Please rate my battle tower team?

  1. My team is aerodactyl with 252 attack and speed EVs and hold item are wide lens and the moves are rock slide fly U-turn roost and next Pokemon is garchomp with 252 attack and speed EVs and hold item are muscle band and the moves are earthquake dragon claw brick break sword dance and next Pokemon is starmie with 252 special attack and speed EVs and hold item are wise glasses and the moves are surf ice beam thunderbolt psychic

    User Info: Ultras

    Ultras - 4 weeks ago


  1. Get rid of Fly on Aerodactyl, get rid of Brick Break on Garchomp, and keep Starmie's moveset the same. You'd be better of giving it one of the elemental fangs or Aerial Ace. Similarly, Garchomp would appreciate something with better coverage than Brick Break, fighting and ground are too similar offensively. Your held items are a mixed bag, really, and I'd look into life orb or one of the choice items for basically all of them.

    User Info: thatguy8878

    thatguy8878 - 3 weeks ago 0   0
  2. Okay but elemental fangs power is weak and I think rock slide for brick break for garchomp

    User Info: Ultras

    Ultras - 3 weeks ago

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