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The greatest masterpiece of the Siren DS series. Fall down, stand and be strong!
Based on Kazerai no Shiren GB2, which has become regarded as the greatest masterpiece of the Shiren series, various new elements have been added to the Nintendo DS. Set in the towering magic castle, Shiren's new adventure begins.

* A crowning achievement in the evolution of the series
This time, the setting in which the adventurous drifters, called Kazerai no Shiren, and Shiren's companion, the narrative Itachi "Koppa", arrived, is an exotic castle town in a desolate desert, with a strange magic castle towering above. A dramatic story will unfold around the new character "Princess Ateca". It is an entry in series which provides a volume on content that will satisfy Siren fans with the greatly enhanced event scenes and the newly added dungeon.

* Mystery dungeon beginners can play with confidence
You can learn how to play the game with tips each time, Kazerai Mystery, "Mononoke Notebook" a bestiary where you can browse the monsters you defeated in the game, and raise the level by training before entering the dungeon. DS2 includes additional features such as a "training center" where you can collect tools, which will be great for users who are new to "mystery dungeon". At the same time, the number of party members that can be taken into the dungeon has increased, and the fun and strategy of training has become even more substantial.

* Play Siren DS2 thoroughly with the Wi-Fi Connection
In addition to the Wi-Fi communication functions; Kazerai Rescue, Banzuke (Ranking), and Time Attack which were well received in the previous DS1, "Item transmission / reception" and "Special training dungeon data transmission / reception" are now available. Furthermore, by acquiring the "rescue points" obtained from the Wii version of "Siren 3" in "Kazerai Rescue" with the latest Siren DS2, you can exchange those points for various tools in the game. Maybe you can get rare tools that don't appear in Shiren DS2?!

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