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  1. Has anybody beat any of the three dragon people in their true forms (after they teach you all of their skills) or the spooky boo (black ghost enemies) enemy? If so, what level were you on when you beat them?

    I'm currently at level 45 and I beat the final boss at level 40, but these enemies seem to require higher levels and or strategy that I do not have.

    User Info: bwata

    bwata - 9 years ago
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    The attack you're referring to is called Battle Wind. Ok, that answers my question pretty much. That was my exact strategy but my levels were just too low to pull it off.

    User Info: bwata

    bwata - 9 years ago

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  1. I was at lvl 53 when I first beat the black ghost ... it gets a lot easier when you are lvl 56-57. I just used Tin Man and Doro with power boost, overclock and the strong attack of Tin Man (4 hits, can't remember the name ...)

    User Info: spacebee1

    spacebee1 - 9 years ago 0 0

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