugs with Rosetta.

The Silk-spinner - Met by collecting silkworm threads with Fawn.

The Dewdrop Catcher - Met by catching dewdrops with Silvermist.

The Treasure Hunter - Met by finding jewels with Iridessa.

The Fairy Racer - Met by getting certain number if points in Vidia pre
race game.

Fastest Fairy Alive - Met by catching Vidia within certain amounts of
time while racing her.

The Fairy Medalist - Met by collecting high levels of fairy medals.

The Fruit Connoisseur - Met by having Dewberry create fruits for you
from seeds.

Flower Connoisseur - Met by having Olwen create flowers for you from

The Designer - Met by making original designs at Blair's workshop.

Fairy For All Seasons - Met by changing the seasons a certain amount of

The Season Speedster - Met by preparing seasons quickly.

The Fashion Leader - Met by creating trends with the items you make at

The Trend Setter - Met by creating certain number of trends in a row.

The Dress Collector - Met by collecting the many different dresses in
the game.

The Show Collector - Met by collecting the many different shoes in the

The Recipe Collector - Met by collecting the recipes in the game for

The Plant Collector - Met by collecting all of the plants.

The Jewelery Collector - Met by collecting all of the jewel stones.

The Adventurer - Met by entering secret maps a certain amount of times.

The Balloon Specialist - Met by getting lost items from the balloon

The Shop Owner - Met by selling your original items for certain amounts
of medals.

Final Achievement is still unknown to me at this time. 



How to get what you need, from who, and how!


Pink Petals - Gathered at Spring Valley from the cherry blossom tree.
Yellow Petals - Gathered in Sunflower Meadow.


Green Leaf - Gathered all over summer area such as Midsummer Hills.
Red Leaf - Gathered at Harvest Promenade.
Yellow Leaf - Gathered at Fall Forest.

[SEEDS] - All seeds can be gathered by doing the Ladybug Painting with
Rosetta, as well as found throughout the game. One trick is to tap the
flower on the side of Tink's house at the start of every season or day,
and you will get some seeds. Secret Passage missions will also
occasionally give you seeds.

Red Seed
Green Seed
Blue Seed
Yellow Seed
Purple Seed
Black Seed
White Seed


The following are Jewels gathered with Iridessa:

Rock Crystal

The following are special jewels/gems that can be won by playing the
dart game with golden arrows:

Snow Quartz
Never Pearl
Fire Opal

Other ways to win jewels include: 

-Racing Vidia



Ways to get them:

-Favors for Terence
-Favors for the Queen
-Opening the flower in the Queen's Council Chambers, above her head.



Ways to obtain them:

-Pre-race game with Vidia
-Quests for Elwood


White Thread - Can be gathered with spinning silkworm thread with Fawn.
Strong White Thread - Can be fortified for you by Mariana as long as
you have ten weak white threads.

Colored Threads - Threads can be dyed different colors by using fruits
you get from Dewberry. Take the fruit and white thread to Mariana and
she will dye it for you. You can also OCCASSIONALLY get colored thread
with spinning silkworm thread with Fawn, by tapping a colored worm
instead of a white one.

Other ways to get thread of all colors: Doing missions for Chipper


Snow Grains - Can be collected at Snowfall Grotto and Winter Woods.
Snowflakes - Crafted by Qana if you give her enough snow grains.



Ways to obtain them:

-Doing quests for Cera or Silvermist
-Giving Yellow leaves to Magnolia



Ways to obtain them: 

-Catching dewdrops with Silvermist

[FLOWERS] ***Note about Flowers - giving different colored seeds to
Olwen will always yield different flowers. For example: A red seed
could give you a red lily, or a rose, or something else entirely. This
section of the guide is for reference, but is not a guarantee that you
will get what you need.***

All of the following you have a chance of winning by:

-Playing Secret Passage games 
-Painting Ladybugs with Rosetta

To get any of the following flowers you have a good chance by giving
the corresponding color seed to Olwen and having her grow it for you.
(EX: Yellow Rose, give her a yellow seed. It may take many tries.) I
will be adding notes to the ones that I know can be gathered in other
separate ways.

