How do I get Magus?

  1. I dont know how to get him because someone told me you can get him but if you do something wrong you cant get Magus.

    User Info: kido_dragon

    kido_dragon - 10 years ago

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  1. It happens after you engage on going to 12000 BC. After Zeal falls, and after you defeat Dalton on the blackbird and get the Epoch back, you will return to th gathering site for the remainder of humanity. There, you will actually not be able to leave until you find Magus. Go to the North cape and talk with him after finding the shiny dot on the ground. You can either fight him, and probably lose, he is based at your level and has some rather strong spells to use against you.

    Or, you can decline, and walk away in which he will come to you and ask to join you, also stating there might be a way to find chrono again.

    User Info: Slasher424242

    Slasher424242 - 10 years ago 6   1


  1. You will find him at North Cape in 12,000 B.C. after the Epoch has wings to fly. When he challenges you, decline and leave. He will decide to join your party. If you do challenge him and Frog is in your party, then Frog will battle Magus alone without help from the rest of the party. Depending on if you battle Magus or not affects what you see in the ending, plus there is some extra dialogue if Magus is the lead character during the "Ozzie's Fort" side quest.

    User Info: rbmenace2001

    rbmenace2001 - 10 years ago 4   1

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