Who learns Substitute, Baton Pass, and Power Trick?

  1. I want to make a moveset to set up for a sweeper Shuckle. I want to Sub, Power Trick, and then Baton Pass. Who can do that?

    User Info: SuperScizor

    SuperScizor - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The only Pokemon that can learn Power Trick are Shuckle (Level 48), Meditite/Medicham (Level 39/42), Baltoy/Claydol (Level 31/Heart Scale), Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam (Egg Move), and Smeargle (use Sketch)

    However, Shuckle, Baltoy/Claydol, and Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam cannot learn Baton Pass, so only Meditite/Medicham (Substitute as a TM, Power Trick at Level 39/42, Baton Pass as an Egg Move from Mr. Mime, Buneary/Lopunny, Volbeat, or Spinda) and Smeargle (through Sketch) can learn all 3 of those moves.

    User Info: Kraleck

    Kraleck (Expert) - 9 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. Go to the Trade Forums. Hackers, like me (well I just hacked 3 pokemon for other people) can help you.

    User Info: Teh_Maimed

    Teh_Maimed - 9 years ago 0 1

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