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by PhantomandGhost

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Walkthrough by PhantomandGhost

Updated: 05/20/2020

Chapter 7

Lord Death’s Task: Defeat the Witch Mizune!

[Death City]

Start with switch 1. (Flame 1 disappears.)

Next, flip Switch 2 which appears once you’ve destroyed all the Red Tadpole Bombs & Black Tadpole Bombs. (Flame 2 disappears.)

Switch 3 appears after you’ve wiped out the Bad Eaters. (Flame 3 disappears.)

Finally, defeat all the Mizunes!

After completing this lesson, head to the Assembly Hall to continue with the story. This is the point of no return, so if you have remaining points, be sure to visit the Death Room to level up before getting started. (I recommend focusing on Defense and HP/WP.) You will however have another opportunity to save before the finale.

[Below DWMA]

Head down, cross the bridge that appears when you kill 6x Bad Eaters at point A, then flip switch 1. (Flame 1 disappears.)

Defeat the Candles at B and hit switch 2. (Flame 2 disappears)

Hit switch 3. (Flame 3 goes out.) *You can switch it without having to jump up by using Maka’s “Slash”.

Head up to point C, defeat the Candles to open the bridge and flip switch 4. (Flame 4 disappears & a healing spring appears.)

[The “!” highlights places where it’s advisable to use Kid’s skateboard to get through.]

Head back down and flip switch 5 to open the way to the boss.

Free (Second Time):

He has slightly more health, but the moves/opportunities to counter attack remain the same. See chapter 6 for an in-depth guide.

[Below DWMA 2]

Head left from your starting point using Kid’s skateboard, and continue to the right.

Flip switch 1. (Flame 1 goes out.)

At point A, kill the 8x Bad Eaters, then cross the bridge which appears and hit switch 2. (Fire 2 disappears & a healing spring appears.)

Defeat 8x Death Noir at point B to remove flame B, then head to the next boss.

Crona (Second Time):

Again, not much has changed from the first encounter. See chapter 5 for an in-depth guide.

Part-way through this fight, a cutscene will play where Maka decides to use the power of the black blood inside Soul to sink into madness. She will be surrounded by a black wavelength as if in Soul Resonance and have boosted stats, so is a good character to use for this fight.


[First stage]
During the first stage, Ragnarok will chase you whilst swinging his arms. Keep your distance, and use Kid’s “Continuous Shot” to do damage.
[Second stage]

Next comes a hand-jab attack. If it hits you, you’ll be thrown to the ground. Aim to strike after this attack, using one of Black☆Star’s combos or Maka’s “Strike”. Watch out for a violent counter after you land a hit.

Once Ragnarok starts using “Bloody Needle”, you can interrupt his attacks by striking first.
[Third stage]
From here, Ragnarok will screech before slamming his hands on the ground producing a huge shockwave, which can hit you even from behind. Keep your distance, and aim for the gap between attacks when he’s catching his breath, doing damage with Maka’s “Full Sweep”.

After this battle, you’ll have an opportunity to save the game before being thrown straight back into the action.

[Below DWMA 3]

Use Kid’s skateboard to reach switch 1. (Flame 1 goes out.)

Head to point A, wipe out the Bad Eaters then
cross the bridge where switch 2 will appear. (A treasure chest containing a full health restore also appears.)

Defeat the Candles at point B, cross the bridge and flip switch 3. (Flame 3 disappears.)

Continue to switch 4. (Flame 4 goes out & a healing spring appears.)

Defeat the Bad Eaters at C, cross the bridge, and turn on switch 5. (Flame 5 goes out.)

Again, at point D, wipe out the Bad Eaters,
cross the bridge that appears and use switch 6. (Flame 6 goes out.)

Defeat the 9x Death Noir at E. (Flame E disappears.)


The final boss!

[First stage]
After an incantation, several mid-range vector arrows will spring from Medusa’s back. Use the time whilst she’s casting to land your attacks and shave down her HP.
[Second stage]

After a cutscene, Medusa will start using her Vector Plates. They’re hard to avoid, so watch your step and use attacks with large scopes such as Maka’s “Slash” & “Full Sweep”.

If you get caught by a plate, Medusa will likely be launching herself at you from the other direction, so try to move sideways to dodge.
[Third stage]
After this, Medusa’s Vector Arrows will be able to reach you even from a long distance. The arrows appear once she’s finished her incantation, so disrupt the chanting using Kid. If you keep attacking like this, you can slowly but surely build damage until you’re able to perform Soul Resonance and use the Death Cannon to shave off a full square. (Or, if you have HP to spare, you can aim for the moment the Vector Arrows appear using Maka’s “Strike” to finish things quicker.)