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FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 02/25/09

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                          ...,ic,| The Sims 2 |bf2tc;c,                       
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                        .z7Y7X16 | Apartment  |nt8$MMM.                       
                         .CvcYXoz|    Pets    |XA0#MM.                        

Author: Warfreak
Version: 0.3
Date Started: 20/2/08

NOTE: This Guide will Contain Spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

*~~~~~~~~~~~Watch In Awe, Watch In Awe, Aeria Gloris, Aeria Gloris~~~~~~~~~~~*

Warfreak's Top Tip: Use Ctrl+F to quickly navigate this guide.

Table of Contents
 §1 Introduction
    [1.01] Introduction
    [1.02] Version History

 §2 Playthrough
    [2.01] The Playthrough

 §3 Mini-Games
    [3.01] Treatment
    [3.02] Buried Treasure
    [3.03] Bird Boogie
    [3.04] Snake Charmer

 §4 Spa Furniture
    [4.01] Default Spa Furniture
    [4.02] Upgraded Spa Furniture

 §5 Apartment Furniture
    [5.01] Default Apartment Furniture
    [5.02] Lounge Room Furniture
    [5.03] Kitchen Furniture
    [5.04] Bedroom Furniture
    [5.05] Bathroom Furniture
    [5.06] Miscellaneous Furniture

 §6 Sim Clothes
    [6.01] Sim Clothes

 §7 Pet Stuff
    [7.01] Pet Toys
    [7.02] Pet Clothes
    [7.03] Pet Consumables

[A] Contact Information
[B] Credits
[C] Webmaster Information
[D] Copyright Notice

*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now, Let the Guide Begin (o.0)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
[1.01] Introduction

The first guide, well this is my 45th guide, but the first guide to go through
my new template, so this will more or less be test to see if this new template
will be good, or utter crap to work with. I hope it is a good one, the other
one looked rather bland, to be quite honest. 

As you can see, the template has been redone. Especially [A] [B] [C] [D]. The
legal part has been completely redone, so I'm rather pleased at that, but it
did take a bit of time rewriting the entire thing. Without further ado, let
us begin. 

[1.02] Version History

Version 0.0 [20/2/09]
Although it is a start, I'm making sure that all the template is working 
properly, so there aren't going to be any kinks in the guide. I must say, it
does look better than the old guides.

Version 0.1 [23/2/09]
Start this properly. Did some lists of furniture, and going to do more 

Version 0.2 [24/2/09]
Completed more listing. 

Version 0.3 [25/2/09]
Experimental guide done. 

[2.01] The Playthrough

This is another type of free-play game. Basically, you are in charge of an
apartment, whilst your uncle is away, overseas, wherever he is, and you can
do whatever you want in the apartment, since you have free rein. You also
own the pet spa downstairs, where you can treat the pets from customers for

Anyway, you start off by putting in your name and such, gender, and whatever
clothes you want to start off with. Anyway, you start in the apartment, and
you will get mail, so read it.

Sooner or later, you will have the Janitor deliver a dog for you, and through
some sort of divine intervention, your uncle will send you mail about the 
dog. WTF is this? Telepathy? Anyway, you get the basics on looking after pets
via the manuals. This saves me explaining it.

Now, downstairs is the Spa. The Spa is basically a pet business where you can
care for the pets of customers. They will have a variety of ailments, but this
will be discussed in the Treatment section, since there is a section for 

Furthermore, you will be informed that there are two ways to treat pets. You
can treat them through the mini-game, and that will net you more money than
letting the assistant to do it. If you let the assistant do it, she will only
get §100 per pet, so either she is doing a really crap job or she is really
is taking advantage of you. 

By using one of your gumball machines, you will also get a pet cat, delivered
through animal welfare services and you need to take care of the pet. Your
choice, again, but hey, it won't die.

Now, there are only 4 motive bars in this game, Hunger, Social, Bladder and 
Energy. That makes for extremely easy needs maintenance. Hunger is done via
the fridge, Social, talking to customers, Bladders from the toilet and Energy
at the bed. Simple.

And that is about it to the playthrough for now. Seriously, this game has the
storyline of the pea. 

[3.01] Treatment

Treatment is where you take charge of a customer's pet and you treat it for
the various ailments that ... ail the pet. Anyway, you start off with three

First o all, you need to diagnose the pet. To do this, you need to either 
double tap, scribble or stroke the specific area that is outlined on the pet
as well as actually doing the action. 

The three ailments that you start off with is Unkempt, Smelly and Dirty. This
is always the same at the beginning, so even if you can't figure it out or you
run out of time for figuring out what was wrong, you have this information to
back you up.

Now, to get rid of Unkempt, use the brush, and then use the stylus to brush
in the direction of the arrow, which makes it happier. You need to complete 
20 complete brushes within the designated time period. This is simple, but
the game has the worst stylus registeration ever, and half the time, you will
be forced to repeat the action since the game doesn't recognise your movement.

The next part is smelly. You need to activate the perfume button, and use it
with the Stylus and the L button. Use the Stylus to point the bottle over the
circle, and the L button to spray, and you need to complete this before you
find that the little circle disappears. Again, you need to do this 20 times
to complete it.

The final part is dirty, so you need to use the showerhead button and this 
will be the same as perfume. Except this time, hold down L over the little
circles, as done in the perfume section, and again, do this 20 times and it
shall be done.

There is an accessory part, where you can pay a sort of matching memory game
where you need to find the headgear for the pet that they love. However, this
is rather pointless as it gives you absolutely no money whatsoever, as well
as doing nothing but pleasing the owner, which you already do when you cure
all three ailments. 

