Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (North America)

  1. From ivanuchiha88 (05/13/2009; 512KB)
    all 8 badges,beat elite four,a whole lot of shiny,many EV'd pokemon.all rotom forms,all items.
  2. From pp2105 (05/20/2009; 256KB)
    Game complete, no cheats, full money and lots and lots of items. saved at twinleaf town
  3. From Arruzy (04/06/2009; 256KB)
    Just beaten 8 gym leader and im before the cave right to 3l3te 4 NO cheats, just check out
  4. From Nintymaster123 (03/22/2009; 512KB)
    Some event pokes, giratina origin forme, EV'd shaymin, elite four beaten, all gym badges, location: fight area.

Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (Japan)

  1. From knaruto (09/13/2008; 512KB)
    About to fight Roark, Chimchar, Budew, Starly, Ponyta, Kricketot
  2. From _Stdark_ (10/08/2008; 512KB)
    All badges.Pokemon:Giratina ,Infernape ,Luxray,Staraptor.Elite 4 Conquered . Event Nintendo Rotom Key Obtained

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