Masuda Method with GBA Pokemon from Pal Park?

  1. I am going to attempt the Masuda Method in my Platinum game, I traded a Japanese Ditto from a Japanese Fire Red into a English Version, so that it would be compatible with Platinum for the Pal Park, since you can't normally migrate Pokémon from a different language to another one, it worked! But I am wondering if using a Pokémon from a Japanese Gen 3 game instead of one from a Gen 4 Japanese game will actually increase theshiny odds, can anyone help? IvoryFarmer76 - 2 weeks ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. So long as the game recognizes that the Ditto came from a different language game it should be fine. It identifies these Pokemon with a label similar to how the games today do it. For Japan, it should be JPN. If it has this tag then it'll work to increase Shiny Odds. JohnathanHyde (Expert) - 2 weeks ago - report 4   0
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