Now, the payment. When you start, you will get §300 per ailment if you 
successfully cure all the ailments and the owner is relatively happy, which 
isn't very hard. Now, as you upgrade the furniture in your spa, you will get
more money.

On your player screen, there is a little bar that looks like some renovation
tools. You will get more money as this bar goes up. At 25%, it will be §600 
per ailment, at 50%, it shall be §900 per ailment. §1200 per ailment will be
awarded at the 75% mark and at the full 100% mark, it gives you §1500 per
ailment, which is a fair amount of coin.

A similar minigame can be played with your apartments pets as well, should
you choose to play with them. Often, you may need to purchase clothing or 
consumables to placate them. 

[3.02] Buried Treasure

A minigame where you have either your dog or your cat, and what you do is you
tap them to dig the ground when they start acting hypo and they decide it is a
good time to jump up and down, bark, meow and cause a ruckus.

They do this generally to point out that there is some sort of item that is
hidden below the ground somewhere, and you tap them to dig it up. Now, you
have the choice, or rather, your pet digs up two sets of items. You can dig up
some §§§ bags and you get the money, or you can dig up a shoe.

The game ends when you choose to exit, dig up three shoes or you run out of
Stamina for your pet. Now, the worst part about this game is the fact that
it runs about as fast as a Commodore 64 compared to a PC as well as the fact
that you get so little money out of this it isn't worth the amount you pay
it in patience. 

[3.03] Bird Boogie

This is like Dance Dance Revolution using a touchpad and a stylus. Now, there
are 6 buttons that you can choose, and what you do is when the little icon
goes through the targeting circle on the top, you need to tap the button that
is shown on the top with your stylus on your touch pad. 

This is rather simple, and the best thing is, it is quick and the pattern is
always the same, it never ever changes, which makes it a quick source of 
money. You can easily earn §300 on average with a decent run. All you need is
some decent hand-eye coordination and some quick reflexes, and a decent 
memory won't hurt either. 

Probably the least tedious of the mini-games, though all are tedious anyway.

[3.04] Snake Charmer

The next worst mini-game, you have a snake in your apartment, though I'm not
sure if that is in breach of any neighbourhood regulations or anything like
that. That probably explains why no body lives in this apartment. Anyway, 
this is basically, holding a button when told to, and then blowing into the
DS's internal mic. 

Read the manual for help, but this is one of the worst mini-games I've ever
experienced in a game, and trust me, there is a lot of crappy minigames. The
effort required does not equal the reward that is given, so there is really
no point in trying to attempt this. 

[4.01] Default Spa Furniture

When you start out your Spa, you will get the some basic equipment in your 
Spa. The equipment is provided for free, and this does not contribute at all
to your appearance bar, that will now be known as the bar that will determine
the appearance of your Spa, which increases the amount of §§§ you get when 
you successfull cure the pet. 

 Basic Counter
"A basic reception desk."

 Basic Water Cooler
"A simple water cooler for hot and cold water."

 Modern Deluxe Desk
"A modern and handmade desk"

 Basic Rug
"A very basic and cheaply made rug."

 Local Artist's Art
"Painting by local artist, R Smyth."

 Simple Seating
"Simple second hand seating."

 Deluxe Coffee Table
"A well made coffee table."

 Cheap Stereo
"Basic and simple spa studio."

 Sweet Vending Machine
"A simple vending machine which dispenses sweets."

 Dog Sculpture
"A pleasant sculpture of a dog."

These upgrades at the ones that are available at the start of the game, and
these will be available until the upgrade is bought. Also note that the 
appearance bar will increase now. However, remember that the most expensive
item contributes the most to the bar. Therefore, aim for quality, and not
quantity or rather, price. 

 Simple Reception Desk - §100
"A simple modern desk."

 Stripy Rug - §500
"A moderately priced rug."

 Gum Vending Machine - §750
"A gum with baseball card vending machine."

 Filtered Water Cooler - §1,000 
"A water cooler with filter,:

 Modern Counter - §750
"A contemporary reception desk."

 Modern Stereo - §750
"Modern Stereo with front loading disk mechanism."

 Molded Seating - §1,000
"Colourful molded plastic seating."

 Regional Artist's Art - §750
"Photo by regional photographer."

 Mahogany Reception Desk - §1,500
"A well crafted desk."

 Spa Upgrade - §15,000
"Purchase this to upgrade your spa overnight."

[4.02] Upgraded Spa Furniture

When you have purchased that §15,000 upgrade, you will have a much larger
spa to play with, and this leads to several pages, three in fact, of new 
furniture that you can purchase that you couldn't have purchased before. 
Again, the more expensive it is, the more it will add to the appearance bar.
Also note that you will be able to completely fill the bar without purchasing
all the items.

Now, take note on how to decorate. Just tap the button to the decorate mode,
and tap the item you wish to replace. Tap the replacement, and that should be
about it. There is an ingame tutorial for those who still don't understand. 

 Handmade Rug - §750
"A fancy designer rug."

 Modern Rug - §900
"A contemporary rug."

 Expensive Rug - §1,000
"A plush rug."

 Famous Painting - §1,500
"A world renowned artist's painting."

 Mounted TV - §900
"A wall mounted TV."

 Giant Mounted TV - §1,000
"A large wall mounted TV."

 Spring Water Cooler - §1,500
"Mountain Spring water cooler."

 Deluxe Water Cooler - §2,000
"A deluxe water cooler with filtration system."

 Futuristic Water Cooler - §3,000
"A water cooler with 8 temperature settings."

 Soda Vending Machine - §900
"Dispenses soda and bottled water."

 Deluxe Vending Machine - §1,000
"Dispenses everything but the kitchen sink."

 Ultimate Vending Machine - §1,500
"The latest in vending machine technology."

 Expensive Reception Desk - §2,000
"An expensive looking desk."

