How do I beat Magus in 600 ad?

  1. Cannot beat Magus in 600 ad.Keeps changing magic and i cant keep up.

    User Info: dreambush

    dreambush - 9 years ago

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  1. Just keep an eye on what magic he uses when he changes his barriers and whatever element he uses is what he is weak against. Robo is a great person to use for the healing and his attacks. Just be careful when he "Risks casting a spell". This means he is weak to everything and he will use a powerful magic after a while, so keep your health up. Chrono, Robo, and Frog are my team here.

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  1. Well what i did was figure out who the best team is for facing him and his magic. Basically, train is his keep its pretty go to train. Then just use strongest dual tech and heal when needed, Frog is an excellent healer when u use him alot. My team was Crono, Marle and Frog, which gave me excellent healing capabilites but if you have Robo strong he has probably almost better healing then marle if you train him with frog!

    My strategy would be - Heal when needed, Use physical techs sometimes and when you know for sure you can counter his magic with a better one that it is weak against use it

    Good Luck

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  2. Just use the same type of magic he does until it says that he risk magic barrier to cast strong magic, then go all out.

    User Info: japon68

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  3. My strategy when I confront him is something like that: get Crono, Frog and Lucca first, since her magic power is usually higher than the others. I lower his magic defense with Frog and I attack him with the others until I get a weakness of fire or lightning. In this case, I use these techs if I get those: Lightning 2 or Luminaire, Fire Sword 1 or 2 and Fire 2 or Flare. My preference is Luminaire since I can beat him in no more than two hits with that. Also, keep your HP high in case he manages to cast Dark Matter and some antidotes if he inflicts bad stuff.

    User Info: Kainync

    Kainync - 9 years ago 1 6
  4. I use crono, frog, and maryle. Have maryle cast haste on everyone starting with frog. Have frog attack with the masamune for the first half of the fight. do not attack with crono or maryle, just have them use aura whirl whenever you need to heal. If you attack magus with any magic (even the one he is weak against) he will counter with another magic attack. just take your time, enjoy the music (best in the game) and wait until frog's attacks no longer lower magus's magic defence. Once Magus risks casting a spell you will enter part two of the battle. Now attack with everything you've got, but don't let anyones hp drop below 200. Magus might cast dark matter in the second part of the battle which will kick your butt. His total hp is around 7000 or so, but if you just pace yourself and enjoy the music you should have no trouble.

    User Info: XwingMike

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  5. My method was Chrono, Marle, and Frog. Have Frog constantly attack Magus with the masamune cause that will (if i'm correct) reduce his mg defense. With Chrono and Marle, attack if possible, but odds are, once Magus casts the hp dropping spell, you're going to be using chrono and marle for the aura whirl dual tech. about halfway when it says Magus is reducing his magic defense for a strong spell, unleash a barrage of magic on his ass, but make sure your hp is high so that your party doesn't die from his dark matter spell. just ignore his magic change during the first half, it gets annoying to keep up with it and usually you'll never get the magic weakness you're looking for.

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  6. The best option would be for Crono(lightning attacks), Frog(water/ice attacks) and Lucca(fire attacks). Do not be active in the battle, waiting for Magus to cast first. Basically, copy the magic he casts on you back at him, until he "Risks casting a spell" - dispelling his own barrier. Then whup him good.

    User Info: robin_killian

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  7. Okay, first, get Ruby Vests, and equip them on each character. They'll slash his Fire damage down to half. Once you do that, just keep having Frog use the Masamune until he switches to an element you can counter. Once you've dealt enough damage to him, he'll start charging up Dark Matter which deals around 250 damage to the whole party.

    Once you get to that point, its best to have the one with the best physical attack and HP solo him. He only gives 1500 EXP so you're not missing out on much.

    What I did was have Frog attack him repeatedly, and whenever he used Dark Matter, I'd bring myself back up with Mid Potions, and repeat.

    If you have Haste on Marle, use her instead of Frog, as she can use Haste on herself and get in a lot more hits and healing. Don't bother reviving and healing people, it's just a waste of time.

    That tactic worked at level 21, so I'm certain it will work for you.

    User Info: TrojanPony

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  8. With 6666 HP, this battle takes a while. Have Frog attack (Masamune equipped) to lower Magus's Magic Defense. Don't rely solely on physical attacks and techs, his Defense is too high. The "light pillar" attack that he uses early on will slowly and steadily eat at your characters' HP throughout the battle. Don't worry about his scythe attack, he's relatively weak physically.

    Crono and Frog's Dual Techs cover Light and Water weaknesses for the first half. Watch the Magic he uses to determine his weakness (Lightning II is Light weak, Ice II is Water weak, Fire II is Fire weak, Dark Bomb is Shadow weak). The third character will depend on your play style.

    Lucca will allow you to hit Magus with Fire (her magic and techs) and Shadow (know Lightning II + Water II + Fire II to learn Delta Storm before the fight) damage, but makes Frog the designated healer.

