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by PhantomandGhost

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Walkthrough by PhantomandGhost

Updated: 05/20/2020

Chapters 1-3

The first three chapters cover a tutorial with each character’s individual move set. For the most part, you’ll have unlimited HP & WP until reaching the boss stage (if there is one.) It’s a nice opportunity to get used to the game’s combat system without having to worry too much.

Chapter 1

[Death City]

A tutorial featuring Maka & Soul. There’s no boss.

Chapter 2

[Cinder Castle]

A tutorial featuring Black☆Star & Tsubaki. At the end of this chapter, you’ll face your first real fight; Mifune.


Each boss has different attack styles depending on their HP.

[First stage]

Mifune will perform lunge attacks in sets of 3. After a set, he will fall to the ground which is the best time to strike.

[Second stage]

In the second stage, Mifune changes to his “Infinite One-Sword Style”, in which he throws his swords into the air, then pulls out one of the fallen swords to strike with.

Wait for him to complete the attack, then use that opportunity to counter-strike.

[Third stage]

When his HP is 2 or below, Mifune will switch to a ranged attack, sending out shockwaves with his sword. This is a strong attack but it can only travel in straight lines, so is easy to avoid.

After sending out a shockwave he will fall to the ground defenseless, which you can use to finish him off.

Chapter 3

[Ancient Ruins]

A tutorial featuring Kid & the Thompson Sisters. At the end of this chapter is another boss.


[First stage]
When you are away from the casket, it will open and attack. After the attack, strike before the lid closes again.
[Second stage]
Once his health is 4 or below, Anubis will emerge. He will try grab Kid with his bandages to pull you closer and attack. Keep your distance and fire out Continuous Shots (by drawing a +) to send him back to the afterlife.