 Luxurious Desk - §3,000
"The height of reception desk technology."

 Deluxe Counter - §900
"A fashionable and feature packed reception desk."

 Expensive Counter - §1,000
"A reception desk ideal for showing off success."

 Futuristic Counter - §1,500
"A top of the range reception desk."

 Deluxe Stereo - §1,000
"A minimalist stereo system."

 Expensive Stereo - §2,000
"State of the art speakers with a multifunctional stereo."

 Futuristic Stereo - §2,500
"State of the art stereo."

 Comfy Seating - §1,500
"Comfy swivel seating."

 Expensive Seating - §2,000
"Deluxe and expensive seating."

 Luxurious Seating - §2,500
"Ergonomically designed chairs with ultra soft cushions."

 Glass Coffee Table - §100
"A fancy coffee table."

 Designer Coffee Table - §750
"A designer coffee table."

 Expensive Coffee Table - §1,000
"The finest wood coffee table."

 Stylish Coffee Table - §1,500
"A high quality and expensive coffee table."

 Dog of Plinth Sculpture - §750
"A dog sculpture on a plinth, delightful!"

 Twin Dog Sculpture - §1,500
"Two dogs on a plinth."

 Bronze Dog Sculpture - §2,500
"A majestic statue of two dogs."

 Gold Dog Statue - §4,000
"An awe inspiring statue."

[5.01] Default Apartment Furniture

There is a massive truckload of furniture for your apartment, and I am dead
serious, there are hundreds of these items, so basically, this is going to be
quite a long list. This will list the default furniture, before I will split
the furniture into their respective section based on the game itself.

 Cheap Rug
"A plain and rather dingy looking rug."

 Cheap Art
"An inexpensive but attractive painting."

 Basic Plant
"A simple and healthy plant."

 Budget Shower
"An inexpensive shower and stall."

 Cheap Mirror
"Simple and solidly constructed mirror."

 Cheap Bath
"A cheap plastic bath."

 Basic Toilet
"A basic, low-cost toilet."

 Basic Sink
"A basic washbasin."

 Cheap Dressing Table
"A standard table with mirror."

 Simple Side Table
"A basic side table."

 Basic Wardrobe
"A simple pine wardrobe."

 Basic Bed
"Entry level bed with dog hair protector."

 Basic Kitchen Units
"Homely and simple kitchen units."

 Cheap Table and Chairs
"An inexpensive dining set."

 Modern Fridge
"Stylish and simple fridge."

 Basic Oven
"A very simple oven. It looks slightly used."

 Basic Washing Machine
"A simple washing machine."

 Cheap Bookcase
"Perfect for storing trashy crime novels."

 Cheap TV Set
"A cheap looking TV Set."

 Cheap Stereo
"A basic sound system."

 Cheap Coffee Table
"An entry level coffee table."

 Basic Curtains
"A plain set of drapes."

 Budget Desk
"A budget-priced computer system."

 Cheap Armchair
"Functional but not very inviting armchair."

 Cheap Sofa
"Functional but not very inviting sofa."

[5.02] Lounge Room Furniture

This is all the furniture for the lounge room, which is denoted by the arm
chair icon. 

 Gothic Bookcase - §1,500
"A horror novel stocked bookcase."

 Retro Bookcase - §1,500
"60s styled bookcase, psychodelic books not included."

 Novelty Bookcase - §1,000
"A unique design bookcase, lacking in practicality."

 Futuristic Bookcase - §1,000
"Perfect for the sci fi novel collector."

 Contemporary Bookcase - §900
"Uniquely designed stylish bookcase."

 Basic Bookcase - §750
"Stained wood bookcase."

 Modern Bookcase - §900
"Unusual and guaranteed to be noticed."

 Gothic TV - §2,500
"Spooky shows are even scarier on this!"

 Retro TV - §2,500
"A Modern TV cunningly disguised as an old one."

 Regal TV - §2,500
"A TV suited to royalty."

 Novelty TV - §2,000
"A novelty-designed TV."

 Futuristic TV - §2,000
"The future of televisions!"

 Lifestyle TV - §1,500
"A stylish modern TV."

 Basic TV Set - §1,000
"A basic TV set."

 Modern TV - §1,500
"A new flat-screen TV."

 Princess Sofa - §4,000
"A soft and pink sofa."

 Gothic Stereo - §2,500
"An epic, booming stereo system."

 Retro Stereo - §2,500
"Vintage styling, but modern sounging."

 Regal Stereo - §2,500
"A majestic sound system!"

 Novelty Stereo - §2,000
"Despite gimmickly looks, this is a fine stereo."

 Futuristic Stereo - §2,000
"The sound of the future!"

 Contemporary Stereo - §1,500
"A modern, stylish-looking stereo."

 Budget Stereo - §1,000
"A low-cost but effective stereo."

 Princess Coffee Table - §1,500
"A beautifully pink coffee table."

 Gothic Coffee Table - §2,000
"Excellent for hosting Halloween parties."

 Retro Coffee Table - §2,000
"A retro coffee table."

 Bohemian Coffee Table - §2,000
"A small table with goblet ring marks."

 Designer Coffee Table - §1,500
"A designer coffee table."

 Futuristic Coffee Table - §1,500
"A coffee table sent back through time."

 Comtemporary Coffee Table - §1,000
"An up to date little table."

 Basic Coffee Table - §900
"A simple and tasteful coffee table."

 Modern Coffee Table - §1,000
"A fashionable place for caffeine beverages."

 Princess Desk - §2,000
"A bright pink computer desk and chair."

 Princess Stereo - §2,000
"A stereo good enough for any princess."

 Princess Bookcase - §1,000
"A brillantly pink bookcase."

