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Crono is back and he's better than ever! 12/04/08 shabulia
An Archetypal Masterpiece 12/08/08 AuspexAO
Not quite the epic masterpiece... 03/05/09 Dash_Jr
A review for people new to Chrono Trigger. 12/08/08 lovable_lombax
A great purchase for those who have never experienced it, but not if you've played it before. 01/16/09 94067
Good game, but think before you buy 01/05/09 akfek_branford
Chrono Trigger was pretty good back then and still is, but it's not one of the BEST RPG's ever. 03/06/09 Calamity
Square-Enix's venerable time-traveling RPG still manages to impress. 04/08/11 Cold Metal
Timeless 12/08/08 Darksun45230
One of the greatest RPGs and video games of all time!! 07/15/09 DraimanBelieve7
Time after time... 04/08/11 horror_spooky
An important chapter in gaming history. 05/08/18 Junior_AIN
A timeless classic. Yes, I know it has been said many times before, but come on! 01/14/09 Kashell Triumph
It's Well Worth Your Money 12/05/08 Kiniest
More of a Port Than a Remake, but Still a Good game 02/23/09 LordShibas
CT returns! But does it stand the test of time? 08/04/09 Master Rudy
Crono, you and your friends look great on the DS! 01/21/09 MasterOfGames57
Old, and yet impressive... 12/23/08 Mykas0
Another remake that outdoes the other remakes!!! 01/21/09 Oni Chikara
Classic reborn or ancient relic? 01/05/09 solidsnake0928
Time travel has never been so exciting! 01/12/09 Super Slash
Now you never have to be away from Chrono Trigger again 12/05/08 terrisus
It was a great game then, and it's still a great game now. 12/26/08 UltimaZER0

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