    Marle will allow for faster attacks (Haste) and good healing (Aura Whirl while Frog attacks), but no way to deal Fire or Shadow damage.

    Robo will allow for good healing and Shadow damage (Laser Spin), but is slow and relatively vulnerable to Magic. I'm not sure about Proximity Bomb's range, so Fire damage may still be an option.

    For the second half he will drop the elemental weakness card for Dark Matter. Keep HP high and pummel him with your best Magic and Combo Techs at this point. The key to victory is keeping MP high enough for Emergency Healing, Magic, and Combo Techs.

    Overall, keep HP high, avoid attacking physically (unless it's with Frog's Masamune), hit his elemental weaknesses, and go all out when Dark Matter is in play. Heal HP with items if you burn through your MP too fast by healing.

    User Info: Kraleck

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  9. Ok, there are alot of ways to beat magus, many of them seem to revolve around keeping people alive and health boosting everyone that you can.

    Really, the only true strategy that exists to DEFEAT him and not just battle him, is use the masamune like you are supposed to.

    Use the masamune repeatedly, never let frog use anything else, just hit magus. If by chance magus casts a magic spell use that magic back on him. Otherwise, just pound on him with the other characters too. Needing to heal is essential at times, but i've found its much easier to win, if you are blitzing him and keeping him changing his bariers. He seems to power up his attacks after a while of using the same one over ad over as well.

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  10. 1. Keep everyone well-healed. Use Frog's Heal spell, Crono and Marle's Aura Whirl, or Robo's Cure Beam and Heal Beam. Generally try to keep everyone at least at 200 HP.

    2. Once Magus casts a spell, have Frog hit him with the Masamune, then follow up with a Tech of the same element Magus last used. Having Frog hit Magus like this before attacking will soften him up for the next attack and make the fight go quicker. If you don't have an attack of that element, heal up and bide your time until he casts a new element (you can attack, but it won't do much damage, so save your MP.)

    3. Once Magus lowers his barrier, hit him with your strongest attacks regardless of element. After a few turns of this he'll cast Dark Matter, which can dish out hundreds of HP in damage, so keep everyone healed over 300 to be ready. Continue to follow the above pattern until he goes down.

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  11. Crono, Frog, Robo.

    Triple Raid. Hammer him with it CONSTANTLY.

    Heal when needed.

    User Info: ultima_chocobo

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  12. Chrono, Lucca, Frog/Marle

    Something you should do:
    - Hit Magus with Frog's Masamune to lower his magic defence.
    - Every time Magus use elemental attack COUNTER him with the SAME ELEMENTAL ATTACK he was being use.

    Example: If Magus hit you with Lightning 2 attack, hit him with Lightning element.

    User Info: gilbie1402

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  13. I used Crono, Frog, and Lucca. Robo is good too, but I was leveling him up and he was not learning any new techs. Simply watch his barrier type and attack with the correct type. You can slow down the battle speed from the settings menu. When he "risks casting a spell" use the lapis you should have picked up from your chase with Ozzie, in the room with the hidden floor traps and evil save points. When everyone's health is over 250 or more, go all out. by the time Magus uses Dark Matter twice, you should have won.Make sure to use any strengh, speed, or magic capsules before the fight.

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  14. When I came through, I was over level 25... (I loved the Prehistoric fights with the ability to "Charm" items from enemies)
    I had also been using ALL CAPSULES I picked up on Crono. Crono's strength was over 60, and his speed was about 13, with a magic around 35-40. Also, I had taken Frog back to Spekkio to teach him his Water magic, and then fought enemies to get him his Heal spell. Crono knew "Raise" by this time, and Robo was close to "Heal Wave".

    1) Frog w/ Masamune & Hero Badge
    2) Crono w/ Pre-Historic sword and Silver/Gold Stud
    3) Robo w/ Pre-Historic Fist and Silver/Gold Stud
    Open attack with Frog to drop his magic defense.
    If he changes his "Barrier" in response, you now know which Element to open up with. The following are the techniques Magus will use:
    Dark Bomb (Darkness Attribute)
    Thunder 2 (Light Attribute)
    Fire 2 (Fire Attribute)
    Ice 2 (Water Attribute)
    Nail him with the same attribute as he used. If you don't have access the the attribute (Fire) whack him with a Physical Attack to provoke "Barrier Shift".

    About mid-way through the battle, it will say he drops his magical shield to risk casting a powerful spell (Dark Matter). At this point use the Triple Attack that they have, which is very powerful. (Mine did over 1000 damage). If you have your characters at a high enough level, he won't even get a chance to cast his Dark Matter as within 2 Triple Attacks without his guard he should be defeated.

    User Info: 4evergaming

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  15. you only need to attack him with the element he is using because it is weak to that type of magic on the instant he cast it :

    EX:magus attacks with ice2 make matle attack him with ice or ice2
    magus attacks with fire2 make lucca attack him with fire (or napalm)

    That`s the way i beaten him easily

    User Info: metashinryu

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