 Gothic Drapes - §1,500
"Curtains thick enough for vampires!"

 Retro Curtains - §1,500
"Old-fashioned drapes for the nostalgic."

 Regal Drapes - §1,500
"Window coverings good enough for royalty."

 Novelty Curtains - §1,000
"Drapes with a novelty pattern."

 Futuristic Drapes - §1,000
"Curtains for the Sci Fi fan."

 Contemporary Drapes - §900
"Curtains in a modern style."

 Budget Curtains - §750
"A basic set of drapes."

 Lifestyle Curtains - §900
"A modernistic set of drapes."

 Princess Curtains - §1,000
"Fabulous pink drapes."

 Gothic Desk - §2,500
"A grandiose desk and chair."

 Retro Desk - §2,500
"A computer desk and chair in a charming retro style."

 Regal Desk - §2,500
"A computer desk and chair in a kingly style."

 Novelty Desk - §2,000
"A desk and chair in a kitsch, novelty style."

 Futuristic Desk - §2,000
"Make it so commander! With this computer station!"

 Contemporary Desk - §1,500
"An attractive, stylish computer station."

 Basic Desk - §1,000
"A basic computer desk and chair."

 Modern Desk - §1,500
"A slick modernistic computer station."

 Gothic Armchair - §3,000
"A spooky throne for being evil or watching TV."

 Retro Armchair - §3,000
"Sit back and relax in this retro chair."

 Bohemian Armchair - §3,000
"Velvet and luxurious armchair."

 Novelty Armchair - §2,500
"Cow pattern armchair."

 Futuristic Armchair - §2,500
"Perfectly designed for late night TV watching."

 Contemporary Armchair - §2,000
"A wobbly and simple armchair."

 Budget Armchair - §1,500
"A Comfy armchair with squeaky cushions."

 Modern Armchair - §2,000
"A fashionable armchair with silk cushion."

 Gothic Sofa - §5,000
"An unusual and scary sofa."

 Retro Sofa - §5,000
"Comfy, stylish and retro. The perfect sofa."

 Regal Sofa - §5,000
"Having royalty to stay? Pick this ideal sofa!"

 Futuristic Sofa - §4,000
"Sofa with state of the art cushions."

 Contemporary Sofa - §3,000
"Stylish and chic sofa."

 Basic Sofa - §2,500
"Comfy sofa and squeaky cushions."

 Modern Sofa - §3,000
"Fashionable sofa with silk cushions."

[5.03] Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen furniture is a set of kitchen stuff, where all the items, which
is under the kitchen utensils tab, and there are more of them than the 
lounge room items. 

 Princess Table and Chairs - §2,500
"A dining set, all pretty in pink."

 Princess Kitchen Units - §2,500
"Kitchen not pink enough? This is the product for you!"

 Gothic Kitchen Units - §3,000
"Create the spooky kitchen of your dreams!"

 Retro Kitchen Units - §3,000
"A retro styled set of kitchen units."

 Regal Kitchen Units - §3,000
"Perfect for a butlet to prepare food on."

 Futuristic Kitchen Units - §2,500
"Create the kitchen of the future!"

 Contemporary Kitchen Units - §2,000
"Stylishly coloured kitchen units."

 Cheap Kitchen Units - §1,500
"Simply constructed but solid kitchen units."

 Modern Kitchen Units - §2,000
"Shiny polished kitchen surface."

 Princess Fridge - §1,500
"A glamourous fridge with sparkly door."

 Gothic Table and Chairs - §3,000
"This table and chair set belongs in a castle!"

 Retro Table and Chairs - §3,000
"Old fashioned table and chairs."

 Regal Table and Chairs - §3,000
"Table and chairs fit for royalty."

 Novelty Table and Chairs - §2,500
"A chintzy dining set."

 Futuristic Table and Chairs - §2,500
"Dinner time - Make it so!"

 Everyday Table and Chairs - §2,000
"A basic dining set comprising a table and chairs."

 Simple Table and Chairs - §1,500
"A simple, utilitarian dining set."

 Lifestyle Table and Chairs - §2,000
"A pleasingly modern set of table and chairs."

 Gothic Fridge - §2,000
"Plenty of room for spooky goulash."

 Retro Fridge - §3,000
"A retro looking fridge for modern food."

 Bohemian Fridge - §3,000
"A natural fridge with rustic appeal."

 Novelty Fridge - §1,500
"A truly unique fridge for normal food."

 Contemporary Fridge - §1,000
"Keeps food cool and the owner cooler."

 Budget Fridge - §900
"A cheap but noisy fridge."

 Basic Fridge - §900
"It keeps food cold but that's it."

 Retro Oven - §3,000
"A retro styled oven with cooking timer."
 Bohemian Oven - §3,000
"An old stove styled oven."

 Novelty Oven - §2,500
"A lurid coloured oven."

 Futuristic Oven - §2,500
"Self cleaning and self cooking, the oven of the future!"

 Princess Washer - §1,500
"Guaranteed not to ruin pink clothes."

 Princess Oven - §2,500
"Perfect for fairy cake bake offs."

 Retro Washer - §2,000
"Ideal for washing retro clothes."

 Regal Washing Machine - §2,000
"The royal pants are now clean!"

 Novelty Washer - §1,500
"A hilarious novelty washing machine."

 Futuristic Washer - §1,500
"Take your Sim's clothes back to when they were new!"

 Contemporary Washing Machine - §1,000
"State of the art washing machine."

 Cheap Washing Machine - §900
"A very cheap and cheerful washing machine."

 Modern Washing Machine - §1,000
"A fancy washing machine with the latest features."

[5.04] Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom basically has 4 items you can replace, and the items are found
under the bed icon on the apartment furniture shop screen.

