Is the same glitch for cloning pokemon in Pokemon Diamond still in Pokemon platinum?

  1. I know some things have changed in the game so i just wanna know if they kept in the glitch at the battle tower where you take your pokemon you want to clone out of your storage and then going for a multiplayer battle and it saves the game and then you decline going in to battle and turn off the game and then you turn it back on and voila! your pokemon that you've taken out is cloned!

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    Mccloud93 - 8 years ago
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    oh yeah thanks! I had a feeling that was the emerald glitch. Too bad my emerald and my diamond were stolen. Anyway, do you know how to do the Diamond/Pearl GTS glitch?

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    Mccloud93 - 8 years ago

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  1. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl GTS Cloning Glitch
    I would like to firstly say sorry if my explanation isn't as clear as it should be. Ok, firstly you need to find a flat surface (I have the DS stand which makes it easier to do) and put your DS there. Put a Pokemon for a test (Catepie for Arceus or something like that) and try to see when your Pokemon gets deposited into the GTS. I have worked mine out which is 8:20, this means my little circle spins 8 times fully and 20 minutes (look at a real clock and it should help you understand) then afterwards, turn you DS off.

    After you have turned your DS off, turn it back on and load Pokemon Diamond/Pearl as you normally do. Notice that it says your game account has been corrupted (If I remember correctly it should say that if you have sucessfully cloned the Pokemon) but it should be to much of a problem. Go to your box or party (Depending where you put Caterpie in the GTS via box or party) check if its there, if it is then go into the GTS. When you are in and you have done it correctly, instead of saying deposit a Pokemon, it should say Summary.

    Key Infomation
    I just wanted to tell you that doing this may result in you losing your Pokemon, a safer way to clone is with a Action Replay. If you don't have one then I highly suggest you to use the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Trading Boards and ask there. The people there are nice and friendly so they wouldn't mind helping you out.

    I hope I have answered your question effectively.

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  1. I think you are refering to Pokemon Emerald. Pokemon Emerald has a cloning glitch located in the battle tower, for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl there is a GTS cloning glitch. The game Pokemon Platinum however does not contain any cloning glitch, therefore you must buy a Action Replay or use the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl GTS cloning glitch.

    I hope I have answered you question effectively.

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