What is the cheat code for 999 rare candy for Pokemon platinum us version?

  1. what is the cheat code for 999 rare candy in Pokemon platinum us version?

    User Info: swordsman1995

    swordsman1995 - 12 years ago

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  1. I looked but all I could fing was the 900 medicine code for action replay so you should use the code I post and throw away unneeded medicine.
    Have 900x All Medicine
    94000130 fcbf0000
    62101d40 00000000
    B2101d40 00000000
    D5000000 03840011
    C0000000 00000025
    D6000000 00000b60
    D6000000 00000b60
    D2000000 00000000

    hope this helps you

    User Info: maximo9280

    maximo9280 - 12 years ago 80   50


  1. 94000130 fcbf0000 All medicine 999x
    62101d40 00000000
    B2101d40 00000000
    D5000000 03840011
    C0000000 00000025
    D6000000 00000b60
    D6000000 00000b60
    D2000000 00000000

    It lets u have every medicine in ur pocket 999x including rare candy so yeah

    User Info: MetaKnight39

    MetaKnight39 - 12 years ago 56   32
  2. Codejunkies has the rare candy code. it's the all medicine x900 cheat.

    User Info: Rizaadon007

    Rizaadon007 - 12 years ago 43   30
  3. Yeah, use the all health item/medicine cheat. It gives 998 rare candies, as well as 998 of all other medicines. :P

    User Info: sakitu

    sakitu - 12 years ago 22   14
  4. If u are using action replay. Go to gooogle and type action replay and click the official web site and tada. type ur game name and find the code u will get millions.

    User Info: 1234hanrik

    1234hanrik - 12 years ago 13   13
  5. For those of you who own the action replay for ds go to www.code junkies.com click on the usa icon the look for the pokemon platinum.the codes include the rare candy code its not 999 its 900 but if you follw the insructions and press the correct buttons you will have infinite

    User Info: c980

    c980 - 12 years ago 7   9
  6. If you level your Pokemon to 100 with Rare Candies will just make them weaker than they could be training & getting EV's

    User Info: SmashBros96

    SmashBros96 - 12 years ago 20   23
  7. Check on supercheats.com for it,but i would rather play the game without cheating..It makes it more fun and interesting!

    User Info: ulti_uchiha

    ulti_uchiha - 12 years ago 5   8
  8. POKESAV.caps

    User Info: ACWWDUDE101

    ACWWDUDE101 - 12 years ago 4   8
  9. Use a program called pokesav

    User Info: Akikan

    Akikan - 12 years ago 5   11
  10. the code for master balls is B77756654 bfdhdiu6586u567u5

    hope this helps
    the darkrai code is fjgbgouiriotyre rhbieaw4y5783y37797

    User Info: pplatinum1422

    pplatinum1422 - 12 years ago 6   15
  11. There is none. Only 900 berries master safari and ultra balls and all med. Those are on codejunkies.com

    User Info: Megaafro13

    Megaafro13 - 12 years ago 3   12
  12. Datel Have already made a code for all pokeballs, medicine, and berries.

    User Info: pokefan3995

    pokefan3995 - 12 years ago 3   14
  13. cheats ARENT a good thing. if they mess up yur game, yur doomed.

    User Info: pokeaddict17

    pokeaddict17 - 12 years ago 5   16
  14. rare candies? pssh. just do it the old fashioned way: TRAINNNN. thats wat i did and its better cause u get EV's

    User Info: dratini360

    dratini360 - 12 years ago 9   24
  15. 1234hanrik is wrong. I just tried doing what he said...it works but there is NO cheat for getting 999 rare candies. But you could get all berries and such! So don't follow his advice.

    User Info: staples91

    staples91 - 12 years ago 2   18

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