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Close X Walkthrough
by PhantomandGhost

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Walkthrough by PhantomandGhost

Updated: 05/20/2020

Chapter 4

[Hook Cemetery]

There’s a mini-tutorial about changing character modes before we’re back into our next boss.


[First stage]
During the first stage, Sid will swing his grave at you. There’s an opening after each attack, so use that chance to counter.
[Second stage]
Next, Sid will perform his “Living End” attack (slamming his gravestone from above) in sets of 3. You can either dodge and attack from behind, or wait until he drops the stone at the end of a set for an opening.
[Third stage]
During this stage Sid will disappear underground, then pop up to attack. He can’t be hit when underground, so wait until he re-appears to strike.

[Death City]

Hit switch 1 to remove the first set of flames.

Go to the left of the crossroads, break the wooden boxes using Maka and then continue down.

After defeating all of the enemies, hit the switch that appears. (Flame 2 disappears.)

Head back to the crossroad then down, and annihilate the enemies in the square to remove the flames.

Cross the river with Kid's skateboard.

Defeat the Mice, and switch 3 will appear. (Removes flame 3. A healing spring will also appear so you can regain HP before heading to the next boss.)


[First stage]

In the first stage, Stein will attack while sitting on his chair. Stop his movements with the Black☆Star’s “Chain Scythe Throw” (draw a circle), then quickly deal damage whilst he is still spinning.

If you’re struggling to catch Stein, use Kid to fire at and temporarily stop him before switching to Black☆Star.
[Second stage]

In the second stage, Stein performs a rush attack, which will knock you to the floor if hit. What’s more, is that by matching wavelengths, Stein will be able to nullify your attacks. Watch the colored outline to determine whose attacks will be powerless. (Kid: pink, Black☆Star: yellow, Maka: blue.)

Keep dodging, and wait for an opening where Stein turns the screw on his head. Use this time to close the distance and land your attacks (with any character.)
[Third stage]
The third stage features the same attack pattern, however Stein’s attacks will be stronger. If you want to play it safe, use Black☆Star’s “Chain Scythe Throw” from a distance when the colored outline is not yellow. Else, Maka’s “Strike” is recommended.