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Reviewed: 12/23/08

Not a typical Dragonball game, more people need to know about this game!

Lets Forget about the old Dragonball Z days for a moment where spikey haired aliens are blowing planets to pieces and people are flying around at the speed of light... Lets look at the prequel to Dragonball Z, a manga called "Dragonball" where it was a pure adventure story looking for seven legendary balls having to fight the occasional baddy on the way. Thats right, Dragonball has come to the nintendo DS and its better than ever!

[Story - 10/10]
The story is highly faithful to the original Dragonball manga itself, covering all the way to Goku fights in his first martial arts tournament. The dialogue is taken directly from the manga itself which is a relief to hear, though some bits of dialogue are made up but you wouldn't notice as they sound just the same as in the manga. (for example in tutorials). The story is amusing and its nice to hear before Dragonball Z there was this funny, adventurious story to the prequel. Though the games story is faithful to the manga, some areas are different to add gameplay to the game.

[Gameplay - 10/10]
I think Legend of Zelda: The Phantom hourglass will spring into mind here? Thats right, the gameplay is similar to LOZ: TH. You can either use the stylus to move about or the d-pad, but either way the use of the stylus is amazing. To change weapons, like to switch to your power-pole, you just tap on the icon at the bottom of the screen. To attack monsters you gotta tap on the monsters but hears the catch... You gotta tap at a certain workrate to perform different moves, i.e. if you go tap, tap, tap, tap then the monsters will understand your plan and work you out but you can do tap, pause, tap, tap etc, its a highly inventive and original battle system and works well. To use special moves, you just hold down on Goku and drag the stylus towards the enemy, easy enough. While you're moving about, you gotta look after Bulma, pushing rocks, killing monsters making sure she stays alive. The menu system is also a pretty nice feature, just tap on the icon and drag it across the screen. While in the menu you have your items and stats and stuff.

[Graphics - 10/10]
By far some of the best graphics I've ever seen for the nintendo DS! Everything looks amazing, the people, the monsters and the enviroments. The cut scene graphics also look real detailed and great to look at. The graphics look smooth throughout the game, i.e. they don't get choppy when moving through busy enviroments.

[Music/Sound - 10/10]
Once again the music is highly faithful to the anime of Dragonball. From the opening scene all the way to the end of the game the music will make you fall in love with the game. The sound is also a neat touch to the game, for example when you kill a monster it will go "poof" and a little comic book icon will appear where the monster was and show "bomb" or something, very nice to look at. The sound effects all of them, from jumping, to hitting things, sound very good and once again highly faithful to the manga.

- Highly faithful to the manga
- Good graphics
- Good music/sound
- Nifty gameplay

- Only plays upto the first martial arts tournament

Rating: 10

Product Release: Dragon Ball: Origins (EU, 12/05/08)

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