How is my team for Platinum Elite 4?

  1. My team
    - Luxray Level 50 (Thunder, spark, charge, Crunch)
    - Floatzel Level 53 (Razor wind, Ice beam, Brine, Aqua Jet)
    - Infernape level 55 (Flame wheel, Mach punch Fire blast, Rock climb)
    - Gardevoir Level 56( Confusion, psychic, hyper beam, Grass knot)
    - Mamoswine level 58( Ice beam Ice shard, blizzard, Earthquake)
    - Scyther Level 50(Cut, Aerial Ace, x-scissor, U turn)
    I dont know about the Scyther I need it for the first pshycic elite 4 member, I will probably switch him out after that for someone, who should that be?

    User Info: Kabbage

    Kabbage - 6 days ago

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  1. For Luxray, the only thing I would change with your set is to pop on Rain Dance instead of Charge to make Thunder have 100% accuracy.

    Preferably though, you should breed it so it gets Ice Fang and/or Fire Fang and then when you get to the Survival Zone, pick up Superpower from the Move Tutor there.

    Floatzel is better off a physical attacker. It's special stat is still decent but you will get more damage done physically. So I suggest dropping Ice Beam for Ice Punch if your Attack stat is higher then your Special Attack. Ice Punch is taught by the Move Tutor below Pastoria City. Razorwind is useless however more so because it's a turn 2 move where you wait before the damage is dealt. This is not ideal and should be replaced with something better like Surf (special) or Waterfall (physical), depending which offensive stat is higher. Brine should also be dropped and you have options like Crunch or Brick Break. Aqua Jet can also be replaced. While it is a physical move, you already have a Water move and Floatzel is plenty fast as it is that you will outrun just about everything you come up against with it.

    Infernape can be either physical or special and it is better to stick with one or the other. I prefer physical since it offers more coverage. So something like:

    Flare Blitz (which you will get in a few levels at 57)
    Thunderpunch (Same move tutor as Ice Punch)
    Close Combat/ Brick Break

    Gardevoir should be:

    Energy Ball
    Shadow Ball

    Grass Knot is only effective against heavy opponents. Energy Ball is more effective. Doubling down on Psychic moves won't be doing you any favours so just stick with Psychic. Shadow Ball will more effectively allow you to hit other Psychic types and check Ghosts while Thunderbolt is just generic strong coverage. You could also run Calm Mind here over Energy Ball to boost your defenses.

    Mamoswine is pure physical. Special moves are useless on it. Set should look like:

    Rock Slide
    Ice Shard/Avalanche

    Rock Slide offers great coverage, Earthquake is powerful STAB. Ice Shard or Avalanche can be used effectively depending of you would rather outspeed to deal your Ice damage or take the hit and deal double damage with Avalanche. Fourth move can be whatever at this point for now until you get to the Survival Zones move tutor, at that point, teach it Superpower.

    As for Scyther, I highly suggest evolving it. It evolves through trade while holding a Metal Coat. Sadly trade is not available for everyone. Set I suggest for Scyther is most the same for Scizor anyways:

    Night Slash
    Swords Dance
    Aerial Ace

    If evolving to Scizor swap Wing Attack with Iron Head

    As for the Elite Four themselves, first up is Aaron with Bugs. Mamoswine can handle them with Rock Slide and Earthquake on Drapion while Infernape handles Scizor.

    Next is Bertha with Ground. Gardevoir with Energy Ball will make short work of them with Floatzel handling Gliscor with Ice Punch. Floatzel can also handle this with Waterfall.

    Flint will probably give you the most hassle of the Elite Four members. But open Infernape and hit Houndoom with Close Combat and then sweep with Floatzel. If it faints, thats fine. Magmortar will be your biggest threat.

    Lucien is last with Psychics. Honestly this one is the easiest. Just use Gardevoir with Shadow Ball and when Brongzong comes out hit it with Infernape. It has Levitate so Earthquake is useless here.

    Cynthia is going to be your toughest fight here. Anything with high special defense should take on Spiritomb. Anything with an Electric attack can handle Togekiss. Infernape can handle Roserade and Lucario. Milotic is a bit tricky but can be handled easily enough with Gardevoir if your running Calm Mind. If not then Luxray may be your best bet since Milotics Defense is lower then it's Special Defense. For the Garchomp, Floarzel is your only hope to outspeed it or Mamoswine with Ice Shard. Ice Shard may not KO it though so be prepared for that.

    Hope this helps mate! Best of luck!

    User Info: JohnathanHyde

    JohnathanHyde (Expert) - 6 days ago 3   1
  2. Did you know that Luxray, an adorable electric-lynx thing, can learn Magnet Rise?

    User Info: Lyle_89

    Lyle_89 - 5 days ago
  3. Wait, the elemental fangs (except for ThunderFang) are egg moves?! How could I be so stupid?! I always thought that Luxray just wasn't able to learn them. Thank you for this information.

    User Info: Lyle_89

    Lyle_89 - 5 days ago

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