Where can I find the Move Deleter?

  1. so where is he? i made some bad HM decisions and i need them gone, but i forgot what city/town hes in

    User Info: DarkGamer28

    DarkGamer28 - 12 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. he's the old man in canalave city in one of the east houses.
    he will say "Who am i... oh right i'm the MOVE DELETER"

    User Info: megaman_777

    megaman_777 - 11 years ago 25   12


  1. Actually, east is the right side. But other than that, the guy above is correct.

    User Info: heres_to_paper

    heres_to_paper - 12 years ago 22   14
  2. He lives in the house right beneath the Pokemon Center in Canalave.

    User Info: Elider

    Elider - 11 years ago 17   10
  3. Canalave city

    User Info: vinster800

    vinster800 - 11 years ago 10   9
  4. He's in canalave on the eastern (left) side of the city in one of the houses
    He's the only one in the house and an old man, so you know which one is right

    User Info: unchosen_one

    unchosen_one - 12 years ago 12   19

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