Cynthia is blocking my way out of the distortion world??

  1. Hello. I recently decided to replay my copy of pokemon platinum. I got all the way up to Giratina and caught it, immediately saved and turned off the game for the night. The next time I turned it on Cynthia is blocking my path to leave the distortion world. She won’t move when I talk to her and I can’t seem to find any way out of there because I’m stuck on one square. Dig and an escape rope don’t work. The only thing I can think to do is to restart the whole game...

    User Info: Notjerzy

    Notjerzy - 5 days ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There should be a glowy thing next to ya. Use that to teleport back outside. Cynthia actually told ya this when you talk to her. She said something like the portal where the Giratina was should takes us back, or something like that.

    User Info: kamentierr

    kamentierr - 5 days ago 2   0

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