1.) Cherry Blossoms - Give pink petals to Idalia
2.) Tulip - Give red seeds to Olwen. ***Note: Pink flowers can
occasionally be grown by giving RED seeds to Olwen***
	a.) White Tulip (Can be won on dart wheel in Item Shop)
	b.) Black Tulip (Can be won on dart wheel in Item Shop)
3.) Lily - Give green seeds to Olwen.
	a.) Red Lily 
	b.) Blue Lily
4.) Rose - Give red seeds to Olwen. Also can be won on dart wheel in
Item Shop.
	a.) Yellow Rose (Can be won on dart wheel in Item Shop)
	b.) Blue Rose
5.) Calla Lily - Give white seeds to Olwen
	a.) Blue Calla Lily 
	b.) Black Calla Lily (Can be won on dart wheel in Item Shop)
6.) Violet - Give purple seeds to Olwen.
	a.) Yellow Violet
	b.) Green Violet
7.) Water Lily - Unsure what color seed yields this. Either purple or
	a.) White Water Lily
	b.) Blue Water Lily
8.) Dandelion - Give yellow seeds to Olwen.
	a.) Orange Dandelion
	b.) Red Dandelion (Recieving Idalia's magic book spell, by
getting her friend hearts up, will get you x10)
9.) Tree Peony - Give red seeds to Olwen. Also received frequently in
Pine Tree Grove, found around there a lot.
	a.) Lilac Tree Peony
	b.) Black Tree Peony (Given quite often during quests)
10.) Poinsetta - Give green seeds to Olwen. Also won often during
rainbow butterfly mini game.
	a.) Lilac Poinsetta
	b.) Blue Poinsetta
11.) Daffodil - Give yellow seeds to Olwen.
	a.) Red Daffodil
	b.) Purple Daffodil
12.) Four-lead Clover - Give green seeds to Olwen.
	a.) Red Four-leaf Clover
	b.) Blue Four-leaf Clover
13.) Fuchsia - Give red seeds to Olwen.
	a.) Purple Fuchsia
	b.) Yellow Fuchsia
14.) Wild Onion - Give purple seeds to Olwen.
	a.) Orange Onion
	b.) Green Onion
15.) Snowdrop - Give green seeds to Olwen.
	a.) Blue Snowdrops
	b.) Pink Snowdrop (Very rare. You can try red seeds to Olwen. I
suggest playing the rainbow butterfly mini game. 		Another
great way to get a ton, is to get Qana's friendship level up until she
gives you her Magic Book Spell. Her 	spell gives you x10 Pink
16.) Snapdragon - Give red seeds to Olwen.
	a.) Pink Snapdragon (Red seeds)
	b.) Lilac Snapdragon
17.) Poppy - Give red seeds to Olwen
	a.) White Poppy
	b.) Purple Poppy
18.) Daisy - Unsure which seed color does this one. Either white or
	a.) Pink Daisy (Red seeds)
	b.) Blue Daisy
19.) Cornhusk - Give red seeds to Olwen.
	a.) Yellow Cornhusk
	b.) Blue Cornhusk
20.) French Lavender - Give purple seeds to Olwen
	a.) Yellow Lavender
	b.) Green Lavender
21.) Ginkgo - Give yellow seeds to Olwen
	a.) Orange Ginkgo
	b.) Red Ginkgo
22.) Torch Ginger - Give red seeds to Olwen.
	a.) Pink Ginger (Red seeds)
	b.) Green Ginger
23.) Iris - Give purple seeds to Olwen
	a.) Maroon Iris
	b.) Green Iris

[FRUIT] ***NOTE: All fruits can be grown by Dewberry as long as you
give her the correct corresponding color seed. EX: Lemons - yellow

Yellowberrys - Given as rewards, only won really. Can be won on prize
wheel as well. Yellowberries make very good gifts for winning fairies


More to be added later! This is all for now, I'm getting it up asap to
help people out. I'll be adding things like fairies favorite gifts
later, and special things you can receive for holidays and from certain
people, as well as much more!

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