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How do you get 100% Completion? Side Quest 2 5 months ago
IS THERE ANY WAY TO CHANGE THE CONTROLS !!!!!!!? Build 1 5 months ago
Is this the best first choice for a kirby game? Tech Support 1 5 months ago
How do I get past The Arena? Main Quest 7 5 months ago
Can you play this game on 3DS? Tech Support 1 9 months ago
How to delete old data from used cartridge? Tech Support 1 9 months ago
Is there a way to cheat and have a robot or something beat it without you struggling? Enemy/Boss 2 10 months ago
99%? 60/60 treasures? True Arena Done? Main Quest 4 10 months ago
How do I beat Marx in the Arena? Enemy/Boss 3 1 year ago
How can I beat the arena? Enemy/Boss 1 1 year ago

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