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Manolia Cathedral glitched? Tech Support *new*

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COMO DERROTO O PESADELO NA NAVE? Enemy/Boss 1 1 week ago
Elder's House in Porre? Side Quest 3 1 week ago
Why is the Rat not running? Main Quest 2 1 week ago
Which Ending is the canon ending? (Spoilers) Plot 5 9 months ago
Will getting different versions of "Beyond Time" change what appears in my ending log? Side Quest 1 9 months ago
What is the best strategy for distributing strength/magic/speed capsules? Build 4 9 months ago
Did they remaster it? Tech Support 1 1 year ago
Does the JP DS Version's English option have the new translation or the old one? General 3 2 years ago
Is the Japanese version in English? Tech Support 2 2 years ago
what? General 2 2 years ago

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