 Gothic Dressing Table - §2,500
"Apply the white makeup and eyeliner with this."

 Retro Dressing Table - §2,500
"Yesteryear's table with yesteryear's mirror."

 Regal Dressing Table - §2,500
"Perfect for storing pearl and diamond necklaces."

 Novelty Dressing Table - §2,000
"A novelty dressing table."

 Futuristic Dressing Table - §2,000
"Get ready for a future party with this!"

 Contemporary Dressing Table - §1,500
"Treated wodden table with stylized mirror."

 Basic Dressing Table - §1,000
"A rickety table with mirror."

 Modern Dressing Table - §1,500
"Hardwood table with mirror."

 Princess Dressing Table - §2,000
"This dressing table is straight out of a fairy tale."

 Princess Wardrobe - §2,000
"Great for storing fabulous clothes."

 Gothic Side Table - §2,000
"A grandiose gothic side table."

 Retro Side Table - §2,000
"A side table in a retro style."

 Regal Side Table - §2,000
"A side table good enough for a King (or Queen)."

 Novelty Side Table - §1,500
"A most unusual side table."

 Futuristic Side Table - §1,500
"A Space-age side table."

 Contemporary Side Table - §1,000
"A fashionable side table."

 Budget Side Table - §900
"A cheap and cheerful side table."

 Modernistic Side Table - §1,000
"A nice modern-looking side table."

 Princess Side Table - §1,500
"A charming pink side table."

 Gothic Wardrobe - §2,500
"Better check this for monsters!"

 Retro Wardrobe - §2,500
"A retro wardrobe for last years fashions."

 Bohemian Wardrobe - §2,500
"Excellent for storing berets and ponchos."

 Novelty Wardrobe - §2,000
"A tacky but charming novelty wardrobe."

 Futuristic Wardrobe - §2,000
"A futuristic wardrobe for the Sci fi fan!"

 Contemporary Wardrobe - §1,500
"Fashionable wardrobe with rounded edges."

 Cheap Wardrobe - §1,000
"A wobbly poorly constructed wardrobe."

 Modern Wardrobe - §1,500
"Stylish and solid wardrobe."

 Gothic Bed - §4,000
"Guaranteed to give nightmares or your Simoleons back."

 Retro Bed - §4,000
"A retro styled bed for the retro snooze."

 Futuristic Bed - §3,000
"Sleep in this and wake up in the future!"

 Modern Bed - §2,500
"A comfy bed with soft mattress."

 Budget Bed - §2,000
"A cheap bed complete with itchy sheets."

 Contemporary Bed - §2,000
"A trendy bed with Egyptian cotton sheets."

[5.05] Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom is the next room you can decorate, using the toothbrush cup as
the tab that will allow you to purchase the items.

 Princess Sink - §2,000
"Pretty in pink."

 Gothic Shower - §3,000
"An imposing gothic shower and staff."

 Retro Shower - §3,000
"An old-fashioned shower."

 Regal Shower - §3,000
"A shower and stall good enough for royalty."

 Novelty Shower - §2,500
"A cutest kitschy shower and stall."

 Futuristic Shower - §2,500
"One day, all showers will be this way..."

 Contemporary Shower - §2,000
"A shower and stall in a fresh, contemporary style."

 Basic Shower - §1,500
"A basic shower and stall."

 Modernistic Shower - §2,000
"An attractive modern shower and stall."

 Gothic Mirror - §1,000
"Vampire Sims won't cast a reflection in this!"

 Retro Mirror - §1,000
"Check how last night went in this mirror."

 Regal Mirror - §1,000
"Check the royal face in the morning."

 Novelty Mirror - §900
"A distasteful mirror."

 Futuristic Mirror - §900
"See into the future with this mirror!"

 Contemporary Mirror - §750
"A funky and trendy mirror."

 Basic Mirror - §500
"A simple mass produced mirror."

 Modern Mirror - §750
"Hand crafted with a unique design."

 Princess Shower - §2,500
"A fragrant pink shower and stall."

 Gothic Bath - §3,000
"An immense gothic bathtub."

 Retro Bath - §3,000
"An old-fashioned bathtub."

 Regal Bath - §3,000
"A tub good enough for royalty."

 Novelty Bath - §2,500
"A cute kitsch bathtub."

 Contemporary Bath - §2,000
"A stylish contemporary bathtub."

 Simple Bath - §1,500
"A simple metal bath."

 Modern Bath - §2,000
"A nice-looking modern bathtub."

 Gothic Toilet - §3,000
"This toilet looks like it's come from a gothic castle!"

 Retro Toilet - §3,000
"An old-fashioned toilet."

 Regal Toilet - §3,000
"Also known as the Royal flush."

 Novelty Toilet - §2,500
"A wacky toilet."

 Futuristic Toilet - §2,500
"In space no one can hear you flush!"

 Everyday Toilet - §2,000
"A mid-priced modern toilet."

 Simple Toilet - §1,500
"A simple, low-cost toilet."

 Modernistic Toilet - §2,000
"A modernistic toilet."

 Princess Toilet - §2,500
"An all-pink toilet to match an all pink bathroom."

 Princess Mirror - §900
"Who's the prettiest of them all?"

 Gothic Sink - §2,500
"A gothic washbasin."

 Retro Sink - §2,500
"An old-fashioned washbasin."

 Regal Sink - §2,500
"Good enough to wash even kingly hands in!"

 Novelty Sink - §2,000
"Washing should never be a novelty!"

 Futuristic Sink - §2,000
"The future of washbasins!"

 Everyday Sink - §1,500
"A practical modern sink."

 Simple Sink - §1,000
"A simple, bathroom sink."

