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  1. At the beginning of the game (LORT Nintendo DS) there is a blockage on a narrow pathway consisting of several bags and crates. What do you do next? Do you blast them away/jump over them? If so, how (I've no idea how to make the character run and jump)? Or do you just turn back?

    User Info: JJLUK1

    JJLUK1 - 11 years ago
  2. Are you wondering about the good campaign or the evil

    User Info: Rossco1010

    Rossco1010 - 11 years ago
  3. Thanks for taking the time to respond. To be frank, I am not sure although I think it was the good campaign. However, the good news is my two boys have cracked the problem. I don't know how they did it and nor do they!

    User Info: JJLUK1

    JJLUK1 - 11 years ago

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  1. T think your doing the tourtoail it will move by itself do what the tortoiuls ask do what you have to do when your and archer then switch to mage like it asks and the blokade dispers if your not doing the toartoial then idk what your talking about

    User Info: mimgrim

    mimgrim - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. I'm not quite sure what you're talking about, but you cannot make the player jump. And I'm also pretty sure that you don't turn back. I'll play the first level and let u know

    User Info: ohiostatedog

    ohiostatedog - 11 years ago 0   0
  2. there should be a spot on the map you should go. It will either trigger Something or give you a bomb(you have a timer until it blows up though) If you get the bomb(timer will start at the bottom of screen) them go to the Blockade and it will blow up but Kill you in the process or just turn/find a way around it.

    User Info: CanadianSheldon

    CanadianSheldon - 10 years ago 0   0
  3. Try going around it

    User Info: Shadow_Fenix73

    Shadow_Fenix73 - 8 years ago 0   0

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