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by PhantomandGhost

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Walkthrough by PhantomandGhost

Updated: 05/20/2020


Congratulations, you’ve cleared the game! You’ll be given the opportunity to save your clear data, which you can use to play from the start. There’s no New Game + benefits, but Blair (cat form) will join you by following Maka around! (She disappears when enemies’ attack.)


English translation patch by the Anime Game Translations Team.

Translation: Envy

Hacking: Illidan

Graphics: Phantom


Information/images for the walkthrough translated from http://musekinindou.web.fc2.com/souleater/ds/index.html and https://game.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/20081020/se.htm, alongside own research.

Questions, comments or typos? Shoot me a message at phantomghosttranslations(@)gmail.com


Hope you enjoyed!