 Modernistic Sink - §1,500
"Washbasin in a modern style."

 Princess Bath - §2,500
"A pink tub just begging for bubble bath!"

[5.06] Miscellaneous Furniture

Misc furniture basically means all the wallpaper and decorative items that are
around the place. Plants, wallpaper and tiling are nice because they can also
be used downstairs in the Spa as well as in the apartment.

 Prince Art - §750
"A pretty art piece."

 Pattern Tiles - §2,500
"Pattern wallpaper with a tendency to make people dizzy."

 Deep Pink Wallpaper - §2,000
"Luminous and sickly pink wallpaper."

 Concrete Wallpaper - §900
"Bring the outdoors, indoors!"

 Brick Wallpaper - §1,000
"Natural looking brick wallpaper."

 Blue Wallpaper - §900
"An uplifting blue wallpaper."

 Block Wallpaper - §1,500
"For that studio apartment feel."

 Bathroom Tiles - §2,000
"Guaranteed to make visitors think "aqua"!"

 Magnolia Wallpaper - §1,000
"Simple, cheap and classic!"

 Pattern Wallpaper - §2,500
"An attractive red patterned wallpaper."

 Ceramic White Tiles - §2,500
"Clean white tiled flooring."

 Black and White Tiles - §2,000
"Classic black and white tiled flooring."

 Laminate Flooring - §1,000
"Cheap and useful plastic flooring."

 Ceramic Floor Tiles - §2,000
"Ideal for a kitchen or bathroom."

 Wood Floorboards - §4,000
"Heavy wooden floorboards."

 Natural Wood Flooring - §4,000
"Natural looking wodden flooring."

 Cheap Wood Flooring - §3,000
"Treated wood flooring."

 Diagonal Pattern Flooring - §2,500
"Well constructed tile flooring."

 Green Flooring - §1,500
"Easy wipe green flooring."

 Tan Carpet - §2,500
"A tan coloured carpet."

 Retro Carpet - §3,000
"A retro styled pattern carpet."

 Gothic Rug - §1,500
"This rug belongs in some gothic castle!"

 Retro Rug - §1,500
"A pleasingly old-fashioned rug."

 Regal Rug - §1,500
"A rug good enough for the feet of royalty."

 Novelty Rug - §1,000
"A rug in a kitsch style."

 Futuristic Rug - §1,000
"A rug with a futuristic pattern."

 Contemporary Rug - §900
"A pleasant, fashionable rug."

 Simple Rug - §750
"A simple and unremarkable rug."

 Modern Rug - §900
"A rug with a modern pattern."

 Princess Rug - §1,000
"A cheerful, fluffy, pink rug."

 Gothic Art - §900
"A powerful, brooding artwork."

 Retro Art - §900
"A painting of days gone by."

 Regal Art - §900
"A portrait of royalty."

 Novelty Art - §750
"A charming if chintzy artwork."

 Futuristic Artwork - §750
"A stunning futuristic art piece."

 Contemporary Art - §500
"A lovely piece of contemporary art."

 Simple Art - §250
"An inexpensive, minimalistic artwork."

 Modern Art - §500
"A beautiful piece of modern art."

 Princess Plant - §500
"A nice and pretty plant."

 Futuristic Wallpaper - §2,000
"Ideal for the apartment of the future!"

 Retro Wallpaper - §2,000
"Wallpaper from a bygone era!"

 Gothic Wallpaper - §3,000
"Ideal for the dungeon look."

 Paw Print Wallpaper - §4,000
"Give your apartment the pets look!"

 Yellow Wallpaper - §1,000
"For fans of yellow only."

 Classic Wallpaper - §1,000
"A classic wallpaper style."

 Stucco Wallpaper - §2,000
"A painted plaster wallpaper."

 Regal Wallpaper - §3,000
"For the ultimate palace look!"

 Red Brick Wallpaper - §1,500
"An untreated brick pattern wallpaper."

 Pink Wallpaper - §4,000
"Pink wallpaper with a floral trim."

 Pale Pink Wallpaper - §2,000
"A pale pink wallpaper."

 Novelty Wallpaper - §2,500
"Wallpaper with a zebra pattern."

 Green Wallpaper - §3,000
"Pale green wallpaper."

 80s Black Wallpaper - §3,000
"For the retro lover."

 Red Carpet - §2,500
"A cherry red carpet."

 Purple Carpet - §2,000
"Goes with everything."

 Pink Carpet - §3,000
"Doesn't hide stains well but looks pretty."

 Pattern Carpet - §2,500
"Carpet with an intricate pattern."

 Grey Carpet - §2,000
"Popular in schools and offices."

 Green Carpet - §1,500
"A high quality green carpet."

 Brown Carpet - §1,000
"Cheap brown coloured carpet."

 Blue Carpet - §1,000
"Thick and plentiful carpet."

 Beige Carpet - §900
"Simple but plain carpet."

 Gothic Plant - §750
"A truly creepy plant."

 Retro Plant - §750
"Perfect for applying the natural retro look."

 Regal Plant - §750
"A plant of royal descent."

 Novelty Plant - §500
"A fun and tacky plant."

 Futuristic Plant - §500
"It looks futuristic but it's available now!"

 Modern Plant - §250
"A modern potted plant."

 Simple Plant - §100
"A traditional and simple plant."

 Lifestyle Plant - §250
"A modern and chic potted plant."

[6.01] Sim Clothes

There are limited clothes for your Sims to choose from. There are many 
colours for it though, but still, the range is rather limiting. The colours
are the same for all the clothes, so there is really a lot more clothes, but
that means a hell of a lot of duplicates. 

The colours are Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, Pink and Orange. Of course,
you can choose one without any colour at all. 

 Tropical Shorts - §750
"A pair of tropical shorts."

