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by PhantomandGhost

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Walkthrough by PhantomandGhost

Updated: 05/20/2020

Chapter 5

Lord Death’s Task: Find Dr. Stein and Professor Sid!

Once you have two or more Lord Death Stickers, you can accept this lesson from the Death Room.

Head down, and defeat the Rats to make switch 1 appear. (Flame 1 disappears.)

Return and go left. Switch 2 appears after you’ve wiped out the Red Tadpole Bombs. (Flame 2 disappears & a healing spring appears.)

Find Professor Sid and switch 3 at point C. (Flame 3 disappears.)

Use Kid’s skateboard to cross the water and defeat all the Black & Red Tadpole Bombs. (Flame D disappears.)

Find Dr. Stein at point E.

After completing Lord Death’s Task, new events will unlock in Death City; Cinder Castle, Chupa Cabra's, and the Church.


Head right and hit switch 1 which appears once the Death Noirs & Candles are destroyed.

(Flame 1 disappears & a healing spring appears.)

Next, head left and wipe out the Candles. (Flame A disappears & switch 2 appears.)

Cross the valleys using Kid's skateboard.

Destroy all the Candles and Stone Statues in the long corridor to remove flame C.

Continue forward and use Black☆Star’s “Chain Scythe Throw” on the blue hook to cross the gap.

Hit switch 3, which appears when you clear out the Candles and Stone Statues. (Flame 3 disappears & a healing spring appears.) Then, head up to the next boss.


[First stage]
Keep dodging until after Crona attacks with their sword, when there’s a good opening. Utilize Maka’s “Slash” as it’s fast but powerful.
[Second stage]
After a short cutscene with Stein, the battle resumes. “Bloody Needle” is hard to dodge, but not all that powerful, so it’s okay if you can’t completely avoid it.
[Third stage]

In the third stage, Crona will start using “Screech Alpha” (sending out a black shockwave), however your tactics can stay the same. Avoid being hit by Screech Alpha which will send you flying, and aim for the gap that opens after Crona swings their sword.

Watch out for a powerful bloody needle that comes after you’ve landed a hit.