How do i get the masamune back together?

  1. I have the hilt and the blade. How do i also get frog back with my party?

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    ZeldaRules87 - 9 years ago
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    Where is melchior?

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  1. Talk to Melchior. He will inform you that he can indeed REFORGE the Masamune if he had a Dreamstone. Unfortunately, Dreamstones haven't been around since Prehistoric times.

    Now, go to Magic Mountain, 65,000,000 B.C. Kill the reptites, meet ayla, go to village, talk to Ayla in chief's hut.

    Now, during the party, beat Ayla in Drinking Contest. congratulations, you won a Dreamstone... Sleep off the effects of the alcohol and when you wake up, the Gate Key is missing! Go wake Ayla up to her hangover, where you find out that Kino took it. Now, go around the tents until one of the villagers tells you that Kino went to the southern forest.

    Gate Key was stolen from Kino by Reptites! Follow their paths, and eventually, after a long and harrowing battle against Nezbil, you will have your Gate Key back. Now go to Melchior with either Lucca or Robo in party to have them assist him with reforging the Masamune (not sure if it makes a difference which it is). Give the sword to Frog, and he joins the party. Equip him with it and the Hero Badge.

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  1. Frog will join you when the masamune is fixed, which you do by going to the end of time and then going through the portal to 65,000,000 b.c. ayla will meet you at the portal. You need to talk to melchior first though.

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  2. Melchior is found near Medina Village in 1000 AD (Present). He's the house infront of the Heckran Cave.

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