 Swim Shorts - §1,000
"Perfect for thge summer!"

 Flared Pants - §2,000
"Fashionable and comfy!"

 Pastel Pants - §2,000
"Light pastel pants." 

 Stitched Pants - §1,000
"A pair of rough stitched pants."

 Tight Pants - §900
"A pair of figure hugging pants."

 Demim Pants - §1,000
"Timeless denim pants."

 Sweater - §1,000
"A knitted sweater."

 Tight Top - §750
"A tight fitting top."

 Pastel Shirt - §500
"A trendy pastel shirt."

 Designer T-Shirt - §1,000
"A famous designer T-Shirt."

 Lumberjack Shirt - §1,500
"A fashionable lumberjack shirt, timberrrrr!"

 Patterned T Shirt - §2,000
"Trendy T Shirt with a pattern."

 Striped T Shirt - §900
"A faintly striped T shirt."

 Shirt - §1,000
"A plain shirt."

 Fashion T Shirt - §900
"A trendy T shirt with a logo."

[7.01] Pet Toys

There are many toys that you can have your pets to play around with. These 
toys basically make the pet more happy, and love you more, apparently. Also,
some toys are pet specific as well. 

 Throw Ball - Free - Dog
"A pitching ball for fetch."

 Bell - §2,500 - Bird
"Bring out the musican in a bird."

 Squeaky Toy - §2,000 - Dog
"A high pitched squeaky toy."

 Jack in the Box - §2,000 - Dog, Cat
"Give your pet a shock with the jester on a spring!"

 Hamster Tube - §750 - Hamster
"A small plastic tube for hamsters."

 Scary Balloon - §2,500 - Dog, Cat
"Only the bravest of pets will face this!"

 Catnip Mouse - §2,000 - Cat
"Cats will go crazy for this catnip laced mouse."

 Rodent Ball - §900 - Hamster
"A large hollow ball."

 Mirror - §500 - Bird
"Pretty bird! A mirror for a perch."

 Scratching Post - §900 - Cat
"Something for a cat to really sink their claws in."

 Clockwork Mouse - §2,500 - Dog, Cat
"A lovingly handcrafted clockwork mouse."

 Hamster Wheel - §500 - Hamster
"Mounted wheel for hamster running."

 Ball of Twine - §900 - Cat
"Every cat's favourite, a ball of twine."

 Rubber Bone - §1,500 - Dog
"An authentic looking rubber bone."

 Rubber Ball - §1,500 - Dog, Cat
"A classic rubber ball."

 Rubber Carrot - §900 - Rabbit
"A synthetic chew toy for rabbits."

 Guinea Pig House - §900 - Guinea Pig
"A small house for warmth and playing."

 Flying Disc - §900 - Dog, Cat
"Pets will love chasing this plastic disc."

 Monkey Drummer - §2,500 - Dog, Cat
"A simian percussion toy."

[7.02] Pet Clothes

For some bizarre reason, pets seem to have a larger option on terms of 
clothes than their Sim counterparts. Again, there are 5 sections, and they
each differ in who can actually wear said clothes.


 Parka - §900 - Cat, Dog
"Winter-proof your pet!"

 Diving Suit - §900 - Cat, Dog
"A snug rubber diver's outfit."

 Tuxedo - §1,000
"License for a pet to look fabulous."

 Cowboy Outfit - §1,000 - Cat, Dog
"Yippie-Ki-Yay it's a cowboy outfit."

 Halloween Costume - §1,500 - Cat, Dog
"Dress your pet like a skeleton!"

 Camo Vest - §900 - Cat, Dog
"Keep your pet hidden in the undergrowth."

 Superhero Costume - §1,500 - Cat, Dog
"Dress your pet like a superhero!"

 Plaid Coat - §900 - Dog
"A lovely tartan coat, perfect for terriers!"

 Flying Jacket - §900 - Cat, Dog
"Tally ho! A flying jacket."

 Muu Muu - §900 - Cat, Dog
"A roomy Hawaiian Muu Muu."

 Builder's Jacket - §900 - Cat, Dog
"A high visibility jacket."

 Leisure Suit - §1,000 - Cat, Dog
"For that cool pet-about-town look."

 Pink Body Warmer - §900 - Cat, Dog
"Keep your pet warm and pink!"

 Medical Vest - §1,000 - Cat, Dog
"Ideal for aspiring doctor pets."

 Fur Coat - §1,000 - Cat, Dog
"Don't worry, it's synthetic!"

 Biker's Jacket - §900 - Cat, Dog
"Lots of leather and studs ...  Yikes!"

--==Bow Ties==--

 Striped Bow - §750 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A striped ribbon tied in a bow."

 Rhinestone Studded Bow - §1,000 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A sparkling bow covered with rhinestones."

 Blue Bow - §750 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A thick blue velvet ribbon tied in a bow."

 Big Boy's Bow - §900 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A colourful chunky bow for males."

 Flag Bow - §1,500 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A bow with a flag design."

 Patriotic Bow - §1,500 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A proud bow in red, white and blue."

 Butterfly Bow - §900 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A beautiful bow shaped like a butterfly."

 Pom-Pom Bow - §900 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A bow with a shiny pom-pom at its centre."

 Rosebud Bow - §900 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A tiny bow with a rosebud at its centre."

 Jeweled Bow - §1,500 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A stunning bejeweled bow for show occasions."

 Loop de Loop Bow - §750 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A 3 layer bow with a trinket at the centre."

 Scarlet Ribbon - §750 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A simple, yet elegant red velvet ribbon."

 Bell Bow - §750 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"Velvet bow with a silver bell attached. Adorable!"

 Silver Brocade Bow - §1,000, Cat, Dog, Snake
"An intricately decorated bow for show occasions."

 Pinwheel Bow - §750 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A circular bow shaped like a pinwheel."

 Lace Bow - §900 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A feminine bow made of lace."

 Halloween Bow - §1,500 - Cat, Dog, Snake
"A spooky bow with a luminous ghostie at its centre."


 Horn Rimmed Glasses - Free - Bird, Cat, Dog
"Serious glasses for serious pets."

 Cunning Disguise - §2,000 - Bird, Cat, Dog
"Perfect for the undercover pet!"

 Crazy Eyes - §900 - Bird, Cat, Dog
"Wacky crazy eye glasses for your pet."

 Male Designer Shades - §1,000 - Bird, Cat, Dog
"Famous designer shades for male pets."

 Dark Shades - §1,000 - Bird, Cat, Dog
"For tired eyes and cool cats."

 Thick Eyeglasses - §1,500 - Bird, Cat, Dog
"Thick spectacles for the shortsighted."

 Rock Star Shades - §1,500 - Bird, Cat, Dog
"Funky star shaped glasses."

 Monocle - §2,000 - Bird, Cat, Dog
"Rather fancy! A single lens circular eyeglass on a string!"

 Hockey Mask - §1,500 - Bird, Cat, Dog
"A slightly eerie protective mask."

 Ladies Designer Shades - §1,000 - Bird, Cat, Dog
"Designer sunglasses for the lady."

 Eye Blinds - §750 - Bird, Cat, Dog
"Pet sized eye blinds."

 Pilot's Goggles - §1,500 - Bird, Cat, Dog
"Aviator's eye protection for pets."


 Flat Cap - Free - All Pets
"A tweedy Newsboy's cap."

 Bejeweled Crown - §10,000 - All Pets
"Fine gems and diamonds make up this hat."

 Top Hat - §750 - All Pets
"A topper for special circumstances."

 Construction Worker's Hat - §1,500 - All Pets
"As seen on construction sites worldwide."

 Captain's Hat - §2,000 - All Pets
"Maintain discipline and cuteness in this hat!"

 Flamboyant Hat - §4,000 - All Pets
"A fancy hat in a 70s style."

 Fez - §750 - All Pets
"A red felt hat."

 Angel's Halo - §2,000 - All Pets
"Make your pets appear angelic in this."

 Pirate Hat - §1,500 - All Pets
"Yarrr! Avast you scurvy pets!"

 Bowler Hat - §900 - All Pets
"A stylish bowler hat."

 Fire Fighter's Helmet - §1,500 - All Pets
"Everyone loves a pet in uniform!"

 Pork Pie Hat - §1,000 - All Pets
"The hat of choice for Jazz, Ska and Blues fans."

 Viking Helm - §2,500 - All Pets
"Helmet with rounded off horns for safety."

 Shark Fin Hat - §3,000 - All Pets
"Not as effective on dry land but still cute!"

 Baseball Cap - §750 - All Pets
"A soft cap with a hard peak and a logo."

 Beret - §900 - All Pets
"Perfect for pet poetry!"

 Cowboy Hat - §2,000 - All Pets
"Yeehaw! A cowboy hat."

 Glittering Tiara - §5,000 - All Pets
"Make your pet a pet princess!"

 Straw Boater - §900 - All Pets
"Straw hat worn by members of Barbershop Quartets."

 Army Hat - §2,000 - All Pets
"Play with toy dog soldiers!"

 Turban - §900 - All Pets
"Exotic pets may like this head-wrap."

 Homburg - §1,000 - All Pets
"A wide brimmed hat for gangster pets."

 Big Chief Head Dress - §3,000 - All Pets
"A feathered tribal head dress."

 Fedora - §1,000 - All Pets
"A classic noir-ish piece of head apparel."

 Wizard Hat - §1,500 - All Pets
"The ideal Halloween head gear for your pet."

--==Neck Gear==--

 Standard Collar - Free - Cat, Dog
"A simple collar."

 Studded Collar - §1,000 - Dog
"A leather collar decorated with silver studs."

 Kipper Tie - §750 - Cat, Dog
"Fat necktie with a garish pattern. Hige in the 70s!"

 Inflatable Protective Collar - §750 - Cat, Dog
"A protective collar shaped like a rubber ring."

 Bowtie - §750 - Cat, Dog
"For pet shows with strict dress codes."

 Striped Necktie - §750 - Cat, Dog
"Make sure your pet is dressed for success."

 Reflective Protective Collar - §1,000 - Cat, Dog
"A protective collar ideal for night-time walks."

 Plumb bob Choker - §1,000 - Cat, Dog
"A valuable piece of jewelry with a familar gem."

 Coloured ID Collar - §750 - Cat, Dog
"A soft c ollar with pets name engraved on a tag."

 Elastic Collar - §900 - Cat, Dog
"A snug fitting, elastic collar."

 Deluxe Identity Collar - §1,000 - Cat, Dog
"A beautiful identity collar with a silver locket."

 String Tie - §750 - Cat, Dog
"A 1950's style skinny string tie."

 Dress Shirt Collar - §750 - Cat, Dog
"The seperated collar portion of a dress shirt."

[7.03] Pet Consumables

There are several one use items that you can use for your pets. Contary to
what you may believe, you don't actually need to give them some pet food or
even the tonics if you don't want to, because they don't die. 

 Quality Pet Food - §500 - Dog, Cat
"Standard pet food."

 Luxury Pet Food - §750 - Dog, Cat
"Top of the range, luxury pet food."

 Elixir - §10,000 - Dog, Cat
"Magic drops on food with healing properties."

 Tonic - §250 - Dog, Cat
"A feel good tonic for overfed pets."

[A] Contact Information

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